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    I'm not an expert on the ins and outs of what's been occurring, but speaking from that somewhat outside perspective, this entire conundrum seems farcical. I understand that there may be annoyance about why such a popular mod as TSLRCM needed to be removed over something seemingly so minor. Indeed, since I think rules against porting are something of an antiquated defense against anti-modder thinking which has by-and-large passed with the years (certainly so for games so old as these), I might even be counted among those annoyed that this rule is being applied at all. Yet the rule against porting is still just that: a rule. Unless one wishes to forego all modding conventions and standards of behavior, it should be followed unless and until it's removed; no modder here would appreciate me uploading their mods elsewhere without permission or authorial attribution, and it's the rules and standards of the community which offer such protections. You take the good with the bad. But the complete lack of dialogue and progress since the removal occurred is both striking and, in my view, unjustifiable. Although the mod is available on ModDB and the Workshop, not all users are aware of the former archive and not all users have access to (or the desire to use) the latter. Moreover, there's been incredible confusion among the broader community about whether or not the new version will be just the audio fix or include other minor changes which might need to be tested for. I've had to put the testing of the new mod builds off for months in the hopes that the new version would be released in time for testing--but it hasn't been. No word, no progress, no indication of anything about the new version. And, worse still, no indication of whether this is a matter of intransigence or simple slow progress. People rely on TSLRCM, and I, at least, rely on transparency to do the work which I do, to know if I have to account for mod updates. This fix, by all rights, should be minor. The work of splicing necessary audio, so far as I've seen, has already been done. That leads me to the conclusion that intransigence is the problem, not slow work. To which I must ask: why? If the concern is one of porting, a real stance that it should be allowed, then a discussion on the matter should have begun over a month ago. But if it's simple bull-headedness over TSLRCM itself having the rules enforced against it, I can't see a way to conscience such a stance. I would love to have it explained to me.
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    Administrators are the online equivalent of the Police. The Police are supposed to prevent crime and punish people who have broken the law, same things apply here. The Administrator is to prevent online chaos and punish people who have broken the site rules. In this case, TSLRCM is a car that has driven at 100 in a 60 zone and the driver Zybl2 and his passenger Hassat Hunter are really famous Hollywood celebrities. In real life, the Police should give the person driving a ticket and possibly inflict a punishment related to the driver's license. If Sith Holocron didn't remove TSLRCM it would be the equivalent of the Police Officer betraying his duty as a Police Officer and pretending it didn't happen because Zybl2 and Hassat Hunter are famous celebrities. But because Sith Holocron is a good Administrator he has taken TSLRCM down like he is supposed to do regardless of his feelings towards it. (I apologize if that made no sense. Law enforcement when it comes to speeding is different in other countries so I reduced it to being very simple) When M4-78 updates it will include new features which are currently being beta tested but TSLRCM has no real excuse as to why it's delayed is taking so long since all the new stuff going into 1.8.6 is the new credits and possibly a VO correction. One can assume Zybl2 and Hassat Hunter want to release both mods at the same time.
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    Viewer: Is this legal? Apeiron: [Persuade/Lie]Yes...it's legal...because it's free. Viewer: It's free? Apeiron: [Persuade/Lie]Yes...it's free. But please give us your credits. Viewer: I just thought you said this was free? Does free necessarily mean legal? Are you just trying to take my money? HK-47: Observation: Master, these meatbags aren't taking the bait. We'll have to get their credits the "old-fashioned" way. Charging blasters.
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    Might I suggest starting with a smaller project first? That way you can develop the requisite skills in order to bring larger projects to life. Most larger modding projects end up never getting finished (or are finished in a sub optimal state). By taking the time to work on a few smaller projects (adding items, NPCs, ect...) you will have a better understanding of what is needed to successfully pursue your larger scope projects. Obviously, I do not want to dissuade you from trying, but I have seen a great deal of modding projects remain incomplete due to the lack of cohesive fundamentals.
