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Brotherhood Of Shadow : Solomons Revenge!

After finishing my playthrough of Brotherhood Of Shadow : Solomons Revenge I decided to port it alongside KotOR.



This is a short trailer for the KotOR Port a part of the Expanded Galaxy Project, made for me by CatDaddy407, so a big thanks to them for that! I thought I would drop a link to the video here for people to see, though it doesn't show anything special it does highlight the state of the project quite well.

NOTE : The port is currently not available on DeadlyStream and is only available on ModDB or from the Discord.
NOTE The port is an add-on for the Expanded Galaxy Project.


Expanded Galaxy Project

The goal of the Expanded Galaxy Project is to provide as much additional content for both games as possible utilising the second games engine.

Please join the Discord to find out more about the project and to get access to the latest patches. ( Link at the bottom of this post )

Install Instructions for the 1.0.4 Release & 1.0.5 Patch


Note : Some files are missing from the main project that are in the port project, I suggest installing both and using the provided files ( Templates ) to swap between playing K1 or K2.

#0 Install KotOR2.


#1 Install Official 1.0b Patch ( Not required for Steam users )

Link 1 :


#2 Install TSLRCM 1.8.6 ( This is required for the project to work )

Link 2 :


#3 Install M478EP 1.5.1 ( This is required for the project to work )

Link 3 :


#4 Install Coruscant Jedi Temple ( This is required for the project to work )

Link 4


#5 Install Expanded Galaxy 1.0.4 ( Extract and drop into your KotOR2 installation )

Link 5 :



#6 Install Main 1.0.5 Patch ( External Link / ModDB ) ( Extract and drop into your KotOR2 installation )

Link 6


Step 7, 8, 9 & 10 are optional but I recommend trying out the following parts of the project as they work together and make both KotOR games playable in the KotOR2 version of the Odyssey Engine.


#7 Install Port 1.0.4 ( KotOR in TSL ) ( External Link / ModDB ) ( Extract and drop into your KotOR2 installation ) [ The Expanded Galaxy Project and a copy of KotOR is required for the Port of KotOR ]

Link 7 :

Once installed both K1 & K2 can be swapped between under the same engine using the included files. ( K1E & K2E Templates )


#8 Install Port 1.0.5 Patch ( External Link / ModDB ) ( Extract and drop into your KotOR2 installation )

Link 8 :

Update the Templates using the included Template Patches. ( K1E & K2E Template Patch )


#9 After installing all of the above releases and packages in order. Proceed to copy the relevant files from a SWKotOR installation over to your SWKotOR2 installation.

copy the following folders from a KotOR installation.
"lips", "movies", "streammusic" and "streamsound" across to your KotOR II TSL installation, not replacing any files with the same name.

Then search within K1/"streamwaves" for " *"." " or "*.wav" for all file types or all .wav files and complete the search, then select and copy all of the files and making sure
not to select any of the folders, copying them across to the StreamVoices folder of your KotOR II TSL installation.


This will install the Expanded Galaxy Port 1.0.5


I have heard that people generally have success installing other mods alongside this but not always or entirely, there are also still many issues remaining in the project.


For now it is still just a demo.


#10 Keep an eye out for updates and check out my tutorials if you want to learn to mod KotOR2! as well as the tutorial section on DeadlyStream for other great tutorials!

Link 10

Lengthy and detailed installation instructions in the YouTube video.

I have included some notes and plans for both parts of the project below.

Main To-Do List


01 : Add Dialog for Council Computer - High Priority
02 : Finish Sleheyron - High Priority
03 : Start Tatooine - High Priority
04 : Start Kashyyyk - High Priority
05 : Start Manaan - High Priority
06 : Re-work Yavin Station - High Priority
07 : Start the Unknown World or Lehon - High Priority
08 : Complete a Coruscant UnderCity for both Projects - High Priority
09 : Start drafting a new cutscene for the Jedi Council - High Priority
10 : Add Droid Companion Vendor to M478 - High Priority
11 : Thorough Testing of all possible paths and quests - High Priority
12 : Working into a Launcher along with the Port project - High Priority
13 : Packaging into an installer - High Priority

Port To-Do List


01 : Reconverting the Models
( or adding AABB to contain the contents of the model ) - Finally High Priority !
02 : Lightsaber Forms & Companion Dialog
( Juhani, Jolee & Yuthura ) - High Priority Extra Content for Release
03 : Occasional Crashing
( likely include scripts ) - High Priority but is not consistent
04 : MiniGames
( Swoop and Turret Levels ) - High Priority but also might take a while
05 : ReMapping Lost Dialog
( k1 dialog.tlk to k2 dialog.tlk ) - High Priority but will take a while
06 : Gear Check, Level Check and Cutscene Issues
( Endar Spire ) - High Priority
07 : Blue GUI for the Port
( every GUI file needs editing ) - Also High Priority but will take time
08 : Balancing
( beyond class name changes )  
09 : Final LS Test Run + Setting up Free-Roam - Low Priority
10 : Final DS Test Run + Setting up Free-Roam - Low Priority
11 : Final Side-Quest Run + Setting up Free-Roam - Low Priority
12 : Launcher that imitates the original and provides options to launch KotOR or TSL
( and possible mod manager and KLE integration or option / link-to ) - High Priority
13 : Packaging into an Installer
( reducing filesize and verifying original games ) - High Priority


Progress & Plans

Current progress for the Expanded Galaxy Project overall is as follows :

1 : Main Project Demo (Complete) <-- 100% -->

The base of the project is complete. ( Early Demo )

2 : Port Project Demo (Complete) <-- 100% --> 

The base of the port is complete. ( Early Demo )

3 : Main Project (K2 Expanded Galaxy Questline) <-- 25% -->

The main project is working but I have yet to make the new questlines and content.

