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  1. It's the same texture with added pieces, like Chuundar's necklace. Once I made a base Wookiee texture it would just require a couple new layers on top to add the necklace or Hanharr's criss-cross things. Here is Chuundar next to an unnamed wookiee for comparison: As far as Carth, I probably will re-make him eventually. He admittedly is the first head model I've made so it's kinda rough, and his texture ended up with too much contrast among other things. I've got a list of things I want to do but I need a break from staring at Photoshop for a little bit haha
  2. corpsecotillion

    Tool Bag

    The changes.ini in the TSL patcher has the install folder set to tslpatchdata instead of override... So I manually installed and now using the tool bag causes an explosion and summons a Brother of Shadow haha. It's kind of cool, but probably not what you had in mind
  3. So I was in the middle of making a unique saber with special properties that drops from Darth Bandon when I had the thought that I'd negate the Solari crystal properties since Bandon is a dark sided individual and essentially, his saber would "suck" the goodness out of anything it touches. Which got me thinking. Is it possible to run scripts based on whether or not you have an item equipped? For example, you can only use stealth if you have a stealth field generator belt (or equivalent) equipped. Basically, I'm looking to make a mod that sets your PC down a path of corruption. You'll find a seemingly normal lightsaber that, while equipped, has you use a different table than the one in the Adjust Character Alignment section of k_inc_utility so you gain dark side points at 1.5-2 times the rate of normal. How difficult would it be to take this a step further and add additional conversation options based upon the saber being equipped? A lot of the options in K1 and TSL are rather cut-and-dry as to what's the light side and what's dark side. I'd like to add options that don't necessarily jump out as the DARK!! choices but add to slowly turning your PC evil. Also, my knowledge of scripting is kind of basic. I can look at a script and figure out what it does for the most part but I'm not an ace at creating things from scratch. TL;DR I wanna make a cursed saber that's gonna be pretty rad property-wise but essentially dooms you to the dark side. I don't know where to begin.
  4. I just took a look at the rest of the wookiee's textures and it would appear that Zaalbar is the only one with a unique texture. Chundaar and Hanharr use the same texture as the rest of the wookiies. So if I skin Hanharr I'll probably do the rest of the K1 wookiees while I'm at it
  5. I'll have to see how ambitious I get His model uses a completely different texture so sadly I can't take the easy way out and just recolor Zaalbar's texture haha
  6. Have you been able to get crystals in rows 79-85? I experimented through row 90 because with both of djh269's mods there are a total of 21 unique crystals, and I could only add 14 in addition to the vanilla ones. In order to use the new crystals from both mods I had to cut out vanilla crystals
  7. File Name: Zaalbar HD File Submitter: corpsecotillion File Submitted: 26 Apr 2017 File Category: Skins K1R Compatible: Yes Mission keeps bugging Big Z about a makeover... Looks like he finally gave in. Many, many hairbrushes (among other things) were harmed in the making of this mod. Literally everything on him is new, and in 2k resolution. Enjoy Click here to download this file
  8. 26,402 downloads

    Mission keeps bugging Big Z about a makeover... Looks like he finally gave in. Many, many hairbrushes (among other things) were harmed in the making of this mod. Literally everything on him is new, and in 2k resolution. Enjoy
  9. Guess who accidentally saved the psd with merged layers... There were going on 40 of them. All merged. Oops haha
  10. I just got to Kashyyyk and I'm looking at Big Z like... damn son, your vanilla texture really sucks. This is probably only at like 60% completion... Rendering fur is tedious, especially when you're trying to find the right balance between "hairy" fur and "fluffy" fur. But hopefully when all is said and done, I'll have a high quality Zaalbar texture in 2k. Suggestions are appreciated
  11. HAHAHA poor Mira. Must be all the men she's kidnapping. I probably am the one person who actually likes the zombie dark side transitions and not just Sith eyes.
  12. I humbly and graciously accept your meerkat! Also, I actually am using both your mods. which is part of why it took me so long to figure out how to get them all compatible. I WANTED THEM ALL haha. I did end up sacrificing a few vanilla crystals for the sake of the personalized crystals, and it works fine. I still get the vanilla crystals as loot since I didn't overwrite their uti's but basically they're just credit fodder now. I just changed the rows in the upgrade.2da and then removed the associated rows from the properties of my sabers. I did see in Rece's mod that he was able to get custom crystals in rows 44 and 45 to work, but I wasn't able to do so. I am running a SERIOUSLY mod-heavy game though. You might have better luck than I did.
  13. So after a few days of battle with my game I figured out why I was having issues with your mod and figured I would share my findings to help you with fixing your mod. It's possible that it was all completely a user error on my end, but nonethless here's my discoveries: In a thread from a couple years ago (, Rece discovered that the upgrade.2da file does this weird thing where after row 31 it wraps back around to row 1, so any crystal you put in row 32 onward will change to a different crystal when you hit the assemble button. The good news is that there is a workaround, but it requires using filler rows. After some serious experimentation I was able to get 14 custom upgrade crystals to work in my game, but any more than that and you'll end up with the crystal changing phenomenon again. Without changing any vanilla upgrade rows, you can only add 7 of your custom crystals to rows 25-31, and then additionally you can add 7 more to rows 27-53. That means rows 32-46 are filler. Type whatever you want into first two columns. It really doesn't matter what you put; the rows simply need to exist as placeholders. Set the upgradetype column to anything EXCEPT 0 so it doesn't interfere with the other upgrade crystals. The other issue with the lack of properties on the crystals was either an issue on my end of a problem with the GFF list in your changes.ini. I honestly can't say which it was since I no longer have the install log to look at. All of my lightsaber uti files said something about a bad integer when I tried to open them in KOTOR Tool, so basically I just had to create a new properties xml and apply it to all my sabers. Hope this helps!
  14. I'm having a couple issues... The upgrade crystals like to change into vanilla crystals after I hit the assemble button at the workbench. Also a lot of the crystals don't have the listed properties... Or any properties for that matter. Any ideas on how to fix?
  15. I'm having an issue that when I put the new upgrade crystals in my lightsaber, after I hit the assemble button they change to vanilla crystals with vanilla properties. How do I fix this?