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    Order of Installation. Installed BEFORE take the shuttle to Telos Surface (Restoration Zone). ------------------------------------------------- 62 - Effixian's Zeison Sha Jal Shey Reskin 2010 v1.1 By @Effix https://deadlystream.com/files/file/951-effixians-zeison-sha-jal-shey-reskin-2010/?tab=details Statement: One of the armors most useful -and used- but I was already a bit boring to see the same, so, good and welcomed work. 63 - Kotor 1 Texture to Kotor 2 Game Bridge 1.0.0 By @Malkior https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1330-kotor-1-texture-to-kotor-2-game-bridge/?tab=comments Statement: I've only installed the files related with animals. Still at the gates of the zoo, nice fauna. 64 - More Vibrant Skies 1.0 By @Malkior https://deadlystream.com/files/file/156-more-vibrant-skies/?tab=comments Statement: If you are bitten by a cannok while you're looking the sky it's due you're looking something nice... (and you forgot to press the "Pause" key). 65 - Effixian's Bao-Dur Reskins v2 By @Effix https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1221-effixians-bao-dur-reskins/ You have the alternative 'Bao-Dur Reskin 1.0' By @Kaidon Jorn https://deadlystream.com/files/file/669-bao-dur-reskin/
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    Need to unwrap and texture it first. I'll upload it once it is done. Edit: Here we go. Download: https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Gungi_Saber.7z
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    Version 1.5a


    JC2 PRESENTS SAVE MISSION By request from a steam user under the current name of Death a Barbar, I have edited the DLG file to allow a Darkside PC to keep Mission as a companion. Or rather, not cruelly kill her merely because you are a Dark Sider. There are two options > Leave Mission on the Unknown Planet Or: Convince Mission to stay with your crew and serve you. However, this mod doesn't remove the option to kill Mission, that is stilll present in the game if you choose the third dialogue. For clarity, saving Mission begins with "You're all alone.. " (This should be the first option) Leaving Mission behind on the Planet begins with "Go on Mission - Get out of here ... " (second option) Two additional dialogue options have been added that appeal more to the themes of kotor and to the Sith (as suggested by SH). They are the last two options of the six total options and result in keeping Mission. Most lines are voiced by Mission so there's an element of realism to the mod. This is K1R compatible. Installation: Unzip file, place into override, Uninstall: Delete from override. There should be no incompatiblity issues since it is only a single file. Hope you enjoy! As always feel free to leave Negative/Postive feedback! This includes sending me a better screenshot, since my computer can't handle graphics of any kind, ever... P.S. I apologize for the influx of updates, I didn't release it polished and that was a mistake on my end. The current problem with the mod, is that if you talk to Mission again after this conversation, she will result to conversations opened up only after you crash on the Lehon (unknown planet) and will not seem to recognize your recent actions as SIth Lord and whatever option you chose. This presents a bit of issue with a lack of immersion, to avoid this. Don't talk to Mission again! This is what may be updated later. Re-download to latest version, is not required at all, but it is encouraged. Contact me for bugs, issues, or feeback by PM or writing a review here. FYI: Red Mission is a seperate mod by another modder. Credits: Thanks Deadlystream for hosting my mod. Thanks SH and Death'a'Barbar for suggestions Thanks FS for the DLG editor tool Thank you ! For downloading the mod.
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    I'm with Mellowtron11 on this, very neat idea. Haven't seen it done before. From the screenshots, there is not a red and green variant; any chance you could help my Christmas kotor mod build out?
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    Just messing with ya. I thought I saw something like this before but the only things I'm seeing now are just a full Nihilus disguise. Good luck.
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    Version 1.1


    AUTHOR: Sith Holocron ORIGINAL RELEASE: 01 MAY 2018 GAMES: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2. [This mod will not work in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1.] REQUIRED ADDITIONAL MOD: M4-78 Enhancement Project (either EP version 1.2, EP version 1.3 (the one on Steam), or EP version 1.5) Description: ------------------ I was dissatisfied with the textures that I made for the Droid Testing Consoles. The Droid Testing Consoles are seen near the end of the Industrial Zone on M4-78, just before you get to the Industrial Zone Archon Chamber. One of the textures had a Galaxy as the background and the other had a game map on it. In addition, I thought I could come up with better animations in the smaller boxes. I decided to take action and change that. The previous backgrounds have been replaced with a new background from an droid assembly line on M4-78. It's actually a loop of the HK Factory with a new War Droid texture swapped in to replace the HK droids usually seen in there. (No, you hadn't missed an area.) Some of the other texture enhancements can been seen in these example GIFs. This version of the mod is compatible with both version 1.2 (available on MODDB) and the 1.3 version (only available on Steam) or version 1.5 (available here on Deadly Stream.) Each frame size is 1024 by 1024 and there are 11 frames in total. Installation: ----------------- Drop the TGA and TXI files into your Override folder. Uninstall: -------------- To completely remove the loading screens, delete all the TGA and TXI files that were included in this mod from your Override folder. Legal Disclaimer: ------------------------- All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc. I own none of the materials, and I'm not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed as-is without alteration, unless by permission of me. This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either. I hereby state that I specifically do NOT wish this mod to be uploaded to Steam Workshop. I may release this on NexusMods at a later date but I don't wish others to do so. Usage in other mods must be requested and approved by me before your use. Special Thanks: ----------------------- JCarter426 for his replacement textures so I could swap in the Sith War Droids into the HK Factory animation. I used High Quality Blasters version 1.0 by SithSpecter in the animation with the rotating blaster. Highly recommended! Corrections made to TXI files thanks to ndix UR. Thanks to Canderis, JCarter426, and Malkior for their input. And thanks to YOU for giving this mod a gander! Would you kindly leave feedback on the download page? (I would like to know if you've liked it . . . )
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    Version 1.2


