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    I got a chance to open up the dialogue file and look within, I really like the simplicity & direction of this mod. The wording is very immersive & believable. I recommend this mod to anyone that prefers a very smooth and laid back playthrough or dialogue style.
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    You made Trask Ulgo into an amazing looking character. Also, the Republic Armor never looked more amazing.
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    This is phenomenal! The blades look perfect in terms of color and shape, and the glow effect is both subtle and beautiful. I only wish that the glow and blade shape could easily carry over to some of the other custom hilts I have installed, though I tend to play K1 more vanilla than modded so the higher poly default hilts will do here.
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    Thank you so much for making this. Absolutely awesome playing one of my favorite games on my phone, with the content restored. Any chance of making M478 playable on mobile?
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    I had my doubts about this mod, since the mod page doesn't display the changes made, and since I didn't want to download the whole thing to read the readme file, for whatever reason. Also because due to the great scope of this project, if I didn't agree with some of the changes, I'd either be stuck with them or not install the mod at all. Luckily, the authors recently provided a link to the mod's GitHub page, where all the changes are listed. And there's a ton of them. A ton. Not only that, but a multitude of fixes are actually numbered, and there's usually a link to the affected files when the issue is closed, where the changes.ini is provided. This means that at least some of the changes can be reverted, if so desired, by locating them in Override and removing them. Now, with all that said, the great majority of these fixes are 24 karat goodness. Facing issues, pathing issues, bugged quests... you name it. The companions' facing issues alone would already merit their own mod, and DarthParametric's magic hand performs UV mapping and clipping improvements to heads that needed them badly. Most of what is being offered here goes beyond appearance and UTC improvements, and are worth it. And while half of these fixes are unique to this mod, the other half is a compilation of mods made by a variety of authors, presented in a neat package. The K1CP basically fixes all the stuff that would make you go "oh well, it's a video game, after all". It really is impressive.
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    "Our Prometheus! What fire of knowledge do you bring to us mortals today?" - JonTron Now the Female Soldiers are looking good as well. Once again you have impressed me greatly @Dark Hope Can't wait to see more of your brilliant work!!
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    At Long Last!! The Republic Armor and The Ugly Helmets look the way they should!!! Polished Up, Shiny and Good Looking!!
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    Nice Animations, nice variety. You can keep the vanilla feel or switch it up. Interchange it easily with other mods because it is organized well so you only have to use the parts you want. High quality. Based on my testing, works in both games.
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    After seeing what this looks like in game, I had to write this review. The head is just a massive improvement on the original in every conceivable way. This is one of the heads I've never used before in a playthrough due to it looking quite bad, but I always was taken with the battle wounds on it. To keep this brief, Dark Hope's reskin breathes life into one of the shittiest male heads in the original KOTOR. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars and not 5 is due to the final dark side transition looking a bit too clean for my liking (and I am a biased dark side player). Specifically, the whites of the eyes are way too clean (the one thing the original got right was making the blood vessels in the eyes very prominent), it could also use a few more veins on the face. The irises are quite well done, so it's encouraging that the creator listens to feedback and works on improving. Personal bias aside, an excellent reskin.
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    THANK you, this has always bothered me lol
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    Amazing mod! Really great for replacing the icons with purist friendly HD ones.
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    One of the best KotOR mods. Just brilliant work, excellently implemented.
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    Hey! Is there a way to select a specific underwear style? Sorry if dumb question I'm new to using kotor mods ._.
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    The single best character appearance overhaul I've seen. I never liked Juhani's default look or clothing. But this? This is gold. How it isn't rated as one of the top mods for this game on this site is a mystery. It even comes with a complete portrait set in the same low quality style as the game's default ones so they aren't out of place. I unironically love that. I really do. The only thing I disliked was the lightsaber hilt. I prefer her with dual short green lightsabers anyway. Maybe if the lightsaber was a simpler sleeker design with a reflective metallic sheen? Just a thought. Keep up the good work @Stormie97.
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    Thanks for this. No more workarounds to be able to read the files and I can finally switch to better software for audio editing.
