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Found 45 results

  1. I've been playing a bit of SWTOR and I really like the Republic armor style. See here for reference: I would love to have some armor like this in the game, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks guys! Update: The first picture in the link is the style I would like the most.
  2. File Name: Mandalorian Armor Fixes File Submitter: darthbdaman File Submitted: 09 Nov 2017 File Category: Mods K1R Compatible: Yes This is a mirror. The main file can be found on Nexusmods. Updates will be found, and feedback should be directed, there. Summary This mod modifies the Mandalorian Armors found in KotOR, and fixes a few of the issues present. Most of these items were cut from the game, and this mod makes no attempt to restore them, however any mod that does will benefit from these fixes. There are 3 files in this mod, and each fixes a seperate issue. First, the icon for Mandalorian Armor (cut from the game), doesn't resemble the armor at all. It looks like a modified version of Cassus Fett's armor, but the armor doesn't look like Cassus Fett's. It is also a Class 9 style armor icon (i.e. 9 defense, 0 dex bonus), but the Mandalorian Armor is a Class 8 armor (i.e. 8 defense, 1 dex bonus). Class 8 armor icons lack the large shoulders of Class 9 icons. The icon for Mandalorian Battle Armor (found in various parts of the game) is fine, and resembles the armor, however it is in the style of Class 8 armor, and features very limited shoulders. I have moved this icon to the Class 8 Mandalorian Armor, and made a new icon for the Class 9 Mandalorian Battle Armor. This new icon is a merged and color matched version of the old Mandalorian Battle Armor icon, and the yellow Mandalorian Heavy Armor icon. Lastly, the Mandalorian Assault Armor (found on the unknown world) now uses its intended appearance (which it also uses in KotOR 2). Normally in the game it is a disguise item, which makes the player into a standard blue Mandalorian. This doesn't make any sense considering it is supposed to be reserved for elite troopers. Features Mandalorian Assault Armor now uses its intended appearance, as seen in KotOR 2 Mandalorian Armor now uses the icon of Mandalorian Battle Armor, as it shared the design of the Class 8 armor icon Mandalorian Battle Armor has a new icon, composited from the Mandalorian Heavy Armor icon, and the old Mandalorian Battle Armor icon Requirements & Compatibility Put the 3 files in the Override This should be compatible with everything Recommended Mods Armor Accurate Mandalorians makes all the NPC Mandalorians use textures similar to the armors obtainable by the player Mandalorian Assault Armor Restoration is not compatible (this mod implements a similar change to the Assault Armor) Other Links If you would like to know what else I am working on, you can follow me on my Twitter. If you want to see more of my mods, you can view all of them on my Nexus profile. If you would like to see more, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, or follow me on Twitch, where I play a variety of games and showcase a variety of mods. If you want to discuss any of my work, or just want to hang out, you can join my Discord. If you want to directly contact me, my email address is Thank you for reading, enjoy! Click here to download this file
  3. So I posted something similar yesterday, but I decided to move the request/ideas over to here for better attention. I have a few mod ideas for TSL that have been in my head for several years now, and I thought that I would list them out here in case anyone was interested in tackling one of the projects. Either because you want to help out a mod enthusiast who can't model nor code, or (with my original intention) give someone an idea for a mod when they have writer's block (modder's block?) with ideas. Maybe one day some of these could be incorporated into TSL. Luke Skywalker Dark Empire Armor- Kol Skywalker's Lightsaber- Anakin Skywalker AOTC Lightsaber- (I know that this saber is included in USM, but because USM is incompatible with TSLRCM it makes it difficult to play with said saber. Not to mention that model for that mod is somewhat outdated now.) SWTOR Starting Lightsaber/Gladius- Brown Hair and Beard re-skin of PMHC06- (I'm aware that a mod like this already exists, but I'm specifically looking for something that does the exact same thing only with brown hair and beard) HD Bastila Head, TSL- (This has been done many times for Kotor 1, but I've never found one for TSL. It's a shame too, because there are a lot of mods that use the Bastila head for the PC and it would be cool to see those textures updated like those for other PC heads.) I hope someone likes some of the ideas on here! I would love to see any of these show up on the Download page one day. I should note that the most advanced modding I can do is using KSE or porting basic models from Kotor 1 to Kotor 2, so my ability to create any of these ideas is sadly out of the question... I'm just an amateur and an enthusiast!
