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  1. Kreia

    Wrist-mounted flamethrower

    Not really a project, this was me 'playing'. I might even pick this up again at some point, but who knows.
  2. I'm late to the party but I'm happy I got to see this stuff Really like the idea of using game graphics to make a KotOR comic, possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing and good job.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to get my hands on the official Italian translation of dialog.tlk for both games. This is proving very difficult, so if anyone could share it or help me find it, I'd be grateful. It's my mother tongue, but I've never bothered to play the Italian edition because I know how much is lost in translation, and we're infamous for our adaptations. But as it happens, I'm writing about the games, in Italian, so I need to know the official Italian translation of things, as provided by Bioware and Obsidian.
  4. Found this in the youtube suggestions, he makes a lot of the same points we've been discussing, and he also mentions something about TLJ failing the "little kid test" which I thought was funny, and more about the movie not even having any consistency with its own logic.
  5. If you have the game, that scene is in the bink video 01g.bik, in the movie folder. Otherwise just google kotor swoop race crash, the video is on youtube.
  6. Well it's tough to get any more obvious than that, but personally I thought they were the only part of the movie that was actually amusing. It was put in because they needed a man to antagonize the woman in power, as it's been the case in Star Wars since... never. And clearly they decided that the only way you're gonna love the characters you're meant to love, is if everybody else is made to be unlikable. TLJ got the characters right? I can't reconcile that assertion with the movie I've seen. That's what I told myself the movie was about, but it's rather interesting how they picked and chose who was going to be part of that theme. And for Luke to be a part of it, I don't know that they needed to go as far as they did; Luke failed all the time in the OT, but it was all consistent to the kind of person that he is. Again, they're quite openly trying to kill the past, loot the place, and shoehorn their crap in. Quite on point actually, most of them. Even if that were a completely different person, that scene still would have made no sense. Waves hand, senses darkness, whips out lightsaber. That's not a story, that's a joke. I don't know about that, they're probably not that far away from one another.
  7. I think his appearance is wrong, lol, that's like a swoop racing suit, you see it on the main character if you crash. Other characters throughout the game have appearances that don't quite match with their dialog, that Sith on Korriban comes to mind, he calls you "human" as though he were an alien, but his appearance is human. Maybe they ran out of models and decided to just put him in a swoop racing suit, even though he's a mercenary. About the Zabrak, Zabrak is the name of the species, and Iridonia is a colony of theirs. Bao-dur is a Zabrak from Iridonia. Iridorians? Somebody apparently screwed up with that, might as well mod that character out of the game after the retcon, because now it just messes with Iridonian culture.
  8. Insert Leave Britney Alone meme. I am hurt every time somebody brings up Kotor when talking about TLJ. Luke never lost his connection to the Force, there's no parallel with the Exile whatsoever, and the Exile herself is not the first occurrence of someone giving up the Force. The Exile straight up did not feel the Force after Malachor, Kyle Katarn had to tap into the Valley of The Jedi to get his Force sensitivity back, Luke didn't have to do anything.
  9. A challenge easily won just looking at what movie does less damage. No one is going to tell you AOTC is a good movie, but it does less damage than TLJ, no question.
  10. He's a bit of an ass for calling Rose that, but I find myself agreeing with everything he said about the movie. I totally would have come to watch it, there was absolutely no need to continue the Skywalker saga, a lot of people have been asking for a non-Skywalker story set in the same universe. They're like sitting on a gold mine with all these years of expanded universe stories they could have adapted, but no, they had to throw it all away and do their own thing. The points addressed by those interviews are only a couple, and not terribly important as far as I'm concerned. Leia's Mary Poppins moment was kinda sloppy in its execution, but the Force power itself is called Alter Environment and we've seen it before, just not in the movies. Force illusions and Force ghosts interacting with the physical world, again not exactly new. About fans having each their own wishlist, I say that's got nothing to do with liking or not liking what they got, and some things like consistency aren't just entries on a wishlist, they're minimum requirements. That scene doesn't make any sense, it's inexplicable how all that would happen in one moment. Luke doesn't take the time to think about what he saw, doesn't question it, doesn't talk about it. No one deserves to know, the boy certainly doesn't deserve to know, doesn't even deserve to be awake when it happens, even though the boy has yet to do anything to earn a death sentence. Whatever it is he'll do, Luke has seen it, the boy has to die right the eff now. Nothing short of preposterous, for anyone, nevermind Luke.
  11. Hehe it's cool to see y’all’s faces. Here, have some struffoli, and happy holidays.
  12. Nothing can, there's no coming back. Pretty much agree Hassat Hunter, I hated all the characters. Space janitor Finn is as interesting in this movie as if he were mopping the floors the entire movie, he didn't even get to sacrifice himself, he's mostly a love interest for Rose, who of course risks her life and declares her love for this guy she just met, because why not. Holdo is the public service announcement for women in positions of power who get victimized by evil men with no respect for their authority, a way to take you back to our world and out of Star Wars, because that's what you want when you go see Star Wars. Kathleen Kennedy must be so proud. Gotta miss the old days when Mon Mothma and Princess Leia commanded respect and never had to play the victim. Yep, when I watched the prequels at first I was too amazed to put actual thought in them just yet, there was no such magic with TLJ, it's like I was watching it from the dentist's chair during an operation with no anesthesia. Her being OP is not so much the biggest problem as the time and effort it took her to get there, or lack thereof I should say. Then maybe I don't know what "mirror" means, because it sounds like more than just following the same formula. How about no thank you
  13. You say that that's what you see in it and I believe you, but to me this feels like you're looking at things way out of focus, you're blurring different things together to the point two guys look the same because they both have a head and two legs. Oh please don't I can't bare to hear Kotor2 and TLJ in the same sentence. Let me just point out that you never meet Revan in Kotor2, so whatever you're told about him are other people's accounts and opinions, not Revan's. And TLJ doesn't do that at all, you got Luke, he's there, he's just written badly.
  14. @DarthYcey Excuses for lazy writing. Writers of other cinematic universes also have to concern themselves with consistency, there's nothing uniquely difficult about writing SW. Easy, there are parallels you can draw, but I would argue that in most cases things are different enough to make the comparison far-fetched. Tomayto tomahto you might say, but string instruments also all look the same to some people, they're not the same to a musician though. The Star Forge is not a Death Star in that sense, they're space stations but that's all they have in common. Malak is not Vader, they have prosthetics that alter their voices, but that's all they have in common. Reaching.