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    Everyone: "Oh goodie, JCarter426 uploaded another mod! I wonder what flawless, innovative, 10/10 mod he has graced us with this time JCarter426: "IsLaM iS mY aUtHoRiTy!"
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    But you'd have to stop modding K1 and actually play TSL first to get any use out of it.
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    Direct Kolto injection. That is going to sting.
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    In an attempt to save this mod... here are some REAL instructions It's actually very easy so don't freak out Let me start by saying, the file that he calls "Part 10" is actually named "TELOS Extract Manually". Yes, the one without all caps is part 10 1) First up, you will need a program that the author clearly believes everyone should know about for some reason... I certainly hadn't heard about it until now Called XnView. Download it from here https://www.xnview.com/en/ We won't use it 'til the later steps, we're just getting this out of the way now. Don't worry, it's less steps now than the initial instructions make it seem. I assume thats for an older version 2) Download all RARs from here 3) Extract the two RARs called "EXTRACT MANUALLY" and "TELOS Extract Manually" (this second one is "part10") and manually copy or move all their contents into KotOR II's "Override" folder Yes, we're doing part 10 out of order. It's easier for us this way as these are the only two folders out of the bunch that we can handle like this. This is only because the author obviously forgot to add it in the initial upload 4) Now, Extract the contents of parts 1 through to part 11 (with part 10 missing obviously as we've already done that) INTO A SINGLE FOLDER! What I mean by that is, don't just make a folder with the folders inside for "TELOS Part 1", "TELOS Part 2" etc. All the contents from each RAR need to be in the same single folder. Note: For some reason, when doing this, there was a file or two that needed to be overwritten. I'm assuming this due to some sort of update the author made 5) Now we're moving on to the XnView stuff. Open any one of the extracted files i this new folder we've made with XnView For me, it opened full screen for some reason so if that happens for you, just press escape. You should now see all the files in the folder in a viewing window within XnView 6) Select all the files by pressing Ctrl+A 7) With all files selected, go to Tools > Batch Convert 8 ) Set the output folder to KotOR II's "Override" folder and press "Convert" on the bottom right of the window DONE. Enjoy! Avs
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    I thought we were way past April Fools now. Oh wait, I see this was uploaded and submitted then, but somehow only got approved 19 days later. Welp.
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    Woke up to this being released at the top of my feed. What a time to be alive, hahah. 2020 here I come!
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    I really do like the concept and idea behind this mod.
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    Hello, you are indeed correct about the mod lacking some content as this is the 1.0 release. In the future, I hope to return to this mod and add another encounter once the boss fight is finished where the player learns about the origin of the GenoHaradan Boss, the history of the GenoHaradan between K1 and K2 and the fate of the GenoHaradan after K2. I do, in fact, have another script where the GenoHaradan resides in the Jekk Jekk Tarr for the boss fight, however, that won't come for a very long time unfortunately.
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    That is because I haven't added it in yet. The Zhug utc files are "n_duro01.utc" for example and those are spread across the entire game meaning putting them in the override as I did for testing would break many Duro NPCs and putting the utc inside a .mod file wouldn't work because a 401dxn.mod file doesn't exist (Almost every module in TSLRCM is a .mod file except for this dxun module and the Korriban academy, because it crashes as a .mod) Considering GenoHaradan Legacy doesn't touch Dxun this bug is something else you've installed.
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    Very good. Give me surprised and pleased.
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    shame we cant go back in time (and a good bunch of years) to permanently add to base game p_plyermw_slct8, p_plyermw_stlh4 (and so on) to add even little more variety (and to permanently keep installed) all these but still.... I'll be switching among these rather regularly to listen to them. for now, I'm "mixing" p_plyermw_slct8, p_plyermw_lmin3, p_plyermw_low1 and few others with the Male Jedi Knight from SWTOR PC Replacement soundset and I'll be testing this "mixture" for awhile. These 2 voices in particular don't seem too diferent in these brief statements ... or do they to you?? great upload again SH thanks
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    So I wasn't the only one who found this annoying. Thanks for relieving my OCD. I'm one of those people who runs their character into corners and along walls just to get a complete map of an area. It also always annoyed me that you can download a map of every module on Citadel Station except Dock Module 126. And that map, too, is uncompletable.
