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    Version 1.0


    This mod adjusts the way the player acquires Jedi robes during their training on Dantooine. There are two parts, which can be installed individually or together: Apprentice Robes: The player will be equipped with Apprentice Robes as soon as they begin their training (in the montage). The Apprentice Robes look like brown Jedi Robes, but have the stats of Basic Clothing, so this is merely an aesthetic change. These robes have no prerequisites and can be worn by all humanoids in the party, regardless of Jedi class. Early Jedi Robes: Master Zhar will reward the player with Jedi Robes once they have chosen their Jedi class and constructed their lightsaber (i.e. as soon as they have the prerequisite to equip robes). Originally, he only granted them after all the trials were completed. The early access will allow you to wear robes in combat during the final trial.
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    Version 1.0.0


    [K1] Sith Armor - Freelook Filter Mod This mod made readjustments to freelook effect of Sith Armor when used by the party members -particularly on Taris- to made it look like they see things from Sith trooper/armored soldier POV - or closer to what I can imagine of. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's always room for an improvement so - critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and feedbacks for the next update are much appreciated - PM, write them on my feed or leave any on the mod's page as you please. And thank you! for downloading, and playing this mod. Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do! Installation: run the installer [TSLPatcher.exe] and then hit the [Install Mod ->] button Uninstallation: run the Uninstall option from the installation menu Compatibility: will be compatible with mostly anything - except any that alters the same 2DA entries Suggestion: this mod can be finely paired with Arctrooper209's "Sith Armory" with no particular install order and which I strongly suggest to have this work in conjunction with them This mod will have direct effect anytime and anywhere it had been installed This mod is play-tested with KotOR 1 Restoration/K1R installed and is compatible with them Redistribution: if you wish to redistribute the mod or release a mod/project that is based on this mod implementation you won't have to ask for permission; though all I ask is a simple appreciation to my work on the modulation value that's being core of this mod - it takes some time and effort on getting this all to work Credits: LucasArts and BioWare for developing one of the best RPGs I've ever played! DarthParametric for past-present knowledge which allows me to create customs and for all the outstanding creation that I am a fan of JCarter426 for all his work that I look up too - I learned a lot from his mod setup and been practicing a lot using their method Fred Tetra for the 'amazing' KotOR Tool stoffe and Fair Strides for the most useful TSLPatcher and ERFEdit Notepad++team for Notepad++ All the Tool Makers wasn't mentioned - I can't make it without you! All the inspiring streamers on DeadlyStream All the inspiring modders either active or inactive DeadlyStream for being a home; a place to hangout - to discuss and hosting my work DeadlyStream staffs for tirelessly improving and maintaining the site Snigaroo/Sniggles for hosting #mod_development on Discord > r/kotor - thanks! The place is so much fun! :jarjar: -eb
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    Version 1.0


    I noticed two issues regarding the Zhug attack in TSLRCM: Some of the appearances were wrong, so they were all clones of Azanti Zhug. More importantly, all the Zhugs were spawned as hostile. This would cause the cutscene to break if the AI for one of the party members spotted a Zhug and attacked. This had the unfortunate consequence of removing the choice to add a third party member to team up with Atton and Bao-Dur. This mod fixes both of those things. This mod requires TSLRCM version 1.8.5. It may not be compatible with earlier or later versions. Only 1.8.5 has been tested.
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    I always liked how Luke was dressed in Return of the Jedi, I think it might fit well for a Grey Jedi kind of playthrough. For those who played Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy, Toshi made a really nice model of that particular outfit. Here's the one I mean, as it is in EA's Battlefront 2. Someone else made a thread about it a while ago and had the original modder's approval. I figured with the new rules and modding tools, this might be a good time to make a new request for it.
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    So I'm working on a reflection for LME, should I make it a blog post? Or should I record footage of LME and talk about things? If you are not interested in LME at all, would you still give imput on which format you think would be better? Originally, I thought of doing a video and I started righting a script for it, but it's quickly devolved into a blog-like written article, so now I'm reconsidering what to do.
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    Ah - so a mod has been submitted, and I hope it can be approved/released on time [May 4th] on that special day! Even though it wasn't -either sooner or later- it'll be OK, lol. Anyway, nothing fancy about the mod, here's a teaser of it: P.S. before guessing too far; it has nothing to do with making the [Taris UCN] area darker - so keep the expectations low. 😛 Update: it has been officially released! Many thanks to Admins/Mods for the approval - and May the 4th be with y'all!
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    Version 1.1


