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[TUTORIAL] - KotOR Modding Tutorial Series

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Download Downloads for my KotOR Modding Tutorial Series are available in the post below and on the ModDB pages.

Update Please let me know how you get on with these tutorials, if you have any problems or suggestions for how I could improve anything even grammar / formatting I would really appreciate it, I hope to construct a tutorial series that covers modding of both the Expanded Galaxy Project and both KotOR games from basic modifications to Total Conversion Modifications set in the Old Republic Era of the Star Wars Universe, anything beyond this would require more work on your part, I believe it would be possible to make some interesting stories using the Odyssey engine for Point & Click type games or RPGs in general, but I believe it is better suited towards the Star Wars Universe, more specifically the Old Republic Era due to the abundance of content available in both games, but it could also be re-purposed for other Star Wars Stories from any time.

I will be posting my tutorials on ModDB as well, here is my first link which is a rough tutorial and overview of the future tutorials I have planned, both mods pages on ModDB will also have files to go alongside each mod and help streamline the process of creating levels for both games in the KotOR series and for the Expanded Galaxy Project.

01 - [TUTORIAL] - Creating a Module for TSL using a KotOR Map!


Previous This tutorial has been updated and I have released it as an .odt series on KotOR modding I am starting to write, I am going to be writing a lot more tutorials throughout the process of creating my mods, documenting the entire process and writing a tutorial for each individual element of the game that I learn to modify, change or add to in order to help others create great content for both of the KotOR games and the Expanded Galaxy Project.

Tools Required

Kotor Tool
K-GFF Editor
Bulk Rename Utility ( or Patience )

A copy of K1 & K2 ( Steam, GoG or original 4 CD version )

This tutorial will cover how to port the first module of the Endar Spire from K1 into K2, but the steps are very much the same for any module in the game. ( Open Spoilers to reveal images and instructions )

Layout Files - First open Kotor Tool, make sure your game directories are set, then open up BIF's>layouts.bif & extract "m01aa.lyt".


Extract "m01aa.lyt" to the override directory for your module"


The Lightmaps


Extract "lightmaps.bif" ( not numbered, the first one ) to a folder, delete everything in the folder except m01aa, so click the first m01ab file and scroll to the bottom, then hold shift and click the last file to make this easier.Screenshot_5.png

Model Files


Then extract the entire "models.bif" directory ( this will save you a lot of time ) and delete everything except m01aa ( .mdl, .mdx and .wok files )Screenshot_6.png

Module File Contents


Then open RIM's>Modules> and extract end_m01aa.rim & end_m01aa_s.rim directories.Screenshot_1.pngScreenshot_2.png

MDLEdit - Converting Map Files!


Open MDLEdit, set it to KOTOR1 mode, then batch > convert > to ascii, all of the models for m01aa.

Make sure to set the mode for K1 before converting to ascii and then set the mode back to K2 when converting to binary.

When it is complete, set the program to KOTOR2 mode, then batch > convert > to binary all the ascii files you just converted ( arrange by type to easily select the ascii files )

You will also need to extract all three texture packs, the minimap and the loading screen ( in tpc format is the best )

Texture Packs, Loading Screen & Minimap.


Extract "swpc_text_tpa" "tpb" & "tpc" if you want to individually single out which .tpc files you need for the module you are welcome to do so, I will also write a short / easy and quick way to get just the .tga's necessary for an individual module.Screenshot_3.png
Loading Screen


I have just extracted the three texture packs in their entirety in order to save singling out which files go to which modules because it is easier for the moment and suits the purpose of my project.

Use K-GFF Editor to remove any references to scripts in the .are, .git and .ifo files. Change the Name String Reference to -1, right click and Add String, change this string to "Endar Spire - Above Taris" ( but you do not have to remove the entries for this module to work )


Use K-GFF Editor to remove these references.

Use Kotor Tool, click the ERF button, save the modules as "end_m01aa.mod"(make sure to include the .mod extension) set the dropdown to MOD and select add files, then add the .are, .ifo, .git, .pth and .utd files.


Use the ERF button and build the module.

