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    shame we cant go back in time (and a good bunch of years) to permanently add to base game p_plyermw_slct8, p_plyermw_stlh4 (and so on) to add even little more variety (and to permanently keep installed) all these but still.... I'll be switching among these rather regularly to listen to them. for now, I'm "mixing" p_plyermw_slct8, p_plyermw_lmin3, p_plyermw_low1 and few others with the Male Jedi Knight from SWTOR PC Replacement soundset and I'll be testing this "mixture" for awhile. These 2 voices in particular don't seem too diferent in these brief statements ... or do they to you?? great upload again SH thanks
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    Turns out he, instead of using the TSLPatcher installer, copied and pasted the files into the override folder. Because he did this it caused an NPC I intended to appear in the Entertainment Module appear in the Hangar and break the game. I am certain this will work with the NPC Overhaul mod.
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    So did you ever find out if this is compatible with NPC Overhaul 1.22? Or do you believe that bug was his own client side issue. Also great mod btw, it will make a fine addition to my collections of upper echelon mods.
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    Potentially, should no one beat me too it. I'll have to study how K1R accomplished there's though. Probably an NPC and a balancing Overhaul, more detailed ideas may come to light soon. Most likely, I have changed Calo's equipment and Bandon is a WIP right now. For both Calo and Bandon, their stats shall be the exact same across all planets meaning one planet won't be easier or harder depending on which planet you pick.
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    That’s because before the TSLPatcher (And even quite awhile after it was released) the only way to use .mod files was to copy them to the modules folder. So two mods with .mod files would be incompatible because you’d either use one mod’s .mod or the other, but you couldn’t use both. Now the TSLPatcher can patch files inside .mod files, so it’s not an issue anymore. The exception is that some mod authors don’t properly utilize the TSLPatcher’s features, and still just use it to overwrite .mod files in the modules folder instead of patching them. The Community Patches patch .mod files properly though, so they’re compatible with just about anything.
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    So I wasn't the only one who found this annoying. Thanks for relieving my OCD. I'm one of those people who runs their character into corners and along walls just to get a complete map of an area. It also always annoyed me that you can download a map of every module on Citadel Station except Dock Module 126. And that map, too, is uncompletable.
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    So, big problem with the TSL Patcher in this mod. It says "File Not Found! Please locate the "heads.2da" ("heads.2da") file." • Installation started 16/08/2018 3:41:48 PM... • Installing unmodified files... • Copying file P_Helena.tga to the override folder... • Copying file p_helenah.mdl to the override folder... • Copying file p_helenah.mdx to the override folder... • Error: Critical error: Unable to locate file to patch, "heads.2da" file not found! (GEN-9) There is no heads.2da file included in the mod or already in my main/override folder so the patcher cannot find it to add the changes to it. Any fix for this? Update: 18/08/2018 - This mod also requires an appearance.2da file in the override folder, which also isn't included in the mod, so the patcher isn't able to locate it either. Basically, the mod doesn't currently work from a clean install.
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    You have done right with putting the dialog.tlk into the main SW:KotOR directory, and I believe it should have work then. Are you sure it is not working? The mod is working noticeably on the early Endar Spire scene when Trask is asking you to go and save Bastila, the proper response would be: "Fine, let's go.", if I recalled the sentence correctly. Sorry I can't afford you a proper screencap as the electricity's down in my town right now :sigh: Ah-ha! as the electricity is now up-and-running, I can afford you a screencap here: This could be useful as a notion to the mod being properly working or no- earlier in the game.
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    This mod works well; I encountered no bugs during my playthrough. The spliced dialogs are highly believable in-game. More importantly, and what I appreciate most about it, is that providing Revan with a more complete set of relationship possibilities makes the character more nuanced, believable, and customized, deepening the role-playing aspect (by putting more choice in the player's hands) and helping to tie the two games together (in the presence of K1 alternate romance mods that have existed for quite some time). Even though the romantic elements of TSL are pared down, it is great not to have romantic backstory imposed on you when your choices in the first game differed substantially. In extreme cases, the player might not even pick up on a Carth/female Revan romance angle in TSL, because they've always played female Revan w/ Bastila romance mod in K1. I also appreciate the work the author has gone through to package this up nicely, iron out the bugs, flesh out compatibility info, and provide all the steps needed to make the mod work from existing saves. It is really nice to have these alt-romance mods in bug-reduced forms.
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    Amazing mod! It's been great to walk in Taris as a Jedi or Dark Jedi and don't worrying in hold back levels for Dantooine.
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    This mod is so great to this day that I'd highly recommend putting this mod on top of High Quality Blasters.
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    A little heads up. I was driving myself nuts over getting these robes. The proper format is: giveitem sl_anakin giveitem sl_kenobi giveitem sl_windu There is no underscore after giveitem. They look fantastic. Great work!
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    Begin the game not as a Jedi is something that always bothered me (it makes sense with the story, but...) moreover loosing that precius levels -and powers- just as a simple fighter. Maybe, even at lower levels, the PC is a lttle OP. With the PC at level 3(!!!) and the game at Normal difficulty, the only little problem that I have encountered has been the combat in Taris Cantina with Bendak Starkiller. Anyway a fine and useful MOD that give new ways and new life to KotOR1. Congrats!!