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    That looks absolutely incredible. Great job!
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    Oops! I forgot to add a link to the thread where a Lana Beniko head was suggested. It's added to the description now.
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    Thanks! It's been in the works for a while and plans are in motion for some more robe models too.
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    @uwadmin12 I know about the issue, but I sadly do not have the time right now to attempt to fix it. But I remember what it's caused by, I believe. The Model for the complete Sith Stalker is assigned to the Sith assassin's head appearance .2da entry, because there were animation issues while it was assigned to the body one. This does not change regular gameplay, but the turret's, I think, need to find their target by looking for assigned body parts (I guess?). As I remember you can kill them with precise headshots with my mod, but the chances are slim. I am really sorry for not being able to fix it. If anyone wants to attempt a fix they are free to upload a patch they are free to do so
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    Not at the moment, but the Option A textures would probably work in K2 (copy over the TGA files except for ip_pltuseitm_011.tga and ip_pltuseitm_111.tga).
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    It looks fantastic!! and I'm still in time for install it for my current Playthrough, although I'm still far to reach Dxun and judge properly. Downloading!!!!! 3 hours and already 6 downloads!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (well, now, 7 )
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    Yes, in fact, GenoHaradan Legacy acts as a fix for M4-78EP because in 1.3/1.5 Grenn's fuel dialogue when you use M4-78's fuel it is poorly organised and you don't get the 1000 credits as promised. Legacy actually fixes that so it is both organised and gives the right reward! Are you using the Workshop M4-78? Because if so you'll need to install into the workshop override ofc. Sorry for not replying earlier, never got the notification. If you still experience bugs or issues please inform me of them and I will see if there is an issue. From what you've told me, it doesn't look like my mod is directly the issue though it may be a problem with something else.
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    You are aware that Lashwoe the blonde female Sith apprentice on Korriban uses her head model as well, right? This might work for her as well.
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    @paramano01: Someone told me you can download Steam mods without owning the game it belongs to, but I can't test it myself. But sure, I will add it here soon. @GNihilus2: Thanks! Yes, mix things up whichever way you like
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    Oopps, I forgot which was which. Let's just fix that and pretend this never happened.
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    I agree with the above comment, it's a thing that SpaceAlex's mod missed out on. As the altered gameplay caused all the bugs whereas the appearance changes / stat changes didn't. Also the gameplay changes are usually more subjective. Also, I notice there's 3 Rodians in one picture on Tatooine:
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    Thank you for clearing all this up! I don't really agree with the blaster attacks being weapon exclusive, but you do what you want. It's your mod. Oh and here's another robe mod that I like: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/jedi-robe-reskins-council-style. Kind of wish you could use it with what you have here. That or JC's robe mod. Oh and I don't like the vanilla masks in KOTOR so I downloaded a mod to make them invisible. Could you do that in your own mod? Also, I love how you're integrating SpaceAlex's unfinished project into your own! It's good to see all that work isn't going to waste. Furthermore, check out Ebmar's 'Legends' series. I've downloaded most of those. It's great! Two, JCarter has made some great cosmetic mods, too. I'd like for their stuff to be compatible. Suggestions: The Powered Battle Armor and Powered Light Battle armor are eye-sores and should be re-textuered. Marl does not look in Powered Battle Armor. You could give him his own unique set like SpaceAlex did or just equip him with different armor. Oh and I have a suggestion: You could release a few versions of this mod: 1. A completely cosmetic version. No alterations to anything but appearances. 2. A version with only the altered gameplay. This way, people could customize the look of their game but have your gameplay alterations. 3. The full package. Everything included. Overall, keep up the good work and may the Force be with you!
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    Turns out he, instead of using the TSLPatcher installer, copied and pasted the files into the override folder. Because he did this it caused an NPC I intended to appear in the Entertainment Module appear in the Hangar and break the game. I am certain this will work with the NPC Overhaul mod.
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    So did you ever find out if this is compatible with NPC Overhaul 1.22? Or do you believe that bug was his own client side issue. Also great mod btw, it will make a fine addition to my collections of upper echelon mods.