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    I was having the same issue - renaming the two files w_ionrfl_04.mdl and w_ionrfl_04.mdx to w_ionrfl_004.mdl and w_ionrfl_004.mdx (like all the other ones) seems to solve the problem
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    To everyone experiencing this problem, I had the same one and realized I was using the wrong version of XnView. If you go to their homepage, the latest version is XnView MP 0.90. This won't work with what we're trying to do. Go here: https://download.xnview.com/old_versions/ and download XnView 2.33-win-full.exe, and then follow the instructions and it will work. You'll notice this is the same version in the tutorial.
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    This mod works well; I encountered no bugs during my playthrough. The spliced dialogs are highly believable in-game. More importantly, and what I appreciate most about it, is that providing Revan with a more complete set of relationship possibilities makes the character more nuanced, believable, and customized, deepening the role-playing aspect (by putting more choice in the player's hands) and helping to tie the two games together (in the presence of K1 alternate romance mods that have existed for quite some time). Even though the romantic elements of TSL are pared down, it is great not to have romantic backstory imposed on you when your choices in the first game differed substantially. In extreme cases, the player might not even pick up on a Carth/female Revan romance angle in TSL, because they've always played female Revan w/ Bastila romance mod in K1. I also appreciate the work the author has gone through to package this up nicely, iron out the bugs, flesh out compatibility info, and provide all the steps needed to make the mod work from existing saves. It is really nice to have these alt-romance mods in bug-reduced forms.
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    I followed the installation instructions and nothing changed. It was like the game didn't even notice the mod in the override folder at all.
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    It is, perhaps I wasn't certain when I uploaded it.
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    Hmm, I wouldn't expect a problem from Windows but I have never actually tested on Windows 10. I can, but I'll have to get back to you.
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    That I'll have to look into. It's probably a problem with the KOTOR 2 supermodel that got carried over. As to your original issue, I don't know. It doesn't happen to me, obviously. If you're on a non-Windows operating system it could be some file system issue.
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    Hmm, actually that is one of the animations that should be fixed and it looks like the fixes aren't in effect. First, I'd suggest checking that you installed everything properly to Override and that you aren't using other mods that might conflict. Then delete all the S_Female and S_Male files from Override and reinstall. Alternatively, you could use the ported supermodel sets from Cloaked Jedi Robes or Slave Bastila. They include all the fixes.
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    You need to select your root KOTOR folder, not Override. I don't know what the path is for Steam but it's the folder where dialog.tlk is.
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    You'll need to start a new game, unfortunately. But it is 100% worth it.
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    It's possible, but not plausible. At least, I don't know a decent way to implement it yet.
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    Hmm. Been a long while since the last time I use that mod so I'm not sure how far it changes things. Hmm, perhaps you can look into the appearance.2da and see row 378 which is Trask's; does its texa and texb columns appointed to N_RepSold? If yes, then it's OK to remove the TGA and leave only the TPC version [which came from this mod], but if not - then some workaround is waiting ahead, and I need your report on the said value.
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    It's compatible with anything that doesn't edit the same models.
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    Lol, see he's a womanizer, and from a personal experience I can totally see where she's coming from in wanting to kill him. Be so easy to do more than just leave him there to die, especially after he flirts with my version of Revan, as well as Bastila, and if he flirted with Juhani and Mission, since he doesn't I'm going to go assume/read between the lines and guess he's also a bigot, given his commentary concerning droids as well *cuddles her precious T3 and HK*
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    Have you read the What's new in 1.1 section. There are two files. They are good in both games.
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    This is one of my favorite mods as said to you over on Steam reminds me of Darth Talon even if she doesn't have the tattoos. Hence why I choose the Lethian style for her, as someone who has the old rp lexicon and groups the female twilek's name and the clan name I love the way you've done this very much. Combined with smugglerAlex's fully upgradeable clothes (which take on the appearance of her snazzy outfit) my Twilek's ready to lay down Sithy darkside on Kreia for her stupid commentary! 😉
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    This file used to be tagged as TSLRCM Incompatible for some reason. That is false, this mod is compatible, and I've updated the file properties.
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    Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoy the mod. I just tried training Bao-Dur while wearing those robes myself. My game didn't crash but my character was became invisible during the cutscene. I'll try to investigate what causes this when I have some time. Meanwhile, I'll update the description and list this as a known issue.
