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    Read it all Fair Strides. I get the feeling that all the things that happened with your family, is catching up. You say you supress the feelings and emotions. This takes a ton of energy. I'm not blaming you, what I get from your story is you had to grow up FAST. Decide major things that have a serious impact on your life. It's far from odd you have these on and off periods. Feeling tired by it all. And not sure what to do about it. I think writing this out in a blog is a good step. You can let it out, doesn't matter if it's a bit cluttered or rambling on. At least you let it out and it can give you some insight on what's going on in your head. I admire it, it's brave to start digging in yourself. Though it does take time and you should take your time. Take time, but also take good care for yourself, keep eating and drinking at the right times, you can feel very tired and worn out, by not eating enough and not drinking, causes headaches... ect, hold on to some structure. Could write a whole lot more, but I got the feeling I would be talking to much about myself here; I've gone through difficult periods myself, about myself. Still fighting with it at times. But I don't want to take away your "thunder". Feel free to PM me anytime; I don't think I can help much, but you got my ear
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    I think he's gonna look just fine
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    It will! I am SO excited of this movie! To @UnusualCharacters and @Mellowtron11, you guys are fantastic in the trailer!
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    I feel suddenly compelled to *hit* that like button! But yeah, I have to agree with your last 4 points. I often shy away from providing feedback, which is hypocritical of me, since I really enjoy/appreciate/want, but it would be neat to see the community react more to modders' content. On a side note, I was reading an article about the stress and harassment, forum and other internet Admins go through as they deal with various people and the toll that can have on them. Some quit, or in a few cases get banned because of how fed up they've become with people. So thanks for sticking around so long, I know we haven't seen eye-to-eye on several things, but I appreciate your presence/role in the community.
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    Safe travels, look forward to blog #101 "Another Happy Landing." On a side note, funny to see 2 of the three people in the example screenshot commenting.
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    In my opinion, you should try to keep the appearances of areas and ships that appear in both K1 and TSL films the same in K1. It'd really come off as odd if you had an HD reskin for the Leviathan in K1 but had the Vanilla reskin TSL if you understand what I mean. I have trouble finding interior reskins for the Hawk myself so I won't be able to provide one of those but I will provide a mod that may help with actually filming the movie inside the Ebon Hawk as well as an exterior. Exterior: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/915 Mod: In my opinion, Xarwarz reskins of Dantooine are terrible. Not trying to be rude to the mod author but his work on Dantooine in both the 2012 and OTE have obvious problems with them. The grass in the 2012 reskin has this grass which is just a close-up shot of real life grass which, when added into the Kotor game, doesn't really work as it doesn't look like grass at all it looks more like a 2D picture which was meant to be a 3D picture which results in this ugly unnatural feel to the whole planet (his Telos reskins also had this issue with the grass and it was even used in his latest movie which really ruined the scene up until the superb plot and acting redeemed all of it). The Dantooine OTE has the same problem except it swapped the grass with flowers which looks even worse. Similar issues appear in his Kashyyyk reskins where he used massive 2D leaves for the Shadowlands and on Korriban for god knows whatever reason he thought it'd be a good idea to make the Shyrack Cave metallic patterns instead of its normal stone. My personal favourite for Dantooine is the Old Republic Skin over. It may not be on the HD side but it definitely is on the quality side especially when it comes to the grass and the buildings, overall it is a really good improvement to the level. Its installation is modular so if you wanted just Dantooine you can install just Dantooine- https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/68?tab=files Or you could just use these mods. Definitely not on the HD side of things but it's far better than Xarwarz grass and it'd go along nicely with Kexikus' Green HQ Skybox mod- https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/906 and https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/911
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    Isn't the Czerka Base restored with Brotherhood of Shadows? Weren't apprentice Garrum and Jedi Master Tar'eelok already restored with K1R? And in this mod too?
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    Yeah, I know that about Belaya. Too bad the romantic subtext between Belaya and Juhani is more obvious only if you kill Juhani at the Grove. I made this post because in case there's anyone who wants hard evidence of Juhani being a lesbian, I could just share this post. I've actually seen someone (not from this site) who not only thought that Juhani is bisexual, but also went as far as saying that calling Juhani a lesbian is bisexual erasure. In cases like this, i'm afraid only hard evidence from in-game files is going to convince them that Juhani is a canon lesbian character.
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    Quanon has agreed to look into grabbing the remaining folks (G0-T0, Hanharr, T3-M4, HK-47, and Mandalore) so I might eventually be releasing a Portrait Pack with the pictures listed. I will not put a release date on this as I'm not going to rush Quanon at all. When it's done, you'll see it in the Download section. I was thinking about having T3-M4 utilizing a Peragus background, G0-T0 with his yacht as his background, and Mandalore having Dxun as his background. If you have particular locations withing those areas that would work well, I'm open to suggestions.