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    Are you sure that's the name of it? There is no such script in the vanilla module. And a quick glance at the Lower Shadowlands and Great Walkway modules would suggest it is not from either of those. I can only assume it must be custom. What mod did it come from? I did muse over possible additional changes, including SFX, but it's far too much hassle. I'd have to make provisions for at least three separate interactions that each have different VOs of differing lengths. Each would require custom animations in order to smoothly transition between facings. And even then I don't know how much better it would be in practice.
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    Thanks, UP! I could probably add Djem So as a separate form, but I don't really know what distinguishes it particularly; also I'm not clear what you mean by a passive saber form. However, I'm not sure I'm going to update this again for a while - it was only possible to do something over Christmas, unfortunately.
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    Due to a Kotor Tool bug around January which prevented me from modding until June and a serious bug I have whilst testing a much later part of the mod I haven't developed a whole lot due to lack of motivation, however, I have gone around to fix bugs in a recent update to the Demo! Keep reporting bugs and know that: As long as I am still active making mods for K1 I am still around to discuss the Legacy mod.
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    Yes, you need to cheat them. I haven't made a way to get them in-game yet. The only items that are overwritten are the "Sith Sniper Rifle" and "Sith Assault Gun". All the rest are unique. Thank you! I'm glad you like them.
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    I'm using indeed Kexikus HQ skyboxes but this certainly is a more than interesting alternative to switch to from time to time !!! great work.
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    Yes. I suppose it's not obvious from a non-modder perspective (I've been doing this too long) but they don't affect any of the same files at all. If you install both mods, the Sith on Korriban will wear the cloaked Dark Jedi robes.
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    Very nicely done but you already know that as I recommended that you put it up here. I might have to update one of my mods as you gave me permission to use yours. When I'm done, you'll see it uploaded here with the proper credits added. Update: My new version of an old mod now using your texture is up now.
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    Holy crap this is one of the best things I have ever seen. So gorgeous.
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    True, but half way I realized that putting a mod with ported content on Steam isn't such a good plan... I'll add the patcher later, I'm going to need it for another requested head anyway. Edit: TSLPatcher added.
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    Update: Finally got around to looking for evidence of the Czerka sign being used in KotOR1, @ebmar and @N-DReW25 . Though I gave up at searching after finding one example of it, there's likely others around in the game. The desk in the screen shot has miniature versions of the sign texture. The other texture for the desk itself in the mod is for a completely different desk model and is seen is several other places.
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    I used it with KotOR 1 I cannot say if it works with TSL
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    This issue can be fixed by changing the file extension of TEL_holo.txt to TEL_holo.txi.
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    Hello, Cerez! Welcome to the DeadlyStream. Seriously, I have waited long to play the Jedi Knight Series both the Jedi Outcast and/or the Jedi Academy. My plan is to finish this KotOR1 playthrough first, then goes with TSL and the latter would be the JK series [JK:JO and JK:JA]. Hopefully I'm playing the JK at the right moment where some cool stuffs served on the list. I am looking forwards to them mods then! Ah-ha! You should check this thread by @CarthOnasty then. Fingerscrossed it would be delivered in no-time [go-CO-go!]. 🤞
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    "I have always been a fan of your Review since what you did with Selven "Legends" / And now I have wowed again." I don't think I deserve all that, but thank you. 😅I try to give my full opinion while still remaining a positive voice, which can be a rough balance depending on whom you're talking to. Thank you for being such a great sport about it. That's a rare quality. "Mmm, wasn't it finished already? 🤔" Unfortunately, there's still an issue where you get locked inside of the tomb and can't progress if you kill Ajunta's ghost, but Puppet's aware of it so hopefully, it will be fixed shortly. 🤞 "Actually, back then there was a plan to have the new textures show up along with the acquired notched steel sword, and it was for immersion reason. But it seems the decision to make it not was the right one." While it makes sense on the surface, it breaks the game for a first-time player that doesn't know which sword is Ajunta's. However, having the textures show up afterward logically follows, since once the sword is identified as Ajunta's, not only its name but its description and stats change as well. So it makes sense that, especially with the stat change, the sword's appearance would change along with it. It helps to view it through the lens that the sword has been entombed for who knows how long. It's old, rusted, and broken; a shell of its former self (kind of like Ajunta himself, sans the rusted bit). But upon recognition, it has renewed purpose and restores itself (or Ajunta restores it if you'd prefer, though if I remember correctly, the sword is