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  1. What happens is that I am currently playing the mod of "Revan's Revenge" of Logan23 and I am trapped in the "Corelia jungle" before entering the closed door that is in the jungle, I already spoke with the Sullustan in the canteen and I really don't know how to continue (Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Argentina). Here I leave 2 images of the corresponding door and the mission. (Sorry for the poor, quality I had to take the picture with the phone since the screenshot of the PC did not show the image of the game) 6517-22345159-10-12-2019.pdf
  2. I am quite sure that it is not completely necessary, but it is really very useful to have persuasion at a high level. Although if you get to have a specific problem you can comment it here.
  3. Update: Finally I was able to solve the problem using the "warp" command, I was really surprised that it will work since I spent several hours looking for a solution Thanks for the recommendation of the mod and excuse my bad English, I'm from Argentina regards
  4. The first mistake I have is that I am trapped in Zez-Kai Ell's room in Nar Shadda after talking to him and agreeing to meet in Dantooine. The exit door is locked and there is no way to open it. I already installed the whereami bracelet and I can equip it, but when I wanna use it it does not appear next to the grenades and the medpacs, but in the menu of my character I have it equipped.