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  1. Darth Wreckage

    Bastila's Dark Bodysuit by Quanon & Revanator

    So, she wears this as her default outfit and on the Temple Summit? And is this compatible with the Prequel Style Robes?
  2. Darth Wreckage

    Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge

    Same here.
  3. Darth Wreckage

    Darth Sapien's Presents T3M4 HD 2k

    Yes, it is compatible. I have TSLRCM 1.8.3B in my game as well as this one. This mod doesn't affect his dialog at all, merely his appearance. Reskins tend to sometimes be compatible with TSLRCM.
  4. Darth Wreckage

    Player & Party Underwear

    I might have a request for the athletic female underwear. Could it be possible to make a version of that one with briefs instead of the shorts or maybe something similar?
  5. Darth Wreckage

    Darth Sapiens presents: HD 2K Visas Marr

    Astounded statement: Absolutely glorious.
  6. Darth Wreckage

    Canonical Jedi Exile

  7. Darth Wreckage

    JC's Handmaiden Sisters

    I love it!
  8. Darth Wreckage

    JC's Darksaber for K2

  9. Darth Wreckage

    JC's Darksaber for K2

    For some reason I got something called file.kor, what is that?
  10. Darth Wreckage

    TSL Improved Party Outfits

    Got it, thank you.
  11. Darth Wreckage

    TSL Improved Party Outfits

    But the conflict isn't major to where he won't be usable? Just a small little "Ey, I'm wearing normal armor. Look at me, I'm Canderous" And will he wear his vanilla helmet or does he wear Jango's helmet with his installed, or will he accidentally spoil his true identity?
  12. Darth Wreckage

    TSL Improved Party Outfits

    Nice! Thank you, do you know if this is compatible with the Movie Mandalorians mod? Since it gives Mandalore an armor set?
  13. Darth Wreckage

    Kreia Visible Body Models

    Kreia's head just looks so... BIG
  14. Darth Wreckage

    TSL Improved Party Outfits

    Finally Bao-Dur can be actually useful! Quick question, does Bao-Dur's allow him to use Force Powers so he's not the most useless Jedi ever?
  15. Darth Wreckage

    Junkyard ebon hawk

    Are you going to release a version for KOTOR2 someday?