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About This File

MDLedit is a (de)compiler for KOTOR and KOTOR2 model files.


Which version should I download?
There are two packages on the download page. They differ in whether the program uses Visual Styles or not. The difference is purely visual, they are completely equivalent in terms of functionality. The version in the package will work on Windows XP or newer as well as on MacOS through Wine, but it will look like crap. The version in the package will look better, but will only work on Windows Vista and up.


How do I set it up?
Open the .zip archive, extract the .exe and run it. If you want MDLedit to keep track of your option between sessions, create a blank mdledit.ini file in the same folder as your .exe.


How do I use it?
The program comes with a help documentation window accessible from the About menu, read that to learn how to use it. If something is not mentioned there please let me know in the relevant thread (link to be added) and I will explain the functionality and add the explanation to the help window for the next version.


MDLedit was designed to be used with KOTORmax and the new version of KotORBlender by ndix UR. Using the ascii model files that it produces with NWmax will cause data to be ignored in the best case and a crash in the worst.


The program crashed/froze/reported a weird error!
Describe your issue in the relevant thread and I will look into it. Attaching a .zip archive with the files that MDLedit was processing when the problem appeared is also very welcome.


A big thank you goes out to ndix UR, without whom MDLedit would have maybe half the functionality it has now.
I would also like to thank the testers, who also made a lot of great suggestions that made MDLedit that much better:
– DarthParametric
– JCarter426
– Quanon
– VarsityPuppet
– FairStrides


The program was built on the knowledge about the MDL format, which is the result of the work of many modders, including CChargin, Magnusll, JdNoa, ndix UR, DarthSapiens, VarsityPuppet, FairStrides, and others! Thank you for your efforts!


Lastly I'd like to thank the KOTOR modding community, which makes taking the time to make such a tool worth it.

What's New in Version v1.0.3   See changelog


  • Fixed nodes being written to binary in order defined by node type (caused bone mismatches).
  • Fixed case-sensitive string checks to be case-insensitive.
  • Fixed a bug with (bezier-)keyed controller data that occurred with the "count" version of the list (the "endlist" version worked fine).
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Nice! With this tool I finally be able to bumpmap the texture. And the tool's interface seems to be user-friendly, although I have zero knowledge of those code appeared on the screen 😂

Thanks! :cheers:

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Awesome tool, love it

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My mod would have been impossible without this tool! :) You rock! :D 

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