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  1. Hey guys, Does any of you by chance have the patch files for T7nowhere's Weapons of the Old Republic? Shem makes a mention of them in his old review on GameFront: Unfortunately, both links are dead. I know it's a long shot 'cause it's a really old mod, but... anyone?
  2. Hey guys, I just tried installing K1R 1.2 for a new playthrough in years, but I can't get the TSL Patcher to work. It seems the Patcher is written for 32bit systems, whereas I'm using 64bit Windows 7. I also checked other mods I've been meaning to use, and this seems to be a recurring theme: some Patchers launch just fine, while others won't start at all, giving me the same issue. Any ideas how to get around this 64bit incompatibility? I don't really have any modding experience and I'd hate to have to play the game without K1R
  3. Am I correct in assuming a variation on this mod is included in the Yavin IV mod? Or, rather, that it is a) pointless impossible to have both those mods installed at the same time?
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    KotOR 1 Restoration

    Okay, this is weird and I'm not sure if it's come up already or not, but anyway: I'm on a 64-bit Windows 7 and when I try running the Installer I can't get it to work because it's supposedly incompatible with my version of the system (as if the Installer only worked for the 32-bit version). The Installer also didn't extract to a destination folder with the rest of the files (I'm using ALZip); I had to manually drag and drop just the .exe, and I'm not getting the TSL Installer icon, either. Also of note: I tried extracting the remaining files in the first place, because I couldn't even drag and drop them together with the Installer. This is the first time I'm experiencing something like this, all the other mods with TSL Patcher I've ever used have worked for me just fine. Any ideas?