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About This File

About Kotor Scripting Tool


Kotor Scripting Tool is my attempt at a scripting interface for nwnnsscomp.exe.


The tool has many useful features to try and make the scripting process a lot easier. Hope you all like :D


Features include:
Compile & Decompile Scripts
Syntax highlighting
AutoComplete Suggestions (Beta)
Tabbed Text Editor
Advanced Find & Replace
Browsable nwscript function list
Browsable nwscript constants list


Future things I would like to include are full decompile capability, and Autocomplete for functions and constants.


I am using Fred Tetra's version of nwnnsscomp.exe therefor it should be compatible with both kotor & tsl. Just a note I have only tried Kotor atm. If you have tsl installed it shoould work though.


Exe Installer
If you download the installer just browse to your download folder and run the setup file. *Note* The installer will also associate .nss & .ncs files with Kotor Scripting Tool.


Z-Zip Archive
Download and extract the file below. Once extracted navigate to the directory and run Kotor Scripting Tool.exe


BTW to uncompress the files you will need an application that can uncompress 7-Zip files.


This program was compiled in C# with version 4.0 of the .NET Framework if you do not already have it downloaded you will need to download it [here].


Current Release [Manual Install]
KotOR Scripting Tool v 0.4.0 7-Zip [Download Here]


Older Releases [Manual Install]
Kotor Scripting Tool v0.1.3.1 7-Zip [Download Here]

What's New in Version v0.1.4.0   See changelog


  • v0.1.4.0
  • * Fixed a bug that was causing the program to crash on Windows XP.
  • v0.1.3.1
  • * Fixed a bug where functions with lower case names like the math functions "acos" and "sin" were not displayed correctly in the functions list (Total functions affected 11)
  • * The Functions and Constants lists are now automatically sorted alphabetically by name.
  • v0.1.3.0
  • *Added preliminary AutoComplete capability for function suggestions as you type.
  • *As AutoComplete is still kind of buggy I added a button in the Options menu to turn off AutoComplete functionality.
  • *Added the ability to set KotOR Scripting Tool as the default application for .nss & .ncs files
  • *Added more documentation.
  • *If you choose Find or Find and Replace the "Find What" field will now be populated with your current selection.
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· Edited by DarthValeria


This program is amazing but


I get this error


Lookup path root set to: C:/NeverwinterNights/Nwn/
Error: Couldn't initialize the NwnStdLoader


Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

Response from the author:

It sounds like it can't find the nwscript.nss for the game. The program uses nwnnsscomp.exe to compile game scripts. nwnnsscomp.exe is actually pretty smart finding nwscript.nss on it's own from looking in the game archives to looking in the override folder. If it can't find it it will fall back to the scripting tool program folder. There are already nwscript.nss files included in the scripting tool directory just rename either nwscript-kotor.nss or nwscript-tsl.nss to nwscript.nss and then try to compile.

I believe the reason it mentions NWN in the error message is because the original source code for nwnnsscomp.exe was written for NWN, and then source was tweaked to work with KotOR. I'm guessing error messages and fallback lookups still include some of the NWN stuff that is not needed for KotOR.

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Apparently something borked my K-Tool's "Text Editor" which makes it cannot compile a script. Having breakdown for a long-while... then I found a light at the end of a Kinrath cave which is this awesome - lite - and user friendly tool that works like a charm! Though if possible - an export compile directory feature could be added in the next update by the author.

Many thanks for creating this! :cheers:

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Darth Jack


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