  4. View File TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade Version 3b by 90SK Mod Info: A fresh take on the body items in TSL, with over 60 new skins! Doubling the appearance item content with in-character skins and integration into TSL's world. I have thoroughly tested this mod, and taken creative liberties with adding new items. It was created to add life to TSL's selection of armors and robes. Requires a new game start to fully add everything, but some features will appear in your old saves. This mod is not primarily compatible with other mods, please know what you are installing and consult files before installing. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Contributors: 90SK - Imaging, item creation, scripting, voicing, ideas VarsityPuppet - Model enhancement Fred Tetra - KotOR Tool Silveredge9 & Quanon - Mandalore mask L0rdReV@n88 - Exile darksider robe Sharen Thrawn - Improved NS skybox Gsccc - Tutorial on VO recording tk102, Stoffe, Darth333 - Scripting tutorials Darth Nihilus art from prima guide as base for Nihilus mask reskin Developers of KotOR - a lot of materials, the games, and making way for my work to be done. -------------------------------------------------------------------- It will add many additional robes and armors, replace many robes and armors, add and improve loot drops, and it is designed to fit in with TSL. Content Overview: Cloaked Knights of the Old Republic 1 style tunics replace the padawan robe model Jedi master robes have been reskinned and diversified from the original robes Added content on Onderon, Nar Shaddaa, Dxun, Telos, Korriban, and Dantooine Dxun tomb puzzle reward is a unique Jedi armor instead of a shield Options for squad appearances on Onderon via merchant and Korriban/Dxun Vogga's loot on Nar Shaddaa improvement Canon and comic book style improved masks for Nihilus and Mandalore New and added armors from Heavy Armor Expansion Mod including 6+ new armors Improved Bao-Dur skin, new merchant and end boss for Dxun/Onderon, 10+ new random loot unique items Cheat code "giveitem revan" for Darth Revan robe Cheat code "giveitem jediarmor" for TOR style armored robe, and found on Dantooine Korriban and Dxun tombs have improved appearance item loot, Azkul has a unique armor reward Many improved armor skins Many improved and new robe skins All unrestrictive items and textures totally overhauled Metallic/improved HKs and T3 Item descriptions and inventory item icons included New facemask through random loot An overall 50+ improved/new appearance skins -------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTENT UPDATE LOG: 7-11-17 Update - Dxun tomb puzzle reward is a unique Jedi robe instead of a shield. Updated merchant inventory on Onderon, mostly cleaning out non-new items and dupliate listings, armored flight suit and new Onderon encounter enemies have been given a new space suit skin. Code "giveitem light_matrix" and "giveitem zs13" will give force friendly heavy armors, also through the merchant. Item codes "giveitem zs1" - "zs9" will give various cloaked heavy armors. Item code "giveitem ajunta" gives the armored flight suit 9-28-17 Update - Changed the armored flight suit, changed some names in the merchant inventory, added the improved NS skybox as pictured in the screenshots. 11-11-17 Update - Issued some new screenshots, armored flight suit icon and skin fix 1-21-18 Update - Expansion of Opo Chano's inventory to sell rare droid items and HK parts Exile's clothing in the Coruscant cutscene is now a unique jedi robe 2-4-18 Update - New masked traveler encounter from beginning of Telos has been adjusted New dark Jedi disguise in loot on Dxun, code "giveitem mod" Issued screenshot for new dark Jedi disguise. Concept dark Jedi robe restored to random loot system and at code "giveitem sith" 3/23/18- Version 2.0.8b - Vogga loot added 'Kaiburr Armor' code "giveitem deluxe" - Code "giveitem zs18" is a high defense default clothing item. - Fixed missing line glitch for Onderon ending bounty hunter #2 & modified character titles - Azkul wears a custom js/zs armor, code "giveitem shadow" Recent 2.0.8b Updates: - Fixed the Handmaiden robe not appearing glitch - Naming of the Gand quest on Nar Shaddaa is replaced with this mod due to conflicting files in Override. - Exile armband replaced with an Exile robe item for 5/17/18, "giveitem exile", "giveitem 90sk_1" and "giveitem 90sk_2" - Some random additions to Opo Chano's loot including a new Jedi robe "giveitem jolee" and Khoonda militia armor w/. inventory icon "giveitem khoonda" - New armor additions to loot at endgame Dxun, "giveitem zs13" - Newly improved HK-47 and T3 skins added - Collars on the default TSL model type robes in this mod have been adjusted and +3 skins for that type - Armored flight suit item has been repaired for loot drop on Onderon, "giveitem ajunta" - New Jedi robe in loot system "giveitem nomi" 12/12/18-12/18/18: Version 3b : TOR style armored robes have been added to Akerre, and