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TSL Jedi Items +

90SK - VarsityPuppet - DarthDarkus - Kaidon Jorn - SithSpectre


  • This is an expansion for Jedi robes and Jedi armors in TSL.
  • You can choose one option for each of the armor or robe types
  • This will replace the Jedi master robe, Padawan robe, Jal Shey armors, armored flight suit, and Star Forge robe.
  • All the new items have icons, male and female skins, and stats.
  • Main Square merchant sells new item type with seven or more new items
  • Multiple options for the Jedi item types included in the archive.
  • The default Jal Shey items will have new appearances.
  • The items will work with your old saves.




-To Install, Choose up to one of each type of armor, and then copy mod files from archive to Override in your SKotORII directory.

-To uninstall, remove the mod files from your Override folder.



Please note that the Armored Flight Suit replacements will change the merchant on Onderon, to a new merchant and inventory. It shouldn't affect escaping Onderon.

This mod is best used with new game or relatively early game (before Dxun)





This mod does a number of things:


  • It will offer replacement types for the Jedi Items (JS/ZS armors, robes types 1 & 2, armored flight suit, and Rakatan cloak)


  • Flight Suit Armors/Jedi Heavy Armors (giveitem jediheavy25 - jediheavy34) are all sold by the Main Square merchant on Onderon.


  • The Star Forge Robe (giveitem deluxe) is in Vogga's treasure chamber.


  • The Ubese Environment Suit is now a Ubese Disguise, (giveitem a_light_11) and is in random loot system.


  • JS/ZS Armors have four types you can choose one of, DarthDarkus' Robes, Tunics, Bandon Armors, or Cloaked Heavy Armors


  • Padawan robe replacement options (not pictured) are Jedi Master Robes, Cloaked KotOR 1 type, and Bastila Tunics.


  • Additional details are still accurate for the replacements, but for Version 4.0 I have split up the archive so you can choose what to install. 



Additional Details:



  • Gegorann is replaced with a new merchant for Flight Suit Replacements. This new merchant sells cloaked heavy armors, armor, stims, and crystals.
  • Khoonda militia armor now has an icon and item code, "giveitem khoonda_armor" 6/18 included with Flight Suit Replacement merchant and added description
  • The Jal Shey armors have two new items and five types you can replace them with.
  • "giveitem a_robe_26" (Darth Malak's Armor) has been added to Korriban
  • Includes VarsityPuppet's collar fix for Jedi Master robes and updated skins
  • There is a Player Only Star Forge Robe on Nar Shaddaa, and 303han.dlg is modified in this mod, to add a spawn script for a treasure box in Vogga's chamber. 6/18 added description 
  • "giveitem a_light_11" (Ubese Environment Suit) has been modified to give the Ubese appearance disguise, including a new icon for the item.






If you have installed Hoodless/Flowing Revan Robes, this mod will not work. 

This mod is not compatible with Loot and Immersion Upgrade.

Since there are limited appearance slots, generally this mod should be used without additional appeareance/robe item mods installed, and that includes my own appearance mods.

  • This mod includes an M (Jal Shey/Zeison Sha) Class replacement. (Darth Bandon armor items)
  • This mod includes a K (Armored flight suit item) class replacement (Heavy Armor Cloak items)
  • This mod includes a N (Jedi master robe) class replacement (VP's Collar fix and new skins)
  • This mod includes a J type item (Rakatan Cloak) that relies on the default J model (giveitem deluxe)
  • This mod replaces 303han.dlg (first conversation between Vogga and Hanharr) (adds spawnscript)
  • This mod replaces npc_gegorran.utc (Onderon Square Merchant default UTC file) (New character)

Movie-Style Jedi Master Robes 1.5 is fine if you install it after this one. It will replace part of this mod, but they should be compatible. 

DarthDarkus/Kaidon Jorn armored robes are compatible if you install it after this one.



Update 6/18: I will add more screenshots of the additional skins for this update, but basically, the replacements will patch into Override and replace the items in your old saves. So you should be able to see changes to the items right away. You won't be able to install more than one of each type of replacement for each armor type.

Update 6/28: Improved details, additional sf robe option added, fixed some items like g_i_cermshield and a_robe_26 ds restriction has been lifted

Please do not reupload this mod anywhere or in any way.

Contact 90SK on DeadlyStream.com for info, questions, or comments. 


This mod is as-is content and not supported by Obsidian, Bioware, or LucasArts. It is meant for personal use only and at users own risk. The devlopers of KOTOR and the author are not responsible for your computer or what you choose to do with it.


What's New in Version 07/03/2020 12:17 PM   See changelog



TSL Jedi Items + 4.0.7

  • The Malak's ZS armor item can now be found in the Korriban Academy (thanks to MVacc224 for original placement)
  • I broke up the archive into separate folders so you can choose what to install.
  • New armored flight suit items will be sold by Onderon merchant, there are seven or more of them, and three options for model variation. 
  • Jal Shey/Zeison Sha armors have five variations for replacement option, and two new items have been added
  • These replacements can be switched mid-game, and I have categorized the skins by armor type.


  • I created a new variation of the Star Forge Robe based on art of the Exile, included as an option for Vogga's treasure item.
  • The Baragwin Flex Armor option has been added for Vogga's Treasure item
  • Old armored flight suit items will now be electromesh armors in your old saves.
  • Added descriptions to Sun Guard armor and Dark Jedi Armor, and fixed several skin glitches here and there.
  • The option for encounter at end of Onderon is available with the Swoop Exosuit item and description
  • Electromesh ZS armor is now an option for Vogga treasure item
  • Tunics for Padawan robes are now an option


Patched Baseitems.2da (Force Restrictions)

  • You Must install this either before other mods like duplisaber/high quality blasters, or simply reinstall those mods after using this patch. 
  • Lifts Force Restrictions on the Armored Flight Suit



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