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    Good day. This is in the plans.
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    The Republic Armor looks amazing. Would you evert consider doing Republic Helmets and Sith Armor so both Armies look as sexy as Trask?
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    My PartySwap and Extended Enclave Compatibility Patch has been updated to add an installation option to make PartySwap compatible with both Extended Enclave and Extended Enclave Patch.
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    To add, I am experiencing the exact same Dxun no cutscenes Issue. I've attached the install logs from my original playthrough w/ ~130 other mods, and the recent install log from today with only TSLRCM and M4-78ep, and HQ skyboxes. Although, from reading the above conversation, it looks like these warnings are all normal. Followed the uninstall instructions in the readme, and that did not help (maybe I missed a file, maybe it's not supposed to help. Idk) Did a complete uninstall of the game. Loaded a save from dxun, the cutscenes played fine. Installed TSLRCM 1.8.6, tested, everything was fine. M4-78ep installed, tested, everything fine. HQ Skyboxes installed third, no cutscenes. Was also unable to interact with the computer terminal for the droids on the crashed ship. I could loot bodies, talk to companions, and go through combat fine. I was able to play through Peragus/Telos/Nar Shaddaa without any issues. I think it may just be the first area on Dxun affected. Just went to the next module in the Dxun jungle and did get cutscenes and escorted to the base. 12-19HQSB2installlog.rtf installlog.rtf
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    That is exactly the reason! I am glad you enjoy the idea of it, I was so certain people would hate it. As the mod is now in Beta I am 100% developing a patch for Brotherhood of Shadow as we speak. Before the patch is finished we shall see 'previews' and 'teasers' of the patch. This is because this mod was started in July 2016, back when I didn't know how to make a TSLPatcher. But the reason why it isn't used now is because as the mod updates I tend to add a bunch of new items, files and 2da entries and much like many other modders on this site I do have a life outside of the K1GI mod alongside the development of other mods so the last thing I want to think about when modding under a tight schedule is "if I modify 50 items and add 20 skins with 20 new 2da entries which apply to 40+ NPCs across the game then I will have to add 71 new lines in the patcher in addition to dealing with the complicated 2da patching process every time I make 1 new update". But... when I do finish the mod and it is no longer a 'Beta' mod this mod shall recieve a TSLRCM/M4-78 style installer and shall receive patches for big mods the players enjoy such as BOSSR and K1R allowing for compatibility between fan favourite mods.
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    Ok I need to lock this download until I can fix what I think I definitely know is wrong with my patcher. Awww man. i will get a new version up asap
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    I agree that this feature is in-fact jarring to look at, but the reason why this feature and many features of M4-78EP 1.5 is so "bad" is because (Even though you'd probably think this reason is bogus) the dev team who made M4-78EP are both burned out from modding this game for so many years and the fact that they have real life jobs that takes much of the modders time to actually work on the mod (The lead dev is part of the Video Game Industry for example). As a Beta tester for 1.5, I can confirm that 1.5 was released far too early as there'd be no way for the dev team to finish the mod properly with their burn out and real life obstacles (And this was before Covid-19 so I doubt things have gotten any better). I don't blame you for wanting to use M4-78EP 1.3 as the mod is broken in certain areas. You have a good point, but shouldn't the 4-digit code be written down in the player's journal entry update so that the player can always reference the number? This may or may not be the case in the mod, but it would be a good solution to your problem. Usually, the correct code is the number of droids in the colony so once you finally return to the terminal you must keep in mind you murdered droids to get back. In version 1.2 you would kill 5 droids to get back, so you'd -5 from the 4 digit code to complete the puzzle. In 1.5, technically it's -2 but hey idk if the mod is functioning well enough to account for those droids (Been years since I properly played M4-78EP). This is one of the times where you are most likely correct, this version is indeed buggy. I'm correcting you here, the teleportation system is in-fact as crap as Zelda is saying unfortunately. It would've been better if one of those Fast Travel droids were involved, maybe he'd interject into every convo and ask if the player wants to be teleported with the option to decline... heck, a simple animation of the droid party member walking away and then teleporting would've made this look better. Technically, the version he is promoting is the old Steam version 1.3 which was also released way too early... however, it *does* work. I guess what Malkior is trying to say is that, if you give Dark Side Points to anything and everything you dislike it kind of makes it look as if you are the problem and not the person you've dark side pointed. From the looks of it, you like to take a highly defensive approach when responding to criticism. In this case, you are correct... 