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  1. I can understand that jedi don't use other weapons/gadgets because their philosophy is to not be offensive. But why sith don't use flash bang to blind enemy jedi or cortosis to disable enemy lightsaber... etc?
  2. I haven't a specific problem I am just curious why to use persuade that make it too easy to complete a quest when you can figure out and find a different smarter way. This is the point of side quest to search about solutions. So even if supposed that is the must skill for your exile character I feel that is not that important Thx for reply
  3. Is persuade necessary to complete some quests? Or you can complete any quest even without persuade just with a different way?
  4. baka13

    TSL Restored Content Mod

    i installed the mod when i am on Telos. I need to start New Game to apply or its ok?
  5. "The installer has finished but 1 error and 195 warnings were encountered The mod most likely hasnt been properly installed". What this mean what can i do?