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  1. First off, don't post on an old thread, make a new one. Even if it's the same. Your issue isn't the same. Second, you didn't read the post above yours. It says that there are no 702KOR files. As for your crashing and stuff, I'm pretty sure you will need to reinstall the whole game to fix it. But I am not an authority on that aspect, specifically with GOG or Steam. But that's what I have to do with the 4-CD. Especially considering that that is the exact suggestion in the post above yours.
  2. That moment when you go to install a recently downloaded mod and find that a file you need to copy to override already exists in override folder, but you cannot find the file in any of your downloaded mods. So I have to ask, does EP or RCM do anything with upgrade.2da?

    1. N-DReW25


      They wouldn't put it in their for no reason. I'm willing to bet RCM does something with it.

    2. Hassat Hunter
    3. HK-47


      That's what I thought. I'll have to hold off with the new mod until I do a reinstall, or the mod is updated and has the TSL patcher added.



  3. I was under the impression that the original colonists came from somewhere unknown to terraform the planet, but something happened to them before they could arrive. Then the Sith, presumably under Revan, found the planet, and established themselves as the original colonists. I'm pretty sure this was what was established by the first M4-78 iterations. Whether that was game story, or made up, I don't know.
  4. I love the idea of this mod. It makes perfect sense, and I don't know why the game wasn't that way already by making you give her a disguise, or force you to keep her in the apartment (like on Korriban). I also love the idea of the Sith patrols randomly killing each other. It just sounds hilarious. I will definitely give this a download.
  5. Since this thread was necro'd by someone else, I want to mention something that Guest_HK-47 (me before forum issue) didn't mention about DF2. You can use force speed, run into a wall, and hurt yourself. The amount of damage depends on distance and power level (I think it only works at full power). You can use force jump and hurt yourself. Not just from jumping too high, but even under a low ceiling. What new games do that? None of the other JK games have that realism. I'll admit, that the lightsabers are more realistic, especially with the cheat that allows dismemberment, even on contact (which is hilarious when you bind the spawn cheat to a key, and spawn a ton of enemies directly in front of you with your saber out). The mod for JO, that looks really cool. I am eager for it's completion. I will have to play Outcast again with it.
  6. "...once the Disciple was a Jedi a female Exile..." He was? Commas. They're important sometimes. X) Okay for reals though... The idea for the holocrons is neat, but as Kexikus mentioned, there's no reason to have Disciple with you with the idea. The idea of a level requirement is nice too as is needing to have him along and that he be a Jedi/Sith. The biggest problem, though, is that you can only be in the palace one time. So that location wouldn't work. It would also remove the player's ability to play in any order they want and take whomever they wish to the palace. So that one should be moved. Citadel Station or Nar Shaddaa would work (rather than twice on the same planet, not that that would be bad).
  7. Indeed. I find it interesting how it doesn't affect everyone. I know it's not an uncommon thing for one person to have an issue and another to not while both using the same version. For some reason my copy of the 4-CD doesn't have the spawn on the bridge thing happen like it does in the screen shots. I should download and play the Steam version and see if it happens there. *shudders* I just thought about playing with no mods. Can I even handle that? Is that physically possible anymore? I haven't played without a mod since... oh... before you were born when FileFront was still quite alive ('05/'06?).
  8. Cool. Another DP masterpiece. I have never ever seen these things happen, except for my character running past the turret room and into the engine room to use the turret. I've never understood that and why it was approved. Is there something that causes the others (like Steam vs 4 CD version)?
  9. So I'm not going to read this thread (for your own sake and my sanity (remember my post about prequel hate?)), I'm just going to post these links here. It might be a duplicate of what someone else posted (sorry but there's no way to filter the thread to find that out). I'll let the foaming ragers do their thing. I ask that readers calmly and logically *reason out* the points made. Side note: One of the sites, ThinkGeek I think, has a butt load of ads. Not popups and spam, just annoying and in a little in your face. Or it did on mobile version. Just a heads up.
  10. I'm curious, why would making it accurate require a full custom head?
  11. Hmmm... if one didn't have the M4-78 EP mod, this would be kinda cool. Have her not be in the main council room, but in a side room, or the hallway before the council room, and then you get to talk to her. Perhaps even if one did have M4-78 it could be done.
  12. contact the author, or find someone that can, and try to get them to upload it here.
  13. I thought that was part of RCM. And if not, then there should already be a mod that does that. I recall it happening before on one of my play-throughs before I had to reinstall the game.
  14. YES! Thank you! The class skill thing made no sense at all. It was nice, but didn't make sense. Probably one of those small things that didn't get rectified before launch due to it being rushed.
  15. Regarding the nindex numbers, though I don't do modding or scripting, I gather from what you posted that it has to do with how the code (script maybe) sees numbers. I've learned a little bit of Python, so someone correct me if I'm wrong. In code, 0 is considered a number and, I think, is considered the first number in numerical sequence. I think it's due to Binary. But I can't remember the exact reason. I've been trying to Google it, and can't find the answer. If I'm right, then the answer is "Yes. That's how it always works." The other part is beyond me. My only guess is there is something else resetting the global that you are changing. I had something similar happen to me. I kept trying to change something, but the game just wouldn't have it.
  16. I had always wondered what happened with those teams. I was just getting into using mods and eagerly awaited TSLRP, despite the fact I knew the project was dead. I am so glad I found TSLRCM. The crew here has been awesome. Somehow, I could tell that some of the folks working on TSLRP were jerks. Or at least not personable. @90SK Personally, I don't care what did or didn't happen involving you. Your mod work is very good stuff. @Stoney I recall watching the Nihilus vs Sion video that was posted on YouTube many years ago. I think it's your channel. That was an awesome thing to see at the time (it still is). I don't know if you recall this, but I also accidentally spammed a comment on that video (user: rebuiltHK47) because I didn't know that channel owners could set comments for their videos to be reviewed by the channel owner. I thought my internet, which was really really crappy at the time, was acting up and not sending it. You responded frustrated by it, and I attempted to be HK about it, and was working to apologize for it, and then the last response I got didn't make sense to me so I never said anything back. I'm glad you didn't give up on TSL, even if it was due to boredom. I'm glad restoring TSL did not die with... them. And I'm glad M4-78 was improved on. When the final version of that was released, the one before RCM and EP, I always went there. It was... interesting. I could always see where things were supposed to be. I never got rid of it. It was fun going from that to the EP version. For me it was like going from Alpha to Finished game (whether some of it was made up or not).
  17. Apparently it turns you into Kreia if you have RCM. Has that been fixed since the last comment on it there on NM?
  18. HK-47

