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  1. I'm late by 8 days... but:



    Happy 10th Birthday Cathalan 🎂🥳


    1. djh269


      Happy Birthday Cathalan! Still waiting on Cathalan 2.0!

  2. Critical bug detected: The TSLPatcher inserts the "m02ac.git" file into the "tar_m02ac.rim" file. Since mods like K1R and K1CP both replace "tar_m02ac.rim" with "tar_m02ac.mod" and the game will prioritize the .mod, the problem becomes that the game will always use the unmodified m02ac.git file from tar_m02ac.mod instead of the modded m02ac.git from the .rim as installed here. Solution: Give the TSLPatcher 2 installation options, the first option will be called "Main Installation" which will install the m02ac.git into the rim file. The second option will be installed afterwards, this one will be called "K1R/K1CP Compatibility", this second installer will install a copy of the modded git file into the "tar_m02ac.mod" file as introduced by K1R and K1CP thus fixing the problem. I only tested this mod a little bit and instantly found this issue, if you got more .git files then you'll probably need to repeat this installer method for them as well. Feel free to PM me for instructions on how to setup a TSLPatcher with 2 installers. Edit: Just checked the TSLPatcher itself, it appears as if most of the files necessary for the mod to work are installed via the rim files. Feel free to PM me @brents742 so I may instruct you how to fix this issue.
  3. In vanilla, let's say if you went to the Sith Party then the Hidden Bek spy doesn't spawn, if you went to the Hidden Bek spy instead then the Sith Party doesn't spawn. In K1R, both of them spawn regardless. You go to one event and then you go to the next event, if one of them hasn't spawned then most likely you got an incompatibility/bug on your hand.
  4. Reread LDR's last response: Since LDR hasn't yet announced he's finished the updated Kotor 1 Improvement mod, we know that he hasn't uploaded it. I know he's recently finished another mod he's been working on... so I'm not sure if finishing and releasing another so soon is on his agenda, perhaps @LDR can chip in here?
  5. I don't mean to be the one to crush one's hopes and dreams, but... I like the idea of that! Would love to see the finished result. I picture the Cinnegar Weave Armor but in blue? Might I suggest this: You change the Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit texture to the K1 texture as seen here: And change the Mandalorian Heavy Suit texture into Ulic Qel Droma's Obsidian texture: It should still work with your mods intent, you'd be turning a Combat Suit into a Heavy Combat Suit which would make sense as the blue Mandalorian Combat Suit would logically become a Mandalorian Heavy Combat Suit as it is the "next tier" of armor. Wasn't the Echani Shield suit either a K1 Baragwin Shadow Armor or a red Bonadon Heavy Combat Suit before? I still approve of reskinning it though. I like. I'd like to point out something here: This here is the Verpine Fiber Mesh armor, its green and purple... it uses a Military Suit model and has 8 defence. This is the 1st tier of Verpine armor. This here is the Verpine Fiber Ultramesh armor and as you've pointed out this is Davik's War Suit texture. I'm confident that the reason why Davik's War Suit became Ultramesh armor is because the War Suit was intended to be an upgradeable item in K1, it wasn't, but left over files confirms it was and I've since made a mod for that. Have you noticed how the Baragwin items, Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor and all the other upgradeable items from K1 aren't present in K2? I believe that was done because of Obsidian's new upgrade system and because of that they didn't want players going "But Cassus Fett's armor had Immunity Critical Strike in K1, why can't I get it in K2?" though that is just my best guess. This armor has wine red and purple and it has a yellow logo on it... it uses a Military Suit model again but has 10 defence. This is the 2nd tier of Verpine armor. This here is the Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh armor, I am specifically showing you the K1 texture as I do believe this here fits best with the 3 tier Verpine armor. This armor has grey and purple and it has the exact same logo Davik's armor on the chest except here its now purple... it uses the Battle Armor model and has 12 defence. This is the 3rd tier of Verpine armor. I do believe that these textures are ideal for the Verpine Armors, though if you disagree I'd like to hear your reasonings. This I like. It's changes like this which will really put you in competition with the K2 Armor Nitpick mod, but I'd like to see what you can produce... I would to be given a variety of textures to chose from when I play the game. So the Echani Shield Suit and the Iotran Braceman Armor are now Mandalorian armors now? I believe the similarities between Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit and the Fenelar armor was intended, but go ahead with this. I can accept that. Can't wait to see what you can produce!
  6. I suppose there might be possible to make a mod in which the Light Side and Dark Side points are broken and do nothing when you select an LS or DS choice, if one adds a script which adds max LS or DS points to the player on the Trask dialogue I suppose that might work out the way you want it. But wouldn't that ruin the game, in a way? Here is your player killing innocent civilians, robbing old ladies and aiding the most immoral groups you can find and here's Bastila ogling you for being a "better Jedi" than her. And this sort of system would break Kotor 2, that is because K2 offers a variety of differing options which aren't black and white allowing for a diverse set of choices every time you play. Let's assume LS and DS points won't work and your player is 100% light side at the games start, your party members are most likely going to react to "Dark Side" options even if you don't get the points and assuming you still maintain 100% influence over them that means you could train your party as proper Jedi as Kreia gives you a Jedi Prestige Class whilst the Exile is helping the Mercs on Dantooine, helping the Exchange on Nar Shaddaa, killing the Jedi Masters, helping Vaklu and helping Lorso on Telos. The mod you want is very much possible, but wouldn't this just remove a chunk of the Star Wars RPG experience? You mean a mod like this?
  7. I think it goes like this: If a player recruits a party member without this mod, let's say they recruit Carth, save the game and then install this mod... loading that save would have a Level 3 Carth whilst the rest of the party, like Mission, would be level 1.
  8. Technically you can install any mod, including the Jedi Temple mod, onto an Android device... but as you might be aware, you'd need a PC for that. If you wanted a "watered down for Android" version of Jedi Temple, in which you can install it without a PC, it "may" be possible for one to make it... though you probably aren't going to get all of the badass Jedi and Sith stuff. Some of those items require a 2da file to work properly and the only way to make the Jedi Temple mod work on Android without breaking TSLRCM is a TSLPatcher installer... which can only be used on a PC. Plus, I'm not even sure if an Android friendly version of the Jedi Temple mod can be made... we'd need permission from deathdisco to do this and I doubt many will see the point of creating an Android version of a mod when Android can already install and play this mod as long as they have a PC. Also, here's a tip: when talking about a mod or a forum thread... don't use the Thumbnail of a YouTuber's video, use the mod link (Just copy the link from the search bar and just copy it into the thread):
  9. My M4-78 Alternate Skybox Pack has been updated!


