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  1. @uwadmin12 I know about the issue, but I sadly do not have the time right now to attempt to fix it. But I remember what it's caused by, I believe. The Model for the complete Sith Stalker is assigned to the Sith assassin's head appearance .2da entry, because there were animation issues while it was assigned to the body one. This does not change regular gameplay, but the turret's, I think, need to find their target by looking for assigned body parts (I guess?). As I remember you can kill them with precise headshots with my mod, but the chances are slim. I am really sorry for not being able to fix it. If anyone wants to attempt a fix they are free to upload a patch they are free to do so
  2. Hello everyone! I have not been on here in a long time due to personal things, but I come back with a urgent problem, and I need your help. I post it in here, because it is about this exact mod. Someone reuploaded it to the Nexus without my permission, and even lied about the permission in the description. I made a detailed post on reddit about it. Basically they took my mod, without my permission, changed things without my permission, and even edited the readme file to include a fake permission. I already reported the file, but I feel, that this can be resolved faster if people know about it. I know that other people on here have had their mods stolen before, so if you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it! Best wishes, Connstar!
  3. As soon as I am finished with my Mical reskin I will work on this!
  4. That is awesome! Sadly EE is already installed, so I have to wait for your update:(
  5. Yes! Yes that is Mical! And thank you very much! I put a lot of work and thought in it, and it is far from finished! Thank you! Glad you guys like it! Now that you know who that dude is, I think it is time for a little rant about Mical: Dear Obsidian, WTF? I really can not describe my disappointment in vanilla Micals design - it is bad on so many levels! Let's begin with his head: That face looks like a saggy, 50 year old dude who had some botox injections that went horribly wrong! And that haircut? Looks like it came straight from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" 's design board. Don't agree with me? Take a look at the following picture and rethink your point of view: The clothing texture: Looks like a place holder to be honest! Never seen something less interesting - and I waited in front of my oven to watch my pizza slowly getting brown many times, so believe me that it is boring and not original or interesting AT ALL. And if you don't believe me that this is a placeholder texture, think about this: THERE ARE NOT EVEN DARKSIDE TRANSITIONS FOR HIS CLOTHING! All the had to do was to darken the texture 20%. like they did with most of the other characters' clothing. Here is what I honestly believe happened in Obsidian, when they were creating Mical: He was designed to be a mere NPC who gives you quests to fetch holocrons and Jedi Artifacts from across the galaxy. Then someone in Obsidian had the idea for the player to take Mical along to those quests and put him in handmaiden's character slot. Somehow they cut those quests from the final draft of the game - but Mical remained. They probably had written some dialogue for this guy and even cool concepts. But they simply did not have enough time to get a decent design for this character. Someone decided that he would take Handmaidens spot if the player was female and now they had to re-write a lot of dialogue. And then someone had the (very good) Idea to put Atton into the game - so the design team was busy with a completely new character. In the end they kept the placeholder character in there, and added a really lame voice-over to go with the "design". So, here is what I did to those textures, why I did it, and what I am going to do next: - Hair: get rid of the terrible hair cut and give him something more 2016 appropriate. - Face: get him into shape - make him look less old and less dull. - General appearance: This dude is a jedi-archaeologist! He ventures into ancient ruins and old archives. In my eyes he should be the Star Wars version of Nathan Drake or Indiana Jones! Yes, I am aware that he also is a historian and librarian. Sure - But look at Jocasta Nu for example - She looks 10 times more adventurous, dangerous and interesting than him. - Clothing: As I said, adventurer-style. The Shemagh is there to make up for the boring and bad vest-design (It is really boring and bad, you cannot argue that!). Also I put a leather pattern on the vest. Made the Trousers somewhat more jeans like. - Mirialan Version: relly just an homage to the Mirialan Mical Mod, I respect that one because it was the first try to make him less plain. - Darkside Transitions: I plan to also add dark side versions of his clothing - I plan to do that by getting rid of the shemagh and the Undershirt, and by adding a new Shirt under his Vest (wich will stay). This design will be inspired by Thane Krios' iconical clothes from Mass Effect. If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know! I know that this design is nearly entirely from scratch, and far away from what we know from Mical... It's awesome if you tell me my stuff looks great and you like it, but if you have anything you don't like about this design PLEASE let me know. As a content creator (or modificator) I want to appeal to as many people as possible, so i need honest opinions here, guys!!
