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  1. A few things here: First, awesome job with listing the mods you're using. And good job with the post's setup. Please do not post the same thing in two different threads. Make a new topic thread in the correct area. It keeps things tidy. You can get help there.
  2. When inside the temple, it's nothing but water outside too, and that runs smoothly as well. I agree that it's not likely *the* cause, which DP has pretty much confirmed. I've often wondered if part of it is what's causing the temple texture to shine (I forget what KotOR uses for that(shaders?)) is contributing. But Manaan has a shine to it so that doesn't really make sense. I had also wondered about the fact that parts of the temple are different pieces (and as revealed the elements on those parts) might be part of the cause. I have always noticed the lines of light in the shadow at the beginning of that segment.
  3. Something I've learned is that sometimes a game can be taxed in FPS simply due to the Engine. The engine itself can only handle so much and will cause FPS drops. It was SWTOR that I found out about that. The current lead... head... person for SWTOR Kieth Kanning mentioned in a live stream that some of the War Zone and Operation FPS issues are due to the engine being taxed. Since the engine KotOR uses is designed for the original Xbox, I'm not surprised at all that there is FPS issues when there seemingly shouldn't be. In this instance, I would say the water has something to do with it as well since you still had FPS issues with that hardware and only the 4 officers. Really, the whole thing shouldn't be surrounded by water anyway. It's always bothered me because it's inaccurate. You're not teleported to a building out in the middle of the ocean nor are you 500+ft in the air. There should be visible land. Maybe some low res texture land to make up half/most of where the water is. Perhaps you could get away with a mostly flat looking/not animated ocean and low res "land" texture. Make it look distant as it should, yet not like it's miles away. Additional details like the crashed republic ships and other features are up to the discretion of the modder.
  4. I get that. So many don't care or even know about the EU any more now than they did before. It's definitely not a genius idea to place the explanations only there. But that's part of my point about the other films of the trilogy or stand alone films. They could very well fill in the gaps that the EU already fills. And if they don't, that still doesn't make it a movie or franchise destroyer as so many make it to be. And who knows how much things will change if Kennedy is removed from her position. I'm much less inclined to support her anymore, but that's based on biased media, and anyone that's smart knows to take what the media says lightly.
  5. Blast it! I know I had two different links. I made sure of it. Guess I didn't hit the keys like I thought I did. Fine. This is what the second link was SUPPOSED to be: That video goes with the third one I posted (the 30min one). TLJ wasn't to redeem anything. That's a false expectation because TFA didn't meet, *your* expectation, therefore TLJ didn't meet your expectation. Now, I've already stated why TLJ has been difficult to take in my previous post, so I'm not gong to repeat it. When ANH came out, we never got any explanation about what the Old Republic was or where the Empire came from. Nothing about Sidious, Vader, why Luke was on Tatooine and Leia on Alderaan. There was no info on where the Rebels got the Death Star plans. We never got any explanations as to what the Clone Wars was about, or why it happened. We got vague answers as to what the Jedi were, and learned little about the Force and it's limits. There wasn't any mention of Stih in the movies. We NEVER got the name of Yoda's species or his home world from any source. The only thing that was answered: Who is the father of Luke and Leia. THAT'S IT! And when did we learn that information? We learned it about Luke in ESB, and then about Leia in RotJ, with the bonus of "they're siblings and were separated for their protection". If you're going to complain about not having answers, then you need to do so for ALL things we didn't get answers for, especially if we didn't get them when people expected to get them. These arguments of "we didn't get answers" are really "we didn't get the answers we wanted, or did we get them right away". Not giving the answers some viewers wanted, especially right away, isn't new to Star Wars. It's not new to film making period. When you spend time giving answers, you lose time on telling the story. You have the writing, then the rewriting, then more rewriting. The script goes through that many times. You eventually have to choose between giving all the answers now, and not having much in the next film but padded stuff, or extend the answers out to the others. There's also the questions "Does it really matter now to know this? Is it truly relevant to telling the current narrative?" They don't say "Some fans want to know this information, so cram it all in." We only got that information as each next movie was made. Even then, it was only a little bit. Most came from the EU and the movie novelization. And until there was a movie/novel or EU explanation, the answer was a simple "I dunno." That's what you do in Sci-Fi, you explain some things away, or just go with it. It is fantasy after all. TLJ's lead up is to what will happen next. There's plenty for it to lead into. What is Rey going to do with the Jedi texts? What will become of the Jedi? Will there be Jedi? What of the Resistance? What of the New Republic? What will happen to them? What did they do with Leia after Fisher died? Was Snoke or his species the first Jedi (he looks an awful lot like the image in that round pool of the first Jedi on Ach-To). A lot of answers can be found in the new EU. The new EU has direct correlation with the movies, unlike the old EU. They're all the same cannon. There is no movie cannon > EU cannon. Movie cannon = EU cannon.
