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  1. Samriel

    Edge Of Darkness

    Hmmm, so there is hugging (yay, those are rare in RPGs), kissing and sex in Kharaelle romance but focused on the corruption factor only (mainly?) with Ymille, do I get it right? Is there at least a love declaration with Yimille or its mostly on the platonic side? Not even cuddling? Maybe in a future update? The Star Wars games were IMO a bit too prude, even the kiss with Bastila was given a fade to black and the girls in KOTR2 mostly keep their feelings hidden as if embarassed by them.
  2. Samriel

    Edge Of Darkness

    Interesting, is said romance with Yimille for male, female or both genders? I play as male so hoping for that one being awailable :) Does it also include: 1) An ending or changes in the ending? 2) A chance to corrupt her to the dark side 3) Kissing and/or sex? 4) A unique quest or set of quests centered around her? Btw what race Kharaelle happens to be?
  3. Samriel

    Edge Of Darkness

    Are there any optional romances in this mod? Or/and an dark side route with evil cackle and moustache twirling?
  4. I dunno but I tend to not trust on word alone. At least when a project has been going for years with nothing to show. Of course its a free work that one can only make in their free time but if nothing had been shown for years then it may as well be scam (not talking about this mod specifically though) especially if the modder had not completed any work in the past. Perhaps if I had been a modder myself then I would be much more understanding of fellow modders since I would know first hand how tedious it can be and so I would get very annoyed if some entitled nobody was whining while never having released anything himself. Alas if i "started" a huge project of say...KOTR3 and hyped everyone while actually not doing anything and only doing it for say...attention then who would prove than I'm lying? With no proof except my word would you trust me forever then? Well, even if the modder is 100% serious about his work if one is unlucky enough or busy enough (or both *sweat*) it can still never leave the starting stage. That is why I tend to wish some proof (any proof) that for all those years things actually progressed at all. If they did not it may be merely wishful thinking and hopeful daydreaming. Probably I sound like an ungrateful entitled scumbag but I've been disappointed way to many times in the past and I tend to be weary of trusting to much. Which is why I subscribe to the "No expectations no disappointments" policy. I hope my cynicism and dickish bluntness had not brought too much toxicity into this thread though. Perhaps I'm too immature for my own good. Anyway, I think it might be better if we leave it at that. Lets just agree to disagree and end this discussion in peace. P.S. I wish that you are right in the end and once this mod is completed you give me a "I told you dude" notification with my depressing post/s attached. I will eagerly eat humble pie and admit that I was wrong about thinking that this mod was dead. Maybe my faith in very long projects will also be at least partially restored.
  5. I agree that me stating that the mod is "dead" might not have been the most adecuate choice of words but it was nevertheless only my opinion and I never claimed to have received such statement directly from Logan. And I never pretended to be Logan or anyone who works with him on the mod. Its just my subjective opinion which is not worth more than anyone else's. That said devs/modders need some actual proof that things are actually moving along and its not just their hopes that maybe "eventually" they will find time to work on the mod while for years they couldn't manage to find said time and/or motivation. If Logan released a big update with lots of new content or at least posted a video (or even some pictures) showcasing at least a few minutes of new content that he keeps adding then it would make it more believable that the mod is actually being worked and not in Limbo/zombie status level/development hell sans progress. A dev diary of what has been done lately released at least twice a year wouldn't hurt either. Show don't tell. Especially after years sans anything substantial. Its a free mod so Logan owes us nothing but if one does not have the means/resources/time/motivation to get things done then maybe it would be wise to admit it instead of giving others false hope for many years while potentially lying to yourself. I for one could never get a mod of this caliber done and I would see no point in trying to convince others that maybe its not the case. Still...I apologize if I offended anyone with what I said.
  6. I've seen waaaaay to many projects where the devs never had the balls to admit the project is dead and either learning about it from 2nd party folks who stated that the dev/modder moved on with the project long ago ( due to burnout, being to busy with RL or due to a HD crash with all of the game's data for example) or by going with common sense when the dev/modder did not post for like half a decade. It applies to both mods and EA games. Especially those handled by a solo dev. Tons of "Its not dead" news with nothing to show is...well...actions speak louder than words. The only exception might be if the dev in question released plenty of complex and amazing games in the past and got a reputation to back up his/her words with actual actions. Or its just a small mod which offers some minor tweaks that are easy to make. If authors of paid EA games have no shame to exit the stage after releasing a paid "demo" often for a hefty price then why should modders who release for free and have no obligation to finish it act otherwise? And the more complex the mod or game the harder it is to finish it. Especially sans any help. It may still look achievable if the person in question is still in high school or college and got plenty of free time still...but once one starts a family and gets a busy job then all bets are off. Never mind those troubling times nowadays with covid, war, raising inflation and future becoming more and more uncertain. So I guess I subscribe to the "No expectations no disappointments" policy. If a mod is released even after like two decades then its a most pleasant surprise and I'm happy to be wrong about the project being dead. But if its never released then its just as I expected...nothing more and nothing less.