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2 Read-Me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NAME: KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2 TYPE: Restoration VERSION: 1.2 SIZE - Unzipped: 145 Megabytes, Zipped: 47.2 Megabytes DATE RELEASED: May 31, 2016 KOTOR 1 RESTORATION FORUMS: http://deadlystream.com/forum/forum/31-kotor1-restoration-k1r/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » DESCRIPTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: IN ALMOST ALL CASES, IT IS RECOMMENDED TO INSTALL THE K1R RESTORATION BEFORE ANY OTHER MODS!!! THE ONLY EXCEPTION SO FAR IS KAINZORUS PRIME'S NPC OVERHAUL... The KotOR 1 Restoration Mod is an attempt to restore almost all the content that was cut from the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by BioWare Corp. Of course, these restorations will be within reason and things that were cut because they did not fit with the plot, and cannot be made to fit with the plot, will most definitley NOT be restored. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » INTEGRATED MODS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » RESTORED CONTENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » BUG FIXES/CHANGE LOG FOR 1.2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ »» Original game: »» K1R Bugs: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » BUG FIXES/CHANGE LOG FOR 1.1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There weren't too many bugs in KotOR 1, thus there is such a short list. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » INSTALLATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An installation which involves the TSL Patcher has been made ready for your use and is the simplest and easiest way to carry out installation. Alternatively, a secondary installer has been made for convenience. It will not patch the files like the TSL Patcher will, but it should be less of a headache for most users. HOWEVER, IT WILL NEED TO BE INSTALLED BEFORE ANY OTHER MODS!!! Note: The K1R team is not responsible for any incompatibility issues that may arise from the use of this mod in conjunction with other mods. Also, in order to provide the best feedback for us we recommend that you play K1R with NO other mods installed. Note 2: If using the TSL Patcher AND your game is in English, before installing, copy the dialog.tlk file bundled with this package into the KotOR directory. This will give you the grammar and typo fixes to the vanilla text. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ »»»» TSL PATCHER INSTALLATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1) Double click K1R_1.2_Installer.exe found in the main directory of the unpacked folder. 2) Click the button labeled Install Mod. 3) Click yes to the box that'll pop up... if you wish to proceed with installation. 4) Watch as all the little file names and progress reports scroll by and wait until the installer is complete. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » BUG REPORTING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are 2 ways to report bugs: 1: Post your issues in the Bug Reporting Thread. 2: PM your issues to Fair Strides at Deadlystream. TO REPORT THROUGH PM 1) Go to DeadlyStream (http://deadlystream.com/) and search for the user Fair Strides ( http://deadlystream.com/forum/user/9107-fair-strides/ ) 2) Send a private message with as much detail as possible of what is occurring in your game. He will likely report back to you within a week. TO REPORT THROUGH THE BUG THREAD: 1) Go to the Bug Thread ( http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/4457-k1r-12-impressions-and-bug-reports-read-me-first/ ) 2) Reply quoting and answering all of the questions as they apply to your issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » VOICE ACTOR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pazaak Tournament Mandalorians...Zhaboka Filters for Zaerdra's lines......Zhaboka Filters for sea floor lines......Zhaboka Thanks Zhaboka. You really brought life to the characters, and those parts would be pretty lame without you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » CONTRIBUTORS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A BIG thanks to all of you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » TEAM MEMBERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - ZM90, Team Leader - Mandalore, Team Member - Jatku, Team Member - Fallen Guardian, Team Member - LDR, Team Member - Fair Strides, Team Member and main producer of the 1.1 update (and 1.2 update) - Malkior, Beta Tester - LiliArch, Beta Tester (though, putting them on a test is more like setting off a permacrete detonator in an apartment... ) - GrandmasterArcturus, 1.2 Beta-tester and LPer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » SPECIAL THANKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To the tool creators of the community ~ Kotor Tool.....................A VERY special thanks to Fred Tetra ~ K-GFF GFF Editor/DLGEditor.....tk102 ~ Lipsynch Editor................JDNoa ~ DeNCS Script Decompiler........JDNoa ~ AniCAM.........................JDNoa ~ ERF Editor/TSLPatcher..........stoffe (and later Fair Strides) And a shoutout for SithRevan (RIP) for beginning the restoration crusade for KotOR 1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » REDISTRIBUTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The K1R 1.2 OFFICIAL may NOT be redistributed in any way without the explicit permission of the K1R team and the proper credit given. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » LEGAL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE CORP/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE AFOREMENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE AFOREMENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHORS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Not at the moment, but the Option A textures would probably work in K2 (copy over the TGA files except for ip_pltuseitm_011.tga and ip_pltuseitm_111.tga).
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    For me, Goto starts on a wrong foot with me due to his obnoxious attitude of "you're stuck with my company, and if you don't like it, I'll blow up this explosive inside me that I'm bluffing with". Ever since Kotor 1 I've been sick of people unpreventably getting access to my ship whenever they feel like it, on the writers' say-so. Like the idiot who infested it with gizka. If you do actually take him with you, he has a good deal of interesting interactions with the NPCs you meet. And Goto's backstory is kind of interesting, what with the Asimovian breakdown due to conflicting imperatives, I'll give him that. But in person he's basically a walking - well, floating - caricature of himself. He also remains annoying because he has no positive plan for helping the Republic, and if he says he does, he's full of shit. All he does is say "no": "No, Jedi, you can't go free, because you're disruptive, but I magically expect you to save the Galaxy anyway." "No, don't buy fuel for Telos from the Hutts, it'll hurt the Republic (and I offer no better plan to avoid the looming disaster, either)". And his Jedi bounty was so ill-specified that it led people to try to kill the Exile, mistakenly believing that a dead Jedi will also be paid for - even Slusk, who is an Exchange boss himself, believes this. All this makes me see Goto as basically a lot less competent than he should be, given his stated background. I still enjoy unlocking his story, but I never use him afterwards. And I unlock his story through negative influence, not positive, every time. (The only other character for whom it's true is HK-47, when I'm LS, but that's because it would be really hard for a Lightside character to get enough positive reactions out of him. Goto on the other hand I just prefer to treat like dirt.)