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    Read it all Fair Strides. I get the feeling that all the things that happened with your family, is catching up. You say you supress the feelings and emotions. This takes a ton of energy. I'm not blaming you, what I get from your story is you had to grow up FAST. Decide major things that have a serious impact on your life. It's far from odd you have these on and off periods. Feeling tired by it all. And not sure what to do about it. I think writing this out in a blog is a good step. You can let it out, doesn't matter if it's a bit cluttered or rambling on. At least you let it out and it can give you some insight on what's going on in your head. I admire it, it's brave to start digging in yourself. Though it does take time and you should take your time. Take time, but also take good care for yourself, keep eating and drinking at the right times, you can feel very tired and worn out, by not eating enough and not drinking, causes headaches... ect, hold on to some structure. Could write a whole lot more, but I got the feeling I would be talking to much about myself here; I've gone through difficult periods myself, about myself. Still fighting with it at times. But I don't want to take away your "thunder". Feel free to PM me anytime; I don't think I can help much, but you got my ear
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    I agree with both comments here. I get that choosing and cutting the new credits music takes some time especially if one is busy with real life etc. But it really shouldn't take TWO MONTHS. So the only logical reason why these mods haven't been brought back is that the authors are working on a bigger update with some new fixes/content and don't want to release a minor version for the music fixes. That'd be completely understandable but from Hassat Hunter's posts it seems pretty clear that no such update is in the works. Which leaves only one implication for me: The authors are sulky that someone removed their mod and that they have to obey the rules, so they "punish" us by not bringing the mod back. I'm NOT saying that this is what's actually going on but it's the impression I get and since we aren't told what's actually going on, that's all I have. And even though I know that it's only an impression, it sadly still lessens my opinion of the mod authors :/ So I really hope that this all gets resolved soon with the mods being re-uploaded to this site and ideally a short statement on what went on during their down time.
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    I think he's gonna look just fine
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    1. I'd love for there to be a way for at least Kaah to survive the sith assassins. 2. The ending was kind of abrupt and unfulfilling and I actually thought something was broken for a moment. 3. Black market droid worked fine for me, perhaps because I didn't interact with it until after fixing the radiation leak? 4. 'Deadly Upgrade' could not be completed on my own, I had to fetch CS-28 for it to complete. 5. Found the sound mixing to be quite annoying with some voices quite loud and some whisper quiet. 6. Found the Industrial Sector much less laggy but still had a strange bug where it would freeze for a moment then fast forward for a few seconds. 7. Some of the Sith assassins don't become aggressive and remain standing around after the fight. 8. Atton acts like he isn't a Jedi in the intro(Provided you made him one). 9. I get Bao-Dur's shield breaking allowing you to sequence break into the environment zone, But why not your Lightsaber? 10. Never had a problem entering the Enviro-Zone with party memners. 11. Never got the fixing droid quest, perhaps because I progressed too far? On a similar note, I never returned to Telos right after the academy; Instead doing so before/after completing M4-78 and now Telos is messed up with Grenn missing and me being told to wait for Grenn to arrest me again among other things. 12. Found the teleporting to get thru the radiation leak stuff to be kind of jarring but understand the limits. Shame the 'teleport-via-map' from K1 was never implemented... 13. Lip flaps for Kaah and Vash are broken. 14. Part of me wishes I could take all 3 droids to deal with the radiation.
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    Not really a "hate"-hate, but I find some of the voice acting is rather uneven. Starting with robtic filtering that is way too strong, so much it warps the character's voice when they speak, having no filtering at all for some lines, like IS-43's system overload warning for example. Some of the lines are way too quiet, such as the Escort Droid's. Other times it's simply the writing, making them speak in a fashion that is way too humanized, or not using the proper words. I've seen too few instances of "organics" or "sentients", but that might just be me. Speaking of Escort Droid, it seems he can only take you forward to the manufacturing part of the industrial zone, but won't take you back to his initial post in that zone, only to the Archon, Back to Central, or the Enviro Zone's locations. Also, it would be prudent to also add him to the maintenance area of the Industrial Zone, as currently the fastest way to get there is to warp to manufacturing and go back into maintenance from there, as the alternative is to leg it all the way through the long reactor corridor. A glitch can also occur when multiple copies of I1-02 will spawn in the small diagnostic shed in the industrial zone, and play the same diagnostic cutscene with the droid there, way past the point of the plot when it was supposed to happen. The doors leading further into the Industrial Zone, and in the Environmental Zone cannot be crossed until their canned animation finishes. It seems the script keeps the invisible wall and the interaction reticle in place until that is done. The infamous crash when entering the Enviro Zone with party members is still present, so many years after the initial report, and can only be circumvented by going in solo and re-adding the party once there. Some of the droids later on still have their wallhack abilities and can shoot you through the walls, without any way to fight back until the door opens. Some quests like the Fixing Droids or Deadly Upgrade seem to be unable to be completed, either due to glitches in the script because the player skips a step in the quest log chain, such as not informing the droid in the Central Zone that they found the War Droid with the illegal upgrade installed and simply went on to destroy him and bring back the part, which in theory should complete the quest, but the journal entry is stuck on "inform the droid" entry, or because the item necessary to fix a droid, namely the Central Droid Processor, doesn't spawn at all, apparently because the main plot progressed too far. That's what I spotted during my latest run through the place, at least.