one or two other locations : giveitem "jediarmor" Exar Kun's Force Friendly heavy armor is now found in the Onderon Museum : giveitem "onderon_robe" The cloaked heavy armors replace the J (Star Forge Robe) class item class, no other star forge (J class) mods are compatible! All previous updates in the log are applicable along with the addition of this section. A number of fixes and updates have been applied to the archive after the initial release of v.3b on 12/12/18. I have found and resolved several issues with the archive including a missing skin icon and texture on onderon, visas armored robe, atton armored robe, and some texture issues have been fixed as of 12/27/18. The current version of v.3b available as of 12/27 will patch and fix any issues from the previous version. PM 90SK on for questions, comments, or concerns about the mod or the new update. 12/27/18 - Fixed all Jedi armor females 5/21/19 - The Readme.txt file now has a list of file types used in the mod, and somewhat more comprehensive information for beginners. 5/21/19 - Updated Jedi Heavy Armor texture and Onderon new NPC UTI files. ------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPATIBILITY & MOD DETAILS - This mod is mostly meant to be a standalone total conversion/addition to TSL. - Item Classes: This mod replaces the Jedi robe class, the Jedi master robe class, the armored flight suit class, and the star forge robe class. Version v.3b is the recommended version, 2.0.7b is the previous version and is not recommended unless you're familiar with it. This mod is not compatible with the STEAM TSLCRM. This mod is compatible with TSLRCM and M4-78EP v.3b is not confirmed but likely is compatible with NPC Overhaul (use at your own risk) Best used with tslrcm and m4-78ep, and/or a new game Mods not acting on areas affected by this mod are totally fine to install. If you have questions about something on this page, feel free to PM me (90SK) -------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS AND DETAILS PLEASE READ CAREFULLY*** 1. Download 7Zip to unpack .7z files (harmless freeware for file packing) 2. Installation: Run tslpatcher.exe and select the Knights of the Old Republuc II folder in your Program Files/steam/steamapps/common directory OR the Program Files/lucasarts/SWKoTOR2 directory (depending on if you're using KOTOR2 from Steam). For use with M4-78EP, install TSLRCM and M4-78EP then Loot & Immersion Upgrade after. You can do a few things to remove the mod if you need to. Use the auto-generated Backup folder to replace files from the mod. You can also reset your Override folder (delete your override folder, make a new folder and name it override) Copy files from the mod archive in tslpatchdata (EXCEPT 2da FILES) into override and then hit delete while the mod files are still selected in override from being copied When in doubt, MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR OVERRIDE FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING (Just in case) -- although this is not necessary if you know what you're doing. Also please note this is close to being a total converison of items for TSL and will not function correctly with other appearance mods unless otherwise discovered on the user end. You are free to experiment with adding other appearance mods at your own risk. This mod is designed to fit in with and improve TSL. It is not entirely perfect but should run smoothly in Version 3b -------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Credits: Do not redistribute or release this mod, or use any component of it in your own mods (except specifically for personal use), without permission from the original authors. Explicitly do not release this mod on any site or in any way/shape/form. Special thanks to VarsityPuppet and all authors aside from myself credited for use of their work and expertise in this mod. Special thanks to Flying-gg for some essential beta testing. Extra special to thanks to staff of LucasForums and DeadlyStream!! -------------------------------------------------------------------- DLC for this mod: JS/ZS Default Model for Loot & Immersion 2.0.7b - Only Sells Cortosis Armor Replacement for new Merchant - Cloaked Heavy Armor Patch/Options- Alternate KotOR Style Robes - KotOR Cloaked Tunic replacement - TSL Jedi Master Class replacement - -------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BIOWARE/ OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTSOR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE. Submitter 90SK Submitted 08/09/2012 Category Skins TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  5. File Name: Darth Malak Armor reskin File Submitter: seph6 File Submitted: 27 Apr 2017 File Category: Skins TSLRCM Compatible: Yes Knights of The Old Repulic II - The Sith Lords mod Darth Malak Armor reskin =================================== Original work by: Effixian & Darth Parametric Author: Seph6 Contact: PM me on the forums ************** Description ************** I