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    They do, I just switched the menu via an ini edit on a LS save to get the screenshot. The player menu will load whatever the appearance of the current "player" is (so should be HK during the droid factory, etc.).
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    This file used to be tagged as TSLRCM Incompatible for some reason. That is false, this mod is compatible, and I've updated the file properties.
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    Just saw this! Thanks. Worked with winrar this time!
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    Looks like the issue is probably due to the item using the Revan's Robes model slot. I have just sent something to @Stormie97 to test out that theory. If it works then a fix should be easy enough to implement.
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    Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoy the mod. I just tried training Bao-Dur while wearing those robes myself. My game didn't crash but my character was became invisible during the cutscene. I'll try to investigate what causes this when I have some time. Meanwhile, I'll update the description and list this as a known issue.
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    I absolutely love this mod. I've been using it all throughout my latest playthrough. It really suits the Exile. I have noticed one bug, though. I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I go to train Bao Dur, during the training animation sequence, the game will crash if the exile is wearing this outfit. If I take it off right before I go to train him though, it won't crash. It appears to have something to do with the outfit change that happens during that sequence. That's the only instance I've found, and I've been consistently wearing it throughout my entire playthrough. It could also be my mod collection causing problems. Someone else will need to confirm. But other than that, it works perfectly. Thank you for all your work on this. It came out looking fantastic in-game and I love wearing it. It feels like you added something that should have been there all along.
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    What is the deal with the two version of 1.8.5? The newer one is alot smaller than the one from 2017.
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    Nice work there.The skybox looks great!
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    To everyone experiencing this problem, I had the same one and realized I was using the wrong version of XnView. If you go to their homepage, the latest version is XnView MP 0.90. This won't work with what we're trying to do. Go here: https://download.xnview.com/old_versions/ and download XnView 2.33-win-full.exe, and then follow the instructions and it will work. You'll notice this is the same version in the tutorial.
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    You're asking if you can get the mod's content without using the mod?
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