  6. Hey Guys, Small update: I will probably update the Hanharr mod tomorrow. I will also upload the TGA and PSD versions for all of you that want to experiment with it! There is also a small preview for something new! EDIT: Please keep in mind, that this is VERY WIP My best regards and a big freaking "Thank You!!!" go out to Fair Strides for making this awesome headmodel! Now, after looking at it, I want you to guess who or what that is! I will give you a tip: The only model that was changed is the headmodel. The Body as well as the face have new textures. For the green version I took inspiration from another mod... EDIT: Once you've got who he is, please leave honest reviews and suggestions about the retexture. It is very far from the original so I expect a lot of critique from you guys !
  7. I can do a new hair and a new face texture if you'd like! I currently am working on kotor stuff anyway!
  8. AFAIK the DDS files created by the Bioware DDS converter use a different kind of compression than normal DDS files. If you want to see the texture in action just use KSE to get Hanharr appearance and judge for yourself. If people want to, I could also upload the TGA version. Thank you very much! Maybe I will do Zaalbar. too. But I don't play K1 so much, so that is really low priority.
  9. Okay, workin on it DeadMan's right. That's not your usual TGA. It's DDS. Works smoother. If you want to see it in action just modify your appearance in Kotor Save Editor to look like Hanharr. It's a 3 click procedure and gives you real ingame footage and not a flat image:)
  10. Thank you very much for your support!
  11. I really hope you enjoy it! But do you know if there are others? Before I did this one I really couldn't find one that was more than a simple recolour of the original texture.
  12. View File Hairy Hanharr! (a HD retex of Hanharr) Have you ever wondered why there is a bunch of retextures for every teammate but Hanharr? Even NPCs who are not even part of your party, like atris and sion, have a lot of new texture projects dedicated to them... So why not poor Hanharr? Yes, he is one of the least popular party members, but there are even textures for GOTO, so this can't be the reason alone. The main reason is all that hair, in my honest opinion. It is really a pain in the (swears in Huttish). I couldn't let poor Hanharr sit between all those shiny HD textures looking like he was pulled straight out of an Commodore 64. Frankly, his texture was bad from the beginning, even for 2004 standards. So I remade it. I put a lot of work in this and I hope you like it. Because there is such an abundance of skins for other characters I felt like 1 texture for Hanharr wouldn't do. So I made 2. Version 1 (With Scar) features a scar on his stomach, to show in what condition he is and what he's been through. (Screenshot for reference) Version 2 (Without Scar) just doesn't have that scar If you don't want to have blood and similar content in your game, this Version is for you. Installation: Move the from the "with scar" or "without scar" folder into your override folder Credits: CGTextures (now just "Textures"): This Eye texture ressource: and Biowares TGA to DDS converter, here from deadlystream. Submitter Constar Submitted 03/26/2016 Category Skins TSLRCM Compatible  
  13. Necro-Posting my own old thread! Anyway, I'm back (for a bit) I don't want to throw around lame excuses and/or stories of why I stopped responding to messages and threads so yeah: I am sorry if I disappointed anyone around here or let you down. But don't worry, I am back and I will pick my texture work back up - But I cannot say how fast or slow I will progress, I will just try to post updates in here once in a while. So let's get to it: You remember that I was working on a Kreia retexture, yes? Well yes and no: working on it, but the way kotor stretches textures and applies them to models really messes up every type of fabric texture I try on her robe... And I am not happy with that. If I find an option that pleases me or is good enough in my opinion I will post a screenshot and probably get that texture up here. But for now you just have to wait a bit... TSF textures! Still workin on it. Mandos: at the end of my queue. Really hard and the results were really not good enough for me to upload. Sith and Republic: Same as Mandos... Partymembers exept Kreia (and Atton obviously): I really like what Darth Sapien did! No need to do characters they already did. Go and check out their incredible work (you probably have it in your override anyway, like any sane person would) But wait, there's more! A little easter suprise for you guys! *insert epic drum roll sound effect here* SOMETHING NEW! SOMETHING NO ONE HAS DONE BEFORE (To my knowledge at least)! I made a new, custom Hanharr texture! As soon as it is admin-approved you can grab it here: Here is a Preview pic: