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  1. Hey everyone, I know this isn't kotor related, but it's old kotor era Bioware. I decided to give Jade Empire a playthrough and noticed that no one has done a HD Texture Pack mod for JE. So I've decided to give it a go myself, making a HD texture pack for NPC's and the environment. I've never made a texture pack myself and it's taking a while,. But progress is certainly being made. When I finish the mod I'll be posting it here on DeadlyStream (if I can) and/or on Nexus. I'm using an AI upscaler, I've upscaled the textures 6x and here's a preview of one texture that's been done, Dawn Star. Let me know what you think. I understand that the preview images I uploaded are a small size so it may be difficult to see the improvement. But in game you can certainly see the difference.
  2. Considering that in TSL T3-M4 is the navigator for the Ebon Hawk. I propose a T3-M4 to Geode reskin. This would bring an element of Star Wars canon, to the KOTOR era, which is not canon. Doing this would greatly enhance the experience of a playthrough of TSL, bringing some much needed elements of the canon Star Wars universe, to a story that was otherwise deemed too ridiculous / far fetched to be considered canon. If it wasn't already obvious, yes this is a joke.
  3. I did, I actually found this website: Steam Workshop Downloader :: IO Which will download steam workshop mods manually, just like if you downloaded it from here on Deadlystream. You just have to open the webpage of the mod you want on the steam webpage, not the application itself. (So follow the link to the website page for the mod here) Steam Workshop::Smaller HUD ( Copy the URL, then on that website paste the URL, wait a second and it will give you the option to download. Once downloaded, you can then install the mod manually to your override folder just like any other mod.
  4. Ausanan


    Not sure if the Disciple is meant to say anything or not. As I've installed this mod and it's the first time I'm playing through with a female PC. But so far in all the conversations that involve all companions on the ship (such as the first time landing on Nar Shadaa). Disciple never speaks. It is always Handmaiden that talks and interacts with the other companions. Does the mod just prioritise Handmaiden over Disciple in these situations? Or does he usually not talk here anyway. Again it's my first time playing through with a female PC so I'm not sure.
  5. Ausanan

    Bird Fix TSL

    That will be amazing. Good luck in your mod to play K1 in TSL engine. That'll be awesome for all the added features, gameplay improvements and all the updated resolution support in TSL not in K1. I've never been that good at art, But I'll see if I can edit the file to complete the texture. I already have GIMP installed so I may as well give it a shot. I'll show you the finished product once I'm done. Wish me luck. (Obviously I won't share the file, as the model is not mine. Just finishing the texture for personal use.) Well I messed around with the file in GIMP, I think it looks a lot better now.
  6. Ausanan

    Bird Fix TSL

    Ah, I looked through the override folder for a file related to birds but I seemed to of missed that one. I just took out DAN_Birds.tga and DAN_Birds.txi and that seemed to of completely fixed the issue. If I had to guess, the mod author probably forgot to finish the texture for the birds. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it immensely.
  7. Ausanan

    Bird Fix TSL

    So far I've only seen the birds on Telos' surface and Dantooine. I'm using the Telos 4k Overhaul. As well as the Dantooine and Korriban High Resolution Texture packs. Considering I'm seeing the issue with the birds on 2 different planets that are being overhauled by 2 different texture packs. I don't think that it would be an issue caused by either of them. The Telos overhaul is a workshop mod, however I downloaded and installed the mod manually. Because I know there can be issues if you use the workshop to install mods. So it wouldn't be that either.
  8. Thanks for the info and for getting back to me. Sure I'll check those mods out.
  9. Ausanan

    Bird Fix TSL

    Yeah that looks normal to me. Here's an image of what I'm seeing.
  10. Is there a mod that is just for the textures of the birds that fly around on Telos' surface and Dantooine? For some reason the birds are bright pink / purple. As if they have no texture. It's not a huge deal as its a minor thing. But is there a mod already out there that can fix this, or can one be made?
  11. Hi everyone. I have no idea if this would be possible, my kotor mod making experience doesn't go beyond cutscene upscaling. But would it be possible to essentially 'port' 2 features from TSL to K1? The 2 features I'm referring to are datapads opening up and reading automatically upon picking them up. And when you loot a any sort of container or corpse etc. Having said container then having it say it is empty. I'm sure everyone else has mistakenly gone to loot something they already have. Where you don't have that issue in TSL because it will actually tell you that it is empty. Thanks for your time everyone.
  12. I looked at that one in the link. That looks more like a recreation of the head, rather than a port to be usable as a PC head. Not a bad attempt though. But personally I wouldn't use that one because it doesn't use the TSLpatcher and I've already modded my game rather extensively. I'd rather not go from scratch and have to reinstall all my mods again. Especially the NPC Overhaul mod. That took ages to install due to having to install for all the different section sin the game manually, rather than an all in one installer lol.
  13. Is this mod really not compatible with TSLRCM? It just retextures his body so I don't see why it wouldn't be compatible.
  14. Would it be possible to make the maintenance officer from Peragus a PC head? I've always thought that his head was fairly unique and if that could be made a PC that would be nice option to have.