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    But you'd have to stop modding K1 and actually play TSL first to get any use out of it.
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    Bruh why his head green
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    That is exactly the reason! I am glad you enjoy the idea of it, I was so certain people would hate it. As the mod is now in Beta I am 100% developing a patch for Brotherhood of Shadow as we speak. Before the patch is finished we shall see 'previews' and 'teasers' of the patch. This is because this mod was started in July 2016, back when I didn't know how to make a TSLPatcher. But the reason why it isn't used now is because as the mod updates I tend to add a bunch of new items, files and 2da entries and much like many other modders on this site I do have a life outside of the K1GI mod alongside the development of other mods so the last thing I want to think about when modding under a tight schedule is "if I modify 50 items and add 20 skins with 20 new 2da entries which apply to 40+ NPCs across the game then I will have to add 71 new lines in the patcher in addition to dealing with the complicated 2da patching process every time I make 1 new update". But... when I do finish the mod and it is no longer a 'Beta' mod this mod shall recieve a TSLRCM/M4-78 style installer and shall receive patches for big mods the players enjoy such as BOSSR and K1R allowing for compatibility between fan favourite mods.
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    Good question, and can't blame one for that. Long story short, before I know how the patcher works, I thought more/less the same as you -- the installation might not working as intended, and without knowledge for once I copied the MOD file inside a mod archive and then paste-overwrite the existing one inside my modules folder. Fun times, lol. So in general it's best for one to understand it like this -- as DP stated above It still should inject the appropriate changes into that MOD. What happened under the hood is the installer make changes to the already existing relevant MOD/unk_m44aa.mod file on your end, and does not copying what's inside the mod's archive. The opposite happened when -let's say- you have a clean install of the game and this mod being installed first. You will then have empty modules folder filled only with RIMs, without any MODs. What this mod does then it will copy the [vanilla] MOD inside its archive to yours, and then inject the appropriate changes onto it. It's a necessary procedure for the mod to work properly. And to answer the question -- I can only say to install this mod at the latter stage of your build, which means after K1CP and any other mods if necessary. Hoped that helps. Cheers!
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    Yeah I remember being able to open the door on the xbox, but if I remember there wasn't much going on in there. I'm wondering if there's more hidden in the module relating to this. Anyway, great mod. It's always frustrating not being able to open a door, because you know the content is missing.
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    I'm waaay ahead of yah! Pasted the beard from the black-haired Dark Harbinger reskin of Jedi Jesus onto Better PMHC04 in Photoshop.
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    I know that another mod exists called "Save Mission" by jc2, which ultimately has all the same functions as my mod. I created this mod from scratch, using "Save Mission" as inspiration, so it has all different dialogue for the player and NPCs. The outcome is the same, but the events unfold differently. I feel that these differences, as well as the absence of a few bugs that are present in Save Mission v1.5a, mean that these mods both have merit. You may enjoy jc2's "Save Mission" much more than this mod, so I'd suggest trying both out and keeping the one you like better (you can't install them both at the same time). EDIT: Make sure you have v1.2 of the mod, as it improves the dialogue choices and fixes a bug that usually prevents you from killing Mission. Even though this mod is about keeping her alive, it's still good to have the option to kill her as normal.
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    Yeah, I didn't have any particular idea for most of them but I had remembered reading that, so I decided to put the silver crystal on Tatooine. I would've put it in the krayt dragon cave but there's already a violet crystal there. Likewise the orange crystal is on Shaela because she's depicted with an orange lightsaber in the Tales comic she was in.
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    Nice catch, and yeah - that sounds like a good idea. Gained insights from this post moments ago, and thinking this mod can definitely fits somewhere. Would definitely having this installed on my TSL playthrough. And thank you, OP/Dark Hope -- for this mod. It looks very promising, and looking forwards to give it a go. Cheers.
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    This is great, tho this looks like it'll fit KoTOR 2 aesthetics more since that game had different head style (the new head only ofc, since they reused a lot of KoTOR 1 heads). Just look at Dantooine characters, all of them had more "realistic" texture rather than the more "cartoony" styled heads. Anyway, good job on these. I hope you can do for KoTOR 2 Masters as well.
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    @La Ingobernable I missed that, thanks for letting me know. I'll include Gran ports in the next update.
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    The female player soundset lacks those barks. I'm not sure why, but it's an issue with the original K1 soundset.
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    Yeah, @BarnzyBobble were right about the GOG's stretching. And if there's one specific file be consider to restore is mipc28x6.gui. I replaced the v4.0's one with the former/v3.0[?], and it's back to how it should. Though, I left the equip screen [and rest of others except the said one earlier] that changed by the latter version because it works for me. The "zoomed-in" UI for the item's icon shown bit more details - granted, it noticeably stretched. Nevertheless, much thanks for the improvement this mod brings. Can't imagine myself for not using this. Edit: just noticed that there are gaps that should connect the UI with the frame using v4.0 [for GOG users]. So a rollback option would be much appreciated here. Edit2: disregard. There's an option to download the earlier version just above the Changelog section. Pardon my peon-incompetency, hahah. Edit3: apparently a rollback to v3.0 doesn't help much if v4.0 had already installed. What [GOG] users need to do is to DL clonegizka's mod [as attached a post earlier] and then overwrite changes made by this version.