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    Very well done. Good thing they mostly used cutscenes for the trailer or that would've been a nightmare to create xD
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    Hey guys, here's my first rough cut of the KOTOR 1 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfKGgASfCNA THINGS TO CHANGE: - Apply a colour tint to the text to see what affect it has - Remove the BioWare logo at the start, replace LucasArts logo with one of the older Golden Guy ones. (I'm thinking of using the one from the start of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy) - Add the XBOX/PC format card at the end of the trailer - Include "Teen rating" card at the start of the trailer. I'll be starting work on these amendments later this week, any other suggestions are more than welcome!
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    I think what jc2 suggested is really important. The way I learned to script is by looking up how something I want to do is done somewhere else in the game. But sometimes particularly this issue got in the way, because sometimes things seemed like they just happened, so I didn't know where to look for the script. I learned eventually, but for the newbie, this is definitely important to cover. jc2, in short, scripts can be fired by: 1. events 2. dialogs 3. ExecuteScript() 4. some GUI events (the script is then listed in a .2da) I think this exhausts the different ways it can be fired. Correct me if I missed something! The first one needs a lot of comments, hopefully to be dealt with in the stream
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    I have very little time these days, as much as I'd like to be.
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    April 17th: The computer has been unplugged and its assorted cables and accessories sorted days ago. In mere minutes, the movers should arrive to start packing our belongings for the trip between Kodiak, AK to the U.S. East Coast.
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    This is a very interesting niche you've found in kotor modding. Despite the unlikelihood of downloading these myself, I find these publications and potential publications oddly alluring to follow and enjoyable to see accomplished. I am most definitely looking forward to seeing these released!
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    Wow, that sounds extra but pretty much get the picture here. Are there an example of mods/projects that practically done the aforementioned method? Anyway, as a friendly reminder; perhaps you could swap the word 'below' to 'above' to perfectly match the context. Many thanks for considering the latter!
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    Another mod for Peragus I use is Malkior's Maintenance Officer Realistic Reskin (https://deadlystream.com/files/file/165-maintenance-officer-realistic-reskin/) Re: the Peragus Tweak mod, there is a bug that the corpse of the Dock Officer does not show up in the dormitories. The bug doesn't stop you from progressing the game, but if you want to get the most out of Peragus you may want to take note of that. You can PM@sEcOnDbOuToFiNsAnItY for the fix.
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    My dear friend, your arrival on this community brought joy, passion and optimism. I appreciated your modding ideas and your positive attitude and kindness. I hope you will find soon strength again to return to us and help us all with your presence. I joined the others offering you my most sincere condolences for your loss.
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    I'm the producer? Damn, I better look at the credits to this thing! LOL
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    Wanted to drop by to say that you as the director and SH as the producer, along with the whole squad is doing an awesome work judging by the end-result of the movie. I see that you directed the movie really well; the pacing was good and the audio production is exceptional. Congratulations!
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    I will like it. 2 hours 28 minutes and 44 seconds? Damn, that's massive! So instead of watching it from YouTube I decided to download it from mega. 1 gig to go now... Update: It is done now. Have a nice weekend y'all!
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    My condolences on your loss.
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    While my experience isn't exactly the same as it's a machinima as apposed to a modding project, I can attest strongly to what SH has said: Voice actors should come as late in a project as possible.
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    That's one I probably wouldn't mind releasing eventually, though it still requires some touching up. I should note though that I didn't make the mask. It's from a very old mod by Silveredge9 & Quanon , though I don't know where it's hosted anymore. Nexus probably stole it, if you want to look there.
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    I lean towards replacing the in-game BIKs completely rather than merely extending them. As you pointed out, it enables to avoid the issues of assets you don't have access to and using any sound design and music that you wish to use. Seeing as you would be making a higher resolution (and larger) movie, not reusing any of the original materials to artificially extend the preexisting video is actually a bonus. I would cheer for new versions that make use of your current talents and the latest available tools.
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    Hahaha, I remember finding this years ago! The voice over by UnknownCharacters was well done! The filter (which bears repeating) was good as well!
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    No. Porting is related to assets. Dynamic day/night cycles are an engine feature, one that Odyssey doesn't support. There was thread some time back about trying to fake it via scripting a switch between different versions of the same module with different baked lighting, but it's an idea doomed to fail - too much effort involved (if it would even work at all). The same as any other skinned mesh, pretty much. The only difference is they split the mesh and the skeleton out into separate files. There's nothing special about the normal maps.They use the standard approach of storing X in the A and Y in the G channels (Z is calculated at runtime), then use the R and B channels to store various masks like emissive.
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    For the record, I don't speak French either. And that definitely was better than what we had. It's just the Bink videos weren't a very good way to show the battle from the start, which is why TSLRCM didn't use them... I recall somebody (probably Avellone, but I don't recall for certain) specifically blaming the Xbox for those videos. It just couldn't handle a battle of such scale - particularly in that area, I suspect, as it already has lag issues. I think the movie terminal in 603 was only in there because they had to replace the battle with those videos at the last minute and decided to leave it in there.
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    I think I have it all set up. I've recorded the footage without music, fiddled around with the sound levels, re-added the music, and made them into MP4 movies. Then I Binked them. Is this better than what we had?
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    That's the reason why you wouldn't want to play a mod like that but some people who like playing a male character (Me) would like Juhani to have some sort of good interaction besides whining and having a Jedi character. The only good thing Juhani offers is being a Jedi Party member and having the option to kill her in the grove to make way for Kay in the Recruitable Kay mod. I am not against homosexuals or anything like that but I wouldn't mind something that will actually motivate me to talk to her. Besides, a mod is a mod and you do not have to download and install a mod if you don't want to.
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    Party members on party selection screen aren't rendered in the game engine, but are shown by images. Po_channa3.tga is used for that. Also, for regular party member Channa I'd use Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords, as we haven't a party member portrait from Korriban. It is also worth remembering that Dark Hopa once made an HD texture of the Shadow.
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    Blue tint instead of the yellowy/gold one? Gotcha, I'll get round to that soon!
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    Here they both are: Non-graded version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y3nt__fNKY Colour graded version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPBfMIN__5I
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    I'd say give it a shot! Looks pretty darned good! Just one question though: it looks like most of the footage is basically the same as the original trailer. Any plans to add new footage?
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    This is NOT an elaborate April Fool's joke.
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    I like mine better - uploaded only 10 years ago.
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    JC2, you included a wrong screenshot. Also, a sidequest could be nice! But for Ferroh, you should find a person with a strong Slavic accent to voice him, as it's a Star Wars tradition for Cathar to sound like Poles or Russians who just started learning English.
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    It looks awesome. And Saul Karath's uniform on the first picture looks very similar to Dodonna's one, and note it has been seven years in Star Wars between KotOR comics and KotOR, so they could change the uniformem, and the second picture comes from an atlas, and Star Wars atlases aren't the best source of information, which Wookieepedia does not understand. One of the atlases, the one with Ian McDiarmid's speech, mentions Darth Nihilus on every single opportunity and does not mention Darth Revan even once. It is not necessarily a proof that you cannot trust in everything the atlases write, but I eman they're poorly written in some places, which doesn't mean they aren't good reminders when you need a piece of information, I mean it's always better to verify with other sources, which Wookieepedia doesn't not understand and makes a ton of retcons instead.
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    Yeah it's not just a retexture, it's basically a different face. The mesh has undergone some changes in the DS version, adding in additional polys, the vert positions for the nose/mouth/chin are altered quite significantly, and the UV map is completely different.
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    You seem to change avatars more often than I change pants. Looking at the girlies there, I am again reminded of how much better their 1st/intermediate DS transition faces look (sans veins). I wonder if I should make some sort of emo/goth girl mod.
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    And here's Bao-Dur. If you have questions or comments about these GIFs, ask them here. Do not ask about them in my other non-GIF related threads. (Thanks!)
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    Good you are on your own now. You do not have to conform to what you do not believe in. I am glad you broke out and are living a life of your own. It may be tough right now, but everything will turn for the better. Congrats on coming out and realizng who you are and not listening to people who will deny you for who you truly are. Live a good life, keep on modding, and most importantly keep on going on and be happy.
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    How heartbreaking I can't imagine how terrible it must feel to be rejected in such a way. I'm glad you found a system for support though. Hopefully your family will come around someday.
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    Disappointing about KotOR I. Never knew about C&C: Generals. I have that game on CD still. Interesting part about the 4 disc version of TSL. Thanks Xuul.
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    I'd say a successful mod is only for the mod author to choose. I believe they have the choice to think whether or not their mod is successful. Like they say. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Sure, there could be 50 people who review a mod. Sure half could be good reviews, the other half bad reviews. But it doesn't matter. A mod could have only 15 downloads when it's been out for four years, so what? As long as the mod author feels like they produced a good mod, then it's successful. For me personally, I consider all of my mods a success because I mod on a Mac. Sure, I have to run the same PC applications as everyone else, but they're a pain to get working sometimes and don't always work correctly. I just find them successful because everyone says Macs are horrible, or you can't do anything that a PC can do. Well, I'm here to prove that wrong in a modding sense. I (or anyone as a modder) shouldn't care about what people think of your mods. They're YOUR mods, YOU made them, and you should be happy about that. It doesn't matter the content of the mod, it could be a lightsaber mod, an armor mod, or a whole module. Again, I feel it just depends on what the author thinks of their stuff. I will always find my mods to be successful, even if they have 10 downloads. I don't care, they're mine, and I'm glad for that. I know I kind of went too into my own mods, but that's just the general concept that I'm trying to get out.