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    This is one of the most beloved days in my life!) You gave me a holiday today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This day came! Incredible! There are many words in my language that reflect the same feeling in varying degrees, it’s a pity that in English these are just a few words But it seems to me that in English it’s clear that this mod is cool, very, very cool!
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    At last, the classic we've all been waiting for arrives on DS. Now TSL is actually worth playing. My only regret is that I am only able to rate it 5 stars.
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    This is phenomenal! The blades look perfect in terms of color and shape, and the glow effect is both subtle and beautiful. I only wish that the glow and blade shape could easily carry over to some of the other custom hilts I have installed, though I tend to play K1 more vanilla than modded so the higher poly default hilts will do here.
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    I got a chance to open up the dialogue file and look within, I really like the simplicity & direction of this mod. The wording is very immersive & believable. I recommend this mod to anyone that prefers a very smooth and laid back playthrough or dialogue style.
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    To anyone having doubts about this mod: don't. At version 2.2.0 it does an exceptional job at delivering what it promises in the summary above. Much of the dialogue about you not being a Jedi is gone, some PC responses have been altered accordingly and it flows really well storywise. Just an important note: if you are using any other mods that use/alter the dialog.tlk file make sure to install this one last, this way you prevent it from breaking storywise. I wouldn't recommend this mod for a 1st playthrough, otherwise why wait to be a Jedi? Will use this mod ALLWAYS
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    Absolutely required for any KOTOR run in my opinion. The average blaster is absolute trash even compared to a bog standard shortsword. The fact that this mod takes the changes that Obsidian made in KOTOR 2 and adds them to KOTOR 1 makes blasters somewhat more palatable in the beginning, which is fantastic for characters like Carth and Mission, who are pretty much perfectly geared for blasters.
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    Well, you're absolutely right. That scene will never feel the same without this mod installed! So lucky just barely get my feet wet in the Lower City on my current playthrough- and without second thought, I downloaded and install this awesome mod minutes after its release! Lol. All said and done - Permanent spot in the mod list has been filled.
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    Files work great, and voice clips are very clear! Absolutely worth the download and should be used together with Darth Parametric's Head Ports!
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    I love the new robes, the textures look great! Cloaked robes look far better than the original robes I think. TSL definitely had better robes. Another permanent addition to my override. 10/10!
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    Hello Revanator. First off, thank you for this mod. I always felt Saul's pistol was far too underwhelming and you've found a great way of improving it without making the already tough Leviathan fight more difficult. The only problem I have with this mod is that you receive Saul's pistol from the Dark Jedi group on Tatooine, possibly long before you even come near the Leviathan. If you could simply remove this item from that Dark Jedi's inventory (since I assume, even though the version he carries in the vanilla game is weaker, it's probably still the same file, lemme know if I'm wrong on that front though) that would be much appreciated and would more than earn a 5/5 from me. One other thing I might change is giving the gun a x3 crit multiplier (and maybe lowering the damage a bit in response if you think it's too good, especially because of how the raw damage compares to Cassus Fett's Heavy Pistol). Right now, it's still mathematically better to use Master Rapid Shot compared to Master Sniper Shot, and frankly, that's just unbecoming of a quote-unquote Sith Assassin Pistol, you know? Update in Comment #7. Update: Simply renaming the file to g_w_hldoblstr004 will allow it to work properly. Great job on this. Review updated to a 5.
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    The days of screenshotting my inventory screen then adding the items back in KSE are finally over!
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    Downloaded it and this looks pretty damn solid. Nice work! Were you using DarthParametric's War Droid Reference Switch for the screenshots? Because those look like Sithspecter's rifles in the droid's hands.
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    Maybe tone down the teeth a bit in the white balance and personally I would just take out the hair. That said, rounded off, still 5/5. This is amazing work.
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    It's such a quiet thing--to fall...From rags to even lesser rags. It's such a subtle change this, I hardly noticed it at all at first but it works!
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    This is an amazing Idea that I'm surprised hasn't been done until now. 🔵Light Point Gained🔵
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    May I suggest using the attached file instead? It uses 2DAMEMORY entries in changes.ini, to keep things compatible with already modded files. Edit: You should also have vanilla 2da files in the tslpatchdata folder. The ones in here have the mod applied to it, they are used to create the backup files and this way that doesn't work correctly. changes.ini 5/5 if you fix that
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    You made Trask Ulgo into an amazing looking character. Also, the Republic Armor never looked more amazing.
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    Thank you so much for making this. Absolutely awesome playing one of my favorite games on my phone, with the content restored. Any chance of making M478 playable on mobile?
