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  1. The lines are in StreamVoice\904\904KREIA. Towards the end, I forget which numbers though. The text is in dialog.tlk, starting at line 106329.
  2. It seems that originally, the final boss would be either Atris or Kreia depending on your game choices, but they must have cut that pretty early on. And that's fine. The frustrating part is that Atris has some voiced lines in the Trayus Core that Kreia doesn't and they would be really nice to have.
  3. There isn't any indication about a lot of things. My guess would be that you were meant to play as one of them as in the Atton vs Sion encounter, and then whichever one survives goes on to appear in the party confrontation scene, with perhaps Atton/Handmaiden being on Kreia's side. But there's no material left for such a thing. There's only one version of the party confrontation, and it implies a light side ending and that all the party members have been trained as Jedi. Also, frustratingly, some of the remaining content is only voiced by Atris, not Kreia.
  4. It's not really a bug. The envmap is supposed to be set to default in appearance.2da so the game loads the shader info from the model. It's default in K1 too. The issue is that the game always loads shader data from the texture on the model, and there is no texture on the model. They removed them from the K2 versions for some models, maybe intentionally. It seems to me that they willfully stripped the shaders off of a lot of NPCs, probably to improve performance in areas with lots of them. That's not an issue for modern PCs so it would be nice for us to have the option, but now changing the TXI data isn't enough. They need a model edit or the appearance.2da hack too. Hutts are also missing the bump map they had in K1. It's not in the files at all and would have to be ported to get their proper look back.
  5. You know TSLRCM restores these encounters, right?
  6. Oh, so that guy was supposed to be blue. That's one item off my list of testing notes then. Some people use it. Problem is none of us do, and haven't tested at all. There are some minor reported issues, but nothing game-breaking, I think, at least with v1.7.
  7. Most of those make gameplay changes that we generally shy away from unless it's obvious there's a mistake or some other problem. I don't particularly disagree with the changes, but I think it's a subjective issue. This one does seem up the Community Patch's alley, though.
  8. These are all the animations that exist on the player supermodels: Plus the combat animations b9a3 and f2p1a don't exist but are supposed to (and are fixed by my Supermodel Fix) and TSLRCM adds a couple animations to S_Male02 for Atton's leaning.
  9. You shouldn't be able to construct lightsabers with the Saber Workshop at all until after completing "Crafting a Lightsaber" with Bao-Dur. I can't predict what is possible if you've used cheats or other mods. As for the individual parts, yes, you can only build ones you've already found. The rest should unlock one at a time when you find them.
  10. If you cheated in the lightsaber parts, that would explain your problems. Both the "Crafting a Lightsaber" and the Saber Workshop will only work properly if you acquire all the lightsaber parts normally.
  11. I haven't tested with that mod and I'm not familiar with most of its changes, so I can't say much. If you installed K1R after the Jedi Tailor, though, I would expect it to overwrite the changes, so it could be that.
  12. The game is frustratingly inconsistent with those checks. There are instances with a guaranteed [Success] and others with a guaranteed [Failure] in addition to the ones based on a skill roll. I believe [Lie] should never lead to a [Success] or [Failure] because there is no "lie" skill. In such cases, it's meant to be [Persuade/Lie] - for example, "[Persuade/Lie] I found Malak's diary." - but of course there may be mistakes or, frustratingly, more guaranteed success or failures.
  13. If you can figure out which Override folder is the right one, install the attached file to it. k_pkor_las36!plt.ncs