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    You're asking if you can get the mod's content without using the mod?
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    Everyone: "Oh goodie, JCarter426 uploaded another mod! I wonder what flawless, innovative, 10/10 mod he has graced us with this time JCarter426: "IsLaM iS mY aUtHoRiTy!"
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    Good day. This is in the plans.
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    There has been an awakening......in KotOR Ep. VII mods!
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    The Republic Armor looks amazing. Would you evert consider doing Republic Helmets and Sith Armor so both Armies look as sexy as Trask?
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    But you'd have to stop modding K1 and actually play TSL first to get any use out of it.
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    In an attempt to save this mod... here are some REAL instructions It's actually very easy so don't freak out Let me start by saying, the file that he calls "Part 10" is actually named "TELOS Extract Manually". Yes, the one without all caps is part 10 1) First up, you will need a program that the author clearly believes everyone should know about for some reason... I certainly hadn't heard about it until now Called XnView. Download it from here https://www.xnview.com/en/ We won't use it 'til the later steps, we're just getting this out of the way now. Don't worry, it's less steps now than the initial instructions make it seem. I assume thats for an older version 2) Download all RARs from here 3) Extract the two RARs called "EXTRACT MANUALLY" and "TELOS Extract Manually" (this second one is "part10") and manually copy or move all their contents into KotOR II's "Override" folder Yes, we're doing part 10 out of order. It's easier for us this way as these are the only two folders out of the bunch that we can handle like this. This is only because the author obviously forgot to add it in the initial upload 4) Now, Extract the contents of parts 1 through to part 11 (with part 10 missing obviously as we've already done that) INTO A SINGLE FOLDER! What I mean by that is, don't just make a folder with the folders inside for "TELOS Part 1", "TELOS Part 2" etc. All the contents from each RAR need to be in the same single folder. Note: For some reason, when doing this, there was a file or two that needed to be overwritten. I'm assuming this due to some sort of update the author made 5) Now we're moving on to the XnView stuff. Open any one of the extracted files i this new folder we've made with XnView For me, it opened full screen for some reason so if that happens for you, just press escape. You should now see all the files in the folder in a viewing window within XnView 6) Select all the files by pressing Ctrl+A 7) With all files selected, go to Tools > Batch Convert 8 ) Set the output folder to KotOR II's "Override" folder and press "Convert" on the bottom right of the window DONE. Enjoy! Avs
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    Direct Kolto injection. That is going to sting.
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    The original version where InSidious got him to smile for the photo was way more creepy....
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    Nice work. I'm glad somebody still cares about lowend PC players!
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    Had I realized what this actually was, I would have nominated and voted for this as mod of the year, a joint effort from you and Quanon
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    Could we potentially get a version with a static background maybe? I love the background that the portrait has at the moment, but it doesn't quite match the typical pastel colored scheme that allot of other portrait mods/reskin mods have is all... not that it takes away from the mod at all or anything
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    To be fair, Squinquargesimus was his city name that was given to him as part of the refugee processing process. Great mod, def will have a permanent place in my override.
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    is there a vid so we can see animation in action before downloading?
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    Looks phenomenal! Any chance of a similar mod being added to Kotor 2? Cheers!
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    I have to say that I like the idea of the mod, but it just destroys the vanilla atmosphere in my opinion. I don't want to buy 2 mantles of the force of the force from a fish seller on Manaan and there are certainly not 20 battle armors of Cassus Fett. Other traders become useless with this mod, for example the one on Korriban with the exclusive stuff. Why should I buy that +5 glove from him if I can get it cheaper from a pazaak player on Tatooine. I ended up removing this mod, even though I really like the concept, if it only was better balanced.
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    A vast improvement over the vanilla KOTOR skyboxes, Kexikus. This collection of KOTOR skyboxes felt vibrant and more alive. Manaan's underwater research facility's sunlight through the water was a subtle and interesting touch. Korriban felt like an old, dusty place of extreme evil belied by the calming twilight of its sun and the expansiveness of its mountain ranges that impress a beautifully desolate world. There were what looked like recycled rudimentary cloud designs between Dantooine and Korriban which I thought seemed statical amid the rest of their environments. I admire your work - and something I think could make you even better is observing how detail and pattern can create dynamic skyboxes from static textures like in Xarwarz's Dantooine 2012 (illusion of movement) and Vurt's Exterior Textures part 2 mod (depth through pattern), respectively. You're giving me another reason to do another tour through KOTOR! Keep on keepin' on!
