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By request from a steam user under the current name of Death a Barbar, I have edited the DLG file to allow a Darkside PC to keep Mission as a companion. Or rather, not cruelly kill her merely because you are a Dark Sider.


There are two options > Leave Mission on the Unknown Planet




Convince Mission to stay with your crew and serve you.


However, this mod doesn't remove the option to kill Mission, that is stilll present in the game if you choose the third dialogue.
For clarity, saving Mission begins with "You're all alone.. " (This should be the first option)


Leaving Mission behind on the Planet begins with "Go on Mission - Get out of here ... " (second option)


Two additional dialogue options have been added that appeal more to the themes of kotor and to the Sith (as suggested by SH).
They are the last two options of the six total options and result in keeping Mission.


Most lines are voiced by Mission so there's an element of realism to the mod.
This is K1R compatible.


Installation: Unzip file, place into override,
Uninstall: Delete from override.


There should be no incompatiblity issues since it is only a single file.
Hope you enjoy!


As always feel free to leave Negative/Postive feedback! This includes sending me a better screenshot, since my computer can't handle graphics of any kind, ever...


P.S. I apologize for the influx of updates, I didn't release it polished and that was a mistake on my end.
The current problem with the mod, is that if you talk to Mission again after this conversation, she will result to conversations opened up only after you crash on the Lehon (unknown planet) and will not seem to recognize your recent actions as SIth Lord and whatever option you chose. This presents a bit of issue with a lack of immersion, to avoid this. Don't talk to Mission again! This is what may be updated later.


Re-download to latest version, is not required at all, but it is encouraged.


Contact me for bugs, issues, or feeback by PM or writing a review here.


FYI: Red Mission is a seperate mod by another modder.


Thanks Deadlystream for hosting my mod.
Thanks SH and Death'a'Barbar for suggestions
Thanks FS for the DLG editor tool
Thank you ! For downloading the mod.

What's New in Version 1.5a   See changelog


  • Intial Release.
  • 1.01: Reworked description to be more clear.
  • 1.2: Reworked the dialogue file to have more options that feel more like kotor.
  • 1.3: Added force choke animation to Mission.
  • 1.4: Fixed a typo, added Zaalbar bowing animation. Thanks beta tester!
  • 1.4b: Beta tester sent better screen shots!
  • 1.5: Turns out I'm a liar! Updated the PC replies, fixed a few typos, added a .lip file so that Mission's lip will move when she speaks that single line of Ryl.
  • 1.5a Fixed typo, swapped line, edited PC responses slightly.
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