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  1. Indeed. It might be obvious which mod, though. Supermodel Fix for K2
  2. So, minor problem. I say that, because it is something that appears all of, as far as I am aware, twice in the game with the Restored Content Mod. That being the animation used by Atton in the background there. I have no idea what could have broken that. I don't have an animations.2da in K2's override(Should I?), and I'm not sure if any mods would have touched it.
  3. Yeah, as mentioned, I fixed the problem by dropping in the 351narsb.mdl from the Backdrop improvements mod, and this meant everything appears outside(and inside, getting rid of the mentioned interior problems, which are not likely intended) the Yacht as intended. I haven't seen any other unusual problems, but I'll probably reinstall the Backdrop Improvements mod if I do see anything else.
  4. Found a temporary issue with Goto's Yacht, though that I was able to solve. It was an issue with the TSL Backdrop Improvements, where possibly some other mod had for whatever reason replaced the 351NARsb.mdl. Which after checking, is the High Quality Stars and Nebula's mod, from the same author - as it includes the 351narsb.mdl too. This caused quite the mess outside the windows near the bridge, along with two other places having similar issues - a pillar like mess of a mesh in the large area with the turrets, and a "wall" that appeared just as you enter into the area with the rotunda of consoles close to the bridge. Otherwise, I think this is technically a vanilla issue(albeit from cut content restored by RCM), and a well known one, but is there any way to fix this? (The red is just HK's first person view) As for that issue with the Ebon Hawk in K1, I think I've found the problem. It seems to be High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes. Overwrote the files with the M version(had the L version installed previously), and the load time is at least better. Though the mod's page does make that clear, so...
  5. The entrance to the Fuel Depot on the Docking level.
  6. Alright, finished that playthrough, and did not encounter any other issues. Added a few mods for a new playthrough, which hopefully shouldn't break anything, though most only made minor changes and the majority are texture mods. On another front though, I'm not sure if this mod related at all, but there is this in K2: Note that the other side doesn't have the same problem. Also the only texture mods I have for Peragus are just for the exterior textures(stars, nebula, etc), the Admin level window, and the Hawk's appearance in the Docking bay.
  7. That file is indeed there. Though I think the mod causing the problem might be [KotOR] NPC Overhaul Mod, as it contains the same file in it's patch data folder. I did install that mod first(after a clean install of the game), and the K1 Restoration mod, along with the KOTOR Community Patch, then the rest of the mods. This has lead to a few surprises, some of them likely obvious but still unexpected. Iriaz on the plains? Huh. A few Jawas in the desert? Okay. Taking the entire party to the Sea Floor? What?
  8. Yeah, I see an option for that, but enabling V-Sync in game fixed the issue. Though the issue with the Ebon Hawk still exists, though I have not yet seen any other area of the game have that problem.
  9. -From what I can see, the refresh rate of this monitor is 59 Hz, and I've only seen the resolutions for K1 mention either 60hz or 75hz, and I've only used the 60hz options. Though I will certainly try v-sync. -Yeah, this system has an AMD Radeon RX 550. Though again, the odd part is that it is only K1 that has such a problem, not TSL. Likely due to the Aspyr update, I'd guess?