4 : Port Project (K1 Expanded Galaxy Questline) <-- 25% -->

The Port is working but still needs a lot of tweaks to the balancing as many enemies are still overpowered.

5 : Main Project Extra (Enhancing Free-Roam) <-- 25% -->

Free Roam has already been added to the game and I will be adding repeatable quests, respawning enemies and much more.

6 : Port Project Extra (Enhancing Free-Roam) <-- 25% -->

Free Roam has already been added to the port as well and I will also be adding repeatable quests, respawning enemies and as much more as I can manage to work into the games.

7 : Next Project - Brotherhood Of Shadow : Solomons Revenge <--- 50% --->

Brotherhood Of Shadow : Solomons Revenge has been ported in it's entirety and seems to work almost flawlessly.

8 : Main Project Bonus (Installer & Launcher) <-- 1%-->

I know what needs to be done to make an installer / launcher and plan to work on it later down the line once a more stable version is released.

9 : Port Project Bonus (Installer & Launcher) <-- 1% -->

The same applies here, I also have lists in .txt format for the files required from a KotOR installation.


Mod Compatibility

Overall I have heard that people generally have success installing other mods alongside this but not always or entirely, there are also still many issues remaining in the project on it's own.

Currently I do not know what mods do or do not work with my project but I do plan to try and provide compatibility for as many mods as possible in the future.
Note : texture, model, item and many other simple mods should work if installed after the rest of the required or optional files for the project.

Standalone Mods - All of these are already included with the Expanded Galaxy Project.

Thanks to a suggestion from another user I have decided to release some of the small changes to the project on their own as well.



105PER.mod - this lines up the two turrets shown in the screenshot.

262TEL.mod - This removes the holographic planet shown in the screenshot.

299TEL.mod - This lines up the HK-50 Droids on the right side of the map and the HK-51 Droids on the left side of the map.

305NAR.mod - This adds in a missing door in the Jekk Jekk Tarr Tunnels as shown in the screenshot.

205TEL.mod - This adds a simple dialog option to deny Admiral Onasi an audience after the Ravager.

801DRO - to - 812DRO.mod - This makes various changes to every level on M478EP, the screenshot below shows a door that is slightly off centre that I have lined up, I have also combined the maps that were split up into sections but still in the same area, there are some other changes like removing the voice over reference for the Blackmarket Droid as the audio files crash the game for me.

Visibility File Fixes - these files fix four visibility files and fixes the issues in the screenshots included.

Free Roam - this mod allows the player to manually travel to Malachor V after the Ravager as well as Free Roam after completing the game.

It also includes an optional module / compatibility fix for my mod to deny Carth an audience after the Ravager.

This is a mod that I made in a few minutes that unlocks the map using an armband item that you must cheat in to the game.

I plan to release any future small changes I make to the game that are not specific to my main project as standalone mods.

These mods should all work together and are built to work alongside TSLRCM 1.8.5 & M478EP 1.5.1

KotOR Modding Tools - Here is a list of tools that made this project possible.


Contributions : 
A big thanks to everybody that helped make this possible by creating the tools available and anybody that has helped or will help me along the way.

Tools used that made this possible.
Kotor Tool - @ Fred Tetra
K-GFF Editor - @TK102
MDLEdit - @bead-v
TLKEdit - @Fair Strides
2DAEditor - @VarsityPuppet
KotOR Find Refs Utility - @TK102
Bulk Rename Utility - @Bulk Rename Utility
Simple Model Viewer - @Adinos
Kotor Toolset - @Fair Strides
KotOR Scripting Tool - @Blue
ERFEdit - @Fair Strides
DLG Editor @Fair Strides
Xoreos Tools - @Xoreos
DENCS Script Decompiler - @Fair Strides

K2 Console - @lachjames ( Included with the Expanded Galaxy Project )
KotOR Save Importer For TSL - @lachjames ( Included with the Expanded Galaxy Project )

Dialog Patcher for adding missing entries to DLG files to update them for use in KotOR2. ( Used heavily awaiting a small update to fix some issues )
Script Trimmer for trimming scripts so they can be decompiled. ( Created but not used yet )
Conditional Script Patcher for updating conditional scripts. ( Planned but not made or included yet )
Installer / Launcher for installing and launching the game and any Total Conversions. ( Planned but not made or included yet )

Without many of these tools the project would not have been possible.

Included Mods - Below is a list of all mods that are included with the Expanded Galaxy Project.


Mods arranged by Author and then by order of when they were added to the project.


