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  1. Doesn't sound related to dialogue translation.
  2. And then . . . the documentary got longer.
  3. DP doesn't like being volunteered for things like that.
  4. The cheat console is only invisible in KotOR2. It should be visible in KotOR1. @Masirimso24, I hope this helpful. What key is directly above your TAB key? Mind posting a picture of it, @Masirimso24?
  5. That depends on who is willing to work on such a thing and the level of skill of those involved. I am merely an interested, but unattached party just like everyone else at this point so who knows things might (or might not) proceed?
  6. Pssst... @90SK released @HarIII's stuff for him. It's right here. Don't tell anyone.
  7. Oh my, folks.  Something interesting is gonna be uploaded here to the Download section in the near future.  No, it's not from me. When you see it, I think you'll know it.

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      The answer to what the files in question are and the identity of the uploader may take a couple of days.   It's a little complicated.  However, I will link in this Status Update as to what the mod when it is uploaded. Trust me - you'll likely not need my cue.  It's that interesting.

    3. Mellowtron11


      I wonder if it's some long lost file from filefront or lucas forums.....

    4. Sith Holocron
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  8. Remember @Quanon?  I sure do but I apparently I forgot I had a text interview that could've gone in Stoney's M4-78 chapter.  As the models for the Archons are in both Stoney's version and in the EP, I may as well use the interview in the next chapter. Since Quanon has not been heard from in a long time and he no longer responds to emails, I'll need some one to "perform" his interview.  If that sounds like something that you might be interested in, please PM me.

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      @Quanon: Just read it and will be replying momentarily. 

    3. LDR


      Didn't see the Stoney thing either. I raise the same objections though.

    4. Stoney


      I don't see an issue with someone else recording what another wrote as long as person ok with it and they read what the person wrote.

      I already gave my ok since I don't have recording access and I hate my recorded voice anyway.🥵

      Also he is stating ahead of time that someone was going to record the written words in place of author to me it's not an issue unless the author of said article doesn't want someone else to record it.

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  9. What would TSLRCM have to do with this mod? TJM is a total conversion mod and completely replaces the story with Trex's new one... @Trex, have you ever considered updating the mod with widescreen movies to better take advantage of modern PC abilities (and modern monitors)? Also, might I suggest adding the credits to the "About this File" section above?
  10. I might suggest including in your read-me where on DeadlyStream that folks can find the other heads. It may save you some headaches later on if they have the information in front of them.
  11. So just to give you all an update on the documentary . . . @DarthVarkor has been making very nice videos for use in the documentary. Those videos will both be released separately complete (with one minor exception by request of the contributor) and excerpts of the videos will be in the documentary itself. DV has made a few of these videos so far. (I've shared DV's videos using each contributor's audio back to the each contributor. For the time being though, DV is going to be busy until his own project premieres on YouTube. This shouldn't be a cause for alarm but rather a sigh of relief for those that haven't had the chance to get their audio (and transcripts) handed in to me. You've received a reprieve! (Even though I've never asked for a deadline because all know how deadlines worked out for Obsidian, you may might feel less stress.) So contributors: Hand in your stuff when you're ready - you know who you are - and everyone check out DV's premiere on the 20th of June! And if you'd like to give me an update in lieu of the materials, I'll take that too in a PM.
  12. So you're done with a TSL playthrough or you aren't?
  13. When the maker of the mod uploads the aforementioned mod here AND that maker personally requests the port, then the port request could be considered. However, since that hasn't happened, if anyone wants to undertake this, don't post links to any attempts on this site. I don't want to start a conflict with the modder or that hosting site.
  14. Poll closed. I have contacted a VA to perform Stoney's script when he able to do so. Thanks for voting!
  15. Poll closes on the 15th. Get your vote in.

  16. I've had folks say they were going to contribute to the documentary and I haven't seen any audio coming my way yet. Let me know via PMs of your current status as soon as you can, please. Thank you.

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  17. Never mind . . . I think I found the original mod but someone else will have to test it. Here's a link.
  18. If you don't have it, I've asked a guy that did over on Reddit if he still he has it. If he does, I'll share a link here. I did try to work on this last night as I had a few hours to kill but unfortunately, I was missing a few of the icons, most of the borders, and all of the green text. But if Kexikus and I both strike out on getting the original version of this, you can always try to continue what I started. The attachment has the file where I've stopped work. To quote @LoneWanderer... gui green to blue.7z
  19. He says to the guy making a documentary on M4-78 EP. Yeah, I do.
  20. Hey @zbyl2! You've updated the M4-78 EP like 5 times in the last few days. Not seeing much different in the text between those 5 iterations so what's new in "other stuff"?
  21. @Zhaboka, @Drazgar, @MMMUTU: You reported back that your test of my files were successful for which I am grateful. Just curious to know if you were or weren't using the Aspyr version of KotOR2 for your testing. I hope I'll hear from you all soon. As requests on the header issue for MP3 (namely how to add them) has gone unanswered in this thread, I've decided to inquire elsewhere about how to accomplish this task. Hopefully, I'll hear something to report soon. If someone else wants to add the headers to the MP3 files, have at it. (In either case, I'll still hope for a tutorial on adding WAV headers to MP3s that even I could follow.) @Thor110: Were you also using the Aspyr updated version of M4-78 on Steam?
  22. If you explain how @zbyl2 could add that fake head, that would be extremely helpful.
  23. I'm more interested when M4-78 EP will be updated which is why I'm especially pleased to see feedback from you and @Zhaboka on the fixes. I'll rejoice when fixes for that known problem are included in the EP going forward. By the way: If @Hassat Hunter wants to include those fixes for the Steam 1.3 version of the EP, he's more than welcome to use them and he doesn't even need to credit me.