always disliked the zeison sha/jal shey armors, so I was very happy when I found the Effixian's Zeison Sha/Jal Shey reskin 2010. The armors finally looked like armors, but he didn't made a skin to the Darth Malak armor and recomended one made by Darth Parametric. The skin was very cool but unfortunatelly still had that awful 'skirt'. What this mod do is combine the two designs in one, or better yet, two. One skin is more like Darth Parametric's with the cloak made by Effixian. The alternative is more like Effixian with details from Darth Parametrics. ************* Instalation ************* Chose your skin and place in your override folder. ********* Thanks to ********* Effixian and Darth Parametric for giving me permission to use their skins. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THIS MOD IS NOT SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS OR OBSIDIAN. USE THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK. NEITHER THE AUTHOR OF THIS MOD NOR THE COMPANIES MENTIONED ABOVE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER WHEN USING THIS FILE. Click here to download this file
  6. Hi guys! Is it possible to combine the master robes cloak (only the cloak) with the heavy armor model? I realize there is already a mod like this, but I would like the cloak´s sleeve to be complete, not just half sleeves; and the armor to not show the master robe flaps in the waist area. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!
  7. Quanons & Djh269 Armor Pack View File Quanons & Djh269 Armor Pack This mod will install a unique set of armours for your Jedi Character. Nothing gets replaced, the armors work as a disguise. Like the Sith armor or the Tusken Raider clothes you find in the game. Because the armor works as a disguise you'll notice that the head of your character also changes. It will look like a black head; a very dark leather texture has been applied. Next pick, any of the helmets included with this mod. And your armor is now complete! To get the goodies, read on below 🙂 This mod will also change the encounters with the Sith you have on Tatooine and Kashyyk. Now each battle is unique, instead of being clones, all npcs have been made a little harder to beat. As a reward, beat the evil guys on Tatooine and somewhere in Anchorhead a container will be appear with all the nice new armors. To install: Use the TSLpatcher and it will apply all the needed changes to your game. Done! Compatible: This mod should not create any conflicts with most other mods out there. I still advice, to install it after bigger mods, such as the K1 restoration mod. Since that mod alters lots of files. Use the TSLpatcher to avoid bugs and problems 😉 Credits: Djh269: Setting up the TSLpatcher, altering the Sith parties, creating the scripts. Quanon: Models and skins; UTI files. Preview: Submitter Quanon Submitted 03/31/2017 Category Mods K1R Compatible  
  8. Hello Deadlystream ! After a good year of using the amazing Loot and Immersion by 90SK I decided to try something new in terms of armor mods. Im concerned about the compatibility of these mods: Movie Jedi Master Robes 1.5 Darth Darkus' Armored Robes 1.3.1 Master Jorn Edition L0ki's Jedi Armor Mod Cortosis Armor Merchant Heavy Armor Expansion Peragus Mining Gear Prequel Robe Replacer Unique Upgradeable Clothes Combat Suit Revisited Canonical Mandalore Im gratefull for any advice I get concerning this matter. (This is my first forum post so this might be in the wrong section of the forum)
  9. View File Complete Republic Armor NOTE: This currently replaces the textures for the armors in the same armor category as republic mod armor with the uniform texture. This mod combines SW's Republic Armour mod and Sithspecter's Helmet mod into one easily obtainable armor mod. Sadly I myself am no good with texturing and the armor uses a new model (the helmet was some unusual coding thing done by sithspecter) which messes up vanilla textures for republic mod armor and the armors in it's armor category. If anyone can work the uniform texture into working as well on a existing vanilla armor category's model somewhere feel free to do so, or can retexture the affected armors to look as close to their vanilla versions as possible, it would be appreciated. Meanwhile if you want to have least have the affected armors look differently then download SW's Republic Armour mod, extract it and take the PFBD01 to PFBD08 and PMBD01 to PMBD08 files and overwrite the ones in this mod. ======================================== A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC MODIFICATION ======================================== TITLE: Complete Republic Armor AUTHOR: Masternetra VERISON: 1.02 E-MAIL: ***Data Corrupted*** WEBSITE: None DESCRIPTION: Ever wanted to have the full republic armor set, armor and helmet? ..No? Well then move along this is for people who do, and besides no one likes you. For everyone else, this mod does all that and more! CREDITS: - Sithspecter - For Helmet