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    Version 4.1.19f.0075


    Tach's Grunt Readjustments This mod made readjustments to Tach's taunt/grunt heard in the Upper Shadowlands and Lower Shadowlands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's always room for an improvement so - critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and feedbacks for the next update are much appreciated - PM, write them on my feed or leave any on the mod's page as you please. And thank you! for downloading, and playing this mod. Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do! Installation: run the installer [TSLPatcher.exe] and then hit the [Install Mod ->] button Uninstallation: put its backup back to the streamsounds folder. Overwrite when prompted Compatibility: will be compatible with mostly anything This mod will have direct effect anytime and anywhere it is installed This mod is play-tested with KotOR 1 Restoration/K1R installed and is compatible with them Redistribution: you can redistribute the mod and/or get creative with its content as you see fit - just don't sent them to Disney... Credits: All of ya! Special Thanks: DarthParametric for past-present knowledge which allows me to create customs and for all the outstanding creation that I am a fan of JCarter426 for all his work that I look up too - I learned a lot from his mod setup and been practicing a lot using their method Fred Tetra for the 'amazing' KotOR Tool stoffe and Fair Strides for the most useful "TSLPatcher" and "ERFEdit" DeadlyStream for being a home; a place to hangout - to discuss and hosting my work Snigaroo/Sniggles for hosting #mod_development on Discord > r/kotor - thanks! The place is so much fun! :jarjar: -eb
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    I thought we were way past April Fools now. Oh wait, I see this was uploaded and submitted then, but somehow only got approved 19 days later. Welp.
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    Version 1.0.0


    ========================= Lehon Mandalorian Expansion Description: On the Unknown World, a MANDALORIAN faction is established! Mandalorians speaking in Mando'a (Mandalorian languaged created by Karen Traviss in Legends) and wearing custom Mando'a Beskar'gam. An alternate way into the Temple. No longer are you dictated by the order of which faction you speak to first, speak to all factions, then decide who to save, redeem, or slaughter, until only one faction remains. Double-crossing applicable when deemed necessary by the player. Experience the culture of Mandalorians and their narrative of the Mandalorian War, or attack them on sight for their past warmongering. But know, that such actions do not come without consequences, and only the strongest may survive... The choice is yours, and the battle awaits! Three added side-quests! Quest logs, lore expanding loot, new Mando’a armor and NPCs, new battles, new consequences, new decisions, LS/DS opportunities, new Party Member interactions, a few RP secrets, new battle scenes, And an All New Lehon Experience… Trailer: https://youtu.be/C0TjGNTOfqY Installation: Slower internet LME Light version available, only difference is that the audio is only playable in game, in condensed .wav format. Install both, by running tslpatcher, nothing else required. Credits: Deadlystream Community Fred Tetra for KT Voice Actors/Actresses: Belandrie as Burk'yc Brudii & Female Clan Ordo Recruit Wil Wright as the characters Clan Farr Sentry & Clan Skirata Scout Jaegun Clark (of Sandhawk Clan) as Clan Farr Champion UnusualCharacters as Dar'tal (Basic VO) Ner' Jate'kara as Clan Farr Recruit Dreadelicious as Male Clan Ordo Recruit nato as Clan Ordo Champion JCPenny as Clan Skirata Recruit SazMando for soundtrack @ebmar Voice Filter @DarthParametric : Helpful Tool aiding Voice Filter work by ebmar @Fair Strides for all the scripting help! Beta Testers: @Haveayap, @N-DReW25, @Deltm @JuiceTin, @Nato K1R Compatibility: Untested but theorized to work based on files, if K1R is installed first, then LME will make some changes to K1R, but nothing that should break the game. ========================= Version: 1.0.0 Original Release
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    Version 3.0


    On Tatooine, Marlena decides it is O.K. to murder her husband. While the PC is either oblivious to this, or acknowledges it, yet still does nothing about it. This is wrong. Being ignorant or merely not understanding a psychotic woman is understandable, but for those who chose the dialogue option "it sounds like you are going to kill him!" Then, it becomes apparently obvious that a mod is needed to fix this lame interaction into a character developing moment. You can either bring justice to the outer rim by killing her, as a Jedi. Or you can cut her down, because she assumed you to be a low life thug. Or even, simply because she reminds you of your ex-girlfriend who broke your heart and you need compensation from a video game to express the full extent of your "feelings." You poor thing. Nevertheless, there are 6 total response the PC can have to this situation. 5 Darkside responses leading to death. 3 Lightside responses/outcomes Recently added a force persuasion option, it'll make you laugh! Therefore, if you are not sure if you'll go darkside or lightside, you will still benefit from downloading this mod! Also, you can inform Tanis (her husband) of his wife's condition. Either alive, dead, or gone, etc... See readme for full disclosure on the mod, including how to get the most out of it. I hope you enjoy! Please give any feedback, even negative! I need it to improve. Credits: Fred Tetra for KT and Stoffe for his tslpatcher Deadlystream.com for hosting this mod. Request made by ToddHellid.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic Author: N-DReW25 Release Date: 17.10.2018 Installation: Copy and Paste the files within "For Override" into your K1 Override folder Uninstallation: Delete the files you copied into the Override folder. Description: In the game files, it appears I have discovered an early Korriban Skybox. For hardcore players who love the tiniest bit of Restored Content, you might find this mod enjoyable as it restores the cut Korriban Skybox back into the game. Known Bugs: This mod shouldn't have bugs but if there is Just PM me on Deadlystream. Incompatibilities: Is incompatiable with Kexikus' HQ Skybox mod Permissions: Do NOT claim credit for this mod and do not use assets from this mod without my permission Thanks: Bioware for such an amazing game Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool and everyone who downloads the mod. Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 2.00


    JC2 Presents: ENSLAVE ZAALBAR Spoilers ahead! After you command Zaalbar to kill mission using the Force to manipulate him, he betrays you on the Star Forge. This mod gives you the choose of killing him or enslaving him to your Dark will. He just doesn’t know how far he’s fallen. Afterall, Darth Sidious’s greatest strength was deception/manipulatoin CAUTION: If you kill Mission and fail to Force Persuade Zaalbar to do it, then my mod will not present this option. Keep in mind, my mod allows you to enslave Zaalbar on the Star Forge, not on the Unknown World. // \\ ONLY FOR THOSE WITH SAVE MISSION INSTALLED For clarity, if you have “Save Mission” installed and choose to kill Mission, and you have this mod installed, then you can keep Zaalbar (Mission will still die). Keep in mind you have to have force persuasion to convince Zaalbar to kill Mission. If he does not kill mission, this mod will not work as it will have nothing to do. If do not have “Save Mission” installed, then do not worry. CREDITS: (Credits my brother, CREDITS!) Thanks Fred Tetra for the Kotor tool! Thanks FS for the DLG editor FS/Kexikus for the script help Thanks Deadlystream for hosting my mod Thank you for downloading it! Thanks Zeitresu for being the first to try this out! Thank you Canderis for your words of wisdom, I woke up to the thought of "You don't want to upload a broken mod, trust me!" Thanks JuiceTin for 2.00 bug information How to install: Unzip, then copy and paste files into Override file. Uninstall by removing the files. UPDATE 2.0 notes: Recommend re-installing there was a glitch that prevented Zaalbar from staying in your party, instead he would just stand there. Please give me feedback Postive/Negative is welcomed and encouraged!
