[K1] Taris Sith Base Dialogue Enhancement 1.0

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One of my favorite features of Kotor is the fact that the game allows a variety of responses from the PC. This mechanic allows us the players to create the PCs personality from the many different dialogue options that Bioware has provided for us.


Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of conversations in the game, many of the side conversations are rather limited in options. This forced me to make up the PC's dialogue in my head and then select the most similar available dialogue.


This mod makes adjustments and additions to some of the dialogue in the Sith base on Taris. I've given the PC more dialogue options, and moved around some of the NPC responses to more appropriate parts in the overall dialogue.


I also feel that it is important to mention that none of the basic speaking NPC's scripts have changed, but they have been moved around. This is to prevent unvoiced lines from appearing in any of the dialogue.

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