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    Great work. The lights don't take up too much space and help the temple come together. As a suggestion, I'd recommend making the lamps look a bit more "rustic". Perhaps they were just set up by the Sith inside, but corroded metal might fit the theme of the temple better. (Like the bases of these lights in SWTOR)
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    Definite Darkside For THE WIN!!! Lol @JCarter426? You've Just made my day and night here now no more boring mute sounds *cheers and POUNCETACKLEHUGS HIM!!!* THE PANDA QUEEN LOVES THIS CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!! 😀😁!!!
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    Interesting mod, lots of potential! Nice voice splicing, by the way. Most of the lines are super recognizable for those that played this game bazillion times, but they're still fun to hear. Although this mod certainly adds to the replay value, at this stage I feel the Genoharadan faction is way too similar to the Exchange. They have the same base of operation and the storylines are directly linked. The new fight sequences and additional dialogues are nice but don't feel particularly refreshing. Completely separating the Genoharadan storyline from the Exchange storyline and change its base of operation to another planet (something like Telos surface military base) could potentially boost replay value. I would suggest adding some motivation for the Exile to go after Genoharadan. Perhaps instead of the Exile being kidnapped, its one of his/her companion like Atton that's kidnapped. And despite Kreia's disapproval, the Exile decides to go after the kidnapper and is lured to another planet for a final confrontation.
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    This has gave me a headache ever since I first played KOTOR II just as it came out. THANK YOU!
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    This is a very nice Bastila reskin! She still has the same feel as in vanilla, which is something I personally prefer with reskins - but much higher detailed. And there is a really pretty effect on her eyes and lips, that makes them shiny. And I am very impressed by her outfit texture too, it also has a beautiful effect on it, where there is some shiny detailing, very subtle but I really love it.
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    Very fun to play through. Writing and voice overs are well done, and the new battles are always welcome. Only Issue I ran into was some of the new Sith troopers dropping everything they had equipped on the star forge, stuff we aren't supposed to see like level 3 droid shields and heavy armor.
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    Had tested this masterpiece in-game, and the result is obvious. Splendid! Amazing work- as always, Dark Hope! Thank you, for creating and sharing this amazing piece-of-art! In-game preview:
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    The lightsabers themselves, are fantastic. Couldn't ask for more (aside from what Obisoln said). The spawn locations, however, completely and utterly destroy this mod. You put a lightsaber, on Taris. Not only that, you put it in an area where we can get it, before we even have Bastila in the party. Just put it on the body of the Jedi on the Endar Spire why don't ya? (Just because I don't doubt that you might, that was a joke. Don't take it seriously.) Dantooine is nearly as bad. You JUST received the ability to even use a lightsaber, and oops, here's a lightsaber that's way better than the lightsaber that you just built that's supposed to be yours for life, AND it's before you even have access to crystals. The others aren't that horrific, but they're still awful. The back of the landing pad. Are you serious? I shouldn't have to explain this one. Kashyyyk's isn't half bad, but it's not even in the Lower Shadowlands. Sorry if this is coming off as harsh, but dude, this is not good. If I was going to place the sabers somewhere, the Lily goes in the Terentatek's belly on Kashyyyk. The Evenstar goes in the footlocker of the Sith Master on Manaan. The Sceptre goes either in the inventory of the Storyteller or the back of the Krayt Dragon's lair on Tatooine. And of course the Righteous Hand goes on Duron Qel-Droma's body in the back of the Shyrack cave on Korriban. As it stands now, as far as anyone that cares about balance or theme (basically anyone that isn't modding MP5s in the game) is concerned, this mod is unusable. Which is deeply sad and frustrating at the same time.
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    Flexin' at the cantina have never been better. Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled. Looking forwards for an "update"! In-game preview:
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    Such a small thing, but it can make all the difference in how the game feels. Thanks for making this!
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    Looks great without straying too far away from the original look! Love this!
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    These look excellent and match the aesthetic nature of star wars kotor! I think this will be a permanent install!
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    Superb! Glad to see we're getting saber mods like this again!
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    It is pretty cool as a content pack, but the overall quality feels a bit low. I always have it as a part of my game though!
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    Hey, ebmar. I really like this mod and I'm glad to report that it conflicts with nothing, especially the (in my opinion all-important) Ajunta mod by VarsityPuppet (hopefully it gets finished soon 😁), and I'm always glad to see new or improved unique weapons, as that's something that KotOR (1 especially) severely lacks. I'm also thankful that the new textures don't show up before the notched steel sword is revealed to be Ajunta's blade. I do however, have one critique, and it is a major one: "hearkens night and silences the light." That's not how a poet would describe a sword with a gleaming white blade, especially when the blade itself is what "silences the light." In my view, the blade should be black. So black that it's devoid of light. I'd suggest talking to JCarter426 and seeing if you can find a way to integrate part of his Darksaber into the blade of Ajunta's sword (or perhaps you could construct something similar without too much trouble, I have no experience with this type of thing so, just trying to give you options). The way that the Darksaber looks as though the light is being swallowed up by the dark is a flawless fit for Ajunta's sword.
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