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    Oops! I forgot to add a link to the thread where a Lana Beniko head was suggested. It's added to the description now.
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    Thanks! Yes, it's spawned on a new corpse. I added the script to cs_tob_1.dlg (cutscene of Colonel Tobin on board his ship), so it should be OK. Unfortunately, the animations for lightsaber forms are probably unrestoreable, and these don't come with any new animations, no. So far as I know, the lightsaber and force forms in TSL are entirely hard-coded.
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    As with Taris Cantinas, amazing work in Manaan. Maybe looks a little less impressive due the illumination of Manaan scenarios compared with the more dark and ominous of Taris, but gives to "Fishy" City a lot of life. Great!!
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    yep i remember that kissing scene of Bastila, very-well achieved. How could we not have a chance of kissing Mira then... hottest huntress in the galaxy?
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    Are you sure that's the name of it? There is no such script in the vanilla module. And a quick glance at the Lower Shadowlands and Great Walkway modules would suggest it is not from either of those. I can only assume it must be custom. What mod did it come from? I did muse over possible additional changes, including SFX, but it's far too much hassle. I'd have to make provisions for at least three separate interactions that each have different VOs of differing lengths. Each would require custom animations in order to smoothly transition between facings. And even then I don't know how much better it would be in practice.
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    "Now your PC character in KotOR1 can sound like Lana Beniko from SWTOR!" oh man. oh man. such an instant download when I read this, and even better.... WITHOUT her head !!! (until we had the head that is but even better if can be used on default PCs) wonderful news, thank goodness you took so seriously (when not) this business of voicing all these SWTOR characters !! Marvellous.
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    As the description says, it applies to Class 7 and Class 9 armours that use the PFBF and PFBH models. Mandalorian armours (Cassus Fett's is pictured) should all be Class 9 and use PFBH, aside from any that use the full body disguise Mando appearance.
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    You could start out by creating greebles for the existing meshes. That shouldn't prove too taxing. You can go with a combination of physical meshes and textures. Have a look at some close-up R2 pictures for ideas. There are all sorts of lights, vents, panels, etc.
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    I'd suggest the easiest route would be a different head. It would be a fairly straightforward model change (you don't need to worry about a blaster given he is non-combat) and is also one of the primary methods of distinguishing astromechs in the OT era, which were basically all R2 bodies with different heads. For example:
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    Thanks, UP! I could probably add Djem So as a separate form, but I don't really know what distinguishes it particularly; also I'm not clear what you mean by a passive saber form. However, I'm not sure I'm going to update this again for a while - it was only possible to do something over Christmas, unfortunately.
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    Congratulations for the release! That said; got myself a playthrough now. Can't wait to review the mod!
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    I can't take full credit for the idea, as it was partly by request... and I stole most of the other part from D&D. Though the door opening code itself is borrowed from my Toolbox.
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    This issue can be fixed by changing the file extension of TEL_holo.txt to TEL_holo.txi.
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    Edit: can you delete comments here? I fixed my issue, didn't notice I had PO_pmission.tpc and PO_pzaalbar in the same folder from another portrait mod.
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    Canderous works, but portraits with 8 frames like Mission and Zaalbar show up broken with the included .txi
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    I followed this mod compendium for my KotoR 2 build. The holocrons look like this and aren't animated, and I'm guessing something went wrong. Any other reports of similar happenings? I'll also be asking the that mod build's author if he has any idea what happened.
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    haha ha. lol Within this fiction... Bastila would be another one hard to loose up from her mood imho ....
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    Why would fish develop a written language?
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    working great .... "full planets" version 3 installed ... any chances to increase the speed at which that nebula rotates/moves?? or that sun flicker?? wouldn't increasing the txi fps setting do the trick SH?? cheers ... once again ...
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    haha .... yep, decimals working indeed. 1.8 is my final number ... for now ... thx.
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    haha haha ... yep, please 3 different pulse speeds within same txi ... haha ha ... I thought you could do ANY-THING
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    I have replied your answer from my profile to your profile ( if you haven't checked there, which I doubt it lol ). Thanks again!
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    Nice! One step forward on a successful porting attempt has been done. There are things still needs to be done afterwards to make a clean-tidy-zero-bug porting attempt; but with trial-and-error, it wouldn't be that far. Yeah, it seems Atton is rather a special-case. I have just experiencing some newfound things on his model; at least in my personal modding experience. Anyway, you can save your time- if you like. Here's an ultra-dirty-work of my attempt porting his model. The body model will replace the default Scoundrel model [PMBBS] and the head model will replace PMHC05 [you could rename the texture/model to anything that fits your liking]: K1_Atton_as_Scoundrel.7z I haven't include the DS transition and all his portrait. I believe you can do it yourself, and it is good for practice! Lol. Enjoy! Edit: You will witness the odds from his mouth and teeth. I have no idea to fix that; more experienced and skillful Masters will need to chime in to solve the matter.
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    So what exactly do you remove? I'll tell you what I understood: When you have a new quest to do, the button that leads to the quests list starts flashing on and off. And with this mod, that flashing disapperas and is being replaced by a sound. Am I correct?