    Very Nice! Load Screens for KotOR 1.1 by ajdrenter Description: This is a complete set of replacement load screens for high resolution UI scaled configurations. It includes compatibility patches for Jorak Uln's reskins, jc2's "Lehon Mandalorian Expansion", and Silveredge9's "Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge". So far there is a 16x9 version and 4x3 version. This mod requires a high resolution user interface mod such as "KotOR High Resolution Menus" by ndix UR. I also recommend "HD MENUS AND UI Assets" by JackInTheBox, who's mod provided the template for this mod. Installation: Just drag and drop from your desired folders to your override. FOLDER LIST kotor - All base game load screens jorak - Screens for Jorak Uln's reskins jc2mando - Load screen for jc2's "Lehon Mandalorian Expansion" bos - All screens for Silveredge9's "Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge" Credits: JackInTheBox for the base load screen texture which I used to do this whole mod. Thanks! Thanks to the whole community for such a wonderful wealth of content over the years. Usage: You may use this mod for any non commercial use and without contacting me as long as you give me credit for my assets. If you use assets belonging to JackInTheBox you must obtain consent from him either through his release documents or personal contact.
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    Version v2


    ************************************** Knights of the Old Republic - The Sith Lords ************************************** TITLE: Effixian's Bao-Dur Reskins AUTHOR: Effix(ian) CONTACT: PM me on the forums or find me on Steam. ************* INSTALLATION ************* Unzip, copy the files from one of the folders to your override folder. ************ DESCRIPTION ************ This mod includes reskins of: - Bao-Dur's head - The lightning in his mechanical arm (more red) - His mechanical arm when wearing armor (red details) - His default clothing (a lot of black) - His Remote (and with it also other Sensor Balls). The Remote gets a more Imperial look. There's 3 variations included that you can choose from, version A has different looks for light side, half way dark and fully dark side. Version B is for the Darth Maul fans who want the look inspired by him from the start. Version C is based on the Nightbrothers from Dathomir. This mod is not compatible with other mods that change Bao-Dur's appearance. TSLRCM: A few files that change Bao-Dur's default clothing to a darker version are also included in TSLRCM, so you will need to overwrite those files if you're using TSLRCM. If you like you can make backups of those files before replacing them (P_Bao_DurA.tga, p_bao_dura.txi, P_Bao_DurAD01.tga, p_bao_durad01.txi). ***** BUGS ***** None. ************* UNINSTALLING ************* Remove the following files from your Override folder: C_SenBall01D.tga fx_Baodur.tga P_Bao_DurA.tga p_bao_dura.txi P_Bao_DurAD01.tga p_bao_durad01.txi P_Bao_DurH.tga P_Bao_DurHD1.tga P_Bao_DurHD2.tga P_BaoDur_Arm.tga PO_PBaoDur.tga po_pBaoDurd1.tga po_pBaoDurd2.tga ******************* DISTRIBUTION NOTES ******************* You may NOT: Use the material from this mod in your own mod without giving me credit, implying it was your creation. You might: Use the material from this mod in your own mods if simply you ask me. ******** Thanks to ******** Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool ------------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE, OBSIDIAN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
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    This has gave me a headache ever since I first played KOTOR II just as it came out. THANK YOU!
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    So far, this app is very basic, and lacks most of TSLPatcher's features. The only thing it currently can do is copy files from tslpatchdata to the proper folders, and patch 2DA files. However, I plan to try to add more features from TSLPatcher. You can download the latest release version of the app here, or contribute here. The app is licensed under the GPLv3 (not 3+, just 3). For more details, press the licenses button in-app, or look on the source repo. Bugs: • Buttons in menu have no margin • Please report! Features: • Copying files... ✔ • Editing 2DAs... ✔ • Editing TLKs... ❌ • Editing GFFs... ❌ • Editing MODs... ❌ • File selector... ✔ • Namespaces... ❌ • Show info.rtf... ❌ • Other TSLPatcher features?... ❌ Changelog: b1.1.0 {146} • Theme UI • New launcher icon • Changed minimum API level from 14 to 7 BTS: • Switch from MarkdownView to txtmark • Moved files from assets to raw resources • No longer uses Xdroid.Toaster • Now uses AppCompat support library and VectorDrawables • Switch from official aFileChooser to Zhuowei Zang's version
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    ^ You have to start a new game to play it.
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    Once I am settled at the end of the trip, I'll have pictures of the more "fun things" we did on the trip. You'll eventually see that I have a fascination with neon signs.
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    Version 1.20