Textures and Model related stuff. - SW (?) - Armor Models SPECIAL THANKS TO: - Fair Strides - Guidance. PERMISSIONS: Feel free to update/fix, and upload as you like. Just give credit where credit is due, and don't sell it of course. If you utilize the helmet you'll need Sithspecter's perm. **Included** *(Items)* -Republic Armor (g_a_class5080)- ++ Defense 5 ++ Base Price: 500 ++ Dexterity +1 (Max 4) ++ Defense +2 -(Armor Reinforcement) ++ Immunity: Poison - (Mesh Underlay) ++ Damage Resistance: Universal +10% - (Mesh Underlay) -Republic Helmet (g_i_mask060)- ++ Defense 1 ++ Base Price: 100 ++ Charisma +1 ++ Defense +2 -(Armor Reinforcement) ++ Immunity: Mind-Affecting - (Mesh Underlay) *(Optionals)* - Equippable NPC's (These NPC's are equipped with the armor) ++ Carth ++ Trask - Merchants (All options have a Enhanced Merchants Verison available as well for those who have that mod) ++ Dantoine General Store (Jedi Enclave) ++ Igear (Outcast Store) - Start Options (At least one if you actually want to start with the armor and helmet without cheating or waiting to purchase them later) - ++ Trask Dialog Start (Gets added to you during the starting dialog with Trask) ++ Trask Inventory Start (Gets added after Trask joins your party)(This replaces the Equippable NPC verison as well) **WARNINGS** - Trask Inventory Start and Equippable NPC's/Trask are incompatible use one or the other. (Trask Inventory Start is same as the Equippable NPC verison except he has a extra Armor+Helmet for you in inventory) **CHANGE LOG** (1.01) - Changed Armor icon sense I am unable to contact shem for permission. (1.02) - Fixed Trask Dialog Start not giving you a helmet. - Applied the republic armor texture as a Temporary Fix for republic mod armor and such armors. Turns out the model used for this mod's armor replaces the model used by the Republic Mod armor. **INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS** Put everything in the mod's override folder in override as well as all the files you want from the optional stuff. (Do not put any folder in the game's override folder, just files.) KNOWN BUGS: Trask's visual don't reflect him wearing a helmet. THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE. Submitter masternetra Submitted 10/28/2016 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
  10. Would be awesome if someone could make Kylo Ren robes and Mask. Possibly have two mask variants too: hooded and unhooded. I've found a mod for Jedi Academy, would it be possible to use those textures for kotor?
  11. File Name: TSL Armor Fix File Submitter: N-DReW25 File Submitted: 22 Jul 2016 File Category: Skins TSLRCM Compatible: Yes A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic II The Sith Lords Author: N-DReW25 Release Date: 22.07.2016 Installation: Simply Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop ALL the files within the "For Override" into your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic override folder Uninstallation: Remove or Delete the files from your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic override folder Description: When I firsted starting playing TSL I noticed how some armors that appeared in Kotor 1 didn't actually appear to look like how they did in Kotor 1 instead some looked new like the Light Battle Armor and Reinforced Battle Armor had new skins which was nice but then their were things like the Heavy Battle Armor and Verpine Zal Allow Mesh were just ridicolous and kinda unrealistic to the overall story of TSL so I decided to make a fix that turns those armors into their default Kotor 1 look. Now for those who were confused as to why those armors look strange is because they rushed the game without checking over it and it lefted a TON of bugs and mistakes and one of those mistakes were armors having the wrong model but from my perspective they planed to reskin those armors but could only finish at least 4 and they just applied a random model to the armors they didn't finish so they didn't intend for the Armors to appear as they did in kotor 1 so thats why this wasn't included in TSLRCM. The armors that have been affacted by this mod includes *Heavy Battle Armor *Powered Battle Armor *Light Battle Armor *Ulic Qel Dromas Mesh Suit *Reinforced Fiber Mesh *Mandalorian Assault Armor If I missed any please let me know Known Bugs: this mod shouldn't have bugs but if their is Just PM me on Deadlystream. Incompatibilities: Is incompatiable with anything that edits "a_heavy_02.uti", "a_heavy_05.uti", "a_heavy_10.uti", "a_light_13.uti", "a_light_15.uti", "a_medium_02.uti" or "ia_Class9_007.tga" Permissions: Do NOT claim credit for this mod Thanks: Bioware for such an amazing game,Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool and everyone who downloads the mod. Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY Click here to download this file