  7. Not being sceptical in the least even if a mod is in development for a decade or more is kinda weird I think. Especially when no concrete updates had been posted for quite a while. Just my opinion though. I do not hold a grudge against Logan or believe that Logan should neglect his RL in favor of the mod he is making for free btw. I'm just a bit bluntly realistic. I do not see such pessimistic comments from anyone else so I doubt the reason it takes so long is due to downer like comments. Only a few asking how its going or whether is there any update. Are such comments so unwelcomed? Would silence and disinterest be all that much better? Maybe your optimism and positive thinking will prove correct at the end. We will see. Sigh...perhaps I've grown too cynical by seeing waaaay too many EA projects where the devs are actually paid and yet all to often abandoning their projects after many as you put it "its not dead, we're working on it" messages/news. And way too many free mods with great potential being abandoned too either to a busy job, HD crash, starting a family, health problems or just mysterious sudden vanishing.
  8. Well, mods that run for over a decade or longer end up going nowhere in like 95% of cases. In fact even projects that run for "only" 5 years tend to die VERY often once the initial enthusiasm and hype expire replaced by burnout and new RL obligations. And its one thing smaller calibre mods that fix 1-3 bugs, add a few new skins or tweak content a little bit...when compared to GIGA project stuff that adds a LOT of content like quest mods or very well developed NPCs with story/dialogues/romances mods. A smaller scope mod can still be completed even if the dev got a really busy schedule. Stuff that introduces like many hours of new content? Now that is something that only the most talented, determined, healthy, lucky modders with tons of free time (high school students, university students or super rich folks who decided to take a break) and possibly with help from other modders can hope to handle successfully. Taking on a huge quest mod for this game is undoubtedly a most hardcore undertaking. Few modders ever announce giving up though. Eternal silence in that regard is as final a statement as it gets. I certainly do not blame Logan since as you said its a free project and a hobby made out of nothing more than love for the game and its community. I'm a bit of a realist though and I tend to be a bit blunt. I would suck as a diplomat lol. Maybe it will be completed one day but I think that for now it does nothing more than add extra stress for Logan and give unneeded expectations to those who were (are) still hoping to see it one day released. Not every project its done when its done. Some never are. Especially solo giga projects.
  9. Mod is pretty much dead despite the dev best intentions. Not all mods end up completed or get even past the demo stage. Too bad.
  10. That sounds reasonable enough. This answers my question better at least as far as your perspective is concerned. Bioware indeed rarely gave characters who were LGBT but not bi. I guess it was less about them being anti gay but more about laziness or/and costs since by making everyone bi they were hoping to appeal to both straight and LGBT fans while making romances exclusive they felt it would limit too much the number of romances? In BG2 they even went overboard by only giving straight female players Anomen of all people (and nothing to the LGBT community). I'm sorry if my questions were made you feel bad or were uncomfortable to you. One last thing to close the topic on a different/less awkward note...are there any plans to add some cut content (if there is any) to romances? Not having any specific character in mind just curious if you were considering that. Also any plans to add some new original content to those romances?
  11. But Bastila is confirmed heterosexual in the canon (Legends canon at least) material. And there is no hint of attraction from her towards any female character in the game as far as I recall. So if this mod aims not for mere changes in game mechanics (making certain game elements whether related to feats, powers, weapons or romances available for everyone) but for canon accuracy then why make a canon straight character gay then? Why not turn everyone bi so all players whether straight or gay can enjoy a romance with all those characters? Or choose a character's orientation during the game start if making all bi seems like a cop out of sorts? Btw, I understand that you are not willing to make Juhani straight as an option and that I won't push you to change your mind. I have nothing against mods that turn straight characters gay whether those are women or men. I'm just curious why it seems such a taboo to make homosexual characters straight when its fine (I've not noticed hateful comments in that regard) to make straight characters homosexual? I'm sorry if my question were uncomfortable to you. One last thing to close the topic on a different/less awkward note...are there any plans to add some cut content (if there is any) to romances? Not regarding any character specific just curious if you were considering that. Also any plans to add some new original content to those romances?
  12. Any chance of Juhani being available to a male player too? If the mod is all about having an actual choice with gender no longer preventing specific romances then why is Juhani the only one that is gender locked?
  13. @DarthParametric Hi, if you wouldn't mind could you send me these mods via PM to me as well? I tried contacting milestails previously but I noticed that he had been absent for over a month and I received no response. I happen to be a big fan of Jade Empire and I would be very grateful to enjoy these mods, as I used to have them many years ago before my PC died and I lost access to them. Much appreciated!
  14. It doesn't work as in you do not get the option to install in polish or the install fails after picking polish? The english option is default so just click on said english window and you will see more languages available there including polish. I checked the latest version and there were no problems with selecting anything.