        - Upgradeable Swoop Bike Mod
        - Ebon Hawk Model Fixes
        - Kreias Vibrosword
        - Rocket Launcher Sounds

@Ashton Scorpius

        - Ebon Hawk Downloadable Map (No Longer Included) - Idea used to unlock Ebon Hawk Map On Enter Instead.
        - Jedi Malak Mouth Fix
        - Twilek Head Fixes - Option A


        - Animated Logo ( TSLRCM / M478EP ) - I will use this as a base and update it to say the correct version numbers.


        - M4-78 Fog Fixes


        - Updated Coruscant Texture & Planet Icon
        - Extended Jedi Council Meeting


        - Malachor V Sideways opening doors.
        - Peragus Tweak
        - Trayus Rank Reform


        - Extended Carth Meeting
        - Kreia's dialog on small kindnesses
        - Kreia's Fall In-Game Cutscene
        - Sensor Droid Appearance Change


        - Re-scaled Trandoshans


        - Darth Malak Model Included From Playable Darth Malak Mod ( disguise optional )


        - KotOR Save Importer For TSL
        - K2 Overlay Console


        - Mandalorian Chamber Mark III Fix
        - Reduced Graphics Mod ( optional )
        - Robe Description Fix
        - Droid Anatomy Description Fix


        - Bodies Stay Mod ( optional )

@ndix UR

        - PMHC06 TSL Head Fix


        - TSL Walking & Running Animation Fix

@Markus Ramikin

        - Kill The Ithorian

Contributions - Here is a list of contributors that helped early on with advice on KotOR modding or who contribute to the project heavily.


Users that helped make this possible.
Credit to everybody that helped me along the way or contributed.


        - advice


        - advice


        - K2 Loadscreen Template

@Stoney & @Sithspecter

        - Sleheyron Demo / Maps


        - advice


        - advice


        - Coruscant / Jedi Temple Mod

The TSLRCM Team @zbyl2 @DarthStoney @Hassat Hunter & @VarsityPuppet

The M478EP Team @zbyl2 @Stoney @Hassat Hunter & many more noted in the credits below.

Credits From M478EP


» Project Leaders
- Zbyl2 - Project Leader, scripting, storyline/dialog writing & editing, voice over auditions, texture editing and more
- Stoney - Former project leader, scripting, storyline/dialog writing & editing, texture editing, modeling and more
- Hassat Hunter - dialog correction, scripting, bug fixing, patch lead

» Storyline
- Sharen Thrawn - former lead writer
- Lord of Hunger - storyline ideas
- JCarter426 - storyline writing/ideas for the Industrial Zone
- Sith Holocron - input on storyline and planet's past

» Modeling / Texturing
- Stoney                Many new or edited placeable objects
- Quanon                Archon models
- Khrizby                New animations and fixed models
- Redrob41                Droid re-skins
- 90SK                    A LOT OF droid re-skins
- Sith Holocron                Animated screen textures

» Beta Testing
- Stoney
- Hassat Hunter
- Qui-Gon Glenn
- Atton Rand
- Nsinger998
- Zhaboka
- drunklol
- arekushu
- twdarkeh
- dashrendar
- Sith Holocron

Voice Acting
Kaah Ohtok                        Zhaboka
CS-36 (Central Zone Official Information Unit)        Danule
M4-78's Main AI                        Sith Holocron
ES-05 (Environmental Archon)                Louise du Cray
IS-24 (Industrial Zone Archon)                90SK
IS-02 (Maintenance Unit}                Nolan Tashijan
IS-56/Researcher Droid/KL-92                Edwyn Tiong
LS-44 (Greeter Droid)                    Ripulesyou
IS-84 (Droid Designer Lead)                Runawayjam
Random Design Droids                    Drew Mochak
War Droids/Central Zone's Maintenance Unit/
Force Field Operator/Escort Droids            Caleb Woodard
Force Field Operator                    Trayusstudent
Sith Soldier                        Mrcharlton
CS-45 (Central Zone Original Information Unit)        James Beagon
Accused Environmental Droid in Central Zone        Jerry C
CS-28 (Central Zone Maintenance Droid Assistant)    Dylan
Medical Units                        ABagOfVicodin
Additional Construction Droid/
Landing Arm Supervisor                    Sonbiru "Dr. Son"
IS-43 (Supervisor of Cleaner Droids)            Daniel Conner
Fight Witness                        Adam Brennecke
I1-02 (Re-programmed Maintenance Unit)        Connaugh
The Inquisitive Droid at the end of Industrial Zone    Thomo93
Cleaning Droid Warning System                ReddHorrocks
Main Manufacturing Unit                    Kevin Smets
Additional Industrial Zone Droids                ThisIsSnaik
Additional Environmental Units                 Tuomas "Iterator" Kuosmanen
Droid with Missing Legs                    Dr. John Faller
Black Market Droid                    CommissarBRO

Voice Splicing
- Sith Holocron
- HK-47

Special Thanks
Geordyjones - For his excellent TSLRCM and M4-78EP run, which was entertaining and very useful as base to see what potential issues were still in the game, as seeing one actually play and react immediately generally was more of an aid than sometimes vague after-playthrough impressions. Many of the fixes in M4-78EP 1.3 were done due to this run.

