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    But you'd have to stop modding K1 and actually play TSL first to get any use out of it.
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    Bruh why his head green
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    Good question, and can't blame one for that. Long story short, before I know how the patcher works, I thought more/less the same as you -- the installation might not working as intended, and without knowledge for once I copied the MOD file inside a mod archive and then paste-overwrite the existing one inside my modules folder. Fun times, lol. So in general it's best for one to understand it like this -- as DP stated above It still should inject the appropriate changes into that MOD. What happened under the hood is the installer make changes to the already existing relevant MOD/unk_m44aa.mod file on your end, and does not copying what's inside the mod's archive. The opposite happened when -let's say- you have a clean install of the game and this mod being installed first. You will then have empty modules folder filled only with RIMs, without any MODs. What this mod does then it will copy the [vanilla] MOD inside its archive to yours, and then inject the appropriate changes onto it. It's a necessary procedure for the mod to work properly. And to answer the question -- I can only say to install this mod at the latter stage of your build, which means after K1CP and any other mods if necessary. Hoped that helps. Cheers!
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    Yeah I remember being able to open the door on the xbox, but if I remember there wasn't much going on in there. I'm wondering if there's more hidden in the module relating to this. Anyway, great mod. It's always frustrating not being able to open a door, because you know the content is missing.
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    I'm waaay ahead of yah! Pasted the beard from the black-haired Dark Harbinger reskin of Jedi Jesus onto Better PMHC04 in Photoshop.
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    I know that another mod exists called "Save Mission" by jc2, which ultimately has all the same functions as my mod. I created this mod from scratch, using "Save Mission" as inspiration, so it has all different dialogue for the player and NPCs. The outcome is the same, but the events unfold differently. I feel that these differences, as well as the absence of a few bugs that are present in Save Mission v1.5a, mean that these mods both have merit. You may enjoy jc2's "Save Mission" much more than this mod, so I'd suggest trying both out and keeping the one you like better (you can't install them both at the same time). EDIT: Make sure you have v1.2 of the mod, as it improves the dialogue choices and fixes a bug that usually prevents you from killing Mission. Even though this mod is about keeping her alive, it's still good to have the option to kill her as normal.
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    Yeah, I didn't have any particular idea for most of them but I had remembered reading that, so I decided to put the silver crystal on Tatooine. I would've put it in the krayt dragon cave but there's already a violet crystal there. Likewise the orange crystal is on Shaela because she's depicted with an orange lightsaber in the Tales comic she was in.
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    Nice catch, and yeah - that sounds like a good idea. Gained insights from this post moments ago, and thinking this mod can definitely fits somewhere. Would definitely having this installed on my TSL playthrough. And thank you, OP/Dark Hope -- for this mod. It looks very promising, and looking forwards to give it a go. Cheers.
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    This is great, tho this looks like it'll fit KoTOR 2 aesthetics more since that game had different head style (the new head only ofc, since they reused a lot of KoTOR 1 heads). Just look at Dantooine characters, all of them had more "realistic" texture rather than the more "cartoony" styled heads. Anyway, good job on these. I hope you can do for KoTOR 2 Masters as well.
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    @La Ingobernable I missed that, thanks for letting me know. I'll include Gran ports in the next update.
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    Yeah, @BarnzyBobble were right about the GOG's stretching. And if there's one specific file be consider to restore is mipc28x6.gui. I replaced the v4.0's one with the former/v3.0[?], and it's back to how it should. Though, I left the equip screen [and rest of others except the said one earlier] that changed by the latter version because it works for me. The "zoomed-in" UI for the item's icon shown bit more details - granted, it noticeably stretched. Nevertheless, much thanks for the improvement this mod brings. Can't imagine myself for not using this. Edit: just noticed that there are gaps that should connect the UI with the frame using v4.0 [for GOG users]. So a rollback option would be much appreciated here. Edit2: disregard. There's an option to download the earlier version just above the Changelog section. Pardon my peon-incompetency, hahah. Edit3: apparently a rollback to v3.0 doesn't help much if v4.0 had already installed. What [GOG] users need to do is to DL clonegizka's mod [as attached a post earlier] and then overwrite changes made by this version.
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    The hologram was there in the original game, actually. It was just never active due to a bug.
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    One person didn't get it. You can guess who that is... I wasn't debating that. I was confirming your point, while also acknowledging that we don't know what Obsidian would have written if it had enough time to develop the story. We weren't, until someone appointed themselves historian...