  6. Ha ha. Funnn-eee funneeee! But really, it has. I shared some with my guild mates, and they shared some too with those that made several complaints, and then after watching, they saw things a bit differently. As did re-watching the movie. This last video did a far better job than the other two (though the second one I shared was more of a cool thing than a "this is why it was good" video). Personally, I think it would have gone over better if it weren't such a sudden thing. But again, it's one of those things that is hard to determine without the third part. I could speculate that it all hangs on the next one, but if they keep going with them, that won't exactly be the case.
  7. I'm gonna return against my words and stir up the Gundark's nest and leave this here: (holy crap that image is massive) It does a good job of explaining why the new movies are so difficult to accept, and why failure is a huge important aspect. It has been difficult for me to accept too. For me the new movies are more of a fan movie, rather than cannon. But it is cannon, so I accept it. The above video made me realize why I feel that way. The things I've said here include me too. I did do it wrong. I did handle it wrong. I didn't say it was okay to do it that way. But I never said anyone in particular was a fanatic. I have seen it here far more, than other places. I left three questions, one of which should always be answered with a "yes". By definition, those that don't want to listen to or give the opinion of others a chance. I did say that the opinions expressed here are the same as I have seen elsewhere. I did try to discuss it too, albeit in the wrong place (status update area instead of this thread). When I did try to (regardless of where), those individuals became hostile, and started to degrade from reason to attacks. Hence the term "fanatic". Only a fanatic would do such a thing. So you tell me, would you be willing to try to discuss it with those that are hostile? The point of the first video was to bring to the fore a major issue among those that hate the new movies, especially TLJ. That in combination with the one after it, as well as this one, bring out much better points that I have been trying to make. As I said, I left three questions, one of which should always be answered "yes". The idea was to bring out points that folks missed in hopes of them reasoning on them. You can dislike something, but it is because I care that I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention so that folks here don't become fanatics themselves, or if they are, they have the maturity to say "oh crap. this describes me. i should change." I don't follow. How does it miss the point that some have valid opinion? An opinion is not a fact, it's strictly one's idea. What it's saying is that there's a difference between having an opinion, and being fanatical about one's opinion. And keep in mind, one's opinion can be wrong because an opinion is not fact (flat earthers). What other points does it miss? It didn't cover everything, but it did cover the major aspects. I've been rather reluctant to share my opinions as I've not had the chance to rewatch TLJ since the theater release. And I've been stupidly blunt about things. None of those videos, nor do I say that TFA and TLJ are perfection, or anywhere as good as IV or V. In fact, the video about fanatics and false expectations states that explicitly. They're just movies. As someone that practically lives and breathes Star Wars, I can tell you that to get so outraged by this, is so silly. I watched TLJ again the day before this post, and did so deliberately looking to find all negative points people have brought out. I had a check list. I ended up being bothered even less by what did bother me in the theater. Canto Bight bothered me still, but far less. It felt shorter too for some reason. I even hated the whole "the jedi need to die" thing. Even Yoda agreeing with that idea was very bothersome. But... it made more sense this time around. The above video, which I happened across only an hour ago, does a better job of explaining it than I can. The first video also brought out one of the negatives about TLJ regarding Leia in space. It was odd, but as he said: "It felt weird probably because we never saw her do anything like that before." I was disappointed about Snoke, but unlike Palpatine, he is pretty much, at this point, unimportant. I have observed that many see TLJ like it's a stand alone movie. But as with the previous trilogies, the middle movie is designed to lead into the third. ESB is not a stand alone movie, AotC is not a stand alone movie. ANH is the only one that truly is a stand alone movie. It is literally designed to be on it's own, yet open if it could have been continued (and thankfully it was). And the thing with Luke completely annoyed me, yet I could understand it. I heard Yoda say that failure is the greatest teacher. That's absolutely correct. I agreed, but I couldn't put it together for it to make sense. The second video I posted made it clear. Luke was overconfident and thought he'd never be afraid. He wasn't truly afraid when Vader revealed he was Luke's father. He was shocked more than afraid. He proved more willing to die than be taken by the Dark Side. That's not fear, that's determination. He