1.5 is indeed bad, what you could do is instead is further highlight your criticism of the mod and highlight the flaws in a constructive manner without being defensive so at least you look like a good guy who wants to see M4-78EP fixed at some point... let's be real, no one will be able to fix the problems for a while, but at least if you take my criticisms you won't get attacked by other users who think you are being overtly dramatic. This sort of writing comes off as hostile, if your writing is hostile then people will think you yourself are a hostile person and may not take you seriously... but everything you are saying is 100% true which is why you should write your dialogue in a manner which is respectable to the person you are quoting and to the mod (Even if the mod is buggy as hell). Let's say you are in a public library and you just so happen to find a living pig in the fiction section just chilling, what you'd want to do is calmly approach the librarian and politely inform them of the pig and if they don't believe you need to be friendly towards them and try to lead them over towards the pig so they will believe you. If you instead decided to yell and swear at the librarian and them punch her you're going to be seen as the bad guy and you'd be kicked out of the library... even though you'd be 100% correct, there is a pig in the library. And in this case, the library is M4-78EP 1.5 and the pig is all the poorly executed features and bugs. I've rewritten your quote in a way which is purely informal and rebuts Malkior's false claim in a way which is non-confrontational to Malkior himself: You are incorrect, version 1.3 which I am promoting was released in 2017 on the Steam Workshop and was never hosted anywhere else as it was exclusive to the Steam Workshop. The link I've added is an archived version of the Steam 1.3 version which can be used for Steam and non-steam users via any non-Steam Workshop installation. It is fully compatible with TSLRCM as long as the players install TSLRCM first and M4-78EP 1.3 2nd. Well, that is honestly unfortunate. I think that, as long as a user can point out a mod's bugs in a polite manner they can highlight the problems and faults with a mod which can avoid new players from using M4-78EP and then breaking their game because the mod is unstable. Clearly Zelda was a new player who wasn't aware of what he was in for (The teleportation system is only the tip of the ice burg of 1.5), but I can agree with you; the manner in which Zelda stated his dislike for a change was written in an unfair manner. I applaud you taking this convo with Malkior to the PMs.
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    An update which has a "1.0.X" is a bug fix or anything categorized as a bugfix (Such as Russian translations). So the next bug fix update would be called "1.0.4" for example. A content update which changes anything with the plot from little to big would be a "1.X.0" update. So the next update which has actual content to look forward to is "1.2.0" and when that update comes out it will totally have a list of changes and will be referenced in the readme file. Unfortunately, no new updates are planned for the foreseeable future as my efforts are now focused on the Revenge of Revan mod.
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    ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS, THE MOD HAS BEEN FIXED: The issue that was breaking the mod was that the TSLPatcher installed critical files into the Override folder, these important files are used in the mod but other files on Peragus and Telos also shared the exact same name. I fixed this in 1.0.2 by adding to the installer so that the TSLPatcher would place these important files within the .mod files so the mod does not break Peragus or Telos. The problem with 1.0.2 however was that the TSLPatcher not only placed the files within the .mod files but they still placed the files within the Override at the same time. Version 1.0.3 fixes that so important files are NOT placed in the Override at ALL, however, whilst this mod is safe to play now, do be on the look out for bugs at every stage of the game and report any bugs you may find so that I may speedily fix it!
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    The bugs have been fixed! If you have installed VERSION 1.0.0! Refer to the optional "EE FIX FOR V 1.0.0" folder and follow instructions. If instructions unclear, leave a comment and I can clarify, this update does NOT modify files found in @Leilukin's patch! If further bugs or any other complications are found which are suspected to be caused by my patch, report the mod and I shall fix it at earliest convience!
