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    Been using Option A on my current playthrough and it works like a charm. Though I'm not oftenly use it -as still not getting to its presence-, this addition had the potential to be a game-changer; long as ones get used to it. Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled.
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    These look absolutely gorgeous. I have not had any problems. I hope you can complete all your future plans regarding this mod!
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    It is pretty cool as a content pack, but the overall quality feels a bit low. I always have it as a part of my game though!
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    Its the little things that make the biggest differences, thanks JC
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    The head is perfect and is fun to use in game. I do have a weird bug where there is an invisible head in character creator alongside this one. However, I think that is my load order not the mod itself. Therefore, well done!
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    Really good work I seriously have no reason to play kotor without this mod.
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    This is one of those little mods that have a big impact thanks.
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    This voice really makes going blasters only on Kotor that much more satisfying. I didn't experience any issues in game, and overall you did a good job as with all the other soundsets you've done.
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    very good job again, but I prefer Lana Beniko's soundset, just a personal opinion though (this voice is or sounds a little more childish IMHO but its just that). thanks