JCarter426 – voiceovers in previous versions and the new end credit movie
Revan411 – voiceovers in previous versions
Jaedar – voiceovers in previous versions
Ghostlyhamburger – voiceovers in previous versions
L0ki194 – voiceovers in previous versions
Yceman (aka Darthycey) – For our original end credit movie
Danule’s services can be contracted on (
Reddhorrocks’ services can be contracted on (
Connaugh’s services can be contracted on (
JCarter426’s services can be contracted on (

as well as many more for their contributions to the KotOR modding community including those still working to improve either game by creating tools or mods and any future modders.

I wanted to say a big thank you to all the creators of the tools that made this project possible and I wanted to provide an accurate list of the tools I used to make this project possible here, I also want to say thank you to everybody that has supported or contributed ideas to the project, if your name is not found anywhere above please feel free to let me know and I will make sure to include you and your contribution above.


Below as a link to a stream that goes over the very basics of KotOR modding.

It is a two hour stream that goes over the basics of KotOR modding, the very basics such as the filetypes associated with KotOR2, the programs to edit them and the basic structure of a level. The second hour of the stream is mostly me playing games and I also get distracted for 10-20 minutes during the first hour of the stream at some point.

Rate (ModDB), Like (Facebook & DeadlyStream), Watch & Follow (Twitch & Twitter), Watch, Like & Subscribe (YouTube) and get involved on or join the Discord to get the latest updates!


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Very detailed post, would be good if someone could get a solution for you as i am also troubled with the same error.

Edited by Walleee
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The following screenshots will document my messages regarding permission to include other peoples content with this project.

For now I have only included mods that I consider a staple or something I would almost certainly want installed for myself, however I may change and or remove things as I see fit, potentially making them all optional or aiming to provide an overall compatibility layer ( or individual patches ) for as many mods from other authors as possible.

deathdisco ( Coruscant modules utilised in main and port project but content not included ) ( Blank Templates in Modders Resource )



ebmar ( permission to include ebmars mod's as I see fit ) much appreciated :)



bead-v ( permission to include the upgradeable swoop bike mod and continue working on it )



Ashton Scorpius ( Jedi Malak Mouth Fix & Twilek Head Fixes Option A )



Darth Sapiens ( TSLRCM 1.8.5 / M478EP 1.5.1 Animated Logo ) - This is going to be replaced or removed eventually.



timurD2003 ( M478 fog fixes )



Kexikus ( Extended Jedi Council Meeting & Coruscant Planet Texture + Icon )




VaristyPuppet ( Malachor V Sideway Opening Doors, Peragus Tweak & Trayus Rank Reform ) - FIND SCREENSHOT OR REQUEST MESSAGE ON DEADLYSTREAM INSTEAD OF DISCORD


Currently looking for these messages to screenshot but have spoken to them directly enough times.

SithSpecter ( Sleheyron Levels ported to Modders Resource & KotOR2/Port )


Currently looking for these messages amongst the KotOR Discord modding channel, DeadlyStream forums and my messages.

I will reach out to them again in time if I cannot find my original discussion or messages to get another.

danil-ch ( Kreia's fall in-game cut-scene, dialog on small kindnesses, Extended Carth Meeting and sensor droid change )



Schizo ( Re-Scaled Trandoshans )



Marauder ( Reduced Graphics Mod ) - Optional - Mandalorian Chamber Mark III, Robe Description Fix and Droid Anatomy Description Fix )





I do not have screenshots of these proofs but can get them anytime and am in regular contact with them.

jonathan7 ( Bodies Stay Mod ) - Optional



ndixUR ( PMHC06 TSL Head Fix )



ZimmMaster ( TSL Walking & Running Animation Fix )



Markus Ramikin ( Kill The Ithorian )



For admins or moderators you can also check my inboxes to verify these if need-be.

I will continue to document and include screenshots for each and every project I include.

For anyone worried about permission I have ensured to tag every author of every included mod in the first post so that they should at least get a notification and have seen that post, I am also looking for permission to include all and any content for the KotOR games so get in touch if you have something to suggest or offer to the project.

Permissions I haven't utilised yet

Mandalore "Kill the Disciple"



A Future Pilot K1 Community Patches ( only the fixes or changes made by A Future Pilot )



Alvar007 ( New Selkath Animation )



Logan23 ( RoR Heads ) ( Message in this topic )



Silveredge9 ( Brotherhood of Shadow : Solomon's Revenge )


I came across this post through Silveredge9's profile and I have also tweeted them as well as messaged them here just to check.

But for now I am going to take this message as is and possibly make a start on porting BoS : SR sometime towards the end of the year ( 2021 ) in order to give them ample time to get back to me just in case they are not ok with me porting it.

It might also be an idea for me to reach out to the voice actors and contributors, though this might not be an easy task I will do what I can.



Edited by Thor110
Permission Proofs Updated
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I have moved the tutorial I wrote for porting modules from K1 over to K2 into the Tutorials section.

My previous message here.


Hopefully this is the case, for a while now I have been pretty sure I am missing some txi's here and there, there is also the odd file that fails to extract or convert every now and then as well, but only odd characters on in map files and the odd txi / tga here and there.

I may start taking note of what can and cannot be extracted successfully or search to see if somebody has already done so.