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    The hologram was there in the original game, actually. It was just never active due to a bug.
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    One person didn't get it. You can guess who that is... I wasn't debating that. I was confirming your point, while also acknowledging that we don't know what Obsidian would have written if it had enough time to develop the story. We weren't, until someone appointed themselves historian...
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    Apparently, I've received a credit in this mod. Hmmm. What have I done to deserve this? Not sure why Griff looks green in your mod but you obviously need a better profile picture for him. Make use of this until something better comes along. (It's pictured below but the attachment is as a TGA, sized at 512 by 512. griff.tga
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    The mod works, there was an issue in the older version with the global.jrl file being older then the ones from TSLRCM AND M4-78 EP, and that is why you were getting that error! Now you can safely overwrite that file and it will work ok, just run the new TSLPatcher and it should automatically update your broken mod version! Here is a Youtube video of the mod in action:
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    Woke up to this being released at the top of my feed. What a time to be alive, hahah. 2020 here I come!
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    I like the idea a lot. Ahh... How many times walking to that compartiment knowing in advance the answer... Hoping to be able to melt -just a bit- her hardened heart (and a glitch in the game...) What about make the romance available for female characters as well? The hottest huntress in the galaxy seduced by a sensual female exile? As a female PC she does not even want to be my friend... sniff...
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    Great idea! Now we'll need a copmatibility patch for DP's TOR-style HK.
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    She's not invisible, she's chilling out in space: That's part of the mod, don't you know? OK, this issue baffled me for longer than I'd care to admit and I eventually tried the modding equivalent of throwing the empty gun at the other guy and it worked. I don't know why I needed to do it, or why it worked, but it seems to have. While I only applied the true fix to S_Female03, I rebuilt all the others during an earlier, failed attempt. Security should be tighter all around, but do let me know if another problem arises. The new version also includes an alternate texture option for the outfit (see the new screenshot).
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    Sorry, I mistyped the second model. It should be m02ab_02l
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    Great work, @vZv! These make the JS/ZS armors have a neat uniformity to them!
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    The red one is awesome! I consider this essential to my playthrough, thanks a lot!
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    Presumably he renamed some LIP files intended for other lines, so the lip sync doesn't match. It's an easy fix now that the CSLU Toolkit has had its online licensing requirement removed. The only problem is that it doesn't run on Win 10, instead requiring Win 7 or XP.
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    Just move both the .nss and the .ncs into the override it won't cause any issues.
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    I think they are cut content with weapon proficiency for grenades and "simple weapons" like quarterstaffs. I know simple weapons feats are restored here.
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    Hey, are you planning on porting the Gran voices as well? There are only a couple, but I think it'd be worth it.
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    My fixes were done in isolation over the period of a few years so yeah there's overlap with some other mods. All the fixes you linked to are included in the KOTOR 1 Community Patch though, and I would recommend trying that before any other bug fixes. I probably should make a separate download that doesn't include the stuff already included in that, though... if I could remember what is included... The fixes are kept in separate folders and the readme details exactly what files affect what so you don't have to install everything. With the exception of the crystal icon fixes, you can also easily uninstall everything if you change your mind. You make a good point about the screenshots, though. Some of the stuff you mentioned is pictured but I guess I didn't do a before & after. For some it would turn into a spot the difference game, and for others the original is so obviously wrong that I didn't see the point of it and was lazy.
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    There really needs to be a melee weapons version of this mod for KotOR II. If you don't get a response perhaps you should ask an admin because i feel a melee weapon mod is really needed for K2.
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    opss!!! I'm very sorry. I copied the quoted tip from My "Play'MULTI-MOD'through" thread (the author @DeadMan is correct there) but I confused the names in the post of this page. Edited and corrected. Thanks for the warning.
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    @danil-ch I don't know if it's fixable, but when Kreia drains the Jedi Masters' and they're collapsed on the floor, their left sleeve constantly flaps about.
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    Thank you for reporting this, I will get around to checking this bug out so that it may be fixed in the next big content patch. Reason for this, I'm certain we've all had enough of downloading the same 195 megabyte file for one little fix.
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    It's a personal tastes matter. According a tip from @DeadMan: "My mod covers only vibroswords, IRoberts will also change vibroblades and vibro double-blades, so I say use his version. If you like my weapon skins more (look at screenshots) you can mix them - install my mod first, then his but do not overwrite conflicting files." In my last Playthrough I did that, I installed first Vibrosword replacement pack 1.0 and after [TSL] Vibroweapons replacement pack retexture 1.0 (without overwrite files). Don't worry asking. When I don't know something ...I ask
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    Having all the files in a single archive would have been nice. It's a little tedious to download them individually.
