JC's Mandalorian Armor for K1 1.0

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This mod adjusts the wearable Mandalorian armor items to make their appearances consistent with that of other Mandalorians in the game and to fix various other oddities associated with them.

The main part of the mod concerns the Class 9 Mandalorian armors (Mandalorian Battle Armor, Mandalorian Heavy Armor, and Mandalorian Assault Armor). These items will now follow the usual blue/red/gold ranking system. There are two options for this:

  • With Option A, the armors use the Class 9 model. Mandalorian Heavy Armor and Mandalorian Assault Armor are given new textures, recolored red and gold variants of the Mandalorian Battle Armor.
  • With Option B, the armors act as disguise items, giving the wearer one of the NPC Mandalorian appearances.

Both options also include the following:

  • Class 9 Mandalorian armors have new icons to match their appearance with each option
  • Class 8 Mandalorian Armor has a new icon with the correct appearance (previously it looked purple)
  • The Mandalorian helmet plot items have new icons to match their appearances (previously they were both blue, even though neither was dropped by a blue Mandalorian)
  • The Mandalorian Commander on Kashyyyk drops Mandalorian Heavy Armor to match his red appearance (also, I believe this item couldn’t be found anywhere in the game before)

Finally, there is a third Extra Textures option with texture overrides for the NPC Mandalorians (and disguise appearances). They tone down the shaders a bit, matching what I did with my Shader Fixes for K2. They can be installed alongside Option A or B.


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