Yavin went really well, but now I need to find out what process Effix used to convert the Yavin Map as my results are different there too, though thinking about it, that could be missing txi information as well, I will do a little bit of digging around and see if I can fix these problems with the txi's.

Is there anything else you can suggest to keep an eye out for that can regularly make levels crash?

There doesn't seem to be all that many txi in the librarys that kotor tool offers me access to ( which from what I know is all of them ) most are in the lightmaps and scattered around, I extracted the entire BIFF archive each and every last file, is there any way to know if txi's get broken?

I also wonder if there is any sort of KotOR Debugging Tool / Utility that might be able to spot missing references?
Could be as simple as a program to highlight any value that isn't "correctly" filled out, or any empty value to begin with until defining a set of rules to go by so that the program could actually advise you things like "this door doesn't go anywhere" "missing txi for this texture" "damaged binary mdl"
It's an idea anyway, perhaps I should look into it.

I will keep digging for more txi's but from what I know they are entirely in the lightmaps section which I extracted all of into a backup folder.

Just finished having a good look, only found one small batch of tga's / txi's and none are name related to anything I might need, but I could try them out for the sake of it.


Edited by Thor110
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On 12/29/2018 at 1:58 PM, Thor110 said:

...some objects are randomly transparent now...

On 12/29/2018 at 4:44 PM, Kexikus said:

The transparent textures are most likely due to missing .txi files.

As an addition to Kexikus' insight- for testing purpose [and if you're not using custom textures], the best option would probably go with using the vanilla TPC format; as TXI data are efficiently stored there. By then, you will not misses any relevant shader for the textures.

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1 hour ago, Thor110 said:

Is there anything else you can suggest to keep an eye out for that can regularly make levels crash?

Not a lot as I never worked with creating new modules. I know that missing textures don't matter while missing models crash the game (maybe not always though).

1 hour ago, Thor110 said:

There doesn't seem to be all that many txi in the librarys that kotor tool offers me access to ( which from what I know is all of them ) most are in the lightmaps and scattered around, I extracted the entire BIFF archive each and every last file, is there any way to know if txi's get broken?

The game stores the .txi information inside its textures, that is, in the .tpc as ebmar mentioned. It's only when using the converted .tga files that you need the extra .txi file to keep this information.

I'm not 100% sure about how KotOR Tool handles txi information when doing batch extraction (as I assume you did that). I know that it shows the txi information when you use it to open (not extract!) a texture. And since the batch extraction gives you .tpcs IIRC, the information should also still be there. But depending on how you continued from there, the information might no longer be there.

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A big thanks to everybody that helped early on and helped me learn my way into KotOR modding as well as the people who made the tools that made this whole project possible, when I started this project two years ago I had no idea how far it would really go beyond just a dream of porting the original DLC for KotOR to TSL on the original Xbox and PC.

Quite quickly I was able to release the Modders Resource ( v0.4.0 ) which ultimately was a mess that was sort of smashed together in a rush while learning my way into KotOR modding and after sometime being unable to work on the project I was quickly able to get back to it.

Edited by Thor110
Updated to say thanks to those that helped early on.
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Previous message about using custom textures.


Not using custom textures for the moment, using a completely fresh install of KotOR 2 TSL, the only mods I have are "whereami_armband" and a camera angle that you can pan further up / down. Which shows in the K1 maps with missing ceilings on some levels just because you can't look up, either that or I could somehow be missing files or the conversion may not have gone 100%, I also have taken into account that some things could be placeables, doors, fences, items part of the map that, well, aren't.

Though just to note and I know you will already know this, but any custom textures for K1 would work with this provided I have the relevant / corresponding module, which is good to know, though I do plan to update some textures myself and make a few animated ones, we will see how that goes as I am not a great texture artist ( at all )

For the third and final time, using some macros, bulk rename utility and a few other nifty tricks I figured out while converting it the first two times I have extracted every single module this time instead of doing it in portions and made sure I have everything.

Though the results are very much the same as before, I know for sure I am not missing anything, it only took about an hour or two to extract / convert / edit and compile the modules from scratch this time around.

Any suggestions, tips, hints, thoughts in general, constructive criticism and such are welcome.
I'm looking forward to having it finished up / ready to go for the next step.
Big thanks to everybody for chipping in.

Thanks again for every-bodies interest, tips and help in general, I have a lot of work to do to wrap it up but am amazed at how quickly I achieved the results I was looking for which is a basic blank template for each map / module from the original game.

Edited by Thor110
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8 hours ago, Thor110 said:

Does anyone know of a way to automatically extract all the textures from these files?
Say if I was to extract the entire models.bif from kotor tool with the .mdl, .mdx, .dwk, .pwk and .wok files.
How would I then extract all of the textures contained within the .mdl files at once without having to do it individually to each file like I would in kotor tool. ( unless I have missed something )

Why don't you just extract the entire swpc_tex_tpa.erf? That should contain 99+% of all textures. And you can extract that with the "Extract Entire ERF" button in KotOR Tool. That should even give you the .tpc files and not convert them to .tga.

Btw, maybe I just misunderstood you but just to clarify: A model (i.e. .mdl file) does not contain textures. It only has references to textures and KotOR Tool can use them to extract those textures from the .erf archive while exporting the model to ease your workflow.

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Previous message about extracting the entire texture pack and removal of the visibility file.