wasn't afraid to face the Emperor and his Father either. It wasn't until he saw what Kylo was like and the darkness in him and thought about ending Kylo that he became truly afraid. The thing with Rey's parents made it clear that a hero or Jedi can come from nowhere. This is a long standing theme in Star Wars, it was just brought to the fore. The Jedi Council didn't have their family history made known in the movies. The same with all Jedi in the old E.U. Overconfidence is a recurring theme in all of the Saga. The Jedi were overconfident in themselves, which led to their downfall. Palpatine was overconfident in himself and his accomplishments, which led to his destruction by the hands of Vader. Anakin's overconfidence in himself and his learning Force leading to a way to keep people from dying led to his downfall. Luke was overconfident in the legend of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, which led to his failure with Kylo. Poe's overconfidence in fighting at all times rather than retreating when necessary led to the loss of all their bombsers and a good portion of their fighters, which led to Holdo (spelling?) not trusting him (if he couldn't follow Leia's orders, why should she trust him to follow hers?). Those are just a few examples. Something else that was brought to my attention, is that some things in the movies are a bit odd or out of context when the books aren't read.
  8. Oh that's too cool. Does it also show when someone uploads a new mod? I love the mods page. It's so cool and nicer than the old one. I think I mentioned that already.
  9. (I wish I hadn't opened it and posted myself. I knew it was going to be a bad idea, and did it anyway.) I concur about the body of text on the main page. Do we have to see so much of the text, or any at all? Perhaps a one line snippet.
  10. Addendum and my final post in this thread. My only intent, is to be helpful and share something cool. I thought "Hey, maybe this might make some view things differently. Maybe someone missed something, and a video that doesn't come from a hard core SW fan such as myself would go over better than one that is." But as per usual, I am the aggressor with the wrong opinion that needs to be corrected. I cannot be right about anything because you are the one that's mad and disagrees because it didn't live up to what you think it should be, regardless of the facts provided. I'm not capable of knowing anything and am the pinnacle of a complete moron. I am pretty sure there was something mentioned in that video about fanatics having the 100% right all the time opinion. I come across as harsh because I'm being direct, to the point, and sometimes I post my thoughts more than I should. I never imply or insinuate. I have had good discussions about these topics, but it's here where folks get very hostile and fanatical with their opinion. I have tried using reason, logic, and questions. Nothing has done any good. Everyone has their points and want to hear only that which they agree with. I have browsed many places and seen the same discussions multiple times. I have seen good discussions, not arguments, about it. I then come back here and see all the same negative points being made here, with no willingness to change one's opinion. None. It's a very sad and depressing thing to see. If you're offended, then I am sorry that I was too direct or posted a thought that I should have edited out or left out completely. If you're offended, I'm sorry for trying to help you do a self-examination about your position on the matter.
  11. I have my personal reasons that I do not have to share. As I said, there's nothing anyone can say in rebuttal against the points in the video or TLJ that I haven't read already, nothing that hasn't already been said, and I'm not discussing the negative part of the topic. I thought I'd share so that those with the mind you described might recognize the reality of the situation. As I also stated, I cannot change anyone's mind. They have to be willing to do that themselves. You didn't watch the video. Had you watched it, you would have seen the definition of a fanatic, and what a SW fanatic is. You would then know that I am referring to that. The above were in response to "Didn't like it or have a criticism? I don't want to hear it. Whatever your reasons, you missed the points and will say nothing I haven't already seen and considered." The point of that, which I failed to make clear, is that I have already discussed the topic with others here already, as well as elsewhere. So all anyone in disagreement would do, is repeat what they have already said. It was also to deter anyone from sending me a PM to express their disagreements. I've already heard everyone attack it like a hateful fanatic, and then attack me like I'm a supportive fanatic which I'm not. So yeah, I don't want to hear it. I'm not going to return to this thread. The point of the post was to get folks to think and consider or reason on points made on both sides so they can avoid being a fanatic about it, which has been very very prevalent here. I should have left out a part of it, but I didn't. I've already got a hated view of me from most folks here anyway, right? Even my attempts to help are. I might as well keep up appearances. Disagree? So be it. Agree? So be it.