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    It will! I am SO excited of this movie! To @UnusualCharacters and @Mellowtron11, you guys are fantastic in the trailer!
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    Yup, I ported that for the movie. Those are the master robes from K2. Yce wanted Vrook to wear the same robes he wore in his films. That's not really in releasable condition - I don't remember if his cape even animated. I'm working on a proper robe port now, however.
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    I like your ideas on where to find these holocrons and generally I'd really like to see them restored. However I think that they should not grant Force Crush and Force Enlightenment but new powers as those are endgame powers in my eyes that shouldn't be available early in the game. I didn't like getting them from the Jedi Temple mod either. The other issue I see is that your idea doesn't rely on the Disciple at all. There doesn't seem to be a story/quest related to him trying to find the holocrons. Instead it's just the player randomly finding them and if the DIsciple happens to be around he gets a force power too. I think there should be more to it somehow.
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    I feel suddenly compelled to *hit* that like button! But yeah, I have to agree with your last 4 points. I often shy away from providing feedback, which is hypocritical of me, since I really enjoy/appreciate/want, but it would be neat to see the community react more to modders' content. On a side note, I was reading an article about the stress and harassment, forum and other internet Admins go through as they deal with various people and the toll that can have on them. Some quit, or in a few cases get banned because of how fed up they've become with people. So thanks for sticking around so long, I know we haven't seen eye-to-eye on several things, but I appreciate your presence/role in the community.
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    Absolutely. I always enjoy your spell-checking. Who knows, maybe they are guarding Imperial hangers. They have to put all those uniforms somewhere when they're not in use, after all.
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    Now you can hear how version 1 (The Fate of Bao-Dur (Death on Telos)) might play out. Like and/or leave comments.
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    Filter test #1 sounds more like Goto. Do you reckon you could say one of goto's original lines and apply a Goto filter to them to see if you sound similar to Goto by any chance?
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    How about this? Filter Test #1 The "Before" section has no filter on the lines. The "After" is the first test filter as suggested over on Reddit. Setting in Goldwave were the following.
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    The changes are in large part happening because for the last 6 years or so, there has ( a ) been a sharp decline of use of individual sections of LF, and ( b ) a fairly regular crop of threads complaining that LF is dying. One of the reasons for this sense of emptiness has been the sheer number of forums for different games, each of which has a general forum, a modding forum, a debate forum, etc., each with perhaps only 2-3 members using them (or slightly more, in the case of Ahto, but still not a huge number). It was largely redundant, and with the role of forums like LF as places for specific games has largely died off in favour of platforms like reddit, and with the death of LA, the time was ripe to close down redundant sections and concentrate the remaining member base in a place where they can and hopefully will actually interact with one another. When it comes to nothing being explained, the explanation is right there on page one of this thread - a thread you yourself have posted in. This has been floated before as an idea a couple of times, and that thread dates to well before this process began giving an outline of what was planned. To be frank, it seems to me that if you had objections that was the time to make them known, not now that the process has already been started. If you don't know who Lynk is, he's been around for long enough at LF, and has been fairly active in Ahto since at least 2010. I don't know how you can have missed him, really. From what I recall he was involved in introducing badges and setting up the TOR subsite. I'm sorry, I don't get the issue here. Oh, and speaking as another person who arrived on LF in the mid 2000s, we really aren't long-term users. There are people there who have been members since 1999. We're latecomers to the party by a long chalk, IMO.
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    You need to pick up your copycat game by changing your avatar to a picture of an Exile in a black t-shirt shrugging. It could still have the Mythosaur logo on it. Tsk, tsk. That's what you get for being a dirty local string user and not properly appending new strings to the TLK.
