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    Well, you're absolutely right. That scene will never feel the same without this mod installed! So lucky just barely get my feet wet in the Lower City on my current playthrough- and without second thought, I downloaded and install this awesome mod minutes after its release! Lol. All said and done- Permanent spot in the 'Override' folder has been filled.
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    Had tested this masterpiece in-game, and the result is obvious. Splendid! Amazing work- as always, Dark Hope! Thank you, for creating and sharing this amazing piece-of-art! Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled. In-game preview:
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    Very nice reskin! Reminds me of the white sith trooper reskin
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    This mod brings out the best of Dark Side out from the main character. Granted, its Light Side wasn't the best of work but who picked this mod in the first place for a LS content?! 🙃 Hahah - though I only had limited choices of dialogues on my end [yeah - that said how my Force Power build goes], but this convo wins it - [-] HK-47 how would you go about dealing with... this inconvenience. [-] Advisement: Evisceration works well. Electrocution and blunt trauma also work well, I understand. [-] Let's try electrocution! [-] Commentary: Yes, master. Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy killing for you, master? This edgy content will always have a place, for - Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled.
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    A much needed and appreciated upgrade. I hope there's a chance of integrating SithSpecter's Loading Screens in Color into this.
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    Been using Option A on my current playthrough and it works like a charm. Though I'm not oftenly use it -as still not getting to its presence-, this addition had the potential to be a game-changer; long as ones get used to it. Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled.
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    5 Stars! Took me a few deaths, a full party, and a few levels with shields, a few grenades, and a mine or two, but a very satisfying and challenging mini-boss battle.
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    I like the new look, and it made it more enjoyable to enter that old part of Taris, anything that can add some new visuals to Taris is worth checking out!
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    What an ungratefuI sentient I am for including this excellent fix to the [soon to be updated] released mods without reviewing the source in the first place! Undisputedly one of the [if not the] best fix release in the past few months! Being the essential part of my mods particularly on their appearance; this mod do the things that was for me is impossible- thought the collar issue stays untouched and I personally accepting it as-is, lol. Thank you for releasing this fantastic fix and generously set it as a half enduser mod - half modder's resource. These fixes will be very helpful in the long run for end-users and modders around! All said and done- Permanent spot in the 'Override' folder has been filled.
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    The animation that comes with the monitor is awesome!; as expected from tons of frames of animation that comes with it. Any suggestion possible would be to add more fps to the setup [default is 1] to a range of 3 to 4; but that how it goes with my personal preference. In-game preview: That was a low-res footage; the in-game appearance of the monitor looks much crisper and high-definition. It only too shows how the animation works on my end Thanks for creating and sharing this awesome work, Sith Holocron! Of its awesome sets of animation and being the inspiration of "[K1] Animated Swoop Screen [TSLPort]": Permanent spot in the 'Override' folder has been filled.
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    5* Was sorely needed. Immaculate and brilliant work!
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    1 star for the mod- 4 stars for the screenshot! Lol jk. Finally; this were one of those features in the game that did bothered me but decided to live hard with lol. For sure I can eat well now. Thank you for this, the spice is essential! Edit: Even though it doesn't seem to compatible with K1R's Carth's "Kolto pack line", I'd definitely choose it over the top because of its much better scene and kind of enhances the pacing particularly on that area. Permanent spot in the 'Override' folder has been filled.
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    Quality port An ideal complement to the idea of modifying it:
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    The lightsabers themselves, are fantastic. Couldn't ask for more (aside from what Obisoln said). The spawn locations, however, completely and utterly destroy this mod. You put a lightsaber, on Taris. Not only that, you put it in an area where we can get it, before we even have Bastila in the party. Just put it on the body of the Jedi on the Endar Spire why don't ya? (Just because I don't doubt that you might, that was a joke. Don't take it seriously.) Dantooine is nearly as bad. You JUST received the ability to even use a lightsaber, and oops, here's a lightsaber that's way better than the lightsaber that you just built that's supposed to be yours for life, AND it's before you even have access to crystals. The others aren't that horrific, but they're still awful. The back of the landing pad. Are you serious? I shouldn't have to explain this one. Kashyyyk's isn't half bad, but it's not even in the Lower Shadowlands. Sorry if this is coming off as harsh, but dude, this is not good. If I was going to place the sabers somewhere, the Lily goes in the Terentatek's belly on Kashyyyk. The Evenstar goes in the footlocker of the Sith Master on Manaan. The Sceptre goes either in the inventory of the Storyteller or the back of the Krayt Dragon's lair on Tatooine. And of course the Righteous Hand goes on Duron Qel-Droma's body in the back of the Shyrack cave on Korriban. As it stands now, as far as anyone that cares about balance or theme (basically anyone that isn't modding MP5s in the game) is concerned, this mod is unusable. Which is deeply sad and frustrating at the same time.
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    Looking crisp! Definitely digging this one rather than the vanilla. Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled. Thanks JCarter426! Note: It does compatible with K1R right? I mean, I didn't see anything that's conflicting here 🤔
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