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    Version 1.0


    ANIMATED CANTINA SIGN FOR KOTOR 1 ================================= MOD AUTHOR: Sith Holocron ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 18 JUL 2017 GAMES: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Description: ------------ Remember my "NPC Portraits for KotOR 1" mod? I used this little animated texture for the background of Mission's portrait. This is a minimal effort mod but if you want it, it's yours to use. (If you wanted to use this in TSL, you would have to rename both the TGa and the TXI file to "TEL_BBrds4".) Installation: ------------- Put the TGA file and TXI file into your Override folder. Uninstall: ---------- Remove the TGA file and TXI file from the Override folder. Enjoy! Legal Disclaimer: ------------------- All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc. I own none of the materials, and I'm not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed as-is without alteration, unless by permission of me. This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either. I hereby state that I specifically do NOT wish this mod to be uploaded to Steam Workshop. I may release this on NexusMods at a later date but I don't wish others to do so. Usage in other mods must be requested AND approved by me before your use.
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    Version 1.0


    =Mysterious Box Music for Unknown World= A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC MODIFICATION AUTHOR: Leilukin FILE NAME: Mysterious Box Music for Unknown World.zip LATEST VERSION: 1.0 CONTACT: E-mail to leilukin[at]gmail[dot]com, or message to Leilukin on Deadly Stream 1) DESCRIPTION: In vanilla KotOR 1, the Mysterious Box uses an ambient music that is not used anywhere else in the game, while the Unknown World uses the Sand People Enclave's ambient music for all the areas on the world outside the Temple of the Ancients. This mod will make the Mysterious Box's ambient music played in some areas of the Unknown World, specifically the Central Beach, North Beach, Temple Exterior and South Beach. This change is made because both the Mysterious Box and the Unknown World directly involve the Rakata, and to diversify the ambient music used for various areas of the Unknown World a bit. However, this mod does not change the ambient music of the Rakatan Settlement, the Elder Settlement and the Temple of the Ancients. NOTE: In order for this mod to take effect, you must use a save before visiting the Unknown World for the first time. Music preview: 2) INSTALLATION: Extract the Mysterious Box Music for Unknown World.zip you downloaded to anywhere you like, as long as it is not within the KotOR directory. Run MBMUW Installer.exe, point the installer to your KotOR directory and let the installer do its magic. NOTE: If you already have the unk_m41aa.mod, unk_m41ab.mod, unk_m41ac.mod and unk_m41ad.mod files in the Modules folder in your KotOR directory, when you install this mod a new folder named backup will be created by TSLPatcher in the same folder as the TSLPatcher. Do not delete the folder or the file within the folder if you are planning on uninstalling this mod. 3) UNINSTALLATION: If a backup folder was created when you installed this mod, go to the backup folder, cut and paste any .mod files from the folder and paste the file in in the Modules folder in your KotOR directory. If no backup folder was created when you installed this mod, go to the Modules folder in your KotOR directory, and delete unk_m41aa.mod, unk_m41ab.mod, unk_m41ac.mod and unk_m41ad.mod. 4) KNOWN ISSUES: None currently known. If you find any bugs or problems, please let me know. 5) MOD COMPATIBILITY: This mod is not compatible with any other mods that modify the track name of the ambient music played in the Central Beach, North Beach, Temple Exterior and South Beach of the Unknown World. This mod is compatible with KotOR 1 Restoration (K1R). 6) PERMISSION: You may do whatever you want with this file. Credit is appreciated but not necessary. 7) CREDITS: Kexikus for K1 music overview spreadsheet (https://deadlystream.com/topic/5101-k1-music-overview-and-warp-code-list/) Fred Tetra for the KotOR Tool tk102 for K-GFF GFF Editor Stoffe for TSLPatcher THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND NEITHER THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES NOR THE AUTHOR IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Things like attachments are gone, but you can still get the archived forum posts: Tutorials: General Tutorials + Tools https://web.archive.org/web/20160210162357/http://lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=592 Tutorials: Skinning and Modeling https://web.archive.org/web/20160329203130/http://lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=595 Tutorials: .2da Editing https://web.archive.org/web/20160415132559/http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=596 Tutorials: Scripting https://web.archive.org/web/20150911120112/http://lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=597
