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  1. Has anyone figured out what the song is yet?
  2. These two posts seem to sum my confusion: vanilla loadscreens are blue. Both of his Sleheyron screens aren't. So exactly how is option 1 more like vanilla?
  3. Welcome! Pull up a chair and tell us about yourself.
  4. @Sithspecter, why not add screen 1 to the Sleheyron mod, and add screen 2 to your Loadscreens in Color mod? That way, everyone is happy.
  5. Might I suggest contacting Allronix? She most recently has been on the KotOR subreddit.
  6. A weird request for y'all... could someone post the texture in question converted to a PNG and then post it to this thread? I would love to see what this thing looks like.
  7. If you wanted to create a tutorial for the 2da fixes for others, that might helpful too!
  8. @DarthParametric to the rescue! Again! I know I'm going to sound like a broken record here but I still don't have my computer. If someone could show some before and after shots, I certainly would appreciate it. I am sure others would too...
  9. @Zhaboka: Didn't you offer in March 2017? (Scroll up.)
  10. When using the mod correctly, Trench's Peragus II change is also visible inside mining colony, on the catwalk outside the colony, and on my Large Display. So unless you've left Peragus as well, you can still see changes.
  11. But @Zhaboka, does that mean you could potentially talk to yourself? That way lies madness.
  12. As has been mentioned here, the hull exterior of the Ebon Hawk when you play as T3-M4 during the Prologue appears somewhat blurry. When @Obi Wan Pereasked about possible fixes, Malkior said... Anyone up for tackling this?
  13. If he doesn't request it, I will. Update: Done.
  14. I can recommend these... (This also works for TSL.)
  15. Some minor notes... KOTOR2 Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors (Not including Galaxy Map) is by Sith Holocron and Xarwarz. KOTOR2 More Subtle Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors (still not including Galaxy Map) (version 1.2) is by Sith Holocron and Dark Hope. Could you kindly amend your previous post so those two get their due credit?
  16. I could've been interpreted that my mod is "ass". Well, I laughed!
  17. Pardon? BTW, check the video on the download page if you haven't already.
  18. I may have something new to report. It seems, on mobile, that I can't read my comments and reviews left for me on my own mods. Is this possibly connected to your recent site adjustments? Update: I can confirm that the reviews and comments are present when I look at the page on a laptop. They have been moved however. Update 2: So it's been moved to Details. Gotcha. But what about this (see attachment) makes it easy to read? Perhaps rethink the darker grey on the dark grey theme?
  19. A little behind the scenes stuff for you folks: How will I write this upcoming chapter? Well, for this time around, the reviews from our fine contributors will take up the bulk of the reviews as I won't be reviewing the mod. In order to hedge against the comments that I may be biased for a mod that I voiced a part in, it seemed only fair to hand off the reviewing portion to you, the players. My main purpose will be to (try to) create an overarching history of the mod with interviews with the main architects, Zbyl2 and Hassat Hunter. I have previously asked them both a number of questions and I plan to ask them more for this next chapter. I also have many (oh so many) emails that I can refer to in order to flesh out the skeleton. These emails go back years. What does this mean for you? You have a greater input into the next chapter than you may have originally thought but of course, that's only if you're a contributor. And I have a few surprises I think that should keep you entertained. (Fingers crossed.) I still haven't moved into my new house yet but once I have, I'll start working on drafts of the next chapter. Those looking for updates on the new house will have to wait until my 101st (!) blog gets published. I'll have to look into getting some sound dampening for the walls in the basement. For recording! Yeah, that's what it's for!
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      Sith Holocron

      My wife just pointed something out to me. In Blade Runner, Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer's character) also died in 2019. Is there a meme I missed?

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      Roy made it to November.