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    Did you download Prime's Prequel Jedi Robe mod? That mod has the required model files for the textures to be displayed properly
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    This is an engine problem. The solution unfortunately is to remake the mod entirely. It can be done, just would take awhile to do.
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    thanks for this great work SH and UnusualCharacters. awesome to see those new missing lines improvised now!! thanks alot aswell for the translations, sometimes its hard to hear what player says, more for non.native english speakers so appreciatte translations alot too.
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    Very interesting and worthy work but maybe a little short and with a lack of dig more in the story (by now). I would like I can explore the base (find some holo or datapad with a more in deep explanation, linking others planets and/or enemies -for the future updates...) delaying the "real" death of the boss (delaying the cutscene), or that you can come back to the base to explore, searching for clues. Well, some ideas. I'm already anxiously to see how grows the story and I encourage you do not give up with this great work. Bravo Congrats
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    Usually I don't use swords for the non Jedi NPC's (or not Jedi yet) but this one I like a lot. Good work
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    You are aware that Lashwoe the blonde female Sith apprentice on Korriban uses her head model as well, right? This might work for her as well.
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    I'm looking for something like this for TSL. This mod felt really good in my kotor 1 playthrough, I used grenades and mines alot more. If you could point me in the right direction for TSL I'd greatly appreciate it
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    Cloaked Jedi Robes belong to JCarter whilst this mod belongs to Jc2... two completely different people. And no, these robes in this mod use the vanilla K1 model... unless Jc2 ever decides to do a "cloaked patch" of sorts.
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    This mod is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
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    So, big problem with the TSL Patcher in this mod. It says "File Not Found! Please locate the "heads.2da" ("heads.2da") file." • Installation started 16/08/2018 3:41:48 PM... • Installing unmodified files... • Copying file P_Helena.tga to the override folder... • Copying file p_helenah.mdl to the override folder... • Copying file p_helenah.mdx to the override folder... • Error: Critical error: Unable to locate file to patch, "heads.2da" file not found! (GEN-9) There is no heads.2da file included in the mod or already in my main/override folder so the patcher cannot find it to add the changes to it. Any fix for this? Update: 18/08/2018 - This mod also requires an appearance.2da file in the override folder, which also isn't included in the mod, so the patcher isn't able to locate it either. Basically, the mod doesn't currently work from a clean install.
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    You have done right with putting the dialog.tlk into the main SW:KotOR directory, and I believe it should have work then. Are you sure it is not working? The mod is working noticeably on the early Endar Spire scene when Trask is asking you to go and save Bastila, the proper response would be: "Fine, let's go.", if I recalled the sentence correctly. Sorry I can't afford you a proper screencap as the electricity's down in my town right now :sigh: Ah-ha! as the electricity is now up-and-running, I can afford you a screencap here: This could be useful as a notion to the mod being properly working or no- earlier in the game.
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    High Resolution menus 1.2 is working good with all resolutions , but for alignment on inventory menu of the game will need to search on this site for [ K1 Main Menu Widescreen Fix 1.0 ] we have find here: and we need hd menu pack for alignment in menu inventory and character menu we will find here: before we put these files on your game's override folder, we will need to run the game at least on the time, and go to the options > graphics > resolution set to 1024x768 > advanced graphics > textures low > anti aliasing off > and exit game and and go to your swkotor folder and open / edit swkotor .ini and set the height 1080 and width to 1920.
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    If the mere presence of a console off in a side room that you never have to visit offends you, then don't use the mod.
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    This mod is so great to this day that I'd highly recommend putting this mod on top of High Quality Blasters.
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    For the steam user's the new voice dialogue skips.
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    As much as I would've liked to enjoy this mod more, I felt it was rushed. For example: 1) The Skybox is of poor quality 2) The voices didn't work for me (i.e. Kreia, Sith Lord, Republic Trooper, etc.) 3) Textures seem of rather low quality and lack in variety 4) Far too many empty rooms -- Would've been better if some were just blocked off/locked 5) Would've like to see more of a resemblance to Coruscant rather than Nar Shaddaa and Dantooine (Council Chambers are alright) Overall a lovely mod but it could've been cleaned up a bit more for a better Coruscant experience.
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    I've played with this and K1R, and experienced no issues. Don't take my word for it, though, and be sure to install K1R first.
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    This has been in my override folder for a long time.