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    This tutorial is to help someone out when they ever have to use this feature, especially since it took me a while to figure it out myself. I'm going to show you how to store and restore your current party any time you want in either game. An example from KotOR 1 where this is done is when you are at the Hrakert Station on Manaan and you travel through the airlock and back. You lose your party when you go out, but the people are restored to your party instantly when you go back inside. Similarly in KotOR 2, You can pick your party members at various points. The most notable is picking a team to go to Freedon Nadd's Tomb on Duxn. The game does the same thing here as it does on Manaan: programmatically adding people to your party. (All examples assume it's just you in the party before running them) The code for it is actually very simple. Say you wanted to add Bastila to the party : object oBastila = SpawnAvailableNPC(NPC_BASTILA, GetLocation(GetFirstPC())); AddPartyMember(NPC_BASTILA, oBastila); That seems simple now, but it took me the longest time to figure out that the number at the beginning of AddPartyMember was the NPC's place in the party table. On the Leviathan, I was just working with Bastila and Carth, so 0 and 2 still worked for party member slots (despite the fact that the PC should be in the 0 spot) and I didn't realize the number's meaning. Similarly if you wanted to add Juhani or Kreia, you'd use NPC_JUHANI or NPC_KREIA. But what if you didn't know who to summon? Investigating the Manaan airlocks and the Duxn Tomb's levels, I found that the NPCs' numbers are stored in Global Numbers. These numbers are then retrieved and used in the code above. Here's the code for the Duxn Tomb's OnEnter script: void sub3() { object object1 = SpawnAvailableNPC(GetGlobalNumber("403DXN_PARTY2_NPC2"), GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("sp_cnpc2", 0))); object object4 = SpawnAvailableNPC(GetGlobalNumber("403DXN_PARTY2_NPC3"), GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("sp_cnpc3", 0))); AddPartyMember(GetGlobalNumber("403DXN_PARTY2_NPC2"), object1); AddPartyMember(GetGlobalNumber("403DXN_PARTY2_NPC3"), object4); } In KotOR 1, there are two Global Numbers that you can use freely: "K_PARTY_STORE1" and "K_PARTY_STORE2". If you want to see if those have been used, the game (and you) should check and use the Global Boolean "K_PARTY_STORED". In KotOR 2, Those globals aren't available, so you can either make your own or you'd have to re-purpose the Duxn ones. Re-using the Duxn ones should be safe, since using them before Duxn will have them reset and using them after Duxn shouldn't be a problem.
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    Here is my current build of my Mega-Mod which currently is at 115 mods & skins. I was a computer science major so doing a little deep diving and tinkering to make things work does not bug me. ! am doing the skins installs now and will pop back in when I get to the parts I still have questions on. Install Questions (in order of urgency) Visual Effects: What visuals effects do I want to not overwrite as they look better than the mods lower on the list of mods 36-38? Modules: I am using the mod a leveling fix so it takes double the xp to level up and still want to hit level 20. I am using Brotherhood of Shadow:Solomon's Revenge and Tatooine Job Office with patch, & ORD Mandell. Does Yavin IV work with these mods, and do I need it to hit level 20 with double xp to level? If I don’t need it to hit level 20 is it good enough to get anyway? Dialogue Part 2: Will [K1 Taris Sith Base Dialogue Enhancement play friendly with K1 Restoration? Also mods 60-63 give options to kill or force choke charaters in dialogue will this work with K1 Restoration without manual editing, I don’t think I want to spoil the dialogue to edit them. If I move these files to the end of the install and remove them if I encounter a bug will my save game still work when the mods are removed? Tools List Kotor Mod Manager (KMM) DeadlyStream by Fred Tetra <manages installs of mods> TSLPatcher StarWarsKnights by stoffe <mod installer, helps with compatiblity of mods> 2DA Converter/Merger Tool StarWarsKnights by stoffe Kotor Tool DeadlyStream by Fred Tetra <to alter 2da files and scripts> Git for Windows git-scm by Git’s community as it is open sourced <cloning and version control of software installations - giving me the ability to go back to a stable build of installed mods> Additional Tools - If Needed KotOR Save Game Editor DeadlyStream by FairStrides <I will use this if I get in a mod bug bind during the game that the console cannot fix> JRL Merger StarWarsKnights by stoffe <compares and merges changes from two modified quest journal files together into one.> NWNSSCOMP port StarWarsKnights by stoffe & tk102 <complies scripts into .ncs files for KotOR & TSL Mod Build Color Key Blue: these mods are the cores of this modding build Green: Mod that I don’t believe will cause conflict, however I may be wrong Orange: Mod I am concerned with compatiblity with other mods, I would remove to make a blue/green mod work Pink: Mod I am concerned with Compatiblity and would remove to make any other mod work Mod / Program Install Order 1. Compatiblity Patch for Windows Vista/7/8 mss32.dll Deadly Stream post by Sith Holocron 2. Flawless Widescreen Flawlesswidescreen it works for many games and they accept donations 3. Reshade Effects DeadlyStream Lighting overhaul, setup guide and link to download is provided Git Base Snapeshot taken using TSL patcher as needed, no need to use KMM until retextures are done. Enviroment Graphics 4. Canon Galaxy Map for KotOR 1.1 DeadlyStream by Kexikus <retexture, select vanilla version, possible problems with new planets from mods> TSL Patcher 5. Ebon Hawk 2012 ModDB by XediiXarwarz <interior retexture> 6. Kashyyk 2012 ModDB by XediiXarwarz <world retexture> 7. Korriban 2012 ModDB by XediiXarwarz <world retexture> 8. KOTOR 1 Animated Galaxy Map DeadlyStream by Sith Holocron <not zoomed in retexture animated> 9. Star Forge 2012 ModDB by XediiXarwarz <world retexture> 10. Taris 2012 ModDB by XediiXarwarz <world retexture> 11. Tatooine OTE ModDB by XediiXarwarz <world retexture> extract to overide 12. Vurt’s K1 Hi-Res Ebon Hawk Retexture GameFront by Vurt <exterior retexture> 13. Unknown World ModDB by XediiXarwarz <world retexture> 14. Dantooine OTE ModDB by XediiXarwarz <world retexture> overwrite 6 Unknown World, 2 Taris & 1 Korriban textures(s). 