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    Damn I'm so pissed right now, hahah. Anyway, can't review the mod soon enough but I can tell this mod had so many potential I can see future-mods will revolves around this. Kudos for the release!
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    @paramano01: Someone told me you can download Steam mods without owning the game it belongs to, but I can't test it myself. But sure, I will add it here soon. @GNihilus2: Thanks! Yes, mix things up whichever way you like
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    In an attempt to save this mod... here are some REAL instructions It's actually very easy so don't freak out Let me start by saying, the file that he calls "Part 10" is actually named "TELOS Extract Manually". Yes, the one without all caps is part 10 1) First up, you will need a program that the author clearly believes everyone should know about for some reason... I certainly hadn't heard about it until now Called XnView. Download it from here https://www.xnview.com/en/ We won't use it 'til the later steps, we're just getting this out of the way now. Don't worry, it's less steps now than the initial instructions make it seem. I assume thats for an older version 2) Download all RARs from here 3) Extract the two RARs called "EXTRACT MANUALLY" and "TELOS Extract Manually" (this second one is "part10") and manually copy or move all their contents into KotOR II's "Override" folder Yes, we're doing part 10 out of order. It's easier for us this way as these are the only two folders out of the bunch that we can handle like this. This is only because the author obviously forgot to add it in the initial upload 4) Now, Extract the contents of parts 1 through to part 11 (with part 10 missing obviously as we've already done that) INTO A SINGLE FOLDER! What I mean by that is, don't just make a folder with the folders inside for "TELOS Part 1", "TELOS Part 2" etc. All the contents from each RAR need to be in the same single folder. Note: For some reason, when doing this, there was a file or two that needed to be overwritten. I'm assuming this due to some sort of update the author made 5) Now we're moving on to the XnView stuff. Open any one of the extracted files i this new folder we've made with XnView For me, it opened full screen for some reason so if that happens for you, just press escape. You should now see all the files in the folder in a viewing window within XnView 6) Select all the files by pressing Ctrl+A 7) With all files selected, go to Tools > Batch Convert 8 ) Set the output folder to KotOR II's "Override" folder and press "Convert" on the bottom right of the window DONE. Enjoy! Avs
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    Cloaked Jedi Robes belong to JCarter whilst this mod belongs to Jc2... two completely different people. And no, these robes in this mod use the vanilla K1 model... unless Jc2 ever decides to do a "cloaked patch" of sorts.
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    This is something original! This shields are very well designed and are a fine addition to the game. The stats are well thought and balanced giving some small benefits specially to one-handed weapon players. They look really cool while equipped, but some combat animations may seem a bit strange and out of place because, well, the game wasn't designed with shields in mind. The shields work as an off-hand melee weapon, so you will hit your targets with it, even having a corresponding sound effect. Also they provide a blaster bolt deflection bonus except one, which I think should have it too. Beautiful well designed and balanced items it's what we want in a mod, right? So I strongly recommend this one. I give this mod 4/5.
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    "Install the Parts 2 - 5 via XnView" makes no sense, and I do not understand what exactly you mean to do, as you haven't really posted a tutorial for how to use that, or why you can't just copy and paste the files into override without that program. So thus, I won't be wasting my time with this.