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  1. Markus Ramikin

    Invisible Headgear

  2. Markus Ramikin

    TSL Restored Content Mod

  3. Markus Ramikin

    No Dark Side Transitions

  4. Markus Ramikin

    Unofficial TSLRCM Tweak Pack

  5. Markus Ramikin

    Movie-style Jedi Master robes

  6. Markus Ramikin

    K1 Community Patch

    Ah, the sense of dejavu... *recites* "I have no problems with my mods being used as long as I'm credited."
  7. Yay, specific information, that nectar of the gods. And yeah, what Canderis said. Witchhunting not intended, btw. It's just that I got dizzy watching this conversation chase its own tail.
  8. Why is this conversation so long? At this point one would be justified in suspecting that the reason is this: if he tells you specifically what he wants to do, you'll be able to just tell him "yes, that's stealing", and that's just game over. Whereas speaking in abstract terms he gets to interpret and rationalise whatever definition of stealing you give him. What's stealing is common sense 99% of the time. If you're working with some weird edge case, just tell us what it is specifically, or we'll be here till Christmas.
  9. Markus Ramikin

    Workbench Crystal Attunement

    Nobody is perfect Glad to be of help.
  10. Markus Ramikin

    Workbench Crystal Attunement

    My guess is you're no longer passing the Wisdom check. Cast Valor or wear some +wisdom gear.
  11. Markus Ramikin

    No secure login?

    My browser's giving me crap, when I went to update my password, about how the connection isn't secure and the site's certificate is out of date or improperly configured. It hadn't really occurred to me to give a damn before, but this being the 21st century, I figure at least I'll ask: is this by design or an unintended omission?
  12. Markus Ramikin

    Mysteries of the Sith - Single Player Rebalance

    Only that they're useless. And they compete with other, more useful spells, since you can only take so many per skill column. So I imagine few players ever take them.
  13. Markus Ramikin

    UPDATE: Credit Videos (for TSLRCM only)

    I don't always skip the credits! (Mainly because I'm in them. What? )