  12. File Name: Mandalorian Assault Armor Restoration File Submitter: N-DReW25 File Submitted: 25 Jul 2016 File Category: Skins K1R Compatible: Yes A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic Author: N-DReW25 Release Date: 25.07.2016 Installation: Simply Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop ALL the files within the "For Override" into your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic override folder Uninstallation: Remove or Delete the files from your Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic override folder Description: In Kotor 1 you can obtain an armor called Mandalorian Assault Armor which disguises your character into a blue Mandalorian as if your actually wearing there full body armor which was a good feature about the last few missions in kotor but if you play TSL you will know that the Mandalorian Assault Armor has a unique armor reskin which for me was a big slap in the face since I personally liked seeing Canderous as a Mandalorian but when I was searching through the game textures I found out that the TSL Mandalorian Assault Armor texture appears in the files of Kotor 1 meaning that the Texture appearing in TSL was intended for Kotor 1 but was cut at the last minute and replaced with a disguise though personally I would prefer the disguise though the Hardcore Restoration Fans say otherwise Known Bugs: this mod shouldn't have bugs but if their is Just PM me on Deadlystream. Incompatibilities: Is incompatible with anything that edits "g_a_class9010.uti" though I don't know anything that edits those. Permissions: Do NOT claim credit for this mod Thanks: Bioware for such an amazing game,Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool and everyone who downloads the mod. Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE. Click here to download this file
  13. Hey guys! I've got a bundle tutorial for you today. Although these two have nothing to do with each other, I wanted to bundle them together instead of just having two separate threads. Anyways, I'll be showing you two things for these tutorials: Creating a custom design with an armor plating for droids. Creating custom lightsabers that are also upgradeable. While everything is explained in these tutorials, I'll still try and put a little description for them here. For the first tutorial: In this video I'll be showing you how to put custom designs on droids via an armor plating, and appearance.2da. It's kind of hard for me to explain what exactly I mean, but have you ever wanted, say T3 to have a custom design when you equip a certain armor? Well, this will show you how. This applies to any droid, or well i guess any disguise. For the second tutorial: In this video I'm going to show you how to make custom Lightsabers for Kotor 1 and 2. Sorry if the tutorial kind of sucks at some points, I had to keep restarting certain parts because I messed up so much. Also, you don't have to listen to me about the whole "Don't use the same numbers that I use in my mod" I just say that so you can make yours compatible with mine. Anyways, hope this helps! Also, I follow the tutorial made by Achilles on how to create custom models for your lightsabers. I'll leave his text tutorial in case my video is too confusing (which it probably is). Achilles text tutorial: Resources that you will need to build your mod: • KotOR Tool – Used to locate and extract templates, models, and skins • GFF Editor – Program used to edit .uti (template) files. • Hex editor - used to modify .mdl (model) files. • Tpc2Tga.exe – Simple executable that will allow KT to automatically convert game images to convertible format • A file reference – used for identifying files in KT. I like to use • Photoshop (optional) – used to modify game images such as saber color, robes, armor, etc. Files that you will need to extract using KT: *Note: xxx represents the model # Templates – Assign properties to the item(s). Use the file reference to determine what files you need. For instance g_w_sbrcrstl14 is the code for Blue Lightsaber Crystal. Knowing this information will help ensure that you extract the correct files. • g_w_sbrcrstlxx.uti <BIFs/templates.bif/g_w_sbrcrstxx.uti> • g_w_lghtsbrxx.uti <BIFs/templates.bif/g_w_lghtsbrxx.uti> Models – Used to render the image of your item in-game • w_lght_xxx.mdl <Bifs/items.bif/w_lght_xxx.mdl> • w_lght_xxx.mdx <Bifs/items.bif/w_lght_xxx.mdx> Images – used to skin the model in-game (ie they’re what make the blue lightsaber file appear as a blue lightsaber in your game) **Note: Rather than use the Extract button to save these files, you will double click them to open the Image Viewer window. Use the Write File button to extract the file to your save folder. ***Note: In KT open Tools<Options and set the program to automatically convert .tpc files to .tga format. Make sure that Tpc2tga.exe is in the same directory as KT for this to work. ****Note: If there are any “special instructions” in the Image Viewer window, you will need to copy them into a .txt file in your save folder. You will modify the format of this file later. 
iw_sbrcrstl_xxx.tga <ERFs/texturepacks/swpc_tex_gui.erf/iw_sbrcrstl_xxx.tpc>
iw_lghtsbr_xxx.tga <ERFs/texturepacks/swpc_tex_gui.erf/iw_lghtsbr_xxx.tpc>-w_lsabre<color>01.tga <ERFs/swpc_tex_tpa.erf/w_lsabreturq01.tpc> Other Files
 *Required* w_lsabre<color>01.txt – You should create this file in your save folder and copy the special instructions from w_lsabre<color>01.tpc into the body of the file. You will change this file later. *Optional* upcrsystals.2da <bifs/2da.bif/upcrystals> - This property table is used to make lightsabers upgradeable in-game. Although optional it is highly recommended that select this option. More details will be available later in this tutorial. How to build your lightsaber: Open GFF Editor and use File<Open to open g_w_sbrcrstlxx.uti. KT has it’s owned GFF Editor, but I’m used to using this one. Please note the following properties: • LocalizedName – this is the display name that the game uses when rendering your item in the gui (ie inventory screen). The # in STRREF box refers to the dialog.tlk file, but not to worry. Change this number to -1 and change Language to 0 and hit Enter. The box below should now be editable. Go ahead and enter a custom name for your crystal if you would like =) • ModelVariation - this number of the saber model. Referring back to our code resource, we see that the game already uses 01-19. You will need to pick a unique number between 20-99. *****Note: be sure that you do not use a number already taken by another mod that you plan on using. • Tag: change the number at the end of this name to the same number that you selected for ModelVariation • TemplateResRef: same steps as Tag
 • Save your file Open GFF Editor and use File<Open to open g_w_lghtsbrxx.uti • Follow the same process for LocalizedName, ModelVariation, Tag, and TemplateResRef as outlined above. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you create a custom name for your lightsaber. Not only does it help you identify it in your inventory, its fun! ##Note: It is very important that the unique number used for your crystal and the saber is the same (example 99) ####Note: This is also where you would modify the properties of your weapon, but that’s another tutorial. • Save your file Open your Hex editor and use File<Open to open w_lghtsbr_0XX.mdl. • BREATHE! • Use the Text Find function to locate the references to your w_lsabre<color>01 file. I usually look for “01” or the color (“blue, red, turq, etc) to ensure that I find it right away. • Very carefully change the 01 to 02 • There are 4 of these references. Find the other three and change them as well. ##Note: Double Bladed lightsabers will have 8 of these references. ###Note: changing only some of these references will result in a multi colored saber blade • Save your file Rename all of the files in your save folder, except w_lsaber<color>01.tga and w_lsaber<color>01.txt to reflect that model number that you selected. For example: • g_w_lghtsbrXX.uti => g_w_lghtsbr99.uti • g_w_sbrcrstlXX.uti => g_w_sbrcrstl99.uti • w_lghtsbr_0XX.mdl => w_lghtsbr_099.mdl • w_lghtsbr_0XX.mdx => w_lghtsbr_099.mdx • iw_sbrcrstl_XXX.tga => iw_sbrcrstl_099.tga • iw_lghtsbr_XXX.tga => iw_lghtsbr_099.tga Lastly, • Rename w_lsaber<color>01.tga to w_lsaber<color>02.tga (remember we changed the reference in the model using Hex editor) • Rename w_lsaber<color>01.txt to w_lsaber<color>02.txi (note that we changed the file extention here. You will receive an pop-up. Just click through it) All finished! Copy and paste all of these files into C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\SWKotOR\Override, open your game, and enjoy =)
  14. Since I'm kinda desperate for this, and I know a fair share of modders here, I thought I'd ask this. Basically, I'd like someone to convert the body of a Disciple - those guys - into a playable armor. Bonus if the chainmail coif can also be made into a headgear. A similar mod was made, encompassing playable Darkspawn armors, but sadly it never included the Disciples. Might be used as a reference -