15x. PLC2012 ModDB ModDB by XediiXarwarz install this before animated PANEL Overhaul animated Mass Effect Edition 1.5 Install program XnView Xnview <program to install next 4 retextures with animations> 15x. Mannan Complete Overhaul 3.0 DeadlyStream by Jorak Uln <world retexture with animations> overwrite any previous textures 16. Sith Base Complete Overhaul 3.0 DeadlyStream by Jorak Uln <world retexture with animations> overwrite any previous textures 17. Endar Spire Complete Overhaul 3.1 DeadlyStream by Jorak Uln <world retexture with animations> overwrite any previous textures 18. PANEL Overhaul animated Mass Effect Edition 1.5 DeadlyStream by Jorak Uln <retexture with animations> overwrite any previous textures 19. High Quality Starfield & Nebulas DeadlyStream by Kexikus <world skybox retexture> overwrite world textures> 20. High Quality Skyboxes 1.1 DeadlyStream by Kexikus After all world retextures <skybox skybox retexture> overwrite world textures 21. Green Pazaak DeadlyStream by Kexikus <color retexture> 22. Holocron Icon Replacement DeadlyStream by InSidious <Icons for Jedi & Sith Holocrons> Weapons Skins 23. Movie Style Lightsaber Replacement Hilts GameFront by Oldflash<retexture> 24. Double-Bladed Lighsaber Replacement Hilts GameFront by Oldflash <retexture> 25. Yellow and Red Double-Bladed Lightsaber Hilt Replacement GameFront by Oldflash <retexture> 26. Light Saber Blade Colors DeadlyStream by Jorak Uln After all Hilt mods <retexture> 27. Gaffi Stick Improvement DeadlyStream by Fallen Guardian <retexture> 28. Weapon Models Overhaul Mediafire by Toasty Fresh <retexture> 29. Weapon Mods Overhaul Texture Rework: DeadlyStream by Fallen Guardian After Weapons Model Overhaul <retextures> overwrite Weapons Models Overhaul 30. [k1]Vibrosword replacement pack DeadlyStream by DeadMan After Weapons Model Overhaul Retexture <is this better than Weapons Mods Overhaul & Retexture’s Vibroblades?> Character Models 31. Ajunta Pall Unique Apperance GameFront by Silveredge9 32. Bendak Starkiller Emblem armor: DeadlyStream by redrob41 After NPC Overhaul? <retexture> 33. Bith & Jawa Reskins LucasForums w/Medfire Download Link by Capibara <retexure> 34. Cassus Fett Armor DeadlySteam by Kainzorus Prime <retexture> 35. Desert Wraid & Shyark Texture Fix DeadlyStream by Red Hessian <retexure> 36. Droid 3 ModDB by XediiXarwarz does this retexture HK? <retexure, requires Xnview to install> 37 Helena - Bastila’s Mother Changes DeadlyStream by Shem <reskins Helena> 38. Individual Mandalorians GameFront by Kalos before K1 NPC Overhaul? <is this the best armor reskin?> 39. Juhani Head DeadlyStream by miro42 <this is reskins her head only> 40. K1_DP_HK_Droid Nexus Mods by DarthParametric after K1 NPC Overhaul <retexture> I just wanted the default color otherwise there is a configurable verison in the reduanant files with 8 color options. 41. Customer Party Member Portraits 2.0 DeadlyStream by Shem <alternative option available in redundant section at bottom, not sure which is better at 1080p> 42. Maleheadpack DeadlyStream by Inyriforge <adds addtion male head options for player> 43. Malalk Path of Corruption DeadlyStream by Kainzorus Prime <retexture> 44. Robes for Korriban Sith Students DeadlyStream by Shem 45. Master Uthar Revisited DeadlyStream by Marius Fett After NPC Overhaul <retexture> 46. Power Overwhelming GameFront by NiuHaka After Malehead pack <it replaces their asian head with a nice bald one and has 4 sepeate dark side transition options.> 47. Project Bastlia GameFront by Eddie the Lightbringer after K1 NPC Overhaul? 48. K1 Hood Male GameFront by Kha <ability to add hood to characters visually with no stats> 49. K1 Enchancement Pack (partial install Robes & Armor retextures only) Lucas Forums w/OneDrive by SpaceAlex after Armor Inventory Icons Overhaul? 50. Yuthura Sith Eyes DeadlyStream by Kexikus Git Snapshot 2 Animations & Effects 51. Bodies Stay DeadlyStream by Jonathan7 <let the bodies hit the floor & stay there> 52. Fixed Proficency/Focus Feat Icons 1.0 DeadlyStream by Kainzorus Prime <This is included in Classes, Feats Power & Skills Tweak> 53. Walking Animation Improvement GameFront by ZimmMaster 54. Med Hypo Animation DeadlyStream by Rtas Vadum 55. Complete Effects Overhaul alpha 0.1 DeadlyStream by Jorak Uln <Fireball (is it better than HD Fire & Ices?) Beam Effects, animated Force Storm, Life Drain, Heal, Force Stun, Adhesive Grenade, Various muzzle flashes> 56. HD Fire & Ice DeadlyStream by Cinder Skye <replaces fire & ice effects only should I still use this or instead just use Complete Effect Overhauls visuals. From the screen shot its looks like this ice effects are better.> 57. High Rez Beam Effects 2.0 & FL + DF DeadlyStream by InSidious <replaces Force Drain, cold ray, ion, and neural pacifier beam effects with higher resolution versions and the Death Field or Force Lightning effects effects. 