thought of as having a pseudo-will of its own) to its original glory, ready to spill the blood of the weak once more. "I found a white glow suits better with the Spectral Ajunta, particularly with his glowy white eyes." That was an aesthetic choice that I found rather odd. While originally looking quite intimidating, upon speaking with him, you can tell that Ajunta is in a very weak state. He seems as though he's in a daze, barely aware of his surroundings, and his spirit is struggling to hold on to its final moments of life, such as it is (which is BTW, why I really like your modified voice files for him (review incoming soon hopefully, I've got to work my way back to that point in the game)). Having his eyes a bit more grayed-out would have suited his character better I think, rather than having him look like he's a vessel of un-li-mi-ted pow-ah. "Perhaps, with the v2.0 I can accommodate this fantastic idea as an alternative for the v1.0." That would be really cool to see. "Again, many thanks for the amazing feedback. These brilliant thoughts are very much appreciated." Thank you for all the amazing work. As long as you keep making 'em I'll keep trying them out and letting you know what I think. 😁
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    So, big problem with the TSL Patcher in this mod. It says "File Not Found! Please locate the "heads.2da" ("heads.2da") file." • Installation started 16/08/2018 3:41:48 PM... • Installing unmodified files... • Copying file P_Helena.tga to the override folder... • Copying file p_helenah.mdl to the override folder... • Copying file p_helenah.mdx to the override folder... • Error: Critical error: Unable to locate file to patch, "heads.2da" file not found! (GEN-9) There is no heads.2da file included in the mod or already in my main/override folder so the patcher cannot find it to add the changes to it. Any fix for this? Update: 18/08/2018 - This mod also requires an appearance.2da file in the override folder, which also isn't included in the mod, so the patcher isn't able to locate it either. Basically, the mod doesn't currently work from a clean install.
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    Couldn't the mod creator just upload processed textures? Or isn't it how it works?
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    Where is Part 10 or is it not needed?
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    haha ha. lol Within this fiction... Bastila would be another one hard to loose up from her mood imho ....
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    If you have KotOR Tool, you can edit the appearance.2da file in your Override folder. That head is on the rows 148-150. If you go horizontally along until you find the column called "envmap" and replace what is in rows 148-150 with "DEFAULT" (without quotations), it might fix the shiny hair problem. As for the mod, all I have to say is simply magnificent!
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    I followed the installation instructions and nothing changed. It was like the game didn't even notice the mod in the override folder at all.
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    I've played with this and K1R, and experienced no issues. Don't take my word for it, though, and be sure to install K1R first.
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    great mod love the armor texture only problem is there is no way to remove the helmets. If you guys could fix that it would make the mod much more awesome
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    It's hard looking at the other t units after installing this mod, nice work!
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    haha haha ... yep, please 3 different pulse speeds within same txi ... haha ha ... I thought you could do ANY-THING
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    Could you please post install info for this mod? I'm guessing its a copy and replace the files deal but I'm new to installing and running mods so I just want to make sure. Thanks.
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    Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you like the mod. The overwhelming majority of areas have their own unique load screen in the vanilla game files. My files directly replace those original files, so that behavior is unchanged. Most screens in my mod are direct recreations of the source material, with creative liberties taken where I feel necessary. In the case of "Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge", every area added had the same generic load screen created by the author. Rather than recreate that single file I have given each area it's own unique screen, which I feel better represents the spirit of the original game.
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    I would react with "haha", but it honestly makes me kind of sad.
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    A little heads up. I was driving myself nuts over getting these robes. The proper format is: giveitem sl_anakin giveitem sl_kenobi giveitem sl_windu There is no underscore after giveitem. They look fantastic. Great work!
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    Could I please have permission to include this in the K1 Community Patch? The next version will have a tiered install, 1 - Bugfixes, 2 - Visual Changes, and 3 - Subjective Changes / Restored content. This would be put under Tier 3. Thanks!
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    No, I will continue to develop the mod up until I reach that bug which occurs near the very end of the mod. Even then I'll at least check with other users if my bug can be fixed. TLDR I won't discontinue the mod at this point
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    Are the Iriaz in this mod not set as hostile? If so, it might be an improvement on K1R where apparently your party members can't refrain from attacking them.