    JC2 Improved Grenades The idea has been around for a while, but I haven't seen a mod, other than FairStrides [TSL] Fumble Grenade mod, attempt to edit the effects of grenades. So by editing the k_sup_grenade.nss, I've reworked the grenades to increase their potency. Beware! This works both ways! Demolitions now affects how much damage a grenade can do, the more demolitions a character has the more damage they can cause with a grenade. This was originally GGT89 idea from this thread > http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/5678-need-help-to-modify-game-mechanics-in-kotor2/?hl=grenade#entry59186 Special Thanks to Bead-v for the advice on another thread about editing the k_sup_grenade script. Thanks to FS for teaching me most of the script I know! This mod improves the potency of grenades to a higher and more effective but possibly game-altering level. I lost the .nss for the normal install, which is annoying decompiling did not work.. However, a full documented change list is included so that will make it somewhat doable to replicate for future bug fixes or updates. Second option for hardcore enthusiasts, the grenades instantly kill groups of people and are quite lethal! I recommend only installing this with JediShemL's Super Enhancement Mod or other realistic lightsaber/blaster mods. Source script is included for the second option Third option is for vanilla lovers, that only adds demolitions skill as a damage bonus and increases the explosion radius slightly. Like before, a detailed log of the changes exist inside the folder! INSTALLATION: Copy and paste the k_sup_grenade.ncs file into the override. You will have to decide which one you want. There are two folders, each with a different version. It will take effect immediately, and can be removed, at any time, without causing any issues. Copy and paste grenade UTI files if and only if you want to, it only affects their description to match/remind the PC of what I've changed. However, the Hardcore Version doesn't have corresponding UTI's. As always, this mod may update pending feedback. Hope you enjoy! -jc2
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    only now i could try this. excellent work, fits better that helmet visor as supposed to be. Permanent install on my end.
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    Version 2.0


    This mod replaces the Force Drain, Force Lightning, Death Field, cold ray, ion, and neural pacifier beam effects with new, higher-res ones.
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    Very nice reskin! Reminds me of the white sith trooper reskin
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    Everyone: "Oh goodie, JCarter426 uploaded another mod! I wonder what flawless, innovative, 10/10 mod he has graced us with this time JCarter426: "IsLaM iS mY aUtHoRiTy!"
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    Version 1.2.0