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    Safe travels, look forward to blog #101 "Another Happy Landing." On a side note, funny to see 2 of the three people in the example screenshot commenting.
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    Well, as this is 1.5 we're talking about and I did Beta test 1.5 and know about the previous versions I think it'd be best to leave my opinion on M4-78. First of all, Zybl revamped the intro to Korriban on the Hangar platform to use cut Atton lines from the E3 Demo instead of the spliced lines of 1.2 and before. While most of those splices where pretty bad *cough* HK-47 *cough* I felt some lines where remarkably good such as the one with Kreia where she says "Droids gather while we wait here" was absolutely well done it sounded completely natural, the only way someone could guess it was a splice was because the line "Our enemies gather while we wait here" is so iconic. Most of them have been removed except for, you guessed it, the HK splices I hate. The Atton lines are alright though they do sound a bit awkward and Atton does say "you should keep your Lightsaber up or do whatever you Jedi do in these situations" despite the fact you may not have a Lightsaber. In previous versions, the player would have to play as either Goto, T3 or HK through the radiation sometimes walking long distances to get to a location. To make the walking less like torture an optional sidequest was added in and was odd in the fact you got the quest from one foreman droid but depending on who your character was whether it be T3, HK or Goto this one Foreman droid would have an entirely different purpose, personality and sidequest with a different plot but same overall pacing. For HK this foreman droid was an off-world assassin droid hunting down a specific droid, for T3 it was a droid tracking down a computer virus intent on destroying the archon M4-78 and for Goto is was some sort of package retrieval mission. At some point, you'd be stopped by three police droids who question your droid over the deaths of recent droids (2 droids or more depending if you did the optional sidequest) and they'd put your droids arrest on hold until they fixed the radiation leak. Once the Exile arrives on the planet the Exile can destroy the police droids once they threaten to arrest him/her for refusing to hand over the droids. All of this was removed in favour of a teleportation transport system to make the radiation section quick, the teleportation is, in my opinion, would be better if it showed your droid move away and then teleport to give that immersion that your droid did move away instead of being teleported. While that filler sidequest is good for being removed I felt those Police droids should have stayed, Zybl2 actually forgot to remove the police droids 100% last time I played the mod which may have been the late Beta/first release of 1.5. Just before you fix the radiation backtrack a bit and you should be able to find the Police droids and approach them from behind. On top of turning the industrial zone into 2 sections to reduce lag the actual research centre part has been severely downgraded lacking lots of the droids and placeables from the earlier version making it feel empty and incomplete, while I can understand they are the cause of the lag I felt that downgrading the level severely was somewhat uncalled for, cutting down was inevitable though I felt they went a bit too far. Not that I'm complaining about my less laggy experience though. The new ending is kinda weird, and by weird, I feel it is bugged. You can go to the environmental zone first, fight the droids and convince Kaah to help you get to industrial archon to reach M4-78. I'm loving the freedom of choice with that though of course, this method is somewhat hidden (You need to use Bao Dur's shield breaker to break into the environmental zone). What I don't like is how Darth Sion on Korriban is tracking the Exile as he does on Malachor in cut content with the meditation and the hologram (Which is broken for females). On Malachor he says 'prepare my ship, I'll attend to this myself' but here he instead sends the Sith Assassins. The Sith Assassins, with basic attack and no force powers, kill Kaah and Vash in an ambush and once this ambushed has happened I fell that is where M4-78 ends. I much preferred the original ending as it felt more... like an actual ending and it had an actual resolution with M4-78 and the droids as well as Kaah and Vash in a believable way. Not that the new ending can't be bug fixed and enhanced, however. For 1.5 that's all I can think of. For M4-78, in general, I dislike the infinite medical equipment droid merchant and the inconsistencies with the environmental zone droids.