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    Apparently, I've received a credit in this mod. Hmmm. What have I done to deserve this? Not sure why Griff looks green in your mod but you obviously need a better profile picture for him. Make use of this until something better comes along. (It's pictured below but the attachment is as a TGA, sized at 512 by 512. griff.tga
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    The mod works, there was an issue in the older version with the global.jrl file being older then the ones from TSLRCM AND M4-78 EP, and that is why you were getting that error! Now you can safely overwrite that file and it will work ok, just run the new TSLPatcher and it should automatically update your broken mod version! Here is a Youtube video of the mod in action:
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    Woke up to this being released at the top of my feed. What a time to be alive, hahah. 2020 here I come!
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    I really do like the concept and idea behind this mod.
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    Just when i thought this guy couldnt get any more creepy you released this... Outstanding work as always!
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    I like the idea a lot. Ahh... How many times walking to that compartiment knowing in advance the answer... Hoping to be able to melt -just a bit- her hardened heart (and a glitch in the game...) What about make the romance available for female characters as well? The hottest huntress in the galaxy seduced by a sensual female exile? As a female PC she does not even want to be my friend... sniff...
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    Great idea! Now we'll need a copmatibility patch for DP's TOR-style HK.
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    To everyone experiencing this problem, I had the same one and realized I was using the wrong version of XnView. If you go to their homepage, the latest version is XnView MP 0.90. This won't work with what we're trying to do. Go here: https://download.xnview.com/old_versions/ and download XnView 2.33-win-full.exe, and then follow the instructions and it will work. You'll notice this is the same version in the tutorial.
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    She's not invisible, she's chilling out in space: That's part of the mod, don't you know? OK, this issue baffled me for longer than I'd care to admit and I eventually tried the modding equivalent of throwing the empty gun at the other guy and it worked. I don't know why I needed to do it, or why it worked, but it seems to have. While I only applied the true fix to S_Female03, I rebuilt all the others during an earlier, failed attempt. Security should be tighter all around, but do let me know if another problem arises. The new version also includes an alternate texture option for the outfit (see the new screenshot).
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    Side effects of a Death Stick laced with Kessel Spice may include: * Loss of apatite * Sleepiness * Double irises * Lack of energy
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    I know that hoods aren't really possible for the player because the head and body animations get out of sync a bit. That's why Kreia and the Handmaiden use full body models in the second game. for their clothing appearance. It could potentially be done for other party members, but I don't know if I have the modeling skills for it yet. I don't think KOTOR 1 supports the appearance.2da hack that Obsidian used to let the Handmaiden and have a different appearance for her clothing, but there are probably other ways to do it.
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    Unless I am mistaken you should be able to re-equip her face covering. The cheat code is "giveitem visasshroud" this will allow you to swap between the vanilla Visas with face covering and the modded uncovered face. This might save some hassle of trying to uninstall, alternatively, you could try deleting p_visas.utc & visasbed.utc from the override, thereby the game will return to utilizing the vanila appearance. I think.
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    The combined one (English) should be \steamapps\workshop\content\208580\1402798020\ 208580 is TSL's game ID. The following number is the Workshop ID of the specific mod, which you can see in the URL of the mod's page (eg. steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1402798020).
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    @La Ingobernable I'll consider that. If I get around to it I'd probably release that as a separate mod though, due to different intention.
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    I think they are cut content with weapon proficiency for grenades and "simple weapons" like quarterstaffs. I know simple weapons feats are restored here.
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    Hey, are you planning on porting the Gran voices as well? There are only a couple, but I think it'd be worth it.
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    opss!!! I'm very sorry. I copied the quoted tip from My "Play'MULTI-MOD'through" thread (the author @DeadMan is correct there) but I confused the names in the post of this page. Edited and corrected. Thanks for the warning.
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    I do not notice that detail. Will check it out next time. This also applies to the @iPlissken from several years ago I rephrased my self in original comment. I know that Kreia is a manipulator and a liar, and I am perfectly aware of Kreia's abilities and the fact that she is able to influence someone while being unseen. The point is that particular line that has been added by TSLRCM goes like this: "I was the one who asked him to be exiled." So it was ASKED, not "influenced" or "suggested". The line implies that she was there as an active participant of the trial, not that she was manipulating people from the shadow (which could MAYBE be possible but it was not what was implied here). That particular line does not fit the story as it is presented in the final form and that is not only my sentiment but the most likely the one of the game developers, who deliberately cut that line, not because of any bug or time constraints (because VO was always there, it would be several seconds of work to activate the line), but for no other reason than because they simply felt that it doesn't make sense... Did you resolve the quest in a Light side or or Dark side way? Because last time I played and killed him I got the lightsaber part . Will check it out soon anyway.
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    The new version doesn't include a compiled script and the readme now says to put the .nss file in override. I don't understand this, I thought the game could only read .ncs files and putting sources in override did nothing. What I am missing?