Make sure to delete the original maps and ascii conversions, as well as to rename all of the files using patience or I suggest Bulk Rename Utility and remove every reference of "-mdledit-mdledit" from the .mdl, .mdx and .wok files. ( you may also want the .dwk & .pwk files )

After creating the module copy it to your Modules folder and copy the rest of the files over to the override folder, you can then use the warp cheat to access the level "warp end_m01aa"

This is just a rough write up of the tutorial I have just converted this module again from scratch at the same time and will do it again taking screenshots and rewriting this short tutorial.~
Download Link
You will need 7zip to extract the contents.

Currently the stars and lasers / anything going on outside does not appear, if you wish to fix this just extract the missing contents from the texture packs.

K1 & K2 You should also be able to use this tutorial to make a module for both KotOR games as well as my Expanded Galaxy Mod, I will also update it so that completely custom areas can be made using parts already in the game allowing for much more diverse level creation.

Note It seems the process is the same for porting TSLmodules to KotOR, but for the moment I am unable to port the outside areas of Telos, Dxun or Dantooine due to foliage being spread across the map due to Vector Calculations being off during the conversion process. ( Noting that you need to be in K2 mode using MDLEdit when converting to ASCII then K1 mode when converting back to binary, exactly the same process I used for KotOR to TSL works in reverse )


These are the current results, very similar to Telos Restoration Zone and Dantooine.



Useful Links for learning to mod TSL & KotOR


Links that I have found helpful

My most recent attempts have lead me to this tutorial - Adding Planets To Galaxy Map in TSL
I have also used this tutorial to name the module - Naming a custom module
This tutorial helped me add loading screens to my modules - Custom Loadscreens
Thanks to this next tutorial I was able to add custom music to my module - Adding Custom Music to KOTOR
This tutorial I have not used yet but looks really well made and is for adding custom doors - Door Modelling Tutorial
A long series of video tutorials for modelling a new area - Modelling an new area!
some of the tutorials link to downloads for the actual tutorial itself, luckily some if not most of the mediafire links are still active, you just have to edit out the wayback machine portion of the url after following the link.

I have also come across these tutorials on youtube which others might find handy and I am noting down here for reference / credit to any tutorials that have helped me along my way.
New Area in KotOR Part 1/3 - I haven't used any of these videos yet but they cover information I might need.
Modules Part 1 Overview - The uploader of this video also has lot's of other kotor related modding videos that look and sound useful.
KotOR 1 & 2 Animated Texture Tutorial - This tutorial will definitely be helpful for making modifications to the game.
Usung an example set by Effix in the Mod Requests section I have made a little more progress and managed to load the map correctly by including the .mdx, .wok and .lyt files.

A few tutorials I was planning to use, but don't need for the moment.


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KotOR Modding Tutorial Series!
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This topic has been updated to reflect the KotOR modding tutorial series instead of just the first tutorial I wrote on DeadlyStream, the tutorial series is available and are in ( .odt ) format for OpenOffice, I have released the first version of the tutorial series on ModDB as well as linked to it in the first post, I will also be archiving all versions of my Tutorial Series in this post.

I will be writing it as I am working on the Expanded Galaxy Project, so it will be very in-depth / thorough, but I will try to make sure it is split into relevant sections and written to be quite openly applicable / re-usable for people who may want to make similar changes for different reasons.

Update : The latest release ( v0_0_5 ) many of the documents only contain a short paragraph on what the tutorial will cover as I learn to make these changes and as I write the tutorial series that is aimed at making a small mod or total conversion for either game, also covering individual changes in enough detail to help people make any change I learn to make or cover in the tutorial series without having to follow the entire series at once.

KotOR Modding Tutorial Series v0_0_5 - v0_0_5 - this is the latest version of the KotOR Modding Tutorial Series.

Old Versions


KotOR Modding Tutorial Series - v0_0_1 - The first version of the KotOR Modding Tutorial Series.

KotOR Modding Tutorial Series - v0_0_2 - contains files v0_0_1 does not as well as v0_0_1 tutorials.

KotOR Modding Tutorial Series v0_0_3 One Extra File - v0_0_3 - this is only one file not in previous versions.

KotOR Modding Tutorial Series v0_0_4 Another - v0_0_4 - which is also one file not in previous versions.


Edited by Thor110
Archiving versions of the KotOR Modding Tutorial Series.

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