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On Tatooine, Marlena decides it is O.K. to murder her husband.
While the PC is either oblivious to this, or acknowledges it, yet still does nothing about it.


This is wrong. Being ignorant or merely not understanding a psychotic woman is understandable, but for those who chose the dialogue option "it sounds like you are going to kill him!"
Then, it becomes apparently obvious that a mod is needed to fix this lame interaction into a character developing moment.


You can either bring justice to the outer rim by killing her, as a Jedi.


Or you can cut her down, because she assumed you to be a low life thug. Or even, simply because she reminds you of your ex-girlfriend who broke your heart and you need compensation from a video game to express the full extent of your "feelings." You poor thing.


Nevertheless, there are 6 total response the PC can have to this situation.


5 Darkside responses leading to death.


3 Lightside responses/outcomes


Recently added a force persuasion option, it'll make you laugh!


Therefore, if you are not sure if you'll go darkside or lightside, you will still benefit from downloading this mod!


Also, you can inform Tanis (her husband) of his wife's condition. Either alive, dead, or gone, etc...


See readme for full disclosure on the mod, including how to get the most out of it.


I hope you enjoy!
Please give any feedback, even negative! I need it to improve.


Credits: Fred Tetra for KT and Stoffe for his tslpatcher
Deadlystream.com for hosting this mod.
Request made by ToddHellid.

What's New in Version 3.0   See changelog


  • 1.00 Initial release.
  • 2.00 Added Tanis dialogue options to inform him of his wife's current condition. Also, fixed a few typos and 2 bugs.
  • 2.5 Fixed description to be accurate, added force persuasion option (Dominate mind), changed script to apply death effect, instead of disappearing and spawning a corpse.
  • 2.6 Fixed an issue in the wife.dlg file that would cause the conversation to bug if and only if specific questions were asked in order.
  • Simply re-install this mod to fix it.
  • 3.0 fixes bug with Tanis not disappearing, adds additional lines, polishes some lines, adds tslpatcher
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· Edited by ebmar


This mod brings out the best of Dark Side out from the main character. Granted, its Light Side wasn't the best of work but who picked this mod in the first place for a LS content?! 🙃

Hahah - though I only had limited choices of dialogues on my end [yeah - that said how my Force Power build goes], but this convo wins it -

[-] HK-47 how would you go about dealing with... this inconvenience.

  [-] Advisement: Evisceration works well. Electrocution and blunt trauma also work well, I understand.
    [-] Let's try electrocution!
      [-] Commentary: Yes, master. Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy killing for you, master?

This edgy content will always have a place, for -

Permanent spot in the mod list has been filled.

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