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    I used a free plug-in for After Effects called Saber. (The plug-in is free; After Effects costs many dollars.) It was made by visual effects artists who worked on the Star Wars films. It has a few shape options, like a line for rotoscoping, but it can also be applied to any layer mask. I used that feature to draw over the shape of the original game texture.
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    @bead-v? It's good to know its been updated further. As this is a favorite of mine so far looks like it will play well with Chainz version, and I believe also with: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic-ii/file/kreia-to-darth-traya https://deadlystream.com/files/file/81-kreias-assorted-robe-collection/ The idea of her using a lightsaber is a good one again, I for one hope to see more awesome stuff from you The idea of her using a lightsaber is a good one again, I for one hope to see more awesome stuff from you. Cutscenes and everything else which I'm using even while attempting to further trick out my game
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    You'll need to start a new game, unfortunately. But it is 100% worth it.
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    Thanks so much! I was just looking for something like this.
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    Lol, see he's a womanizer, and from a personal experience I can totally see where she's coming from in wanting to kill him. Be so easy to do more than just leave him there to die, especially after he flirts with my version of Revan, as well as Bastila, and if he flirted with Juhani and Mission, since he doesn't I'm going to go assume/read between the lines and guess he's also a bigot, given his commentary concerning droids as well *cuddles her precious T3 and HK*
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    I did not read it, sorry. Thank you for replying and clearing up my confusion, though.
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    To teach her the ways of the darkside, ohh yes *evil grin* so much fun to be had! Lol awesome mod thank you so much for this
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    I really like these changes, the rewards and new loot makes it a lot more exciting and fulfilling. Plus the characters you meet seem more unique, and the fight are also a bit more challenging. Also the new merchant items make shopping a bit more worthwhile without going too crazy with it like in the Enhanced Merchants mod which just sells unique and rare items in bulk I've only finished Taris so far as a scoundrel. I'm one of those players who likes to have 10 non Jedi levels and 10 Jedi levels (Pity scoundrels luck 3 has always required level 12 and not 10 as the 2 extra defense would be nice before becoming a Jedi Guardian) but this time through it was an actual challenge on normal difficulty instead of just an easy run in the vanilla game. So yeah, thanks for making this. Looking forward to seeing what you've done with the other planets.
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    This file used to be tagged as TSLRCM Incompatible for some reason. That is false, this mod is compatible, and I've updated the file properties.
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    It will still work, the background will just extend past the edges of the screen and the bit around the menu buttons will be stretched too wide. But other than that it would be fine. It doesn't alter the function of the menu in any way - that's all GUI stuff. Install the mod and then try extracting the attached and dropping it in your Override and see how that looks. DP_K1MenuBack_4-3.7z
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    Well, late to the party, but: the version including an MP3 patch has been uploaded.
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    I did a trick for make it work with 'Holowan Duplisaber Beta .215b' . Better said, or works one MOD or work the other MOD. The file that conflicts is "workbnch.dlg". (copied from another post) "As I guessed it (***) cancels the dialog options of 'Holowan Duplisaber Beta .215b' in the workbench. After tune my Crystal I've saved the game, quit and restored the original "workbnch.dlg" in the Override folder. Again in game, the dialog options from H.D.B. are there and I can built hilts again without problems ...and my Crystal is tunned!! I've checked it in two ways (using the workbench of the Ebon Hawk with H.D.B. working): 1- game saved OUTSIDE the EH, quit game, exchange the file, load, enter the EH and check the workbench, the attunement option works. Go outside the Hawk, save again, quit game and exchange again the file, load, enter the Hawk, check and H.D.B works again. 2- Saving INSIDE the Ebon Hawk, quit game, exchange file, load game, check, TUNE the crystal, save again, quit, exchange again the file, load, check and Holowan Duplisaber works again. The trick works even without be needed use a Save made in a different game module where the workbench is located. " ( (***) With 'Workbench Crystal Attunement 1.2' installed)
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    Problem solved, It wasn't this mod. This Mod is Perfect! It was a file called PER_CPanel.txi causing the issue. This mod had nothing to do with it. I post this to encourage others to get this mod without fear of problems.
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    High Resolution menus 1.2 is working good with all resolutions , but for alignment on inventory menu of the game will need to search on this site for [ K1 Main Menu Widescreen Fix 1.0 ] we have find here: and we need hd menu pack for alignment in menu inventory and character menu we will find here: before we put these files on your game's override folder, we will need to run the game at least on the time, and go to the options > graphics > resolution set to 1024x768 > advanced graphics > textures low > anti aliasing off > and exit game and and go to your swkotor folder and open / edit swkotor .ini and set the height 1080 and width to 1920.
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    Just played it. It felt like some kind of secret society who (kind of literally) control the universe. The Exile has no idea about these strange people changing the galaxy.
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    A horribly made review for this mod xD
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