Ah so kotor tool extracts the relevant textures seperately when extracting a model via double click? If so no worries, I just wondered if I was missing textures where certain things are missing though now I think about it I suppose they would just end up un-textured now I think about it.

This is why I thought it might contain the textures, but now I see it just uses a texture list to extract them from the texture packs.

Nevermind, Thanks :) just the odd problems left for me to fix then ^^ with buildings missing here and there, primarily Taris, Dantooine, Tatooine and Kashyyk are missing things like skyboxes ( I think ) and some buildings / background assets, though I will also need to compare to K1 in-game at some point. <- fixed with the removal of the visibility file, a viable solution for me ( Thanks to JCarter426 )

At first I intended to load the swoop levels to just walk around in, but somehow the Manaan track seemed to work ( though not completely function ) and after trying to alt-f4 out of the Taris / Tatooine Swoop Tracks they begin to play, though the timer does not count and you cannot move the swoop properly it surprised me as I was not planning on trying to port the Swoop Tracks as working at first.

Below are images of the three swoop tracks in action.


Taris - Swoop Track



Tatooine - Swoop Track



Manaan - Swoop Track



I may need a save where I have at least signed up for the Telos / Tatooine Swoop racing or I most likely need to edit the .git, .are and .ifo files to match the K2 swoop tracks.

But I will continue testing and trying to get these to work properly.


Edited by Thor110
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These modules from K1 are good job! I am very interested in how the expansions will stick to the storyline. TSL's main plot was very deep and much darker than K1, which could make it a better RPG, but it doesn't because the game seems kind of rushed. Nar Shaddaa is the only longer planet, Dantooine and Onderon could be great but everything is rushed in there (albeit Dxun by itself is OK) and Korriban is just a giant red rock of solitude and depression (M4-78 expanded the story in that point quite well, without the droid planet Korriban feels so rushed that it makes the story overall quite lacking). Having this in mind, I very much look forward to any additions of new quests and planets which could compensate what I missed from K1 - longer planets filled with content. 

Good luck with your work!

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I just want to say I am very interested in this idea. I had an idea awhile to try and learn the KoTOR tools and create a small Yavin 4 mod in KoTOR 2 using the station from 1 and re-purposing the Dxun jungle temple area.

I would be extremely pleased if you could somehow bring the swoop tracks in 1 and put them in 2. I would love to visit those planets in two, even if they don't really have much of a story, just kind of a hub area with minigame stuff set up (pazaak/swoop).

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Old message containing conversion and story notes.


Previous message.


My plan is to add all the side-quests for the first game into the second game throughout the course of K2's story, then at the end to add a new story and galaxy crawl focused around a prequel type story for SWTOR.

So for example any quests not completed in K1 could be completed in K2, then at end-game / Malachor I will be adding a trigger / marker of some kind so that I can add an entirely new set of quest lines to every planet.

That is the plan anyway.

While I had a quick moment I tried to convert the K2 models over to K1 and managed to convert them, not sure what I did wrong before as this time it works fine and no messing around with the NWN Model Viewer or using the wrong conversion mode.

Old Screenshots Removed - New Screenshots in the first post!

Old message.


An old message that was here before, this is outdated information that may be useful or relevant.

Note I did a quick batch conversion of the entire models.bif after this using the same process, this time I only got 4 files that hung / got stuck during the conversion from K2 ASCII to K1 Binary, these module pieces are 262telg, 403dxne, 421dxn_10 and fx_rain ( not a module piece but I tried to convert everything so as to be thorough.

All I need to do now is extract all of the module files and go about re-creating each module file which doesn't take that long, it's a bit repetitive but doing it section by section is not as painful.

It seems I will be releasing a K2 Module Collection for K1 as well as I did plan to work on it, but was unsure how much trouble it might be, looked easy at first and now terrain is proving to be difficult to convert properly, I may try alternating steps using different programs like MDLEdit, NWNViewer and 3D modelling programs some what like I managed to get the broken K1 modules to convert properly into K2, though I figure there may be a lot more that needs removing when porting them backwards.

K2 seems to include most of K1, strings, sounds, music, scripts, models, textures, a very large amount, sometimes it feels like they literally just built on top of the original game ( pretty sure they did ) but the other way around will prove to be a lot more difficult, I won't be able to just port all the files and change a few fields like I did before, this time I will have to completely re-add K2 doors to K1 in genericdoors.2da as well as the models, textures, walkmeshes etc and then I will have change every number for every door type as they will all be completely different unless I can figure out a way to keep them very similar in the way they are listed in the genericdoors.2da should be possible to keep the file layout exactly the same except for 2-4 entries where Yavin Door was moved around from K1 to K2.


Edited by Thor110
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I haven't posted on your threads as of yet as I was interested to see if you can port modules between games. I must say the potential is pretty crazy for the ported modules, especially in the planets unplayable previously in each game. 

If you could make them a modders resource you'll have my eternal gratitude :D. I've always wanted to walk through Nar Shaddaa in K1!!!

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Old messages and K2 to K1 screenshots, now also in the first post!


All module files for both games have been constructed but the Telos Restoration Zone, Dxun and Dantooine have issues due to a problem in the conversion process that I have not yet been able to fix or find a solution to.