  10. So I have had the games on Steam for a while, and at this point, I am running them on a newer system than I was before. Obviously this means a few issues, some I am not sure if there are any solutions for. K1 For the most part, I have the game working. I'm currently as far as the Seafloor base on Manaan, and have not seen any game breaking issues(though I did have a previous attempt where I thought I was getting one, I'll explain in a bit). But I've had at least two annoying problems, which I haven't seen before with the game. -In some cases, after combat, the currently used character can't be moved. This can extend to one other party member, but usually one of them can. A save and reload fixes the problem. At least until you get into combat again, though it seems in some cases the problem does not happen, though I can't cite any specific parts of the game. -For some reason, the Ebon Hawk load time is...odd. No matter when I enter the ship, it gets to about maybe 75%(or something to that effect), and seemingly isn't going to go any further - the task manager even listing the program as not responding. But maybe half a minute or more later, the loading finishes, and I can continue. Perhaps a mod problem, and the majority of mods I'm using, are listed on the K1 mod build on the Kotor subreddit. Along with a few choice others, mostly texture mods, though I don't think there are any major ones for the Ebon Hawk's interior. In my previous attempt, I had reached the first instance where you would enter the Hawk, and oddly, the scene before the first turret mini-game had no issues, though after it, the loading screen had the mentioned problem. I had thought it was one of the mods I was using(that being a romance mod for Bastilia, when playing a female character), but since it is still a problem on my current playthrough, when I did not install that mod, that possibly is not it. Otherwise, I have noticed a few seemingly well known problems with the game. Frame Buffer Effects? Turing that setting on causes crashes when you try loading a save(or attempt to load into the Endar Spire after character creation). Movies active? Ditto. As well as grass issues, though as with the other two mentioned things, I have them disabled. K2 Overall, I have had almost a single issue with this game. That being, the Steam Workshop version of M4-78 not triggering properly on Korriban. However, I've since removed the workshop mods, and just went with the version of RCM here, and did not install M4-78 at all. Even with the other mods I've installed, so far, I've had no problems. Okay, maybe the issue where in some cases of lightsabers not rendering their textures properly(say just showing up as metal, and any pieces colored otherwise not being as such), and the momentary issue of loading the Nihlus menu, due to that 2K/3K re-texture I'm using(just a brief bit of lag - this doesn't seem to effect his appearances in-game). Otherwise, I have not had to disable any settings, and have not had any crashes with the game at all. Progression-wise, I only have Nar Shaada to complete before the endgame.
  11. I'll start with this - I do not feel the film is that bad. Granted, I tend to not look at anything with a pretense of "If it does not do what I want, it is bad". I'm technically not so fond of how Infinity War played out, but I'm not going to suggest I think the film is flawed solely because of my opinion. Though I tend to have more, malleable opinions, and not stick to the first thing I think of, or the first reaction I have to something in fiction. I have seen quite a few videos on how apparently bad the film is, and while I can agree with some points, others I find seem to be ones proliferated by those who where, well, angry after seeing it, and those viewpoints have stuck, even if some, at least in my own opinion, are somewhat unwarranted. So I'll just comment on a few points at random. "Rey as a Mary Sue" I cannot entirely disagree with this. However, I'm thinking about the idea of her progression not being the same as that of Luke. Why must she do the exact same things? Be taught exactly how he was, and perhaps retain the same flaws? Granted, her progression is quick, but how much of the force does she really use? A mind trick in the first film(on a FO trooper no less, which may or may not be as weak-minded as the original Stormtroopers were), a few instances between films of pulling things, and...being somewhat proficient with the lightsaber? Also, note that the first two, I think, are only things she does...AFTER Kylo has done it in front of her. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I think that is true, anyway. As for the lightsaber...maybe it could have used scene where she briefly notes the lack of weight, in comparison to her staff, but...she knows how to use the staff, so she has some basic comprehension in using melee combat at least. "Rey's family" The fact that is is apparently a problem, meaning the answer given, is odd. If only because it seems people believe that her story should hinge on that of someone else, and she cannot, at all, and should not, stand on her own. Revan was like that too, and while I am unsure of what TOR did for his backstory, the games(i.e KotOR itself) say nothing. Was that unsatisfying? Yes, KotOR is an RPG, and it might be better if you can think for yourself as to what Revan's backstory is, but I'm not seeing too much of a difference for Rey. "Luke would not do that!"(I'm sure the meaning of this is obvious) Oh, so he is on a pedestal now? He can't make a mistake? He shouldn't make a mistake? Even one so momentary, so quick, and soon after he does not do what he intended. But the damage is done, and it was not even because he acted. It is because he had a moment of weakness, and it cost him. "Fuel" I mention this mostly due to the CinemaSins video. But obviously this is not the first time such a thing has been mentioned and I'm sure there are scenes of ships/fighters/etc being refueled. I wonder if people would have the same reaction to the suggestion of blasters running out of ammo? Rare yes, but not unheard of. "Snoke" I can say this might have been not too thought out. But, what exactly would you want him to say? Have him tell his entire backstory? Possibly not. More than this, it is possible that he was just a nobody in the right place. How many games, books, movies, etc, have characters exactly like that? "Kylo's Misdirection" I'm not sure of this one being cited as an issue. But if it is...he does something I'd expect to see in TSL. He is going to "strike down his enemy"...is Snoke entirely sure he means Rey? Maybe this is likely 100% obvious, though some could still question as to why Snoke didn't realize what was going on. Sure, that might be a bit of a flaw, but how many Sith(and Jedi) are known for hubris?