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  1. Threepkiller

    Improved Grenades

    The new version doesn't include a compiled script and the readme now says to put the .nss file in override. I don't understand this, I thought the game could only read .ncs files and putting sources in override did nothing. What I am missing?
  2. This mod had already been uploaded here.
  3. This affects at least one cutscene that it shouldn't, the first encounter with a Mandalorian on Dantooine. The scene ends with the guy shooting a farmer, but this mod makes his weapon invisible even as he is pointing and shooting.
  4. You're right. I accidentally downloaded the K2 version when I'm installing on K1. Apologies to the author.
  5. I didn't mention it because it's irrelevant, I wasn't talking about an issue in-game. Mod download is "Remove beeps from KOTOR and TSL.rar", inside there's 5 wav files, one of which (gui_open.wav) is just a copy of the original vanilla file, same CRC32 and all.
  6. The gui_open.wav file from this mod is not silenced, it's the same sound as the original. But that's not a beep so it was probably included by mistake.
  7. @DeadMan You're supposed to put the original UNMODIFIED 2da files inside tslpatchdata. Anyone installing this mod who doesn't already have those in their override will end up with a broken game.