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    This is one of the most beloved days in my life!) You gave me a holiday today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This day came! Incredible! There are many words in my language that reflect the same feeling in varying degrees, itโ€™s a pity that in English these are just a few words But it seems to me that in English itโ€™s clear that this mod is cool, very, very cool!
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    Well, you're absolutely right. That scene will never feel the same without this mod installed! So lucky just barely get my feet wet in the Lower City on my current playthrough- and without second thought, I downloaded and install this awesome mod minutes after its release! Lol. All said and done- Permanent spot in the 'Override' folder has been filled.
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    Files work great, and voice clips are very clear! Absolutely worth the download and should be used together with Darth Parametric's Head Ports!
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    I love the new robes, the textures look great! Cloaked robes look far better than the original robes I think. TSL definitely had better robes. Another permanent addition to my override. 10/10!
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    To anyone having doubts about this mod: don't. At version 2.2.0 it does an exceptional job at delivering what it promises in the summary above. Much of the dialogue about you not being a Jedi is gone, some PC responses have been altered accordingly and it flows really well storywise. Just an important note: if you are using any other mods that use/alter the dialog.tlk file make sure to install this one last, this way you prevent it from breaking storywise. I wouldn't recommend this mod for a 1st playthrough, otherwise why wait to be a Jedi? Will use this mod ALLWAYS
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    Absolutely required for any KOTOR run in my opinion. The average blaster is absolute trash even compared to a bog standard shortsword. The fact that this mod takes the changes that Obsidian made in KOTOR 2 and adds them to KOTOR 1 makes blasters somewhat more palatable in the beginning, which is fantastic for characters like Carth and Mission, who are pretty much perfectly geared for blasters.
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    Very fun to play through. Writing and voice overs are well done, and the new battles are always welcome. Only Issue I ran into was some of the new Sith troopers dropping everything they had equipped on the star forge, stuff we aren't supposed to see like level 3 droid shields and heavy armor.
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    Had tested this masterpiece in-game, and the result is obvious. Splendid! Amazing work- as always, Dark Hope! Thank you, for creating and sharing this amazing piece-of-art! Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled. In-game preview:
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    Hadn't had Iraaz on Dantooine before, changed the experience for me, in a pleasantly different direction, if you haven't tried this mod or K1R, I would certainly recommend that you give it a try. The added wildlife makes the planet and the modules more immersive and alive.
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    This mod brings out the best of Dark Side out from the main character. Granted, its Light Side wasn't the best of work but who picked this mod in the first place for a LS content?! ๐Ÿ™ƒ Hahah - though I only had limited choices of dialogues on my end [yeah - that said how my Force Power build goes], but this convo wins it - [-] HK-47 how would you go about dealing with... this inconvenience. [-] Advisement: Evisceration works well. Electrocution and blunt trauma also work well, I understand. [-] Let's try electrocution! [-] Commentary: Yes, master. Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy killing for you, master? This edgy content will always have a place, for - Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled.
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    very good job again, but I prefer Lana Beniko's soundset, just a personal opinion though (this voice is or sounds a little more childish IMHO but its just that). thanks
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    So, earlier I downloaded and previewed the voices using a player; well, they sounded great but I'm skeptical [regardless of it's David Hayter's] as I decided to still use the vanilla. And later, I install the mod and after hearing it in-game; I think it will never get off my 'streamsounds' folder again. Thanks for compiling these excellent voices and releasing this awesome content! Permanent spot in the 'streamsounds' folder has been filled.
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    Colonel, this is Snake. You're pretty good.
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    Great mod! I combined it with the Sith Assassin Ambush mod to have the best of both worlds. I really wish Bioware had used a design closer to this for all Sith NPC's in the game.
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    wonderful work, worked like a charm. Permanent little tweak for my Ebon Hawk/Override.....
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    Your plugin will make a fine addition to my collection. Jokes aside, this is great to have! I'd say a must have if you want to script with the nwscript format.
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    That violet blade is my favorite part about this mod. Violet's my favorite lightsaber color, but I've never used it in-game since the original red-purple is an eyesore. Not to mention how the texture seemed extra-clipped. Thanks for getting the color just right!
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    Fantastic! It does working on my end [obviously], and behalfing management of the Upper City cantina we'd like to testimones: "Many thanks for fixing our panels, DarthParametric!" "The works are neat and tidy; very professional!" ๐Ÿ˜ Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled. In-game preview:
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    wonderful theme, softer than the original. dialogs are heard slightly better (higher) been the music softer IMO. rated 5.
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    only thing i noticed is that on Tatooine (desert specially) the green texture is too light, practically unnoticable the greenish coloration. looks good on rest of the planets though. Tried to darken a little the texture (i assumed is the JC_FX_Laser_G1 tga) and improved but not too much. maybe i should darken it a lot .... rating 5 stars this anyway for the concept of adding luminosity/brightness to the blast itself instead of the flat colors. file.kor file goes to Override aswell, right?
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    Amazing! At the first glance I hold off on using this mod because assuming I have Curtis 1973's "Stock Light Saber Retexture Pack" that do the magic already. And I proved wrong. This mod is awesome! I'm using those models inside this mod in conjunction with Curtis 1973's "Stock Light Saber Retexture Pack" and they work like they are the best pairing mods out there! Permanent spot in the Override folder has been filled. Nuff' said- Thank you VarsityPuppet and Fallen Guardian!
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