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Have you ever wondered why there is a bunch of retextures for every teammate but Hanharr? Even NPCs who are not even part of your party, like atris and sion, have a lot of new texture projects dedicated to them...
So why not poor Hanharr? Yes, he is one of the least popular party members, but there are even textures for GOTO, so this can't be the reason alone. The main reason is all that hair, in my honest opinion. It is really a pain in the (swears in Huttish). I couldn't let poor Hanharr sit between all those shiny HD textures looking like he was pulled straight out of an Commodore 64. Frankly, his texture was bad from the beginning, even for 2004 standards. So I remade it. I put a lot of work in this and I hope you like it.


Because there is such an abundance of skins for other characters I felt like 1 texture for Hanharr wouldn't do. So I made 2.
Version 1 (With Scar) features a scar on his stomach, to show in what condition he is and what he's been through. (Screenshot for reference)
Version 2 (Without Scar) just doesn't have that scar ^_^ If you don't want to have blood and similar content in your game, this Version is for you.


Move the from the "with scar" or "without scar" folder into your override folder


CGTextures (now just "Textures"):
This Eye texture ressource:
and Biowares TGA to DDS converter, here from deadlystream.

What's New in Version 1   See changelog


  • Initial Upload:
  • -redid Hanharr
  • -ate a steak
  • -uploaded the file
  • 16.4.16 Small Update:
  • -Uploaded TGA Version for people who want to check out the texture in photoshop
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