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  1. Updated to 1.05b. (As usual, expect savegames to be incompatible.) Chain Lightning can now be cast continuously, which is much less annoying. Also it fires faster, though for less damage and cost; overall DPS comes out roughly the same.
  2. Updated to 1.04. (Remember: old savegames will be incompatible!) Grip's damage nerfed vs bosses, as it was too easy to kill Vornskr with a Tier 2 ability that also prevented movement. Cost lowered a bit, though. Absorb made drastically cheaper, to make it more worthwhile against Dark Mara, and to compensate (compared to DF2:JK) for its lost function of allowing the player to shoot guns at enemy Jedi. Chain Lightning and Destruction are cheaper than before. Destruction can be fired more often; cooldown back to unmodded values.
  3. I have no idea. The one Jedi Knight mods repository I used to know burnt down. Literally, if the message is to be believed, the datacenter had a fire, heh.
  4. Is there a way to make it search through .mods and not just .erfs?
  5. Heh, yeah, I know what that expression means. My question was what, specifically, Vrook could have had in mind. Huh? IIRC wasn't Vrook in K1 talking about the Jedi ruins as the possible place where Revan and Malak's corruption started? Rather than the crystal cave. Not that it's relevant to the question of the flaws in Jedi teachings, either way. Like I said, I know this. It's not what I asked.
  6. For me, Goto starts on a wrong foot with me due to his obnoxious attitude of "you're stuck with my company, and if you don't like it, I'll blow up this explosive inside me that I'm bluffing with". Ever since Kotor 1, I've been sick of people unpreventably getting access to my ship whenever they feel like it, on the writers' say-so. Like the idiot who infested it with gizka. If you do actually take him with you, he has a good deal of interesting interactions with the NPCs you meet. And Goto's backstory is kind of interesting, what with the Asimovian breakdown due to conflicting imperatives, I'll give him that. But in person he's basically a walking - well, floating - caricature of himself. He also remains annoying because he has no positive plan for helping the Republic, and if he says he does, he's full of sh#t. All he does is say "no": "No, Jedi, you can't go free, because you're disruptive, but I magically expect you to save the Galaxy anyway." "No, don't buy fuel for Telos from the Hutts, it'll hurt the Republic (and I offer no better plan to avoid the looming disaster, either)". And his Jedi bounty was so ill-specified that it led people to try to kill the Exile, mistakenly believing that a dead Jedi will also be paid for - even Slusk, who is an Exchange boss himself, believes this. All this makes me see Goto as basically a lot less competent than he should be, given his stated background. I still enjoy unlocking his story, but I never use him afterwards. And I unlock his story through negative influence, not positive, every time. (The only other character for whom it's true is HK-47, when I'm LS, but that's because it would be really hard for a Lightside character to get enough positive reactions out of him. Goto on the other hand I just prefer to treat like dirt.)
  7. Considering that both you and Kreia should be getting +[2-8] from Unarmed Specialist II at this point, that's not much less powerful than weapons are this early in the game, if at all. Are you sure it's not placebo, that it seems like you're killing them slower? Or are you relying on weak Force powers like Push.
  8. In T3's holorecording, after the Jedi Council sentenced the Exile to exile, they speak a while longer. When I turn my bullshit-detection on, the whole thing turns into random babble going from one nonsequitur into another. Even if they were wrong, what did they THINK they understood about the Exile? What did they hope she'd accomplish in her journey? What was e.g. Kavar's model of reality, what did he imagine he understood? Anyone able to understand this better than I do? My reaction... I understand Atris' part, of course. She originally looked up to/loved the Exile, but grew to hate the Exile for going to war, when Atris wanted to go too but chose not to. Because of this, she chooses to condemn the Exile as someone who's fallen to the Dark Side. Malak's vision and Kreia explain it well later, and the Exile had a chance to realize it during the verbal sparring with Atris. But the others? What do they mean by having played into the hands of the enemy? In what way, specifically? What about their teachings "caused Revan to choose the path he did"? What, specifically, did Zez think was wrong with their teachings? In what way would telling the Exile about her condition "leave them vulnerable on two fronts"? The Exile "carries her destination with her"? The hell does that mean? What were they referring to, about how the exile may be healed? Does that ever come up again? Note that I'm well familiar with the rest of the story. I've finished the game many times, and I remember what happens later on Dantooine, Telos, and Malachor. And indeed what happens later is partly why none of this meshes for me. Here they have some method in mind for the Exile to be healed, but later they just want to cut her off from the Force, wut?
  9. Windows 10, Kotor 2 GOG version. Vanilla bug, present in TSLRCM 1.8.5 as well. Problem: in the lift on the Peragus' Dormitories level (105PER) during Coorta's holorecording, when the 3 droids start firing on Coorta and his two companions, you hear a combat line from Mira. Cause: n_minecoorta.utc has the soundset set as Mira for some strange reason. Easy to fix. Attaching fixed file. n_minecoorta.utc
  10. @DarthParametric Yeah, that's it. The vanilla k_punk_bastadd fires at the LS end of the first Bastila confrontation, and sets Bastila's plot variable to a romance value even when it shouldn't be. This is part of the reason the Star Forge conversation is bugged. Replacing it with a dummy script helps properly fix that SF conversation. (Sorry if I confused you with reposting, was figuring out something about formatting)
  11. Gathered Sith: "All hail the Mysterious Stranger! All hail the Mysterious Stranger! All hail the Mysterious Stranger!"
    Darth Revan: "Who the f... told them about that..."
    Evil Bastila: *giggles quietly*

  12. Well, it took me forever before I was able to look at Kotor again - I'd burnt out. But anyway, I uploaded an improved version of the bugfix. I fixed an issue that gave people romantic options on the Star Forge even when the romance was supposed to be inactive. My new upload also contains a variant without the gender check. Can this variant be used with the "Romancing of Bastila" mod? Based on just examining the files from that other mod, I think so. That mod contains its own versions of the romance-checking scripts from the Star Forge dialog, but I see those are the same buggy ones as vanilla, except with the gender check removed. So if you replace with mine, logically you should get the same result, except with the benefit of my bugfix. But that's just from me eyeballing the files; feel free to playtest. While looking for that mod (your link no longer works) I also found "Bastila & Female Revan (Untold Love Story)". Amusingly, that mod might actually require my fix to fully work. Since I see it has no changes to scripts, which means the vanilla gender check will be there on the Star Forge, unless replaced with my no-gender-check variant. But again, I'm just eyeballing the files. If there are any other FemRevan/Bastila mods, I'm not aware of them.
  13. Hah, while I was away, nobody told me this had been a thing. Made my day.

    1. DarthParametric


      It has been a thing for at least the last couple of years.

    2. Markus Ramikin

      Markus Ramikin

      I guess that goes to show what tunnel vision I had on TSLRCM back then. "oth-er mod-s? What's that?" ;)

  14. I don't know, since I haven't looked at those other mods. All other romance fix mods are basically redundant if you have my mod, but shouldn't conflict. As to other changes - you'd have to look at the code. Yeah, the gender checks might have to go if you want to romance her as a woman. Next time I have Kotor installed I'll look if they were even useful in the first place, or if I can just remove them from the mod. IIRC I copied them from some preexisting script, and I imagine the original programmers put them in there as a kind of sanity check.