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    It really depends on what modders want to do with the character as they are only limited by their ability and their imagination. If Vash was recast, who's to say that she'd even want to go Dantooine? It might even be a modder's favor for her not to want to go to Dantooine as the other Jedi Masters do not acknowledge her being there at any point in the Rebuilt Jedi Academy discussion. Let's look at few things that could be done - and folks could add items below as they occur to them. Continue the discussion on Force Bonds that currently exists in the game disc files? Would knowing more about the Force Bonds be of interest to a player? Have lengthier discussions with Vash on the nature of their player's current alignment? Perhaps Vash might offer an apology (on her own behalf that is, not the Council's) for throwing the Exile out of the Order? Expanded training montage? Could Vash have additional feedback on the Masters that the Exile has encountered already? Additional comments branching off of whether your Exile spared them or attacked them? How about some more information on what she did on the planet? She has to have more information on the nature of planet of M4-78. Assuming we're talking about a version of a mod that includes Kaah, then she was standing right next to her hacker padawan having things explained to her. Her (relatively) calm outlook compared to Kaah's might offer different outlooks on M4-78 as a whole. And perhaps the player could suggest to Vash what she could do next? Maybe tie Vash into other mods that aren't connected to M4-78 right now (i.e. Korriban Expansion, Vash being a resource to consult about those pesky missing Jedi Holocrons, having her pick up and train Kaevee, etc.)? And that's just off the top of my head.
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    I actually first mentioned it in the mod thread, so since VP never came asking for it, I assumed they were not interested in updating. If VP does want it, I'll happily send it over. [Edit]: As a followup, I just noticed I can now attatch files to posts, so have this. Stick this in the 105 folder of the peragus tweak folder, then run the TSLPatcher as normal. 105per.git
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    In your humble opinion, is this a good replacement for Harbinger texture above?
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    With my past modded-playthrough [currently I'm running an 80% vanilla texture PT particularly with Tatooine's decorations], I have been using the fan favorite's- multiple's "Old Republic Skin Overhaul - Tatooine v1.0" for both the interior and the exterior of this [the way I see it] amazing planet. Apologize that for now I can't provide an actual in-game screenshots from my end, as I don't have the mod installed currently but I have some which I have grabbed from the host: Images are hosted here For the skyboxes; I can't think of anything more fitting than Kexikus's "High Quality Skyboxes". Pure sheer quality For content related stuff you just can't miss VarsityPuppet's "Helena Shan Improvement", or you'll just ends-up mistaken her with another lady in the bar I think that's all I can think of regarding Tatooine's essential contents for now. 🤔 Hoping more references are coming your way! Edit: I'll let you know with an update if I manage to found some other stuffs on the way.
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    I can barely remember what happened yesterday, much less whenever that must have occurred.
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    Thanks @ebmar! It’s been mostly @Sith Holocron & myself since the beginning, but we’ve had some fantastic help along the way. @Jenko has been a great help for consulting when writing KOTOR scripts (and teaching me how to write them) and it’s thanks to @DarthParametric that Zekk has his wonderful head wound in this film.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that, eb. Can't say much about what you're going through other than it really sucks to lose the people you're closest to. I think you're making the right move to take the necessary time to detach and heal, away from screens. You're such a positive source of light here; to think that you're going through such a dark time is deeply saddening and I hope it's as brief as it can be. Good luck, brotha. Hope to have you back when you're able.
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    Notepad. Yeah. What DP said is the right process, but because 3ds Max is unreliable with KOTOR models that can cause some serious annoyances - one of the big problems is when you get a difference between what the game thinks is the pivot point and what your modeling program thinks is the pivot point, which skins are especially susceptible to. One particular failure of mine resulted in an eternally sad Malak. Rather than mess about with that, I find it easier to edit the ASCII file directly so you get a model that imports with most things working properly. That minimizes all the fussing around in the hierarchy too. Here is my procedure: Open your head from Game A ASCII in Notepad. Copy all the visible geometry from it (head and tongue skins, eye and teeth meshes, plus any extras like hair dangly meshes). Get a similar head from Game B. Remove all the visible geometry (same stuff as above). Export an ASCII file. Copy the geometry from step 2 to the ASCII from step 3 in Notepad. Use find and replace to make sure everything is parented to the right stuff (replacing the first model's name with the second's). Import into 3ds Max. Using the original head as a reference, make sure all the geometry is in the correct position. It seems that anything without a skin modifier won't necessarily go in place; for example, Malaks's eyes and teeth had to be moved. I usually look at the XYZ values and enter them, but if you want to mess around with the hierarchy you could delete them, import them from the original game ASCII, and put them back in place. Rename your model how you want it for the final time. Export. Convert to binary.