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    I want to keep the two versions identical as much as possible, so I won't be adding anything that already exists in TSL. Heartstopper Combo's probably the closest you're gonna get.
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    That is not in the mod! Those are from Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge.
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    Thank you so much for all of your hard work Hugs
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    Thanks for bringing all these points up! The additional ways to enter the Sith Military base are certainly interesting and could be worth a look at if it could be made to make sense within the story. After you pointed out the issue in the Undercity, I did some looking and it appears the script that gave move instructions to party members only accounted for two party members as a third member isn't supposed to be with you yet. The third party member would tag along a little ways and would sometimes pass the trigger that would close the Undercity gate, but rarely. I have changed the script to issue instructions to a third party member and the infinite cutscene issue seems to be resolved. Thank you for pointing this out! I will make sure you are credited as I would not have known about this otherwise. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: IN V1.0, HAVING T3 IN YOUR PARTY WHEN TRYING TO SAVE HENDAR FROM THE RAKGHOUL CHASING HIM CAUSES THE CUTSCENE TO NEVER END. IF YOU ARE HAVING THIS ISSUE PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE MOD AGAIN AS V1.1 ADDRESSES THIS. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO REINSTALL THE MOD THEN DO THE FOLLOWING: 1) You can do this portion with only one other party member. It's only when T3 is present with a second party member other than the main character where the issue seems to arise. 2) Open the cheat console and type 'warp' without the 's and hit enter. This will force you out of the cutscene. Walk forward a little until the door shuts and then you can fight the Rakghoul as normal. 3) You can leave weak Hendar to his fate and bypass the issue altogether. Thank you to N-DReW25 for pointing this out!
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    You know, I had a crack at making this mod as well back in the day but I never released it due to some issues. In testing, in the Undercity with that little cutscene where you chose whether or not to save Hendar from the Rakghoul, for some reason if you had T3 and Carth with you at the same time the moment you run outside the gate you just stand there and the cutscene never ends. Just checked your files, it appears you haven't attempted to fix that issue so that may be a massive problem for those who play this mod. Why was this even done? The game files heavily suggest that the player could entire the Sith Base at any given time as long as they had T3. That cut line in the screenshot with Canderous is but one of three different scenarios which where meant to play out: 1st scenario, doesn't have T3/Vanilla: "Lucky for you I know just the place to get a droid like that. Davik was having one custom built by Janice Nall." 2nd) Has T3, doesn't have Sith Base Codes: "But that little T3 unit you got from Janice should be good enough to get the job done." 3rd) Has T3, has Sith Base Codes: "See, I put two and two together and I figured out you're the person who stole those Sith departure codes for Taris. So you're exactly the person I'm looking for." Realistically, the only reason why a player shouldn't enter the Sith Base is because the NPCs aren't balanced for a level 3 party with just Carth and weak weapons. Besides that, if the player somehow managed to kill the Sith Governor the only real problem would be that the Sith Codes side quest updates and mentions Canderous in the description (Which can be either ignored or edited to remove the Canderous mention). So the game would go: Start Taris > Buy T3 > Steal Sith Codes > Save Bastila > Go to Canderous in Upper City Cantina > Immediately go to Davik's Estate. Additionally, it appears that the player also had the option to buy a Sith Base Passcard via the Sith Party NPCs in the Cantina based on alternate dialogue like this below. "Well, are you here to close our deal? 2000 credits gets you access to the Military Base. Otherwise we really shouldn't be talking." And if your character has a Sith base Passcard on hand when they enter the base they can say this to the receptionist. "[Persuade] I work here - look, I've got an access card." That would be problematic, as it'd allow you to enter the Sith Base without T3 and would enable you to abandon him on Taris. If for some odd reason you wanted to restore that as well, you'd need to add a conditional to Dark Side Bastila's Ebon Hawk dlg where she says "The droids will still serve you" as then it'd be possible to leave T3 and HK both behind on Taris and Tatooine. So you could technically can restore both possibilities (enter Sith Base early and leave T3 behind) though I would recommend that these versions be optional so players could chose which version they'd rather play.
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    Good day. In perspective.