  12. So YouTube it it's ability to nag you with videos that are "Recommended for you", tossed these two videos my way. Normally I ignore them until either they go away on their own, or I tell them to go away. This time, however, I gave in and watched these. I'm glad I did. This first one, discusses fanatics and false expectations (like snoke, rey, and luke). What's said about the ST, goes for the PT as well in regards to fanatics and false expectations. Things were fine until the fanatics cried out, and then it's been nothing but hate. They revere the OT as perfection. That's false. The IV and V were ground breaking. That's it. But the fanatics are willing to excuse the flaws of the OT due to their view of it, but refuse to do the same for the new. So ask yourself the following: Am I a fanatic? Does any of this apply to me? If so, am I willing to change? If you answered "no" to all three, you're part of the problem and lying to yourself. That's not harsh, that's the way it is. I can't tell you what to think or do any more than anyone else can. Only you can do that. But I can share with you truth so you can decide after reasoning on the facts. I can also remind you: It's unhealthy to be fanatical about something. A fanatic is unwilling to see any side but their own because, as mentioned, they're always right 100% of the time. This other one is really cool, and brings out a point that many, usually in their fanatical hate, completely missed. Liked them? PM me to tell me. Didn't like it or have a criticism? I don't want to hear it. Whatever your reasons, you missed the points and will say nothing I haven't already seen and considered.
  13. Rights for droids has always been in SW. And I agree about lando and L3. Why does close companionship have to mean "they're sexually attracted"? Can't two strangers still be able to be like siblings to each other? This world is so obsessed with sex and who's having it with whom. WHO CARES!
  14. I assume everyone noticed that Sith Holocron had an appearance in the movie. He sat nicely on a table in evil Vision's trophy room. Palpatine's lightsaber was next to him too. And the mando armor that sat prominently in the room.
  15. Make sure you install it before all other mods. Your errors are most likely mod conflicts.
  16. As far as I could tell the change took place after the site was updated. For me the "what's on your mind" spot for status updates has been there even after the site update. Replying needs to be made a little more obvious. Someone not familiar, or most in general, wouldn't think to click the number of replies. I clicked that in order to reply to the status update because I discovered that it was a clickable link. That takes you directly to the status update. I'm cool with that, however my only problem is that as I said, most would not think to click the number of replies to get to the status update. Yes you can go to the status update by checking their profile, and that kind of gives users information on other users and their activities, but it is a bit of a hassle if it's not necessary. All I'm saying, is that if there is going to be a link to get to the status page directly, there needs to be a "reply here" button. Personally I don't feel that the site is supposed to be considered as finished with its update yet. I expect there to be much polishing going on before it's actually done. Right now it's just got all the main parts finished to get the site back up and running as soon as possible.
  17. I think the new looks is cool. I miss my personal color choice, but I'll live. The status update thing wasn't obvious to figure out. There is no "see more" button, and replying wasn't obvious either. A few things took some time to figure out, but that's only because I'm used to the old layout. I am interested in finding out if the search function is changed. It wasn't very good before. The filters in the old one were a bit weird too. Some odd options, while missing necessary ones.
  18. Oh hey. Deadlystream is back. I wonder what was dO-eeEAAUGH! 😱

    But... my rusty red color scheme that inspired fear in targets. I'm now stuck with a poor shade of durasteel.😞

    OH WELL!😊

  19. I've always attributed it to the limitations of the game engine. Other than her needing to be moved on the bed, I think she's fine. If something needs fixed, it's Atton's lines. The responses to the questions "Is her kind rare?" and "What's a Miraluka?" are switched. I feel like this was either discussed, or a mod was made that fixes that. But I don't remember which and where if either are true. If not...
  20. Downloading. I noticed that 1.0 and 1.1 are both available for download. I take it that only 1.1 is needed and not both.
  21. It "replaces all pazaak card deck of other players by 0." What does that mean? It defaults them to 0? Is that what that's supposed to say? Does it remove their deck? The description is too vague and the screen shot doesn't show anything that makes sense or helps.
  22. First off, don't post on an old thread, make a new one. Even if it's the same. Your issue isn't the same. Second, you didn't read the post above yours. It says that there are no 702KOR files. As for your crashing and stuff, I'm pretty sure you will need to reinstall the whole game to fix it. But I am not an authority on that aspect, specifically with GOG or Steam. But that's what I have to do with the 4-CD. Especially considering that that is the exact suggestion in the post above yours.