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KOTORmax is a plugin for 3ds Max and Gmax that allows importing and exporting of ascii model files for KOTOR and KOTOR2. KOTORmax is directly extended from NWmax by Joco.


How do I set it up?
Open the .zip archive, the instructions are in the readme file.


How do I use it?
Check for tutorials in the Tutorials Section. A lot of the basic functionality is exactly the same as with NWmax, so most of the tutorials should help you with using KOTORmax. As for the new functionality, it is now up to the community to create new tutorials for it.


KOTORmax was designed to be used with MDLedit and the new version of MDLOps by ndix UR. Using the ascii model files that it produces with an older version of MDLOps will cause data to be ignored in the best case and a crash in the worst.


What's different from NWmax?
– Support for all known properties of the Odyssey MDL Format. All NWN functionality that is irrelevant for the KOTOR games removed.
– Ambient texture (lightmap) import/export. Experimentally also vertex colors as well as texture0 and texture1 UV coordinate import/export.
– Support for bezier animation controllers.
– Lightsaber mesh object.
– New Anim Editor, Key Ops, Constraint Editor, Visibility Editor, Roomlink Editor and improved Anim Mapper.
– LYT and VIS file Import and Export.
– Game smoothing preview.
– Sanity check now adapated to KOTOR models.
... and much more!


Max crashed/froze/reported a weird error!
Describe your issue in the relevant thread (link to be added) and I will look into it. Please explain in detail exactly what you were doing when the error occurred. Also include any relevant files in your post.


A big thank you goes out to ndix UR, without whom KOTORmax wouldn't even exist. A big thanks also to Joco for allowing me to build on NWmax and release it as KOTORmax.
I would also like to thank the testers, both for their patience when I was dealing with very persistent bugs and for all the suggestions that helped make KOTORmax what it is now:
– DarthParametric
– JCarter426
– Quanon
– VarsityPuppet


Lastly I'd like to thank the KOTOR modding community, which makes taking the time to make such a tool worth it.

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