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  1. Most of those make gameplay changes that we generally shy away from unless it's obvious there's a mistake or some other problem. I don't particularly disagree with the changes, but I think it's a subjective issue. This one does seem up the Community Patch's alley, though.
  2. These are all the animations that exist on the player supermodels: Plus the combat animations b9a3 and f2p1a don't exist but are supposed to (and are fixed by my Supermodel Fix) and TSLRCM adds a couple animations to S_Male02 for Atton's leaning.
  3. You shouldn't be able to construct lightsabers with the Saber Workshop at all until after completing "Crafting a Lightsaber" with Bao-Dur. I can't predict what is possible if you've used cheats or other mods. As for the individual parts, yes, you can only build ones you've already found. The rest should unlock one at a time when you find them.
  4. If you cheated in the lightsaber parts, that would explain your problems. Both the "Crafting a Lightsaber" and the Saber Workshop will only work properly if you acquire all the lightsaber parts normally.
  5. I haven't tested with that mod and I'm not familiar with most of its changes, so I can't say much. If you installed K1R after the Jedi Tailor, though, I would expect it to overwrite the changes, so it could be that.
  6. The game is frustratingly inconsistent with those checks. There are instances with a guaranteed [Success] and others with a guaranteed [Failure] in addition to the ones based on a skill roll. I believe [Lie] should never lead to a [Success] or [Failure] because there is no "lie" skill. In such cases, it's meant to be [Persuade/Lie] - for example, "[Persuade/Lie] I found Malak's diary." - but of course there may be mistakes or, frustratingly, more guaranteed success or failures.
  7. If you can figure out which Override folder is the right one, install the attached file to it. k_pkor_las36!plt.ncs
  8. Not at the moment, but the Option A textures would probably work in K2 (copy over the TGA files except for ip_pltuseitm_011.tga and ip_pltuseitm_111.tga).
  9. I meant to post this back in June, but I forgot. It was supposed to be a quarterly thing, but it remains a semi-regular thing. Updates Supermodel Fix for K2 - Fixed a facial issue and updated K1 style running to match what I did with it in my supermodel port. Yay for consistency. Minor Fixes for K1 - Minor updates for minor fixes. Fixed some leaf textures and converted them and others to superior TPC format. Darksaber for K1 and for K2 - Made new blade textures using the Saber plug-in for After Effects. Fixed the hilt alignment because apparently I had people holding it sideways before. Flipped Y-axis on the normal map so it doesn't look like it came from the mirror universe, and maybe made other improvements, hard to say. Converted other textures to superior TPC format. Security Spikes for K1 - Fixed an issue with the code that let it open doors the player normally couldn't interact with, like ones meant to seal holes in the fabric of the universe. Lightsaber Visual Effects for K2 - Added optional textures for the new colors added by the Ultimate Saber Mod, in case you want to use that and have consistent blade quality. Mandalorian Armor for K1 - Fixed a minor issue with Option A & the upgrade screen. New Mods Robe Adjustment for K1 - Two options to give you additional robes on Dantooine. The first option gives you robes to actually wear during the montage; they have the stats of clothing, so the change is merely aesthetic. The second option makes Zhar give you the robes he normally gives a bit earlier, right when you can start wearing them. They can be installed separately or together. Jedi Tailor for K1 - Adds a Trandoshan who will tailor your robes for you. He'll change the color between brown, black, red, and blue without affecting the robe stats. He also sells stuff and gossips. Something Completely Different My pick for this entry is Sith Armor - Freelook Filter Mod by @ebmar. It's such a simple and in retrospect obvious thing to add, but at the same time it's one I doubt I ever would've thought of or bothered with doing myself, so it's especially nice that somebody else did.
  10. There is no quarterstaff model variation 6. When the model doesn't exist, the game defaults to the 1st variation (or if that doesn't exist, it crashes). You need to extract w_qtrstaff_001.mdl/mdx, rename to w_qtrstaff_006.mdl/mdx, and hex edit the MDL to replace all instances of w_qtrstaff_001 with w_qtrstaff_006.
  11. That's an intermittent problem with Deadly Stream's file system. Try downloading it again, or rename the file to .zip and extract. Also, dammit, I really need to finish testing the K2 update and release it one of these years.
  12. To clarify, it's TSLRCM that removes T3 from the party after the Visas encounter. Not any of the Kodin business - it's part of the actual Visas encounter. The current version of TSLRCM also adds him back, but we were using an edited visasmarr.dlg based on an older version of TSLRCM that did not (perhaps before he was removed from the encounter at all) that caused the bug. I was speculating that if T3 was missing from the party entirely due to Kodin or other shenanigans, the same thing would happen without any other mods. But if you can't trigger the encounter at all in that situation, then that's not the case. Still, the erroneous message log is there, as well as the potential for worse problems. Yeah, that would probably work. It's just more complicated than changing the speaker is all I meant. It's TSLRCM's "problem" because it's TSLRCM that makes the mistake. I get that you did it that way because you found it more convenient for the dynamic cameras, but that's really not what the speaker field is meant for, as evident by the erroneous message log. I don't think it would be reasonable for a mod that does something to T3 or Visas to have to edit Kreia's global dialogue as well. That's not good for mod compatibility.
  13. Probably not, that sort of thing is usually handled through an NPC's local booleans & numbers. If you could figure out which one the dialogue is checking you could edit your save to fix it - but not with KSE, so it'd be kind of messy.