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    Technically, tga textures are the same format in both games so dropping "N_RepSold.tga" into the override should do the trick, that "N_RepSold.txi" file on the other hand... probably won't work. @Dark Hopewould have to fix the txi to work in TSL should the texture not work. Other than that, she would need to make a texture for the male Republic Soldier helmet NPC, female Republic Soldier NPC, the TSF male and female NPCs and maybe even the male and female Republic and TSF Officer NPCs. Also, I think this mod (if you rename the male Republic Soldier texture right) can work with JC's Female Republic Soldier fix mod: Not even change the names, just outright drop the tga into TSL and you're good.
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    Yeah. I either forgot to update the tag, or my last submission happened before the tag existed. It should be compatible with literally anything other than a mod that changes his specific MDL MDX path (Or replaces those files) -Tag fixed- Please let me know if anyone has any more issues, or if they have compatibility problems.
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    Good day. Of course there is) Learn Photoshop.
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    No, it does not work with PartySwap. Everyone will need to wait for the PartySwap patch for EEP to be released (Which will be a component of the original Extended Enclave Party Swap Compatibility patch mod so be on the look out for that update!)
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    OMG. Yes and thank you so much. It's amazing. The male heads in this game were terrible but you have brought it to life. Thank you so much for all your beautiful mods. I hope you are staying safe in life and doing well.
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    I estimate that mod placed a file named (or named similar) "HK-50.utc" or something, a file like that is used extensively during the game and if it is inside the override it'd break every NPC with the tag "HK-50" for example. What is sadder, yet beneficial for you, is that the restored items are restored in TSLRCM and M4-78EP.
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    Reviews are for those that have seen my mods in action.
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    (Sees Lvl 86 Bastilla Picture) What mods are you using to make that happen?!?
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    To be honest, you, along with JCarter426 and DarthParametric, inspired me to make these fixes. They are small and cannot relate to modeling work, which is more time consuming. But, it is these minor flaws that spoil the atmosphere of the game. In case I learn how to model, I would like to improve the modification by adding a headdress to the admiral, like his predecessor, since giving a part in the army and navy to those who are not covered with hats (although they are in the room) goes against everyone military rules.
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    This seems to be a very good mod, very innovative and worthwhile to see a Varko fix included as well!
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    In the interim, this should fix it - https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Jedi_NPCs_Wear_Player_Robes.7z
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    I did some recreational debugging, and I can confirm this is a problem for every party member except the PC. The following is 100% repeatable. Equip a repeater -> Preventative boolean gets set to TRUE, applies effect for 1 second -> Save -> Load -> Boolean is now permanently stuck as TRUE, effect has worn off, effect can never be applied again to that character. Not sure why it works perfectly with the PC, but there's the error.
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    Thank you very much. That installlog was very useful and allowed me to find the culprit: There's something wrong with the 401dxn.mod coming with my mod but so far I have been unable to figure out what exactly. I'll continue investigating this issue but for the time being you can just delete 401dxn.mod from the modules folder after installing this mod if you have this issue and it should be fixed. You will loose the fog changes I made to that module but that's better than broken cutscenes. I'll get back to you once I know more @Pimpnkill@mackmitchell94@1Leonard Update: I found the issue and uploaded a fix. The installation is slightly more complicated if you have an older version of the mod installed, so make sure you read the read-me. Most likely you will only have to delete 401dxn.mod and 510ond.mod from your modules folder before installing the new version but check the full instructions to be sure.
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    Ok so weirdly enough the folder does not contain an install log for me, it never makes one. @1Leonard is also having the same issue with the cutscenes on Dxun.
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    The compatibility flag got reset the last time the forum backend got updated. So any mod that wasn't manually edited by the author since will say it is incompatible with TSLRCM, regardless of whether that is actually the case or not. The same presumably applies to the K1R compatibility flag for K1 mods.
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    No. BUT... I am making a patch for Brotherhood of Shadow as we type. Previews of said patch will be released somewhere on this site at a later date. As it has a TSLPatcher I am willing to say yes.
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    Try removing permov08.bik and permov09.bik from the Movies folder. It sounds like there might be an issue with the Bink videos that TSLRCM adds. This will skip the Harbinger arrival videos, but it might let you progress.
