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  1. A set of neat little changes that spice up the game a bit, well done. The only change I'm not sold on is the one for the Czerka representative lady. Considering she already had a unique head, I think the use of the new face would be better served elsewhere. Out of all the named characters, Dia (Taris bounty target), Ada (Vulkar serving girl) or Keira (Bek bodyguard) come to mind, since they all use the same generic face.
  2. Nice tweaks. Some of the creative decisions like the one regarding Gendar's clothing change somewhat bothered me in the K1CP, and additional fixes are always appreciated. The readme included for the tslpatcher seems to be for the Proper SIth Assassins mod.
  3. Have you considered contributing this and the rest of the level mesh fixes to the community patch?
  4. I think Tien's workshop is fine as it is, it has enough stuff and characters with Tien himself and his droids. I don't think the office is Vogga related, I was thinking about the small room with 2 entrances (on the map, the room between 4 and 6). It's a small office with a desk, chair and some crates. Looks like a store or reception area. Maybe the toydarian dockmaster's office (the one that has a problem with the Hawk parking at a reserved spot)? Not sure.
  5. Just putting out some ideas brainstorming-like, whatever comes to my mind, in no particular order: Don't forget that - if I'm not mistaken - TSLRCM restores the other room, opposite to the warehouse you mentioned. It's a small cantina, and if I remember correctly, the trandoshan who tells you about the other bounty hunters now resides there. That place also could use a little facelift. Also, there are a lot of unused or otherwise boring/empty areas around the main hub of the Refugee sector as well. Like that small office near the docks and Tien's workshop. That would be useful for something as well. The Refugee sector could use some more stuff (be it people or just objects like crates or trash) to make it more immersive. Another idea, though it might conflict with some mods: how about replacing the Entertainment Promenade with a larger module, wherere there are more cantinas and casinos (maybe use Citadel station entertainment module)? And the original Promenade could be a subsection of this.
  6. Sad to see her go like this... and I thought she'll pull through after they've announced that she was stabil. I really hope they'll find a nice way to write her out of the story / have her part reduced for the ninth movie. I don't how how well would CGI work though, Tarkin in Rogue One wasn't the greatest use of CGI I've ever witnessed - the CGI Leia wasn't as prominent, I have to watch it again, as she was on screen for like 10 seconds. Still, her daugther (Billie Lourd) also stars in the sequel trilogy as one of the resistence officers, and she bears a striking resemblance to her mother - maybe with some makeup and editing she could stand in for Leia, at least for a few scenes where they tie up some loose ends in the story with her involvement.
  7. I wonder if it referred to Hera or her father (as far as I'm aware, he is still alive in Rebels, though I'm not sure he will not die in a future episode). Also, there is Chopper on the Yavin base and the Ghost in the battle above Scarif. Loved how they smuggled in all these little details.
  8. Was the Nar Shaddaa module by any chance inspired by the Jedi Knight and Jedi Outcast Nar Shaddaa levels? Or is it just me who feels like it was?
  9. Around 2005: how the heck do I equip my character, jump and move around? And what the heck are these people even talking about? (I didn't speak english back then)
  10. Isn't that Anakin's lightsaber (the one Obi-Wan gave to Luke) that Finn is holding? The hilt sure looks like it is.
  11. The Telos academy hangar is not visible from the ship, as far as I'm aware; but the Peragus hangar is, when you can't take out some of the sith soldiers with the turret and you have to fight them aboard the Hawk.