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    From the album: Magnetiicz

    Deconstruct Reconstruct of Taris Module 1
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    From the album: The Playthrough

    A reskin attempt of Juhani; based on "Artistic Fanart Portraits [K1] 1.1"- a mod which edited, curated & uploaded by Mutilator57. [Do some edits to the portrait too- specifically the color & tone; all for personal playthrough]. The vanilla portrait itself is extracted from "Juhani (kotor)", an amazing airbrushing art by CorbinHunter. For base head texture of this attempt I am using Keeper_DP's "Juhani 'Pretty' Reskin" with miro42's "Juhani Real Cathar Head" .mdl & .mdx. For body texture I am using Marius Fett's "Juhani's Dark Side Clothing" vanilla default clothes. Juhani; was a Cathar female & a Knight in the Jedi Order during the Jedi Civil War.
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    Mods featured in the wallpaper are: Beta version of DarthParametric's "[K1] Taris Upper City South Fountains M02ac_02c": multiple's "Old Republic Skin Overhaul: Taris' clear sky". Kexikus's "High Quality Skyboxes: LTS_Bsky01": A Future Pilot's "Sith Soldier Texture Restoration": Fallen Guardian's "Blaster Pistol Enhancement": Sithspecter's "High Quality Blasters":

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