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    You mean the one with sounds for various ranged weapons? Then yes, it's compatible.
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    It's compatible with anything that doesn't edit the same models.
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    I loved this one ebmar though, in my game they didn't seem as red as they should be, also does it affect Trask? Because his armor seemed blue oO
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    Hello! Thanks for the awesome mod! I'm currently running into an issue anytime I see a twilek in-game where a popup shows up behind the game that says "Invalid bumpmap: Twilek_M01b7=.tga" Sometimes instead of 7= it will have weird symbols. Edit: This seems to have been caused by .txi files from ebmar's txi pack overriding the built-in info in your .tpc files. After removing the offending .txis, I haven't seen this issue.
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    I like a lot the red one. Nice work!!
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    In an attempt to save this mod... here are some REAL instructions It's actually very easy so don't freak out Let me start by saying, the file that he calls "Part 10" is actually named "TELOS Extract Manually". Yes, the one without all caps is part 10 1) First up, you will need a program that the author clearly believes everyone should know about for some reason... I certainly hadn't heard about it until now Called XnView. Download it from here https://www.xnview.com/en/ We won't use it 'til the later steps, we're just getting this out of the way now. Don't worry, it's less steps now than the initial instructions make it seem. I assume thats for an older version 2) Download all RARs from here 3) Extract the two RARs called "EXTRACT MANUALLY" and "TELOS Extract Manually" (this second one is "part10") and manually copy or move all their contents into KotOR II's "Override" folder Yes, we're doing part 10 out of order. It's easier for us this way as these are the only two folders out of the bunch that we can handle like this. This is only because the author obviously forgot to add it in the initial upload 4) Now, Extract the contents of parts 1 through to part 11 (with part 10 missing obviously as we've already done that) INTO A SINGLE FOLDER! What I mean by that is, don't just make a folder with the folders inside for "TELOS Part 1", "TELOS Part 2" etc. All the contents from each RAR need to be in the same single folder. Note: For some reason, when doing this, there was a file or two that needed to be overwritten. I'm assuming this due to some sort of update the author made 5) Now we're moving on to the XnView stuff. Open any one of the extracted files i this new folder we've made with XnView For me, it opened full screen for some reason so if that happens for you, just press escape. You should now see all the files in the folder in a viewing window within XnView 6) Select all the files by pressing Ctrl+A 7) With all files selected, go to Tools > Batch Convert 8 ) Set the output folder to KotOR II's "Override" folder and press "Convert" on the bottom right of the window DONE. Enjoy! Avs
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    The first part is in Tienn's shop, the second is in one of the cargo containers in Serecco's territory.
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    Just the others. TSLRCM already changes Brianna to have the braids she's meant to have, but leaves the others alone. This restores the appearance that was meant to be used for the sisters. Currently it requires TSLRCM (or an equivalent mod) to do that.
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    So aside from the crystal surplus not working, everything works up until i finish creating the hilt, it tells me its adding the hilt to my inventory but when i go to equip it it doesn't show up in my inventory. Wtf so much troubleshooting, finally thought I had the mod working only for it to stomp all over my dreams, Unless the creators actually respond for once in their lives I'm going to have to uninstall and recommend others to skip on this buggy and under serviced mod.
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    Ok, finished I'll tell you how I did with success (You must have the 3 archives): a) The original mod archive "Azgath N'Dul's Tonb 2.0" mod -->> http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/370-azgath-nduls-tomb/ "Fixed changes.ini for DI's Tom of Azgath" -->> http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/254-fixed-changesini-for-dis-tomb-of-azgath/ c) "Azgath N'Dul's Tomb Patch 2.2" -->> http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/371-azgath-nduls-tomb-patch/ Now: 1- Unzip all archives (a, b, c) in their own folder 2- Take the unzipped "b" archive (changes.ini) and put it in the "tslpatchdata" folder of the unzipped "a" overwriting the original "changes.ini" 3- Install the mod (Azgath N'Dul's Tonb 2.0) normally 4- Install now "Azgath N'Dul's Tomb Patch 2.2" normally 5- Enjoy this great mod 6- Don't forget the very important point 5 I hope has been helpful
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    It is ONLY the texture that you see before you click on the map. It is not the map where you choose the actual planets you go to. If you look closely, it was actually made up of screen captures of the full sized KotOR2 Galaxy Map - cropped and resized. So folks looking closely for Manaan and Kashyyyk won't find them. And since I didn't have M4-78 installed - as I did this in 1.8.1, you can't see M4-78 on there either. Darth Paulus: The positions of the planets follow the vanilla set up. I don't use that Galaxy Map fix mod so my screen captures wouldn't have used that line-up. I don't buy the positions that were used in that mod because the planets obviously aren't to scale, for one. Secondly, there are several different maps and who's to say that one is more "canon" than the other.
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    But what does this mod actually do?