    The most recent update contains a fix to the broken Quanon Skybox from the 1.0 version and adds Loading Screens to the mod for all 3 Skyboxes.


    The 3 Skyboxes you can pick are: Obsidian's original M4-78 Skyboxes, Bioware's Sleheyron Skyboxes and Stoney's M4-78 Skyboxes by Quanon.

  10. Porting Darth Sion is totally possible! He's an NPC in my K1 Gameplay Improvement mod. I believe it would be possible to make him a player head, however, you wouldn't be able to visibly see Armor equipped on him unless someone was able to do additional work to separate the head from the body.
  11. That's true, that proposal is just an idea though. Yes, I am aware of that compatibility patch as I was the one who requested it be made. I'm always thinking 5 steps ahead. Just want to clarify here, the last update of my Extended Enclave Patch fixed the game breaking Darth Sion Peragus bug. My memory is sketchy... but I do believe that bug is present in the Extended Enclave patch as well, it's not just my patch which has it. I could take a look at it in the future, though I am unfamiliar with how the whole Handmaiden/Disciple thing works in terms of scripting and Party Swap... I could totally learn it in the future, but at this time I'm in the same lake as Leilukin AND I released this mod as a means of clearing up space for Revenge of Revan (This mod was more of a pain in the ass to development then you could possible imagine, lol)
  12. Whose ready for some Star Wars ANIME?!?!


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    2. Malkior


      Well, there is a precedent for this, The Animatrix, but it's fairly old (for many people) so I don't know if many remember it. I find it ironic that everyone says Disney is "targeting the anime crowd" when anime multimedia events were somewhat common back then, and every part of this looks like the Animatrix did. 

      One thing I can say is, if the directors of each episode is anything close to what I saw before, we should be in for some truly unique and visually stunning takes on Star Wars as a mythos.

    3. N-DReW25


      An afterthought I had last night, this is all going to be uploaded on Disney Plus... and much of the Star Wars content on Disney Plus has multiple languages options, and not just subtitles but FULL audio as well.


      Most animes are typically Japanese because obviously its a Japanese company making said anime for a Japanese audience with English dubs being made sometime after the initial release, but even though 7 Japanese companies working on this anime Disney is still the company making this ship sail.


      So I'm just guessing what on earth is going to happen in regards to what language this show is going to be in:

      1) Will it be dubbed in Japanese with English subtitles like the trailer was?


      2) Will it be dubbed in Japanese with the option to change your VO language to another language, including English.


      3) For American and English speaking Disney Plus Users, will it be dubbed in English with the option to change the language to Japanese if desired? Thus making the Japanese dubbed trailer kinda redundant in a way?

      And something else I notice in certain Animes is that, for example, we see a sign written in Japanese on the wall and if the Anime has English subtitles it will show a translation of the sign. No doubt any signs or images in this anime will be written in Aurabesh which 98% of the time we Star Wars Fans don't get a translation on Aurabesh anything, so would Disney choose to have Aurabesh signs in the anime translated in English/Japanese or other languages or would they leave that out at the risk of alienating Anime fans who only have this feudal anime as their first real taste of Star Wars content.


      I'm overthinking this aren't I?

    4. AmanoJyaku


      You're overthinking it. It will have both an English and Japanese dub, and I expect the Japanese dub will have subtitles. Also, there's an English dub of the trailer.

      As for the player, it can switch languages and subtitles while you're in the video. It's common for a Disney+ title to be dubbed into multiple languages after production, including Japanese. All that's different in this case is two languages are recorded during production instead of one.

      I don't think any signs are going to be translated, it's never happened before.

  13. I actually got started on the robes, I've been juggling through multiple other mods in development as well as Revenge of Revan development. I'll just go through the drive to find it and see what's left to do! 👍
  14. Why yes, I believe the tool Logan uses is the Kotor Level Editor or KLE for short. This tool allows Logan to place NPCs and placeables inside of a module within a week instead of a month as it was manually typing in coordinates back in the day. At this current stage, Logan has just about filled each and every module which will be part of the Episode 1 release with placeables AND NPCs and the current bucket list of "things to do" consists of mostly dialogues, scripts and side quests (This might sound bad to a non-modder, but this Unity tool has made development SO much better!). Your questions regarding the Kotor Level Editor might be better answered in the Official KLE release thread down below:
  15. I honestly don't know why, I found him to be one of the more enjoyable characters in the mod. Allow me to clarify what my plan is on that: