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  1. Why did this not get more attention? Also, will we be able to change her clothing? Not sure how much I like the dark Jedi robes, when in fact, there were probably no dark Jedi ever in the under city.
  2. Gave me the chills, great job! That's one of my favorite songs too!
  3. Meh, because I didn't know this would be full of spoilers.
  4. (I literally haven't watched the show since like July of last year, I'm very far behind)
  5. (Skillet - Comatose) (Skillet - Not Gonna Die) (Skillet - Sick Of It) (3 Doors Down - Citizen Soldier ft. The National Guard) (30 Seconds To Mars - This Is War) (Rise Against - Savior) Just to show the kinda stuff I like to listen to.
  6. I swear, if malachor turns out to be just a "Saturday morning cartoon villain" type of deal, I'll be pissed. Maybe they'll throw in a reference to Kotor... Or find a skeleton of kreia or something (I know that would make zero sense, but, you know, I try.) Or perhaps her lightsaber would make more sense... Lol idk
  7. An addiction indeed, but a good one.
  8. Wow! Isn't that impressive! Quite the iPod huh?
  9. Well isn't that just great! A new planet mod=New content, Awesome, I'm quite excited, however, the problem with mods like this, is party members can't give their two cents on the planet. Nor can they comment on what is going on, (unless he takes already existing lines and re-arranges them), either way, still excited.
  10. Disgusted? That looks absolutely amazing! My goodness! I'm excited for this project, excited for this project indeed!
  11. I am so behind on this show... Like, seriously, I need to catch up, but, idk how since we don't have cable. And I accidentally read a spoiler... Great... Lol (Edit): Three spoilers, crappity crap crap crap.
  12. Mods that alter dialogue are always great. Keep up the good work!
  13. My excuse is I haven't played either in several months, need to get down to doing another play through or two of each.