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    Note to the apparently 19 people other than me following this mod page: You don't need the new upload. I just fixed the installation instructions because lazy copy/paste led to confusion. Move along.
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    Ok, so off the top of my head here is how I reworked the Sith Base. The Sith Patrol and the Party don't give you armor anymore, you get Sith Base Passcards instead which will now open the door to the Sith Base (This is technically restored content as the Sith Party NPCs will now have voiced line of you purchasing a Sith Base Passcard instead of armor. Because you have 'two' I assume I forgot to remove that one Passcard in the Footlocker). The way you unlock the Sith Govenor's Door as of right now is not via the cards but rather you require T3-M4 in your party and you need to unlock the Sith Govenor's Door via a Terminal (As T3 has a 20 in Computer Use it is highly recommended to use him directly as he can just do every option without spending a single spike because as we know he is meant to be this 'advanced hacking droid'). I recommend you use the Terminal in the Control Room as the terminals are now arranged 'strongest to weakest' meaning the stronger terminal will have more options for you to hack. *The Weakest terminal is the Receptionist Terminal which can only be used to view cameras *The Medium Strength Terminal is the terminal near the medbay which has a few more options *The strongest is the above mentioned control room, the one near the barracks, this terminal has EVERY option avaliable. The option to unlock the Sith Govenor's Door will ONLY appear with T3-M4 within the party. I hope this helps 👍
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    I use Steam and I solved the Problem with the shiny floor I took the file JTL_tr02.tga from the Mod: TSL ORIGINS - Telos Overhaul 1.1.2 and renamed it to HAR_Fl01.tga Because they both look very similar it isn't that much of a difference and it isn't as shiny It looks very cool. Problem solved👍
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    You sure about that? Hmm, let's see... 😛
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    How does this handle the Handmaiden/Visas conflict and Atton/Disciple conflict? Do those remain exclusive on the PC's sex or do they both trigger regardless?
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    So I assume that once you give the speech to the soldiers, you see this BIK cutscene movie and it teleports inside the Admin building? I am 98% sure the reason for this choice. It is said that, if Obsidian published the full game TSL in February 2005 this Battle of Khoonda cut content in which the player fights outside was still going to be cut. Why, you might ask? Well, this fight allegedly caused massive amounts of lag for the game on the original XBOX Console editions of the game. So technically, this feature was going to be cut regardless. My theory is that, while the Battle of Khoonda fight works like a charm on modern PCs, this may not entirely be the case for Mobile devices especially older models. Let's just assume you played Battle of Khoonda via TSLRCM on Mobile and it didn't lag, let's assume you have the latest model of Galaxy Samsung phone which is probably going to be powerful enough to run this game no problem... but do keep in mind, that is just your experience, whilst you may play the Battle of Khoonda on your Mobile device perfectly, another user on an old iOS device might lag horribly or crash. Mobile isn't exactly as unified as PC rendition's of this game, so developers of MTSLRCM have to deal with features of TSLRCM which work on PC, work on Android but crash on iOS. Once they fix the crash on iOS, they can ignore PC since PC uses TSLRCM and not MTSLRCM, but then another user reports the exact same crash on Android because of the bug fix done for iOS. That's the situation I am picturing for MTSLRCM for maintaining the mod, it's a bit rough at the moment as obviously the mobile port appeared out of the blue and as such so did MTSLRCM. The Battle of Khoonda in particular could probably never be optimized for Mobile anyway. The reason why it lags so much on the XBOX and Mobile is that XBOX was a weak console which physically couldn't run the Battle at a smooth frame rate and Mobile devices made in the 2010s was never the intended platform for TSL to begin with. Picture this, the game has to render the Khoonda plains module, that is easy, keep in mind, the game will need to render Khoonda's water river and grass effects which even some PCs can barely render properly. About 10 Khoonda Militia NPCs spawn into the module, followed by 20 to 30 Merc's all around the player (these Mercs would be the first NPCs to render), each Merc projects a shadow onto the ground which means about 20 to 30 additional shadows are being rendered before the player, each Merc has scripts attached to them like "heartbeat" which tells them what to do, they are not only hostile to the player but also to the 10 Khoonda militia plus Zherron (These militia and Zherrun also have shadows and scripts attached), the NPC's AI needs to target an NPC to attack which means the Mercs need to decide to attack the Party or the militia NPCs, each Merc NPC is either wielding a Double Vibrosword or a Blaster Rifle which means the game now has to render Blaster bolts being fired between the militia and Mercs, Khoonda militia dual wield pistols meaning each militia fires double blaster bolts, certain Mercs with melee weapons rush the player or the militia forcing the militia to fire scripts to activate melee weapons, the game needs to register the damage being done to each militia and Merc, the game needs to register the Merc attacks done to the Party, the player's Party AI needs to determine which Merc to attack and what feats they shall use. Let's assume that Battle of Khoonda lags your game out and maybe crashes it, what I listed out is the reason why it lags and crashes. If your Mobile device didn't lag, that just means you have a good Mobile device. Having less features may not be fun but it's better for the mod developer's to cut the feature out entirely so that these modder's don't have to spend hours optimizing one specific feature to function across 50 different mobile devices. Would it be better to not experience the Battle of Khoonda or would you rather have a Battle of Khoonda with 2 Khoonda Militia, Zherron and 5 Mercs in a lame fight? That sounds dumb as hell, but the dev's would have to do that to ensure the mod works lag free across ALL Mobile devices. Remember, MTSLRCM dev's would be lucky to have a single Mobile device to Beta test MTSLRCM with, they probably need to test MTSLRCM with many different brands of Mobile device from Android, iOS and more etc in order to properly test it. As such, I reckon community feedback who reports the MTSLRCM bugs to the devs is probably the only way updates and bug fixes can be made considering the dev's probably develop and test this mod on PC anyway as I'm not even sure if they even own a Mobile device (I could be wrong on that). What do you think about this? I'm not sure about Mobile TSL, but I know that on Mobile K1 all custom audio files added to K1 via mod's do not work. If you watch Negative Zero's Brotherhood of Shadow playthrough's, the audio for that mod is silent as well. On PC, Kaevae the thief had no VO so TSLRCM hired an actor to create custom audio for her. Just like the Battle of Khoonda, the Thief DOES work perfectly on PC as intended, however, as you can see, it does not work that great on Mobile. If you are capable of installing this mod, this will remove Kaevee the thief and restore the vanilla questline where Jorran is the thief back into your TSLRCM game. I have not tested it on Mobile so do be cautious! I cannot justify why this is absent, maybe it simply does not work for some reason. But I'm afraid I cannot find a reason why this wouldn't work I'm afraid. Ok, that 100% sounds like a bug! I hope you found this to be useful, feel free to ask me questions.
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    Is this compatible with the community patch? If so, which step should i install it during?
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    I know this may sound like a long-term mod to create, but why not make a mod explaining Kreia's life in the Jedi order, like the cutscene of Kreia's Fall? It is already well speculated, thought and believed that Arren Kae was Kreia before she went and searched the deeper mysteries of the dark side. As Kreia was a Jedi historian, I would've used the Dantooine Jedi library is a big part of the cutscene. That'd be a start...
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    Which outfit exactly would you want him in? I'm considering it as an optional patch for an update, but I'm not sure what to give him yet. I could put him in the silver Sith armor but I don't thinkthat would make him look more important. It's used for a lot of generic guys like the governor of Taris who doesn't even have a lightsaber. But I don't want to give him Bandon's outfit because I feel that should be unique to him. The third option is some sort of new outfit, maybe a reskin of either, maybe a little modeling work - which I can do, but I still don't know what I'd want for him. I'd have to think on it. I'd consider the same for Yuthura, but I just haven't had an ideas yet.
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    10/10 would be killed way easier by sith assassins again
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    Uh-oh. Didn't know that, since I always play as a male.
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    nice kitty, thanks for this. i always found it annoying to have random fighter battles when you realy just want to go planet hopping or have to run all over the place cause you forgot something...