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  1. N-DReW25

    MOD:GenoHaradan Legacy

    Upon further insight into the mod in order to hear the dialogue about Revan, you must set Revan to Dark Side on Peragus. I could modify this so that no matter what you always hear about Revan. Conveniently, I am also playing Kotor 2 with those mods with Legacy so I might be able to find an answer. I'll assume it could bug though it *may* not be that bad.
  2. Thank you, that did the trick!
  3. So I've recently attempted to port the Peragus Mark 2 Mining Droids into K1, right now they work great except for one major problem. This problem is that when I give them a blaster and they try to shoot at something they will perform the shooting animation but a blaster bolt won't actually shot thus making the Mining Droid unable to damage enemies or players at all. Does anyone know what exactly is causing this, whether it be the model itself or something else?
  4. N-DReW25

    MOD:GenoHaradan Legacy

    Yes, in the original "The GenoHaradan" mod it included a Sion VS Nihilus scene. My mod is an improvement upon "The GenoHaradan" but is TSLRCM compatible and does not feature a Sion VS Nihilus scene mainly because I intend for you to use the EE mod. Knew something was up with that, I will fix that in the upcoming patch. (So far I have two things to patch)
  5. N-DReW25

    GenoHaradan Legacy

    Turns out he, instead of using the TSLPatcher installer, copied and pasted the files into the override folder. Because he did this it caused an NPC I intended to appear in the Entertainment Module appear in the Hangar and break the game. I am certain this will work with the NPC Overhaul mod.
  6. N-DReW25

    MOD:GenoHaradan Legacy

    I'm 98% sure it is. If there is an incompatibility it would be very minor and won't actually stop you from going to M4-78, finishing M4-78 or completing the game. If you do find any sort of bugs, which I doubt there would be, let me know and I'll release a patch to fix it.
  7. GenoHaradan Legacy has been released! Though it is far from final.


    In 2017, I set out to make Exile007's 2012 "The GenoHaradan" mod compatiable with TSLRCM with my own improvements. During my development, I wrote a new GH plot inside the Jekk Jekk Tarr so I dropped Exile007's mod to make my own.


    Recently, I figured if my planned GH mod will take so long to make but Exile007's won't why not finish my work on Exile007's mod and release that for the time being. Essentially, I've made Exile007's GenoHaradan mod compatible with TSLRCM fixing all major bugs and generally improving the mod.


    This mod is far from final, if any bugs are found I will release bug fixes and content patches in the coming months and when my own GenoHaradan mod is finished it shall be called "GenoHaradan Legacy Enhancement Project" or "GenoHaradan Legacy EP" (Yes, I went that there).


    Go ham with what has been unleashed and leave feedback, advice and criticism


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    2. jc2


      Congratz on releasing 1.0!

    3. narshaddaarocks


      @Sith Holocron

      Oh of course I’ll play it (as soon as I wrap up M4-78EP 1.5 today or tomorrow FYI). I really meant I’ll contuine to follow its progress. After all our good friend here has probably come the closest to putting the GenoHaradan in the game. And since I obviously love Nar Shaddaa ;), this is an amazing development!

      Thanks @N-DReW25 !

    4. Mellowtron11


      Very Cool! Glad to see there is an official release!

  8. N-DReW25

    N-DReW's K1 Gameplay Improvement DEMO

    Potentially, should no one beat me too it. I'll have to study how K1R accomplished there's though. Probably an NPC and a balancing Overhaul, more detailed ideas may come to light soon. Most likely, I have changed Calo's equipment and Bandon is a WIP right now. For both Calo and Bandon, their stats shall be the exact same across all planets meaning one planet won't be easier or harder depending on which planet you pick.
  9. Experience a Legacy, coming soon!

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Yes. Yes, there is.

  10. N-DReW25

    Name idea for a small mod

    *Cough* Nearby Crystal Cave filled to the brim with Red Crystals *cough* I'm thinking something along the lines of "Juhani Lightsaber Fix" as, whilst it is non-canon, having Juhani use a Blue Lightsaber instead of Red is the most logical weapon she'd use after fleeing the Jedi.
  11. N-DReW25

    Chris Avellone, Star Wars Fallen Order

    What did you even link?
  12. N-DReW25

    Dialogue upon entering module

    Without sounding like a complete idiot "Once I have this new script where do I put it in order for it to work?". The only place I can find an "OnEnter" field which seems logical is inside the .are file but as you've said that isn't it.
  13. N-DReW25

    Dialogue upon entering module

    No, they don't return. It is merely used for a cutscene.
  14. N-DReW25

    Dialogue upon entering module

    So I start off in the Ebon Hawk in TSL. Once a dialogue finishes I have a script to warp me to a new module which is a copy of 301nar but isn't actually 301nar. Upon entering the module I will have a dialogue start immediately and once that dialogue ends again will the player be teleported to another module.
  15. I am trying to make it so that as soon as the player character enters a certain module it instantly begins a conversation with an NPC. What scripts would I need to do this and will I need to edit the .are file for this to work as I suspect?