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    These violent delights have violent hats.
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    Damn another dark jedi!
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    Good afternoon. Later I'll post it.
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    No need, I am working on a non-mirrored UVs underwear model using the Canderous body. Will release it shortly.
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    Everything is much simpler. Work with a photo. Trial and error. Work in Photoshop.
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    One of my favorite scenes, really like that you can actually fight them, only did that once, and felt so badly I instantly loaded back to cancel that action.
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    I'm starting to see a pattern here....are you possibly remastering all the heads in the game?
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    I love how Kandon Ark and his bodyguard looks in this screenshot! Is there a way to make them look like this? I tried downloading SpaceAlex's K1 Enhancement pack, but that is unfinished, bugged, and not compatible with K1R. Maybe you could make a 'Kandon Ark: Legends' mod?
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    My favorite planet of the first KOTOR! The Dantooine grove had some of the best parts in KOTOR, namely the Juhani duel and the final confrontation with the Mandalorian raiders. Love the screenshot!
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    Mission looks boss!
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    I don't know if it's the shadows in the area but it really looks like she has a thick beard haha
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    It was OK, I guess. So far, I've thought the Imperial Agent story the best. I haven't finished the Smuggler story to Chapter 3 yet and I haven't even started a Bounty Hunter story yet. Check out this thread if you'd like to the rest of my characters, @downloadman1 (My post is the very first one in that thread.) When I get all stories to Chapter 3, I'll make my list of best to worst in The Old Republic section or I'll make a blog.
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    How did you find it? Sith Warrior is one of my favourite class stories
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    Really nice picture of the Grove duel!
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    @DeathScepter Maybe, I don't really know. I've never released a mod before, and since I'm basically just editing a few things from a pre-existing mod, I don't know if I'd be allowed to release it. Plus I'd have to learn the ins and outs of making my own TSL-patcher based mod.
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    It's from oldflash's "Final Touch". By any chance I was using the model for Starkiller also, lol.
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    @ebmarYes, with Sith Assassin gibberish voices ported over from TSL as well.
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    I see you have released your mod. A note for future endeavours: as a general rule you never want to touch the bottom row of neck verts on a head, as they are positioned so that they properly mate with bodies that don't have a hidden join. If you give that head a different body, like clothes or a robe, you'll see a massive gap at the front now because of the change you made to the position of that front vert. It's not a problem in this case, but something to bear in mind for player heads especially. As I said above, this looks like an issue with the body model, with the way the collar verts on the front part come in too far, Presumably this is also a problem with other heads. It may warrant a more general fix. Regarding the clipping at the back, that is presumably because the collar on the body is weighted entirely to torsoupr_g, while that area of the neck on the head has a reasonable amount of influence from neck_g. This is again something that could possibly be a more general problem, or maybe it only affects Twi'lek female heads, since they were never intended to be used on other bodies. The solution would likely again be to edit the body model, this time adjusting the skin weights of the collar. This may necessitate adding bones to the rig, as body models typically stop at torsoupr_g and don't have the neck_g bone. Alternatively, the head could be edited to set the weights on that area of the neck to necklwr_g (which is functionally identical to torsoupr_g). Either way should stop the clipping. Edit: Here's Mission demonstrating that the problem is at least partially with the amour models:
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    Well, guess I'm thankful that I do listen to your input quite much then lol.
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    Don't listen to my input too much. Apparently, it drives some people to leave PM conversations when I'm offering them assistance and then bash me when I ask why they did that. (Thankfully, you're not one of those people.)
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    Well, I believe your input and advices pretty much encouraged/influenced/inspired me on doing most of the stuffs. 😁
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    Good afternoon. I'm not satisfied with the quality of this texture. I planned to change it. But if you liked it, you can download. PFHC03.rar
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    Ah hmmm what did he look like? Wimpy vanilla? Or was he heckin scary?
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    He's a spicy Sith!
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    It's beautiful......
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    I like plain screenshots of modules but the idea of looking wishfully across the module with a character is a nice touch, try Jolee in Kashyyk next and see what that looks like. I like your work!
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    The texture of the head was not made by me. It belongs to Tags. https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/1178?tab=files
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    Come on, that is by default GNihilus2! 😂
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    oh my! that console in bed-foot !!! pure awesomeness.
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    Thanks! Wow, I just googled ENB and I think that is some sort of next-gen graphics mod I'd supposed; out of my league! 😂 Yeah, actually- I did some retouches to the head texture [mostly with coloring, toning and a slight change to the eyes color too] after downloaded and used it the very first time; as I noticed when I use it in-game, the skin looks all grey just like you said. You are very welcome!
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    Ahhh ok! Haha no its cool I'm not unsatisfied. Good job on the photo shop man! You had me believing it was some sort of enb How did you get that head to look like that then?? Because whenever I use it in-game the skin looks all grey whereas your guys head looks normal. But yeah anyways thanks again!
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    No problem buddy Dam... I really gotta hurry up and finish GOW 2 and 3 now hahah. But yeah I actually like that idea that he'd have tattoos, I think that as he's the main character he should look unique compared to all the other characters too. I love any mod that makes Revan stand out more as he's supposedly this charismatic and unique guy. Plus it just seems fitting for someone who created a sort of Jedi cult of warrior crusaders to have tattoos too. Ahhhh I see. Well I really hope he gets back to you and gives you permission! I'd use this mod on every playthrough tbh.
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    Hey, no worries! No harm done anyways. And thanks! I take it all in, thank you- appreciate it very much Yeah, I agree with that! 🤣 He's one of the coolest villain in modern days video-games in my opinion. And I don't know, it is always on my mind that Revan supposed to have tattoos- only a matter of personal references actually 😁 In fact, while ago I have considered on releasing the texture as a mod. But, as we all know- and I understand it too; I will have to get permission from LordKinoda as the creator of the texture, so I hold off. I'll try to PM LK later [and to tell the truth I don't know if LK's still active or not].
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    There's a chamfer that runs through the middle of the ring of holes. The marks are from the way the printer handled the top layer on the inside half of that chamfer. On the outside, the filament was laid down in a series of nice, neat concentric circles in parallel with the outside diameter of the part. On the inside it looks like it has mushed in some infill in various criss-cross patterns rather than doing a neat top layer. The part probably needs some custom settings for those layers, to force it to use solid infill (although it should have handled that automatically).
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    I very much just read GIMP instead of pimp....
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    You are my favorite texture modder here! This stuff is seriously impressive!
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    "What about the corporate attack on the Wookiees?"
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    Thank you very much dark hope , i can't wait to see you release this soldier PC outfit as well modders like you are what make me love replaying kotor over and over again
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    A picture on a dark night? It actually looks fine when downloaded. Maybe a corrupted header or something.
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