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  1. I believe @zbyl2 tried it a while back and reported that it didn't work.
  2. JCarter426

    MOD:JC's Fashion Line B: Commoner Clothing for K2

    I'm not familiar with that mod. What is the problem exactly?
  3. JCarter426

    Force Powers Description Edit ?

    Right, it can only add new lines. There's no way to combine two pre-edited TLKs at the moment except through manual editing. @Fair Strides was working on an update to TSLPatcher to resolve that, but that is pending his busy schedule.
  4. JCarter426

    Force Powers Description Edit ?

    That works, yes, but currently TSLPatcher's functionality for patching TLK files is limited. It can't edit text in existing lines - only add new ones. So any hard edits to TLK files are incompatible with each other. You have to pick one to use, and it has to be installed before anything that adds new lines. So it is still recommended to patch in new lines for small edits.
  5. JCarter426

    Editing Placeable Items In KOTOR

    The part you want to change is in the NSS file: Location(Vector(11.85, 15.91, -1.27), 0.00) The Vector() part is the XYZ coordinates. You can get the new set of these with the whereami cheat. The last number is the bearing, in degrees. You kind of have to guess with that, as the game is inconsistent about whether 0 degrees means north or east. I'd suggest leaving it as 0.0, and then if it's facing the wrong way, try 90.0, 180.0, or -90.0 as needed. Of course you can give it any angle in between, as well. Once you have edited that, you need to compile it into an NCS file and replace the existing one. There should be a tutorial for that either on this site or in the LucasForums archives here.
  6. JCarter426

    Mara Jade's Lightsaber

    For now, I'm working on higher-poly designs of the default KOTOR hilts. I have more extensive plans in the long term, though, and have a thread going for it here. That link goes to the most up to date info of my plans, I think. I put everything on hold because I thought technical difficulties would force me to change everything, but I eventually sorted that out. Just a matter of modeling the hilts now.
  7. JCarter426

    Mara Jade's Lightsaber

    If I do, certainly. I'm working on some other hilts right now that I want to finish so I can release them as a mod, so I may take a look when those are done.
  8. JCarter426

    Mara Jade's Lightsaber

    Just to be clear, are we talking about this one? I'm not making any promises yet, but I've been learning how to model lightsabers and might be up for it.
  9. JCarter426

    JC's Security Spikes for K1

    Oopps, I forgot which was which. Let's just fix that and pretend this never happened.
  10. JCarter426

    Editing Placeable Items In KOTOR

    Extract entire RIM file for both of the module's files (e.g. end_m01aa.rim and end_m01aa_s.rim) to an empty folder somewhere. Open the GIT file in K-GFF. Go down to the placeable list and copy an existing struct. Paste into the placeable list. Edit the new struct's details. For the resref, use the file name of your new UTP. (You'll have to make a new UTP of course, but that's the same basic procedure.) When you're done editing, save. Create a new MOD file with ERFEdit (e.g. end_m01aa.mod). Drag all the files you extracted in step 1 (along with the edited GIT) into the ERFEdit window, then save. Install the MOD file to the modules folder. The changes will only take effect if you start a new game or load a save from before you ever visited the area in that run of the game.
  11. Extract the UTC file and open in K-GFF. Find the equipment list and copy an existing struct. Paste into the equipment list. Check the ID of the inventory slot in nwscript.nss. Enter this as the ID of the new struct and change the resref to the file name of the item. Save and install to Override or in a .mod.
  12. JCarter426

    JC's Zhug Attack Fix for TSLRCM

    Any potential update to TSLRCM will depend on zbyl and Hassat Hunter's schedules. The fix is being added to the next version of the Community Patch, though.
  13. JCarter426

    Adding effects to textures?

    Yes. That's on the texture's alpha channel (e.g. TorKirals.tga). The RGBA color space has four channels: Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha. The first three channels determine the color. The color isn't stored as a single value (because math and computer science and stuff) but instead is split into three primary colors, with a channel for each color. Each channel is a black and white image (that's a better metaphor anyway) that just says how much of that color there is, with a range of values from 0 (black) to 255 (white) for 8-bit channels. These channels are interpolated from black and white to red, green, or blue, and then the three colors are combined to produce the final image. Like so: The alpha channel is an extra channel. Rather than adding to the color, it's used for other things, usually transparency. In this case, the alpha channel determines the intensity of the shader. In Photoshop, you can access the channels with the Channels panel: The game textures generally have alpha channels, but if there isn't one already, you can add a new one in that panel. You can click on any channel to edit it individually, and click on the RGB channel group at the top to return to RGB space.
  14. JCarter426

    [TSL] Which version + mods?

    Yes, it should be fine. There is negligible difference between all the releases up until the Aspyr update. If you run it without that, it should behave more or less as the GOG.com release, or even the one true original 4CD release.
  15. JCarter426

    Editing Placeable Items In KOTOR

    If you want to add a placeable via the GIT file, you'll want to extract and edit m01aa.git from end_m01aa.rim. Open the file with K-GFF, duplicate one of the existing placeable structs, then edit the details. After you're done editing the file, you'll have to compile it into a .mod and install it to the modules folder. Extracting all the files in end_m01aa.rim and end_m01aa_s.rim, put in your edited GIT, and then create a end_m01aa.mod file with ERFEdit and add all the files. If you're planning to release it as a mod, though, you'll want to configure it with TSLPatcher or else it won't be compatible with other mods that edit that area. If you add the placeable with a script, you only have to edit one file and install to Override, so that's somewhat simpler provided you understand the NWNScript language. The best course of action in this case is to find and edit an existing script, either the OnEnter script for the area (k_pend_area01) or a script that fires early on in the opening cutscene (such as k_pend_rumble01).