58. Visually Distinctive Weapon Types DeadlyStream by Malkior After High Rez Beam Effects <disruptor, ion, bowcaster. Is there anything that I shouldn’t overwrite from the previous 3 mods?> 59. Realistic Visual Effects (Speed Blur Removal partial install) DeadlyStream by Shem before K1 Restoration <Speed Blur 2da only, might use more later.> Dialogue, Bug fixes, Restoration & Rebalance 60. KotOR Dialogue Fixes 2.0 DeadlyStream by Salk <only fixes grammar and puncation> 61. PC Response Moderation 1.01 DeadlyStream by Kainzorus Prime after Dialogue Fixes & before K1 Restoration <this file just slightly alters the text to make the Paragon less overenthuiastic and the dark side to have some subetly. To my understanding dialogue trees remain unaffected as it is only rewording.> 62. KOTOR Bug Fix Attempt 1.0 DeadlyStream by danil-ch before K1 Restoration? 63. K1 Restoration 1.1 (KR1) DeadlyStream by ZM90 <Lynch pin of mod order, generally before everything else unless there is a reason, I intend to use the Insane difficulty> 64. HardCore 2011 Talchia Style GameFront by Qui-Gon <now the game will be insanely difficult> 65. KotOR Skills Reblancing Mod DeadlyStream by Thrak Farelee <will do a slight alternation on droid part> 66. A leveling Fix DeadlyStream by Canderis <double xp to level> 68. Bastila on Korriban KR1 DeadlyStream by Fair Strides After K1 Restoration 69. Party on Leviathan KR1: DeadlyStream by Fair Strides After K1 Restoration <script in the tslpatchdata folder called "k_plev_freecs2.ncs" that will need to be manually moved to the override folder.> Cutscene 70. Bastila Romance Enhancement GameFront by Swfan <cutscene> 71. Juhani Romance Enhancement 1.0 DeadlyStream by Kexikus <cutscence> 72. Hideweapons in Cutscences 1.0 DeadlyStream by Darth Hayze <alterations on specific cutscenes> Audio 73. Blackvulkar Soundfix: DeadlyStream <does K1 Restoration 1.1 still need this?> 74. Cutscence Sound Improvement ModDB by AK151 75. Mannan Selkath Door Relief Geocities by Darth333 <removes the unending and highly disturbing warning> 76. Korriban/Manaan Music Fix 1.0: DeadlyStream by Kainzorus Prime <fixes the wrong music from playing> 77. Music Enchance K1 GameFront by Star Admiral <remastering of the orginal soundtrack> 78. Saber&Melee weapon sound mod: DeadlyStream by DeadMan 79. Ultimate Sound Mod: DeadlyStream by Shem after Saber & Melee overide its saber sounds Content & Modules Part 1 80. K1 NPC Overhaul (Maybe a partial install, I will see what can be saved if anything) DeadlyStream byKainzorus Prime before all reskins of characters, equipment & weapons <includes a patch for the Sunry Murder Recording.> 81. Vulkar Coward Redux 1.1 DeadlyStream by Fair Strides <I honestly have no idea if I should use this> 82. Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge DeadlyStream by Fair Strides after Restoration & NPC Overhaul and any dialogue adjustments too. It is KR1 compatible. 83. Tatooine Job Office 2.4 DeadlyStream by TimBob12 <3 new quests now compatbile with BoS:SR> Dialogue Part 2 84. Endar Spire Dialogue DeadlyStream by CarboCation After K1 Restoration <this mod does change sequencing of dialogue> 85. Manann Force Choke Options LucasForums by XXXX <opens new dialogue options with Force choke so only useful for plays going darkside> 86. [K1] Taris Sith Base Dialogue Enhancement 1.0 DeadlyStream by CarboCation After K1 Restoration <this mod does change sequencing of dialogue> 87. Kill Janitor GameFront by XXXX <dialogue option to kills him/her on Mannan> 88. Kill Gorton GameFront by Mindtwistah <dialogue option to kills him/her on Mannan> 89. Kill Star Forge Jedi GameFront by Sareth145 <options to go Anakin Skywalker on some younglings> 90. Kill Yuka Laka Geocities by Darth333 <dialogue option to kills him/her think this is also on Mannan not 100%> Content & Modules Part 2 91. ORD Mandell Mod v1.2 Jumpstationz by RedHawke <conflicts with Korriban Crystal Caves?, possibly Temple mod as temple mod will not work with Korriban Crystal Caves either> 92. Yavin IV (TSL Patcher Update) GameFront by Master Zionosis <new planet> Gameplay 93. Energy Shield Damage Fix DeadlyStream by R2-X2 <bug fix> 94. Health Regeneration DeadlyStream by Shem <adds passive health regen like KotOR 2 outside of combat> 95. Star Forge Workbench Mod JumpStationz by Redhawke <just adds a workbench at Starforge> 96. Proper Manann Quest Endings 1.0 DeadlyStream by Kexikus <removes quests from questlog that stick around> 97. Sandpeople Disguise Drop Fix DeadlyStream by Kexikus <bug fix> 98. Sherruk - Attacks With Lightsabers DeadlyStream by Shem <this makes things significantly harder I hear and with Tashis Hardcore mod it might be over the top. Let me know if this is a bad idea.> 99. Better stealth toggle Deadly Stream by Daemonjax <don’t even need it buy why not add another mod> 100. Camera Angle Options DeadlyStream by InSidious <I am assuming with the low poly models having camera further away will make game look better.> Weapons with stats 100. Ajunta Pall’s Swords Revamped 1.0 DeadlyStream by Rece <use the WotOR compatible variant> 101. Bryar Pistol and Bryar Rifle 1.1 DeadlySteam by Inyriforge <new guns with new stats & models> 102. Enhanced Standard Lightsabers Jumpstationz by RedHawke <gives basic lightsabers a buff mainly in blaster bolt defection as my character will not a be a guardian and Tashis Hardcore Style 2011 will make defecting difficult> 103. Kain Sword GameFront by Darth333 <new vibrosword added into the story> 104. Weapons of the Old Republic GameFront by T7nowhere,svösh,Mono_Giganto After all weapon retextures this creates no weapon varients with mostly similar or dentical stats, just more visual variation> "Weapons of the Old Republic will probably overwrite a bit of the stuff from Weapon Models Overhaul and the Vibrosword mods, and you will need to delete several .utc files (I'm not sure which ones, you'd need to ask Malkior) to work on the Leviathan and some spots afterwards." - Fair Strides “The UTC files you are referring to are bastila02.UTC through bastila06.UTC” - Malkior Equipment with stats 105. Armour Inventory Icons Overhaul Armour GameFront by Marius Fett after Individual Mandalorians? 