    Help to HK-47

    Suggestion: Real Revan and Revan 101, you two should work together on this for sure. Query: Do they have to be party members? Couldn't they simply be set to follow me around the factory, as they properly should, the same way the game does when you already have a full party? Example: The Twi'lek you rescue from the base. Bao Dur's remote (I think that's how it's set up). The soldiers on Onderon during the Battle of Onderon. The Mandalorian that you rescue (I forget who and where). The Mandalorian (I forget whom) that follows you on Dxun during the Battle of Onderon. Suggestion: They would simply need to be set to the appropriate levels with weapons (instant kill with any weapon type would be accurate and sufficient), armor (unstoppable would be accurate and suffice), and their arsenal (infinity would be preferable). If you can't figure it out, my parenthesis suggestions are not serious. Clarification: I'm not opposed to the idea of figuring out how to add them as party members, for if a way can be found to do it, it could open up opportunities for other mods.
  19. Oh, that freezing in place. Cool. Downloading!
  20. Oh good! I hated those glitches. I was always stressed out fighting him in the first place, and always hoping those things didn't happen. What is wrong with Project or Farsight that they need salvaging?
  21. By "freezing in place" do you mean when the character can't move after combat, or do you mean they don't move during combat yet the attack strikes anyway?
  22. The first would explain how HK got to the surface. The lines for the first one would be super easy to splice together. The second could also be used as a dark side alternative. Bao goes into the Mandalorian hangar, and in his hate fueled view of the Mandalorians that you've encouraged (if I'm remembering right), he attacks the Mandalorians in the bay and succeeds, but dies in the process (big explosion). The third would do as you mentioned in the summary.
  23. I'm looking for good Korriban and Nar Shaddaa HD textures for TSL. Suggestions?

  24. Theory: I would say your Carth meeting and Extended ending mods might be messing with it. Something that edits the module file (if I have learned it correctly) that handles that part is conflicting. This is one of three things: Either you didn't follow installation instructions, or there was an install error and you simply ignored it, but it turned out to be an error that should not have been ignored. Third is that you followed install instructions, there were no errors, and something is conflicting anyway. Admission: But I have no idea. Suggestion: Remove one of those mods and see what happens. Suggestion: You also might want to make sure your links to mods not hosted on DS are not download links, but are instead links to the page about the mod. For example: Your "three new force crushes" link is a download link.