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    Can I just say that this is the best quote I think anyone has ever given me?
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    I can tell you enjoyed this...this station is a close fit for the mass effect citadel it shows in your work. Think you can mod the whole game? This is the best looking one so far...keep it going
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    It's hard looking at the other t units after installing this mod, nice work!
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    Awed Statement: Wow. That is amazing. Definitely another to add to my download collection. I love it even before installing it. Strong Opinion: This is definitely worth downloading and using.
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    People may say this ruins the balance of the game, but I say who cares?! And really, that only works in a non-SW sense. If armor actually restricted one's ability to use the Force, how is Darth Vader, who's so much machine, able to do all that he does? Or in KotOR 1, you battle Darth Bandon who uses all these supposedly restricted by armor Force powers, then when you defeat him and take his armor, you somehow aren't able to use the exact same powers he was using not a minute earlier! This mod was AWESOME!!! There are only so many times you can wear the unrestricting Jedi robes or the Jal Shey armor before it get's boring. How nice it was to be able to use the Force while wearing awesome looking armor!
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    To add, I am experiencing the exact same Dxun no cutscenes Issue. I've attached the install logs from my original playthrough w/ ~130 other mods, and the recent install log from today with only TSLRCM and M4-78ep, and HQ skyboxes. Although, from reading the above conversation, it looks like these warnings are all normal. Followed the uninstall instructions in the readme, and that did not help (maybe I missed a file, maybe it's not supposed to help. Idk) Did a complete uninstall of the game. Loaded a save from dxun, the cutscenes played fine. Installed TSLRCM 1.8.6, tested, everything was fine. M4-78ep installed, tested, everything fine. HQ Skyboxes installed third, no cutscenes. Was also unable to interact with the computer terminal for the droids on the crashed ship. I could loot bodies, talk to companions, and go through combat fine. I was able to play through Peragus/Telos/Nar Shaddaa without any issues. I think it may just be the first area on Dxun affected. Just went to the next module in the Dxun jungle and did get cutscenes and escorted to the base. 12-19HQSB2installlog.rtf installlog.rtf
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    Bruh why his head green
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    It only applies once, when picking the lock it's used on. It's not on a timer like Force powers and shields.
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    I was having the same issue - renaming the two files w_ionrfl_04.mdl and w_ionrfl_04.mdx to w_ionrfl_004.mdl and w_ionrfl_004.mdx (like all the other ones) seems to solve the problem
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    That looks absolutely incredible. Great job!
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    If you extract the vanilla TPCs instead of converting them to TGAs, you won't need to worry about creating TXIs as the info is embedded in the TPC file.
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    Nice. Honestly glad that somebody else took the screens and redid this mod, because chances are they have a better PC than the one I got, hahaha. Time to stick my old version in the nearest trash compactor.
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    I could re package a zip with folders labeled for their location/type. Give me a while to do this and I may release a separate mod for it.
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    Fantastic work!! This is my favorite type of reskin; you certainly know your way around a texture!
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    "Into the garbage-chute, g flyboy!"
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    Btw, I voted for your mod on the MOTY lists.
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    Wow, this is just what I was looking for
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    Cooooollll!!!!! Yes, I am NOT OCD about much of anything...except for when there are doors that cannot be opened... so YAY!!! "Not much..." Maybe, but this could be a good launching point for future modders running out of places for special/modded item drops
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    I'm playing KoTOR 1&2 for the 1st time ever, a little late I know, but I hope their worth it, and as an experienced game player I know that Mods don't have to spoil games, but instead Improve games to be there absolute best, so before I play them, I've decided to get a few small mods that improve the look and feel of the game, without changing the story or gameplay, and out of the dozen I've seen so far, this is by far the most beautiful and polished, IMO, as such, I hope using this Mod will make my 1st time through the game even more Amazing, thank you for your hard work on making a dated game more Enjoyable
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    Can there be a TSL patcher for this?
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    Sorry to double post, but my solution was incomplete it seems. The menu works, but I can't select a color after I select a hilt, so the mod is still unusable.
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    A horribly made review for this mod xD
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    Great job mate! Can't wait for another mods.
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    This is beyond great! I hope you make HD skins for all party members!
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    Opinion: Much better than the bland uninteresting look of the original textures. I will be downloading this too. As soon as this site allows me to download again.
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    Thanks, Kreia is added to my list! If you want to stay tuned about the project visit this mod's developement thread:)
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    Folks, I have been concentrating more on the suggestions than the compliments. That's unacceptable. Thanks for your kind words, everyone.