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    Bodies Stay

    A must have for me...every time if available for each game. For each game there should be a slider in options menu for active ragdolls and fade time + hard limit.
  2. Thanks. There is so much bugs in the game its absurd!
  3. It has no TSL Patcher, so you would have to use this first, then apply anything with TSL after, like K1R or BoS:SR. Thats what i was told, and how i will make my mod folder.
  4. Most likley just pick texture files.
  5. Maybe this would be fixed by any of few mods altering Canderous equipment and stats? I remember at least 3.
  6. There is a never version called "Carth's Republic Uniform Plus".
  7. From what i know all .dlg mods are compatible if they are installed first, K1R then use TSL to add its own fixes, from what i understand. Combine all .dlg mods together with tool (if any overwrite same file) and then just instal K1R. By basic K1R goes AFTER all other fixes and .dlg mods, and BEFORE all Texture & model mods.
  8. As its not TSL .dlg tool will have to be used to make it compatible with few other mods... Thanks.
  9. Kinda better...somewhat... ...makes more sense than just dull blades that should be cut by lightsabers...
  10. Great...just need some texture update.
  11. Nice... but placement makes it somewhat unbalanced? It would be best if Jedi feat-limitation could be applied... only Jedi could use it, so it would be useless while on Taris.
  12. Anyone else can confirm, is this broken?
  13. most propably "life" ...or more specific in terminology & calling exacly... "slavery" part of it
  14. It would be great to have a optional variant, so we could just choose lightsaber type without touching colour choice section.
  15. Thank you... it was always a pain devs rarely found proper way to bite betwean game balance and lore - ideally we would need a special kits to refit armours on workbench to allow this.
  16. A must have. Thanks! Sentinel was my fav either way.
  17. This is sick! Love it. Why no one ever though to add those to fabricator projects?