Old Message with potentially relevant information about 2da files.


Note I will make another topic for this mod at some point when I have done more work on it, was only a quick test while I got side-tracked but seems to work pretty well, I just need to try and fix issues with Terrain & Foliage not converting correctly, I may try NWN Model Viewer to re-save the files again but we will see, for the moment now I have added the doors and made most of the modules I will be continuing with the K1 to K2 conversion.

I know others have talked about this and the general consensus is that it is not possible but I would really like to look into the left over multiplayer functions from NWN, my thoughts were to use a single map without pausing functions to try this, but I don't know how you would connect I would most likely need to add an exterior connection program, my thoughts were to analyse NWN and other Aurora games that have online functions and go from there, but it's only a thought for now and it may very well not be possible without a lot of work.

Additional I have just edited "ambientmusic.2da", "ambientsounds.2da", "loadscreens.2da", "placeableobjsnds.2da" and "placeables.2da" to include the new references from both games, all .are, .git and .ifo files will need updating.

I edited these in the same way I did the "genericdoors.2da" so that the new K1 references in the K2 files are after all of the references already there so as not to mess with any modules already in the game, the same goes for new K2 reference in the K1 files, are all added after the current content of the file, so as to allow me to change the numbers with ease by simply adding the original number to the number being used in the .are, .git or .ifo files.

There is actually very little left to do before both of these will be ready as a "modders resource" this what I have left to do...

1 - Update sound & music numbers in .are files.
2 - Duplicate door for the Harbinger / Endar Spire in both games.
3 - Add the planets to the galaxy map in both games.

4 - Fix the foliage issues on Telos, Dxun and Dantooine.
5 - Recreate the modules.

That's it, then I will permanently back up both as a "modders resource" version for release when I deem fit.


Edited by Thor110
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This mod loks great, Thor110! I know you plan on adding your own story content to this mod, but do you also plan on releasing it prior to that as a modder's resource? Among others, I'd find it very useful in my machnima films, personally.

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Both mods have been released and are available on ModDB.


As previously stated I might not be releasing them until I am done with or at least have made a fair amount of progress on the story for the mod.


Edited by Thor110
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On 1/5/2019 at 5:28 PM, Thor110 said:

the release will be a full port, containing everything except missions or stories, characters, placeables, triggers, stores, area transitions, planets on the galaxy map and a few other minor issues I will need to fix such as the music and sounds but I am working on that currently

Is it possible to make a port of the K2 maps for K1 in the future, after you are done with all your projects, without ripping out the missions, stories, scripts, characters, triggers, area transitions, etc and leaving everything intact so i can experiment with them?

That would help me greatly with my K2M mod... Or better yet, maybe you could lend me a hand with it later on, if possible...

Great work so far, can't wait to play with the maps. And when it's done, I'm sure your mod will be awesome!

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My old message with potentially relevant information about scripts kept, removed or edited.


I have already changed my mind about including the scripts / triggers and decided to include them in the base release as I have now seperated out the model files for placeables and characters not in the first game.

If you look through the spoilers at the screenshots I have posted I have already done a full port of K2 maps to K1 and K1 maps to K2, just having some problems with the Telos Restoration Zone, Dxun and Dantooine at the moment, vector calculations are off in the conversion causing foliage to get stretched across the entire map.

After loading Korriban - Sith Temple and having accidentally left the creatures / git file intact and seeing it all work fine, I decided to make sure I had all odd models that the second game has which the first game does not.

I will be re-extracting the git files for every module and leaving them intact, only changing what I need to in the are and ifo files, such as removing on enter scripts that will crash the game ( unless I actually include the script, but I do not plan to include it in the module file ) I will however include the scripts for each module as part of the modders resource.

For example the Peragus Turret game and Onderon Turret mini-games both work in K1, I did this by leaving all the scripts there, I am now hoping to compare the Swoop scripts from K1 and K2 to make the swoop tracks work in both games as well.

Though the Onderon Turret minigame works, the ships don't animate / explode or dissapear, my guess is I am missing another file for this.

For example my folders contain the .are, .git, .ifo, .pth and .utd files, but the rest of the scripts are inside another folder as I do not know if I will want to include them in my mod, but they are there for anyone else that may want to reconstruct the modules with all of the scripts.

New information : I removed all the scripts but will re-add them as I plan on using some of them.


Edited by Thor110
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On 1/5/2019 at 6:34 PM, Thor110 said:

I have already changed my mind about including the scripts / triggers and decided to include them in the base release as I have now seperated out the model files for placeables and characters not in the first game.

That is great, will they just include the srcipts and triggers or everythimg they came with?

Once your tutorial is up I'll try to port the maps myself to see if they work ok on the mobile version. For that I only need to convert the filenames to full lowercase characters and copy them like I would on a PC version of the game.

Could you please include in the tutorial, your method for batch (mass) module porting used here? The K1 to K2 tutorial considered porting each individual map at a time, but you said here that you mass ported all maps for practicality...

I aim to port all of the K2 maps to K1 and see if I end up with anything playable...


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Notes about the conversion process for anybody interested in following my tutorial or having trouble converting maps.


MDLEdit, Bulk Rename Utility & Kotor Tool, but bear in mind the conversion process fails on some maps and I had to individually pick them out.