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    Specify in the description that the camera can be rotated up and down only in the first person. The file fix camera must be thrown into the folder Override
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    Dude that white and gold armor is really nice. Def gonig to be using that in my playthrough. Out of curiosity though if the robes are a simple reskin why do we need to cheat them in?
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    A great modification! The colors fit perfectly into the game environment without disturbing its atmosphere. I would always like to see Revan even more individualized along with the rest of the Jedi party members.
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    Great work! Your modification is a work of art. I believe your next furor will be a similar modification for the Jedi Knights that Revan encounters in the courtyard of the Jedi Enclave and at the Star Forge (extremely beautiful robes).
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    The computer panel from this mod (version 2.0.0) is a vast improvement upon vanilla version. The author paid great attention to details: beautiful animated screen, new panel with animated buttons, nice color palette. And the transparent version is awesome! In comparison, vanilla panel is so bleak and ugly. I highly recommend this mod!
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    Looks good. Instant Download. Edit: I really like the underclothing designs. Will you be doing this for all PCs (Male and Female)
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    YAY!! Now there's variety when it comes to choosing the final color of my Lightsaber. A "Must Have" Mod.
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    Great mod I like that i can have a variety of different colored lightsabers now.
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    Excellent Mod. I'm glad that now when I give my party members (The Jedi Members of course) Jedi Robes, they will have their own Unique Robes based on their clothing as opposed to the Basic Robes everyone else wears. An absolute must have, especially if you use the Cloaks Jedi Robe Mod.
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    the mod is great but one question. for some reason I am blocked in the bad end of the game when entering the star forge and the game is turned off and when I enter again. Is it game or mod error? Could you tell me how to solve it if you know the answer? thanks and I look forward to the full version as this mod is brutal. may the force be with you.
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    5 stars for the long sword option, since it makes more sense storywise. It's definitely better than having her pull a vibrosword out of nowhere, and the long sword is a far more elegant choice for the scene as well. In my eyes, pulling a lightsaber would contradict the fact that she had been searched by the Peragus medical personnel. And even if her mind control was a possible explanation for that, she wouldn't have had the opportunity to gather the materials to construct a new one after being cast out, and it's unlikely they let her keep hers after being stripped of everything else. Other than that, I would welcome an optional install that repositioned that particular camera shot to make the soldier's body more visible.
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    This just screams classic Star Wars. As essential as its K1 counterpart.
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    More interested in the hair fix than anything else, but really nice fix. Note sure what they were thinking with the original mapping.
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    A perfect fit for JC's Biromantic Bastila mod.
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    5 stars for restoring Jorran's quest and removing Kreia's line, but not because of the reason given in the mod's description. One could think that Kreia's and Atris' dialogues are too open to discussion to remove that segment entirely without falling into personal interpretation on how Kreia as a character would or should act. That being said, during that dialogue, she says "I was the one who asked him to be exiled", and right after that, she continues "Know that there was once a Darth Traya. And that she cast aside that role, was exiled, and found a new purpose". This suggests that even if you take her first statement as a metaphor for her controlling Atris' mind while masking her own presence, her current plans don't date that far back. Her intentions during the events of the game emerged after she was cast out.
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    Another great mod in my collection, thanks! For people who love some canonical things it is brilliant, but unlike the screenshot in game mask is gold-brown.
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    With sabers this dude hits like a truck
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    This has gave me a headache ever since I first played KOTOR II just as it came out. THANK YOU!
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    working good thanks, good for the "silent strong type" Player Characters out there
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    Absolutely required for any KOTOR run in my opinion. The average blaster is absolute trash even compared to a bog standard shortsword. The fact that this mod takes the changes that Obsidian made in KOTOR 2 and adds them to KOTOR 1 makes blasters somewhat more palatable in the beginning, which is fantastic for characters like Carth and Mission, who are pretty much perfectly geared for blasters.
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    Armors are awesome! Good job guys! I do have a question, this isn't just something I have noticed here, but I noticed it on Bastila's normal outfit. There is this weird glitch where you have phantom outfits that are partially see through. Some of the helmets for me are see through. Is there a way to fix this?
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    The holograms look far better than their vanilla counterpart. A permanent keeper in the override file 😁
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    I'm currently on a playthrough with this mod and it's excellent, I love the visual changes of various NPCs!
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