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    I was thinking he could have an ad something like this:
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    In TSLRCM the battle goes a lot differently than vanilla. For instance, most of your choices in preparation have an effect on the battle, unlike the bik. The battle in TSLRCM still has its flaws though, The Militia isn't so bad though. I just before the battle you can set squads inside, in front and behind Khoonda and they all work ok but it's the mercs that are flawed. For instance, when the Mercs rush across the bridge half the time they can glitch out and just stand idle on the bridge or even run through the river at times. The Mercs who do rush the bridge look like the ones in the Bik (Player Heads with Mask and rifles) but the Mercs you fight in the battle are Asian and Black Commoners with rifles and Double Bladed Vibroswords without masks. I do not feel this is a total waste of time: If DarthVarkor wants to make a special edition of his first movie perhaps he could edit the movie with scenes from TSLRCM and from the bik console.
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    Some additional information about this particular blog: this request is less about playing the game and more about using the game to make movies. That's the reason that the user would mostly need visual enhancements to the game. I hope that helps you out with making suggestions.
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    Good luck with this semester and your project!
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    I appreciate you and everything you do/have done for the community over the years SH.
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    Isn't the Czerka Base restored with Brotherhood of Shadows? Weren't apprentice Garrum and Jedi Master Tar'eelok already restored with K1R? And in this mod too?
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    Ouch, though. Is it also not kind of ironic that the sound of the new Star Wars movies isn't John Williams either?
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    Yeah, I know that about Belaya. Too bad the romantic subtext between Belaya and Juhani is more obvious only if you kill Juhani at the Grove. I made this post because in case there's anyone who wants hard evidence of Juhani being a lesbian, I could just share this post. I've actually seen someone (not from this site) who not only thought that Juhani is bisexual, but also went as far as saying that calling Juhani a lesbian is bisexual erasure. In cases like this, i'm afraid only hard evidence from in-game files is going to convince them that Juhani is a canon lesbian character.
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    If you haven't seen this video yet, I think you might like it here you go For Juhani. I love Juhani to bits, and I do share your feelings, being gay myself. By the way, representation is also important among Star Wars fans, as some people seem to think there are no gay Star Wars fans for some reason, so it's cool that you're open about it. Back to Juhani, I was so disappointed not to see her in the KotOR comics. I even wrote to John Jackson Miller about using gay characters, and I wasn't the only one, there was this kid asking the same thing at the back of issue 23. I think they chicken because they know their fan base. Hopefully one day, they all say, but things are changing just about everywhere else while we Star Wars fans, in 2017, are still waiting. Oh well, at least we have fan art and fan fictions and mods, can't take that away from us ❤️ If only I were half as dedicated as some of the big modders on this site, we'd already have a same-sex relationship mod with voiceovers and everything.
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    This is more of a "proof of concept" as I'm not quite satisfied yet with Mandalore. . . As you can see, the picture frames aren't the same size. This would be fixed in the final version, of course.
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    Very well done. Good thing they mostly used cutscenes for the trailer or that would've been a nightmare to create xD
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    Hey guys, here's my first rough cut of the KOTOR 1 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfKGgASfCNA THINGS TO CHANGE: - Apply a colour tint to the text to see what affect it has - Remove the BioWare logo at the start, replace LucasArts logo with one of the older Golden Guy ones. (I'm thinking of using the one from the start of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy) - Add the XBOX/PC format card at the end of the trailer - Include "Teen rating" card at the start of the trailer. I'll be starting work on these amendments later this week, any other suggestions are more than welcome!
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    VP: Sent out a PM to Kaydon Sentry, Yceman, and Darth Varkor yesterday. Hopefully, we'll see a response. Bead-V: Thanks for the trailer! Did they cut M4-78 out of that one?
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    It would take a bit of reworking. The "Sleeping Beauty" body doesn't even come close to having the proper neckline.
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    I think a hybrid with "evil Kreia" would look a lot better:
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    If they don't have anything to show, then why are they screaming for attention? Seriously, publicity can wait.
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    Want to be my new best friend
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    What your family (and your church) did to you was absolutely fucking despicable. To hell with them, you're an awesome dude and deserved better than that, but at least now you are away from those poisonous influences and you could be yourself and happy. I'm glad you and your boyfriend are back together and happy! Don't force yourself back into the modding scene if things are still trying to settle, just let it flow to you when you're ready.