Primarily Telos Restoration Zone, Dxun and Dantooine from K2 and then one module from Korriban in K1 failed to convert properly over to K2, but I solved the Korriban map issue using NWN Model Viewer and resaving the file, but this has not helped with my K2 to K1 port issues.

The tutorial is already up but only really covers how to do one at a time, those are the three programs I used to make everything happen at once, I have also been using DVD Video Soft Image Converter for easy converting of a lot of TGA screenshots to PNG.

I completed porting all the K2 to K1 maps just yesterday, as I said everything will be unedited EXCEPT the .are & .ifo files because I need to remove entries for the scripts I am not using but in order to fix this all you would need to do is use kotor tool to re-extract the .are & .ifo files for each module, which really doesn't take too long, extract the .rim ( not _s.rim ) to a new folder ( name it m38aa or 001ebo ) to correspond with the map it actually is and extract all three there, you would then be able to combine with mine to include the original are and ifo.

The process was exactly the same in reverse for K2 to K1 but as mentioned gave me more problems with Foliage than I was expecting.

Knowing that you play on the Mobile version is good to know as I am going to be looking for Beta Testers for Android, Mac, Modded Xbox and PC, not sure if it is moddable on any other platforms ( ie : 360 or xbox one )

also know that all files I have are already lower case ( I think ) so I am hoping to make a quick port for both modders resources to all platforms.

I only have access to a PC, I have a friend playing on Linux to test for me and I may run an Android emulator to test the android version, but we will see.

If you have a good look at my initial post it covers all tools used and roughly explains most of the process I believe, the process for map by map to bulk is pretty much the same, you just need to extract the entire models.bif at once to a folder, then convert to ascii in the relevant game mode, then back to binary in the mode for the game being ported to.

then delete the original and the ascii and use bulk rename utility to remove "-mdledit-mdledit" from every file ( otherwise I would have given up )

Note More than happy to help anybody with any issues they come across during the process, but I am nearly ready for a full release of the K2 to K1 maps, K1 to K2 maps I will be holding onto until I have made a good start on my project that uses them ( though this could easily change )

Also looking for people to get involved with the project, being that it is nearly ready for me to start work on story content.

Additional A note about the ifo files, I have had to modify spawn locations for some maps so as to prevent being stuck in cut-scene areas or behind walkmeshes so for anybody that needs the original positions you will have to extract the original ( .rim ) file not the ( _s.rim ) file, currently this has only been on one map ( Peragus Administration Level - Spawns inside the Kolto Tank ) but I am sure there are a few more I need to do it on.

P.S. Also thanks should go to JCarter426 as without them this might not have been possible, they gave me a rough outline of how to port maps from one game to the other and I took it upon myself to try and port them all.


Edited by Thor110
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I would love to beta test the mods on IOS and Android for you! I have an iPad and an Android tablet, both with a genuine copy of KOTOR Mobile installed.

I'm also quite good at adapting / porting PC KOTOR 1 Mods onto KOTOR Mobile.

So far I even managed to get Yavin IV to work flawlessly on IOS, K1R (Kotor 1 Restoration) to work partially on IOS, and Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge to work very well on Android.

I also kow how to mod KOTOR on newer, locked (jailed) versions of IOS by sideloading the KOTOR app with the mods preloaded into it, I even discovered a way to "sign" the preloaded app by updating it with the genuine one (provided it has been bought on the App Store Account used) so that the preloaded app works permanently, instead of the 7 day temporary license!

I really admire what you did with porting the maps, it is awesome so far and I can't wait to get the uploaded K2 maps for K1! Hope you plan to upload these soon!

Many Kudos for your work so far! I just started learning to make KOTOR mods as well, so far I only managed to make a simple mod for K2 that turns Visas into Mira! I am also working on a proper Mira Romance mod, I already altered her Dialogue file, but I ran into some issues preventing me from finishing the mod... The plan is to also port the animation from K1 where Revan and Bastila kiss and have that scene with the male Exile and Mira! I also made a mod for K1 and ported Mira to replace Juhani, but that one had weird results so i did not post it here (her head is untextured and her outfit is messed up)! My dream project is to port the entire content of K2 as a mod for mobile K1, thus getting K2 on mobile (the maps You have already ported, the characters and textures should be easy to port too, and lets hope that the scripts will not require some adaptations). However, if the scripts will not work fine it will be a very hard, next to impossible project, but at least we'll get the maps and assets!

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Old message from this post.


This actually falls perfectly in line with something I already had planned as I had this strange feeling K2 was not on the app store / android or ios and I had similar thoughts about porting one game to the better engine be it K1 or K2 and the files are pretty much ready for release, the K2 to K1 map pack will be my first release and should be available within the next few days, as I didn't originally have much planned for them, but I did think about porting the entire game to the better engine and or vice-versa as well as porting K2 to K1 mobile.

Could be a great project to start, though it wouldn't surprise me if Obsidian popped up, took it and started selling K2 on the app store, but I guess that would be a good thing in a way.

I am pretty sure all the scripts should also work fine, if not most of them, for example the Onderon Turret and Peragus Turret mini-games are currently working in K1.


Edited by Thor110
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