    This mod allows the player to access a full map of the Ebon Hawk in KOTOR II. The idea for it stems from my annoyance at blocked off corners within the ship that prevent you from completely filling out the map on your own. The Ebon Hawk's map is full by default in the original KOTOR, so this also aims to keep that element of consistency. I made the map downloadable from the Ebon Hawk's Security System with respect to how the Information Terminals in Telos Citadel Station allow you to download area maps. I also adjusted the Ebon Hawk's interior maps by adding background stars to make them look less bland. This affects the regular map & prologue map. Installation To install this mod, copy the files from the "Override" folder & paste them in the Override folder located in your game's directory. To uninstall this mod, delete the files from the override folder in your game's directory. The map will not reset after uninstallation (it'll still appear full in affected saves). How to Use To download the Ebon Hawk's map, access the Security System located in the ship's Communications room. Select "Download Ebon Hawk map." from the list then log out. The map will now be completely full & the download option will no longer be available. Note that the prologue sequence defaults the Ebon Hawk's map to full & this mod doesn't change that. Compatibility This mod should be fully compatible with anything else as long as it doesn't override secsys.dlg. As of version 1.2.0, this mod now supports all language variants of the game. The added dialogue is still in English, though translations may be added in the future. Credits Fred Tetra, Kotor Tool tk102, DLG Editor & K-GFF Editor The GIMP Team, GIMP Major thanks to the KOTOR community for the passion & dedication that keeps these games alive. Disclaimer This mod is not supported by LucasArts or Obsidian Entertainment. It is for personal usage only & intends no copyright infringement. Feel free to message me on here or via Discord (listed on my DS profile) if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or the like. If you'd like to use my files as a part of an external work, please reach out to me beforehand. If I give you permission, just make sure to give the proper crediting.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod is a small fix for a couple of wall panels in the entranceway of the Taris Upper City cantina. For some reason the mesh for this particular pair of panels was split off into a different model from the rest of the room. More importantly, it was assigned a lightmap that doesn't exist, thus it appears black in-game. To solve this, a duplicate of the adjoining panels was added to the entranceway room model in the appropriate position and the original mesh removed. To install, simply drop the MDL/MDX files into your Override. Compatibility: Won't be compatible with any other mods that edit those two room models, but the likelihood of that is low. Acknowledgements: Thanks to @bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit Thanks to @ebmar for bringing the issue to my attention
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    Version 1.1