  15. File Name: Remove Force Alignment Restriction - Robes File Submitter: MVacc224 File Submitted: 05 Oct 2014 File Category: Mods TSLRCM Compatible: Yes Abstract --------------------------------------------------- This mod was built & tested using TSLRCM 1.8.3, M4-78 EP 1.1, DeadMan's Movie-Style Jedi Master Robes 1.5 Mod & LiliArch's Savegame Pack LSMGWE 1.0. Changes --------------------------------------------------- This mod will remove the Force Alignment Restriction from Aleema Keto's Robe, Arca Jeth's Robe, Crado's Robe, Jolee's Robe, Natth Cowling, Sylvar's Robe, Thon's Robe & Darth Malak's Armor. Click here to download this file
  16. File Name: Darth Malak's Armor - Sith Academy File Submitter: MVacc224 File Submitted: 05 Oct 2014 File Category: Mods TSLRCM Compatible: Yes Abstract --------------------------------------------------- This mod was built & tested using TSLRCM 1.8.3, M4-78 EP 1.1 & LiliArch's Savegame Pack LSMGWE 1.0. Changes --------------------------------------------------- This mod will add Darth Malak's Armor to be found on the Chewed Twi'lek Corpse inside the Sith Academy on Korriban near the Sealed Door. Click here to download this file
  17. Guest

    MOD:Movie Mandalorians

    View File Movie Mandalorians I've never liked the KotOR Mandalorians. I wished them to look like Jango and Boba Fett. I mean, I wished them to have Fett-style armors and helmets. So, I've tried to make such mod. It is not perfect, but I hope you'll like it. It will change the appearance of all Mandalorians in the game, including Mandalore (he transformed into Jango). Features: - Changed appearance of ALL Mandalorians in game. Now they use completely new armors and helmets, which are made in style of Jango and Boba Fett. - Mandalore transformed into Jango Fett. Available two versions of his armor - with jetpack and without it. You may use any, because now you can unequip his armor (and see Canderous). - Bralor transformed into Boba Fett. I've also made him more dangerous opponent in the Battle Circle (since you may use anything when you fight him he was too easy to beat. And they call him a champion?!) - Kelborn now have unique armor. - New Mandalorian armors for your PC and party members. At this point, they are available for male characters only. - Mandalore comes equipped with 2 Westar Blaster pistols and special Mandalorian flamethrower. For those of you who like Boba I also provided EE-3 Blaster rifle. All this items are quite powerfull, but IMO that will not break game's balance ('cause ranged weapons are NOT effective in TSL). Credits: - NeoMarz1 - for creating awesome Mandalorian model for Jedi Academy. I've used this model in this version of MOD. - Don Kain - I've used some texture parts (symbol on Kelborn's armor) from his JA mandalorian skinpack. - Creator of original textures for Westar blaster pistol (sorry, I don't know your name) - Orsan - I used&altered 2 textures he made for KotOR1 (Boba and Jango armors on the upgrade screen). - Lit Ridl - for allowing me to modify his flamethrower script. Permissions: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ANY OF MY MODS TO BE UPLOADED TO STEAM WORKSHOP. Anything else - be my guest, use like you want, just give credit to me. Submitter DeadMan Submitted 05/22/2011 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible  
  18. Vicecitizen

    Ia ClassZS 005

    From the album: Misc

    I made this to go with Darth Parametric's reskin of Darth Malak's armor in TSL.
  19. View File [K1] Sith Stalker armor Sith Stalker Armor for SW:KotOR Not so long ago reapper (with my little help) have released his Sith Stalker armor mod. It’s great, but only for TSL. And many people would like to see this armor in K1. So, this mod will add TFU Sith Stalker armor to the first KotOR game. I didn’t integrated it into storyline, so you’ll have to use cheats to get it. Just type ‘giveitem dm_sith_stlk’ (without quotes) in your console and enjoy. Credits: Shiftee – original model for Jedi Academy reapper – model rigging UberBlack – texture. Permissions: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ANY OF MY MODS TO BE UPLOADED TO STEAM WORKSHOP. Anything else - be my guest, use like you want, just give credit to me. Submitter DeadMan Submitted 05/23/2012 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes