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  1. I got the same character model glitch with a mod that allows me to acquire and wear Bendak's armor. I guess the game gets confused if you have one set of armor on for too long.
  2. I will admit that the sun makes the skybox look better. The skybox does look kind of flat without the sun.
  3. I'm wondering if Korriban's original skybox was removed due to how intense it would be for a PC to run in 2003. That skybox looks incredible for the time, and it still looks good today.
  4. Holy crap this is one of the best things I have ever seen. So gorgeous.
  5. That looks absolutely incredible. Great job!
  6. This is friggin incredible. I never realized how brutal this scene was until it was rendered in game.
  7. We were most displeased when another batch of walking corpses got in our way. Your mother was most displeased when you turned to the dark side. Is that so? Will he get displeased when we ship your dismembered corpses back to him?
  8. These look cool, but I think some of the portraits need to be centered more. Some of them look a little awkward where the center is of the body rather than the head if you know what I mean. I like the mod, but it needs a little bit of work.
  9. Huh, okay. Thanks for telling me.
  10. I already posted this in the comment section for the actual mod, but I think this place might be where the question should be asked. Has anyone figured out how to install BOS without any errors? If errors, than can anyone tell me how to fix any and all of them? I ask these things because I want to use BOS on my next KOTOR play through if possible.
  11. It's been a while since I've looked around these parts, but has anyone been able to come up with a legitimate way of installing BOS without any major errors? If not, does anyone know how to fix those errors? I ask these things because I want to try and use this on my next KOTOR play through.
  12. Could someone tell me why the 904kreia.dlg file from the mod broke the game? I'm curious.
  13. This has the potential to be a great mod. As long as the game does not get too hard or slow, this could become a mandatory install for those who want more of a challenge. I wish you good luck in improving the mod through patches.
  14. This looks great. Me and many other KOTOR vets thank you for your service. Will you plan on doing a KOTOR 2 version of this?