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    Help IGN realize that Lego Star Wars is not the best Star Wars game by voting in this poll.
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    My VO channel on YouTube is finally up. Thanks to Darth Varkor for the edited footage that makes these videos possible! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbwmNv1MLeYcmHxMaVnC-A
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    First episode of The Mandalorian was great. Very gritty and had a unique feeling, looking forward to more of it!
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    Had an awesome dream. Korriban is settled by miners and others seeking their fortune. The ancient Sith are returning from the depths of the planet with plans of conquest. The colonists have to kill some monstrous creatures they had captured because the Sith could control the creatures from afar. One man sacrificed himself to kill one creature- a huge white spider like thing- that could not be killed otherwise. Who knows what other and how many other creatures there are in the depths of Korriban. The Jedi are long in coming. Korriban was settled by the colonists against all advice of Jedi and Republic alike. No one wants to risk great loss by coming to the planet. The Sith themselves are very mysterious. Of the old bloodlines, and unknown what powers they have and what they can do and what they will do. Very dark, of course. Very realistic. As if KOTOR was brought to real life. The atmosphere and feeling was incredible. Probably inspired my old head canon of Sith still living deep within Korriban. All pre-TOR.
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    Just updated my TSL HD Cockpit Skybox mod to v3.0
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    I finally fixed the issue with TSL High Quality Blasters. Thanks to DP for calling me on my crap.
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    If there are any aspiring voice actors on here that I haven't work with before, then you might be interested in this. Two new roles open for my next film: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/kotor-machinima-roland-wann
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    Should I even bother putting my two cents in on the K1CP drama?
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    Hello there! Loot and Immersion Upgrade 3.3 Notes: TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade V3.3 is roughly almost out of beta mode! I have for the most part finished testing and implementing all other portions of the mod. This includes item loot on, Citadel Station, Nar Shaddaa, Korriban,Dxun, Onderon, Dantooine, and all advertised features as of 10/25/19. The I (Jedi robe), N (master robe) , J (star forge robe) , and K (armored flight suit) class armors are fully replaced with this mod and incompatible with other mods that replace I,N,J,or K class armors. TSLRCM and M4-78EP are required to install TSL Loot and Immersion Upgrade 3.3, along with a fresh start of the game.
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    Is there an easy way to remove the HUD features for a machinima project? Or would the entire thing need to be placed in a dialog scene?