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  1. @DarthParametric Hi, if you wouldn't mind could you send me these mods via PM to me as well? I tried contacting milestails previously but I noticed that he had been absent for over a month and I received no response. I happen to be a big fan of Jade Empire and I would be very grateful to enjoy these mods, as I used to have them many years ago before my PC died and I lost access to them. Much appreciated!
  2. It doesn't work as in you do not get the option to install in polish or the install fails after picking polish? The english option is default so just click on said english window and you will see more languages available there including polish. I checked the latest version and there were no problems with selecting anything.
  3. Did you try to configure the resolution in the options menu? Perhaps somehow it was set to very low. That said as some already said above GOG is likely the best bet to have the best experience. I wonder how Steam ended up messing so hard...
  4. Pretty cool mod. Shooting time. :)
  5. @milestails Would it be possible to send me those mods too? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hmmm, so in terms of the sheer number of fixes and/or restorations which version of TSLRCM is the best? The 2020 version or the credited version? Does anyone know?
  7. Strange...the mod is now only 30 MB and when I try to open it the appearing message makes it look as if the archive was broken/damaged..
  8. Interesting... Would you recommend to install your mod before of after PartSwap? Also do you know whether this mod is compatible (or planned to be) with Extended Enclave, Genoharadan Legacy or/and M4-78? And if so what install order would you consider best with them? Thanks in advance!!!
  9. Nice, more restored content!!! Is it compatible with Party Swap? I ask because Party Swap descrption says its incompatible with any mod (aside from TSLRM) that alters Kreia's dialogue and since one of the latest additions N-Drew's Mini Mod Collection adds seems to be just that... Either way really looking forward to future versions as I check out compatibilities to start the biggest possible restoration content combo.
  10. True, though I knew a few modders who enjoyed when folks let them know that they looked forward to their work as long as they did not ask about a deadline all the time but like...once a year? But it certainly can differ between people and I also knew modders who had their accounts spammed with questions and closed the threads to catch a break. I agree though that deadlines can end up doing more harm than good and we should be considerate of others people's feelings.
  11. No worries, I learned my lesson. I apologize then if I sounded pushy.
  12. No need to get so angry. I never asked you about it before so it was enough to just say "its done when its done" if you don't won't to answer and I wouldn't ask again. Your "policy" was not written anywhere I could see either. I'm just surprised why you wrote that its very close to release if giving time frames is something you hate. Btw, it is meant to be just a hobby and not a chore. If you feel too much pressure by doing it within a decided timeframe then nothing stops you from extending said timeframe as much as you want. You can even delay it by a decade or drop it altogether if you want. Take care.
  13. Hmmm, will the update be released around Christmas or should one expect it next year? I get that its ultimately "done when its done" but just curious how close it seems to be to completion. Good luck.
  14. Looks like it was worth to wait one week longer^^ One thing though, when installing the mod I've had two warnings during the install: Warning: Unable to copy file "303fix.ncs", file does not exist! Warning: Unable to copy file "lrn_form.dlg", file does not exist! Had not yet run into any bugs but I wonder if those two warnings could have been a big deal or not.
  15. Is there an update coming soon or is it fine to play the mod as it is now?