    This mod does several things: It makes all texture variations of the commoner clothing available to the player, with all the items - 11 total outfits - placed in various locations throughout the game. I've placed them where those outfits seemed to be the most popular, so if you see an NPC wearing an outfit you haven't seen before, the item can probably be found nearby. It changes which clothing item the player receives on Telos, based on class as seen in the character creation menu. Only the first clothing item the player receives will be based on their class; players of all classes will still be able to find the other variants elsewhere in the game. It adds a male variant of the Czerka uniform to match the existing female texture. For whatever reason there wasn't a male variant, so I've cobbled together one from the female variant and the other male textures. It shuffles around some of the textures so the male and female variants match each other more closely, primarily based on color. I've made sure to patch any affected characters to revert their outfits to their original appearances. It adds unique icons and names to all the items, so you can tell them apart. (They were all just called "Clothing" before.) I've named them based on who in the game wears them; for example, two of the outfits popular on Dantooine I've named "Settler Clothing" and "Fringer Clothing". The icons display both the male and female variants of each item, due to the differing appearances. It adds custom icons for Atton's Ribbed Jacket and Mira's Ballistic Mesh Jacket. They originally used the same icon as commoner variant #1, and since I changed that to look like the commoner clothing I saw it fit to give the unique items their own icons as well. It touches up several of the male textures to fix some discoloration and bad seams. I have also included an option to give the commoner clothing some upgrade capabilities. If you choose this option, you'll be able to upgrade the clothing items with some underlays, the same upgrades available to the miner uniform.
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    [This thread was created as a reference for new players who are experiencing problems reaching M4-78. If you have successfully made it to M4-78 without any problems you do not have to read this thread. In the future should information change such as new versions being released myself (N-DReW25) or a Deadly Stream Staff Member will update this thread and keep it up to date. Should information in this thread be incorrect myself or a Deadly Stream Staff Member will update the thread. If users create threads asking for assistance on how to get to M4-78 but haven't read this thread users are allowed to direct them to this thread] Warning: This is a walkthrough/explanation on how to get to the droid planet M4-78 in the M4-78 Enhancement Project. This thread will contain light spoilers on how to get to the planet itself though it will contain no spoilers of the actual planet itself. In order to get to M4-78, you will require two mods: The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod 1.8.5 (TSLRCM 1.8.5) and the M4-78 Enhancement Project (M4-78EP). Note: On the Steam Workshop M4-78EP has its own unique version called 1.3 while the Deadly Stream/Moddb version is 1.2. This may attract you to use the 1.3 version from Steam but I highly recommend against this as the Stean Workshop uses a basic and ineffective installing method which can cause incompatibilities which can break your game. I'd recommend you install mods the good old fashion way, download TSLRCM 1.8.5 from either Deadly Stream or Moddb and install that mod before any other mod first via the exe. Once you've done that, download and install M4-78EP 1.2 from either DS or Moddb via the exe as well. Both mods from DS and Moddb are safe and do not contain viruses, should your virus detector detect a virus that is probably due to the software detecting the exe format as strange and labelling it unsafe. Do not download TSLRCM or M4-78EP from a different source which isn't DS or Moddb as it isn't from the official websites and will most likely be some sort of virus/scam. For a better representation of the installation please watch this video on how to install both TSLRCM and M4-78EP. Please take not the version in this video is 1.8.3 and 1.1 though the installation method will be the same as 1.8.5 and 1.2. It also makes no mention of the Workshop as the Workshop did not exist at the time the video was made though that doesn't matter. Steam Installation: Retail Version/GoG Version: TSLRCM is available in: English French Italian Spanish German TSLRCM should be set to the language of your Kotor 2 for example: I own the English version of K2 thus I use the English TSLRCM, if you use the German version you'll use the German TSLRCM. TSLRCM will not work if the language is not the same as your K2, for example, the French TSLRCM won't work with the Spanish TSLRCM and vice versa. M4-78EP is exclusively for the English version meaning English K2 and English TSLRCM are required for it to work. If English is not a language you are fluent in this mod is not for you. If you've installed M4-78EP on a non-english game it will cause problems and you'll have to reinstall K2 and reinstall TSLRCM without M4-78EP. Once you've installed both mods launch K2 and play. Should you experience crashes before finish Peragus and Telos chances are M4-78EP is not responsible for your crashes and it is either incompatibility with another mod or your PC does not meet the requirements to run K2 and thus your PC cannot run K2 properly (To be sure of this you might want to start a thread here on DS and ask if your system specs can run K2, most likely Laptops are suspects for not being able to run K2). Once you've finished Telos and are on the Ebon Hawk you'll notice M4-78 is not on the Galaxy Map. Do not worry, this doesn't mean it doesn't exist. M4-78 works similar to Dxun, it doesn't appear on the Galaxy Map immediately. To get M4-78 on the map you need to travel to Korriban, inside the Sith Academy you'd find Master Vash dead in a cage in Vanilla and TSLRCM though with M4-78EP only a little bag will be inside the cage. Should you still find Vash inside the cage something terribly wrong has happened and you should make a thread about it (Make sure you list ALL of the mods you've installed so we can determine the incompatible mod). Inside this bag should be a Datapad which can be used on the nearby Terminal to start up a recorded Hologram conversation between Vash and her padawan Kaah. You'll find out that a group of Sith fled to the planet M4-78 and that Kaah deleted the Coordinates from the Datapad, once the Hologram conversation has finished you will be presented with the option to leave the Academy. As both Vash and Kaah have left for M4-78 you now need to go to M4-78 and find Vash though if you remember Kaah deleted the Coordinates meaning should you go back to the Ebon Hawk M4-78 won't be on the Galaxy Map. What you need to do is talk to T3-M4 where a new dialogue option will appear asking if he can restore the Coordinates. Once T3 restores the Coordinates M4-78 will appear on the Galaxy Map. If it doesn't appear my only guess you've installed another planet mod "Coruscant - Jedi Temple". This mod can break the Galaxy Map making M4-78 unavailable, however, there is a patch to fix that- https://deadlystream.com/files/file/394-coruscant-jedi-temple-compatibility/ If you haven't installed that mod yet still haven't got the option to visit M4-78 make sure you have spoken to T3-M4 correctly. If you can't get M4-78 to appear on the Galaxy Map you can create a thread here on DS asking for assistance though you MUST list ALL of the mods you've used so we can determine your incompatibility. You could use the Kotor 2 Cheat system to "teleport" to the M4-78 landing pad which will allow you to play M4-78. Search up "How to enable Kotor 2 Cheats" and the answer should pop up. Once you've enabled cheats type "warp 801dro" into the cheat console and it should load the Landing Pad. In K2 the cheat console is invisible unlike the cheat console in K1 so if it doesn't load the Landing Pad the first time keep trying as it might be a typo. Do not try to warp to other modules that are not "801dro" as you can potentially break your game doing that.
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    You can set the code type to XML to get rid of the coloring. But I don't know about the newlines.
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    If the mere presence of a console off in a side room that you never have to visit offends you, then don't use the mod.