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  1. My personal favorites are the Moreau series by S. Andrew Swann. The books are called Forests of the Night, Emperors of the Twilight, Specters of the Dawn, and Fearful Symmetries. They follow the lives of 'moreaus' in a dystopian future where a global war known as the "Pan Asian War" resulted in genetic engineering of different animals to make them into supersoldiers. Fairly recently all 4 were released together in 2 volumes of books called The Moreau Quartet.
  2. I almost always do alien playthroughs in kotor I and II--I just think it's more interesting. Playing as an alien works much better in the first game than it does in the second one, however. Both games have some pretty awesome mods that let you look like an alien, but there are a few mods that only exist for kotor I (as far as I'm aware) that kotor II could really use. One of them is a sounsets mod, which allows you to go into KSE and replace the default soundset with an alien one. The second one is Alien DLG Correction, which replaces the word 'human' in dialogue with an alien species of your choosing (I think they have around 4 options, if I remember correctly). I've made a few attempts at both of these, but they have been unsuccessful thus far--I'm pretty inept when it comes to modding this game. How difficult do you think making mods like these is? If it isn't too insanely difficult, I'll keep trying, but if it's pretty hard I may as well not. If you want a reference for my skill at modding this game... just take that of a 3 year old child, and there you go... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I already have MEUITM installed, the thing I'm referring to is actually the shape. It's kind of difficult to describe, but it would be very simple to fix if I got it into 3ds max, somehow. The shape I'm talking about is that there's an indent between the cheekbone and the ear that you can't get rid of that just looks... odd. Another thing that I'm wanting to fix is some of the mouths... They all stick like 4 inches out of your face >.> I did a quick google search and found a picture that shows what I'm talking about pretty well.
  4. Is it possible to make custom head morphs for this game? I've been wanting to replay ME1 for awhile now, but all the faces are just so damn ugly :/ I would hope that it would be as simple as figuring out how to get the files for the headmorphs, editing one in 3ds max, then using gibbed to put it on your player... but if it were that simple, I'd imagine that there would be lots of custom headmorphs floating around on the different mod sites, but there aren't any, as far as I can tell. Anyone know if it is at all possible to do something like this? Now that I think of it, I have seen "play as [party member]" mods before, so maybe it would be possible to find an npc's morph, edit it in 3ds max, and use gibbed to put the morph on/ change hair, etc. The problem with that though, is that those were only for ME2/3, so maybe that wouldn't be possible with the first game. Now that I'm looking around, I am seeing some promising looking files, though. There are folders in Mass Effect > BioGame > CookedPC > Packages > Game Objects named 'appearances', 'faceFX_assets', and 'faces'. In Mass Effect > BioGame > CookedPC > Packages > Game Objects > Characters > Appearances > Player, there are files which are named BIOG_PLR_(fe)male_APPR_L.upk. I'm assuming that those are the default preset faces, maybe? At the risk of sounding completely stupid, I have no clue what a .upk file is, though. I've never seen them before now...
  5. I changed an already existing playable twi'lek mod to make it purple, I'll attach the file to here. It should work, but I'm not certain, I don't have kotor or tsl on my pc as of now. Also, as an alternative there's a mod I liked which lets you play as Yuthura Ban, who is purple. If you don't like being twins with Yuthura there's a retexture that makes her red. (Or you can swap the files and play as the red one too). Purple Twi'
  6. Sadly, I don't think I can make it light blonde. With the program I use (gimp), making the hair color any lighter also makes the detail look funky, the darks get too light, and the highlights aren't really discernible.
  7. Sure, I'll have it up sometime tomorrow.
  8. Using that fixed it, thanks. I'll attach the file to here. To try to get it to look more like the pictures all I really did was narrow the chin a tad, while slightly widening the jaw. I also moved the eyes a bit closer together, and tilted them inwards a bit. Hope it's pretty close to what you wanted.
  9. Well... I did get the head to look pretty close to the pictures but ehh... I seem to have messed up somewhere. It's detached from the body and kinda just bobs around randomly when you move, so......... >.<
  10. I'll see what I can conjure up.
  11. I could edit pfhc05, or if youd like, I also just recolored the one from here . I'll go ahead and upload the file here so you can see if it's close to what you want.
  12. Here's pfhc05 with blue eyes. Just dump the files in the folder into override and see if it's close to what you want. If not, I could edit the mesh of the one you said had too wide a jaw, if you send me the file.
  13. Also don't the head and body use separate meshes? From what I can see, anyways, if one were to scale her body down, wouldn't her head be floating?
  14. File Name: Re-scaled Trandoshans File Submitter: Schizo File Submitted: 25 Nov 2016 File Category: Mods TSLRCM Compatible: Yes Re-scales trandoshans to a more accurate size. Click here to download this file