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    So basically, this makes them more predictable, I guess that's the point?
  3. Heh, this rodian dancer seems to have hands made for poles
  4. Huh, sorry to hear that. Do you have any other mods that might modify spells.2da? I think my mod is outdated and no longer compatible with the new version of TSL RCM...
  5. Hello Hassat, it has been a while since I posted anything in these parts, what with my new job and new house... But I just thought I'd give you some insight on a little something. I know Disney is turning Star Wars into a whole lot of crap, and it seems they destroy continuity and logic at every opportunity, but here's what I got: I feel like the Trandoshan is not very suited to be the one who "build" the ship. Trandoshans are notorious for being hunters, maybe pilots? But I don't think building would be their strong suit. Now TSL and Kotor would have us believe that Wookies are kind of simpletons rustic people. However, I know for a fact that their people produced great engineers and that they have a knack for technology. I think a Wookie engineer would be an interesting twist to this. I don't know if Linksis's lines are voiced, but I can say that there have been occurences of wookies that had to learn to speak as slaves, so that would fit too. Also, you could go for another race that builds ships: Duro, Sullustan, humans...