106. Canderous Mandalorin Items DeadlyStream by Sithspecter <gives Canderous unique equipment> 107. Crimson Sith Templar Items Artifacts Jumpstationz by RedHawke <adds new items, requires Redhawkes The White/Star Forge Booster Pack> 108. Alternate Texture Canderous Mandalorin Items DeadlyStream by xander2077 after Canderous Mandalorin Items <retexture> 109. Improved Sith Artifacts Jumpstationz by RedHawke <makes ancient sith artifacts have stats that reflect what they are> 110. Revan/Sith/Bastila’s Item Pack Jumpstationz by RedHawke 111. Blasters/Armor/Droid/Misc Item Pack Jumpstationz by RedHawke 112. Revan The White/StarForge/Booste Pack Jumpstationz by RedHawke <requires previous two mods> 113. Crimson Sith Templar Items Jumpstationz by RedHawke <requires previous three mods> 114. Calo Nord Inventory Fixes Freewebs by Kexikus <fixes a situational glitch where his loot drop is missing> 115. Malaks Unique Apprentices DeadlyStream by Malkior after Robes for Korriban Sith Students Mods Unused/Removed Due to Overlap 1. Bastila romance glitch fix modKOTOR Bug Fix Attempt 1.0 2. The Romancing of Bastila GameFront since 2 of the 5 mods now have a KR1 edition I used those instead. 3. Restored K1 BIK Movies using K1 Restoration 1.1 4. Biges Difficulty Mod using Tachia’s Harcore Mod 5. Alternate way to get Sith Uniforms K1 Restoration 1.1 6. Revan Cutscence Fix KOTOR Bugfix Attempt 7. Sith Armor Pack: Armour Inventory Icons Overhaul 8. PLC2012 ModDB by XediiXarwarz using PANEL Overhaul animated (Mass Effect Edition) 1.5 by Jorak Uln 9. Endar Spire 2012 by XediiXarwarz using Endar Spire Complete Overhaul 3.1 by Jorak Uln 10. Mannan 2012 by XediiXarwarz using Mannan Complete Overhaul 3.0 by Jorak Uln 11. Sith Base Cerberus by XediiXarwarz using Sith Base Complete Overhaul 3.0 by Jorak Uln 12. Deadeye Duncan on Manaan by Darth333 using K1 Restoration 1.1 13. Realistic NPC Portrait Pack for KotOR Nexusmods by jcoolZombie <labeled Alternate Party Portraits> 14. Sunry Murder Recording DeadlyStream by Fallen Guardian <cutscene, compatibliy patch with K1 NPC Overhaul for this> This is redundant with KR1 15. Revans Items: DeadlyStream by ChAiNz.2da After NPC Overhaul <will conflict with RedHawkes Mods> 16. Revan’s Cape & Belt Fix: DeadlyStream by Sithspecter After Revans Items <only works with Revan’s Items> Removed due to conflict or not needed 1. Korrbian Academy Workbench 2.0 DeadlyStream by InSidious adds workbench at Academy <removed by advice from Fair Strides> Can cause conflict with one of my mods might have been Restoration 2. Xiskio’s Holster Weapons Mod v1.1.7 4Gamers by Xiskio <uses an armband slot not sure about that, This mod is compatible to most other mods except those who changed Carth's (Filek_hcar_dialog.dlg) or the AI Master script (File: k_ai_master.nss/ncs).> Probably not worth it 3. Xia Terashai Set DeadlyStream by ChAiNz.2da Includes RedHawke’s Bastila Clothes by RedHawke removed by advice from Fairstrides Never use this 4. Temple Mod GameFront by Quanon <not compatible with Korriban Crystal Cave andI believe that make ORD Mandell> 5. Tomb of Exar Kun DeadlyStream by deathdisco says it takes place Yavin IV so <probably not compatible with Yavin IV mod> 6. Tomb of Jesset Dal’Kest GameFront by Darkkender <think I have enough content> Thank you for reading my wall of text, even if you just glanced at it.
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    Since you are a computer science major, I highly recommend using version control (I use git) to manage your installations. If something does go wrong, it's easy enough to revert the changes. Also, without looking too closely at things, do the Environment Graphics directly after the patch, Widescreen and reshade effects. In fact, anything that is purely a "reskin", should be done first.
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    First off, I'd like to formally apologize to Darth P. What I said was way out of line, and there was no need for me to behave the way I did. I felt insulted, but instead of keeping my cool I lashed out at you in spite, even though you were just helping me. I realize how strange it looks having someone come into your community acting super friendly and grateful for receiving help, only for that same person to pull a 180 and start spewing hatred at a you. I'm sorry. I have no excuses as to why I did what I did, the next time I get upset I will just stay quiet. And I apologize to the people here on deadlystreams, what I posted was despicable, I made a horrible decision doing that. Sorry everyone. Since you guys don't know me yet, I feel like I should explain that this is not how I typically act, and this is not how I will act in the future, period. Usually when it gets to the point when I think an argument or confrontation of any kind is about to happen, I will see myself out immediately. I hope to show you all that I am better than this as time goes on.